i want her outfit also


Since I love Komugi so much I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been working on for the past year! She is a DIM Laia head on a Leekeworld art body, and she is such a sweetheart I love her so much~~

I just got her clothes done the other day and I just love how she is turning out! I might get a better wig sometime for her piggy tails. I want to also get her some shoes and a few cute outfits in the future~


The Blacklist Rewatch: Berlin


when ur gf is the queen of the wilds & dresses like an actual queen while u look like a hobo but thats ok bc holy shit queen gf what a time to be alive


I just think this is funny because Lydia’s more gungho about it, but her punches probably feel like tickles and she might even use some magic in order to knock anyone out. Meanwhile Judy would do her best to hold back and would still send people flying across the room.

I wanted to do an Ava’s Demon fanart but I also wanted to try something different and I thought, why not dress them up in my culture’s traditional outfits (since I’ve pampered Fira too much in hers hehe) ^q^/ anyways here’s Ava in a Baju Kurung! I tried my best to recreate something similar to the style of her vengess outfit but I also wanted to keep it simple and flowing. She looks so cute in a loose scarf, hehe!

Will be doing Maggie, Odin and Gil next! Let me know if anyone would like to watch me livestream the process :3c