i want her life rn

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the least they could do is give her a good guy if they’re giving her one but NOPE they had to give her a rude lying asshat who puts his need to feel like the alpha male in petra’s life over her safety what’s up with that o.o but same, i’d be so happy if they focused more on petra and her daughters bc they’re really the loves of her life rn tbh

hard same. i just want petra to be happy, petra deserves to be happy, petra deserves someone who makes her happy, who makes her feel safe and loved. i want these things for petra but i also want petra to realize she doesn’t need a person- especially this chuck dude who sounds gross, btw- to make her happy. 

 like from the second we meet petra we see an unhappy wife, cheating on her husband. like yeah, not great. but the more we learn about petra, it’s like her whole life has been about the way men perceive her, the way men value her. magda taught petra she was valued only by her looks so she utilized her beauty, she weaponized it. it was how she got everything she had- lachlan, rafael, the hotel. but once she stopped being able to manipulate rafael, once he had fallen for jane, she had to almost fend for herself? if that makes sense. idk it was fascinating to me, when she got the hotel, the way she turned her wit and cunning and channeled it into something for her, something her mother had no say in, no control over. petra turned into a super shrewd business woman, strong and capable and smart- for the first time she was using her smarts instead of her looks. it was shady and we probably shouldn’t have been rooting for her, but it just made me happy that the hotel was something petra wanted, that she was good at. i haven’t been watching recently but i think it’s something she kept up, right? idk it’s just petra’s relationships with men are just so icky that her learning to be happy without one is just something i need for her. i know jtv is a very romance centered show, but more than that, it’s a family centered show. petra’s relationship with her daughters is infinitely more meaningful to me than any relationship petra could have with a man.


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2x10 Blast Radius


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