i want her leather jacket

One of the little things I love about Dirk Gently season one is how pre-Rowdy 3 Amanda is so terrified of something as simple as applying eyeliner because the stimulation could set off a pararibulitis attack.

While post-Rowdy 3 Amanda has eyeliner game that I would literally sell my first-born for.

i’ll go to my grave salty that the show didn’t give debra a motorcycle

I blame marty-mc for this monstrous plot we’ve come up for a trc grease au I can’t believe it I really fucking can’t-

i want hindu goddesses in the modern context, but like in the best and worst ways possible - i want them reflecting the beauty and the horrors of everything happening today. 

saraswati with thick framed glasses reading on her kindle, being excited that she can carry millions of books with her in this tiny device, being told she’s “not really a fan” because she doesn’t have the physical books with her. i want her to listen to dubstep and jazz and the blues, attending poetry slams and leaving the audience breathless with every word from her mouth.

parvati in advertisements for bleaching products, with pictures of “before” in her glorious splendorous skin glowing dark and beautiful, and pictures of “after” where she’s photoshopped beyond belief to be four shades lighter, sighing and grumbling but still showing up for a new shoot everyday - because, hey, even goddesses need paychecks to feed themselves. 

kali coming to protests regarding violence against women, complete with handmade signs dripping with dark reddish liquid that’s drying into an eerie brown. i want her teaching girl’s self defense classes and wearing faux leather jackets and she has cats - cats with fangs that almost seem to glow in the dark, cats that are massive and their purr sounds like a growl, cats with tiger stripes and intelligence in their eyes. 

lakshmi in a custom tailored armani pantsuit, being the CEO for a fortune 500 company, ignoring the criticisms about how her company is running sweatshops and poisoning rivers, because honestly? have you seen the recent turnover numbers for 2015? did you see the stock prices?? 

sita who shows up to a rape survivors anonymous meeting and shares her story with trembling lips and eyes full of tears, who is a single mother raising her twins, who barely has enough hours in the day to go to work and send her kids to school but continues supporting and uplifting other women who have gone through what she did. 

mohini as a trans woman who is the spokesperson for an lgbtq+ organization, who pens thousands of letters and e-mails to the government to curb violence against homeless youth, who runs her own campaign to be elected - starting small, starting as the mayor, then the governor, working her way up the ladder, dealing with death threats and conservative propaganda daily.

prithvi to be a war survivor, to be a veteran who joined the resistance movement young, with medals that make her want to vomit when she thinks about the things she had to do to get them, with the scars to prove it - scars that she must always lay eyes on whenever she undresses and surveys the ruin war has left on her. 

ganga who runs a homeless shelter, overcrowded with funding being cut daily, dealing with the most vulnerable populations - widows, orphaned children, the elderly who have been abandoned by their families. she runs the shelter out of the kindness of the heart of volunteers, people who bring in food and soap and shirts, people who help her clean and cook, people who provide their services as therapists and doctors, people with nothing to give still giving back. 

Four Seasons

Word Total: 1, 208

Request: hellkaiserinphoenix asked: 12, 57, 80, 83 Poe Dameron from One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

12. “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”

57. “There is enough room for both of us.”

80. “Is your seatbelt on?”

83. “Stay there.  I’m coming to get you.”

Pairing:  Poe Reader x Reader

Notes: … None…

She opened her eyes slowly, blinking a few times until everything focused in front of her. Sighing she looked at her left to the destroyed X-Wing a few yards away from her.

“Those things are expensive” Y/N said as she patted her chest to find the secure lock of the parachute.She frown when something hot started to run down her temple. Carefully, she removed her helmet and put it beside her. Taking her hand to her temple, she flinched when a sharp pain hit her skull.  She rolled moaning to her side and the snow crunched under her body.

Shivering she sit up. She stood  in the middle of trees, with a thick layer of snow below her. “Great” she mumbled getting on her knees she tried to sit up, but her knees buckled under her. She leaned against the bark of the pine for support but her knees seemed to stop working. “I hate the cold”

Deciding that it was not working, she sat by the bark of the pine. Her back to it, while her legs stood in front of her. They seemed fine, she guessed it was the cold that made her legs feel like jello. She looked up where the X-Wings fight against the TIE fighters of the First Order.

Something started to beep in the distance, she smiled when she saw her droid making its way through the thick snow. “Not even a TIE fighter can stop you, right friend?” she said as the droid stood in front of her. “Can you connect me to the communications channel, my helmet is unharmed unlike me” sadly she nodded down to her left side. Moving her hand for the droid to see, her palm was covered with her blood as she slowly removed it. Big drops of scarlet fell into the snow making a little pool of blood. “Seems bad but it doesn’t hurt”

The droid beeped as she moved to get her helmet. “I think, I took a little tumble down the christmas trees,” she said into the microphone of her helmet.

“Oh thank god” She smiled as soon as she heard his voice. “Are you okay? Are you injured?  Stay there.  I’m coming to get you. CR-3 send me the coor–?”

“I am alright Poe, just the scratches in my face from the foliage of the trees” The droid beeped at her but she put her finger in her lips. “Go do your job, I’ll be waiting for you Poe”

“Y/N, stay there. As soon as I finish with this, I going to get you” Poe said.

“Alright,” she felt as her lids started to feel like lead. “I’ll wait for you, Poe”

She woke up when she heard a big explosion. At the distance, she could see a lot of smoke. She felt so cold and weak, licking her lips she noticed they were dried and very chapped. And she could no longer feel her face. “Y/N, are you there?” She could hear his voice but it was so far away. “Y/N?”

Y/N tried to talk but it everything came jumbled up. “CR-3, send me the coordinates” Poe demanded to the droid, who only beeped.

“It’s so cold,” Y/N said as she closed her eyes again. She smiled as a memory ran through her mind.

Take my jacket, it’s cold outside,” Poe said to her as he handed her his brown leather jacket. “I don’t want my best apprentice to catch a cold, we have training tomorrow” he added as she got closer to her, then winked at her.

“I am fine, Poe. Is just snow, is not  going to kill me” Y/N said with a smile as she turned around and exited the control room.

“I wish I had that jacket, now” she mumbled sadly, moving her head around she tried to locate him. Out of nowhere he could see a silhouette running to her, hot tears cascaded down her cheeks.

“Y/N, no. No, no; not you” Poe ran to where the woman sat against the pine. Her lips were blue and there was a large pool of dried blood beside her. “Y/N, wake up. I am here sweetheart. I came for you”

She slowly opened her eyes to look at him. Carefully he removed the helmet from her head. He gasped and bit his lips. “Is it that bad?” She joked weakly as she gulped, her mouth started to feel so dry and raspy.

“Y/N, I told you to get away, why did you took that hit for me?” Poe said as he softly took her hands in his. Y/N sadly smiled looking down at their intertwined hands, he softly put her hand between his, rubbing them trying to warm them up yet she couldn’t feel anything. 

“I didn’t want to lose you” Y/N replied with a smile, she tried to raise her hand and touched his face. But it only moved up a few centimeters. “Sit with me, there is enough room for both of us” she patted the snow beside her. Poe gulped and sat beside her, carefully not to move her so much; he put an arm around her shoulder. Y/N leaned to his side and Poe placed a kiss in her head that wasn’t coated with blood yet.

“I was remembering the first time we met,” she said sadly looking down. “Is your seatbelt on? You asked me, I thought it was stupid coming from the best pilot in the galaxy, though”

“Hey, I just wanted you to be safe” , Poe said as he bit his lips trying to contain the tears. “I was nervous by the way, you were so beautiful. That was the only thing I could think of” he truly added

“I heard that you wanted to marry me” Y/N said with a small smile. “I would have yes, so you know”

“Really, and here I was planning to become and smuggler because I thought you’ll reject me”Poe said laughing sadly.

“How you were going to propose?” Y/N said as she started to cry, something told her that her time was coming to an end.

“I was going to write it in the sky. You know with a heart in the end. Even if I had been suspended for a few days from using the X-Wing for my personal use.” Poe said, Y/N only nodded. “We would have married in the spring, that  reminds so much of you. So youthful and beautiful”

“How many children would we have?” Y/N questioned softly as she tried to keep her eyes opened.

“A lot,” Poe said. “The first boy will be named Poe Junior, the  second boy Poe the First” he stopped when Y/N didn’t say anything. “Y/N?”

“I am here, what if we… girls…” Y/N she started to feel a cold surrounding her.

“They would be as beautiful as you, we would go to the lake in the summer” Poe succumbed to his tears that quickly fall into Y/N’s hair. “In the Autumn, we’ll go camping,” he said between tears.

“And the winter” Y/N felt how the life was drained of her body. Black spots starting to feel her the corners of her vision. “I am so tired and cold, Poe” with that last words, Y/N felt a void and the darkness consumed her.

“I will hate winter because… it, will remind me that I couldn't protect you, like a promise you,” Poe said as he hugged her to his chest and started to rock her back and forth. “Sleep well, my love. Until we meet again”

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"Emma why are we watching Supergirl for 2 hours now" Regina questions. Emma smiles brightly as she caresses Regina's stomach, "Because I want my lil girl to be a badass with immense love for Red and Blue leather" "EMMA SWAN"

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina yawns as she rests her head in Emma’s lap and asks, “Another episode?” 

“Yep, we’re doing a marathon remember?” 

“I know…but…Emma, why are we watching Supergirl for 2 hours?” Regina questions. 

Emma smiles brightly as she leans over and caresses Regina’s growing stomach and explains, “Because I want our little girl to be a badass with a love for red and blue leather.” 

“Emma Swan,” Regina replies shaking her head and laughing lightly. 


“First of all, this is our child, the child of the saviour and former evil queen, the product of very powerful magic and two no nonsense mothers - is she going to be anything but badass?” 

“Okay fair point but…”

“And as for the leather…I know you bought her a little red leather jacket already…”

“I did not!” Emma tries though her blush gives her away. 

“I found it,” Regina replies with a smile before reaching up to run her thumb gently over Emma’s cheek, “Emma, our little girl is going to love you and if she’s probably going to want to be just like you, you don’t have to worry about her not wanting a leather jacket.” 

“You’re wrong.” 

“I am?” 

“Yep…she’s going to want to love and want to be like both of us.”