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You’re a Squig you’re a Squid

Squigs username is mis-spelled as ‘Squid’ in streams so much that I felt a deep need to draw Squig as a Squid.

I hope ya like it Squig!

classy guises 


wips thus far of my drawings for the tiki summoning circle that WILL BE DONE SOON. I SWEAR,, 

flat color and line art! I have no idea why both tilikis got such drastically different hair colors

anonymous asked:

Hey! Thanks for your blog! Can I make a request where MC is playing stripping poker with some her friends (not only girls) and is winning, but then RFA + Saeran comes in, she is distracted and loses the bet right in front of her s.o. eyes? You don't have to write it if it doesn't sound interesting. Thanks again!

YShame on me for almost rejecting this request just because I know shit about poker, I did some basic research and it became one of my favorite requests so far, thanks for the great and creative idea, anon. It was interesting af!

I still know shit about poker, all I got is that Royal Straight Flush is the biggest deal on Texas Hold’em, but these aren’t probably very accurate, so let’s forget poker and focus on the stripping thing, ok? lololol


Common: You became great friends with them, and you invited them to this party at your place. They never confirmed they would make it, they been acting really weird around you for a couple of weeks now, so you were pretty sure they wouldn’t show up. So you relaxed and when your brother’s friend suggested playing Strip Poker, you said “why not?” along with two other girls and another guy. You had no idea how to play Poker, but you found out that you were pretty good at it, maybe you were very lucky? Doesn’t matter, fact is everybody was half naked and you still had your skirt and tank top.

But then… they came in. They realized it was stupid trying to be away from you if they liked you so much. Who knows? Maybe that was the night they would finally confess their feelings for you… it’s so embarrassing being at a party they don’t know any one, where were you?

Your eyes locked. They see you among these semi-nude people, what’s going on? And you… you feel your heart stop for a minute only to race like it never did before… oh crap!

“MC? Your turn!” your brother’s friend tries to call your attention, you are quickly took aback. “I… I… Flush!”, you say, tripping or your own words. He smirks, showing his hand “Straight Flush!”. Shit! There goes your tank top…

Another round, and you notice you went out of all of your luck, or maybe you needed to have some strategy, after all? Now you are half naked, and your s. o. is right there staring at you? Disappointment? Disapproval? Or… are they enjoying this?


  • He was rooting for you, he suffered as much as you did when you showed your hand, and somebody had a Four of a Kind, making you lose your bra.
  • From his point of view, there was a girl blocking the view, so he couldn’t see your chest… unfortunately? No! He was a gentleman! He was never going to stare at your naked body!
  • Both of you were relieved when you said out loud: “Straight Flush!”  That was it! Nobody could have an upper hand! Unless… “Royal Straight Flush!”, his mouth opened in full surprise, how was that possible? You… lost?
  • You got up and hooked your thumbs on the waistband of your panties… since you were here, why not make the best out of it? You looked straight at Zen…
  • Why has he been acting weird around you? Couldn’t he see how much you liked him? Fuck that! His eyes were peering through you. You had his attention now…
  • You rocked your hips back and forth in a teasing manner, looking at him, and letting the panties slide down your thighs. Zen’s breathing was getting heavy, his eyes looked darker…
  • Seeing you like this, teasing him so shamelessly… you obviously were putting this show for him now… did you… like him as much as he liked you?
  • He didn’t even have time to think of that… he just saw how the two guys were looking at you…
  • “MC, I finally found you!” he was trying so hard not to look, now he was that close to you. “Sorry, gentlemen! I’m afraid I have to steal her for a moment…”
  • You gathered your clothes and followed him, without even thinking. You weren’t sure if you were feeling more embarrassed there with those people or with him now.
  • You two went to your room. He turned his back on you. “Put your clothes on. I won’t look, I swear.” His voice was cold, nothing like him at all.
  • “Why are you acting like this?” “Why are YOU acting like this? Getting naked among those hungry wolves… are you out of your mind?”
  • “Why do you even care, Zen? I was just having fun! I wasn’t uncomfortable till you showed up! By the way, what are you even doing here?” you asked, putting your bra and panties in an angry way.
  • “You invited me!” “Well, I didn’t think you were actually coming, considering how distant you’ve been… did I… do something wrong?”
  • “N-No! You did nothing wrong! Except for accepting playing Strip Poker… I’m just… I guess I’m just… jealous, MC.” “J-Jealous of me?”
  • “Well, yes, I… I have all these feelings for you, and seeing you like that just… makes the beast inside of me go insane! You drive me insane, MC!” your heart skipped a beat, was he…confessing to you?
  • You came close to him and made him turn to look at you. “Goddamit, MC! I told you to put your clothes on, not only your lingerie!” “Oh… so you don’t like my bra?” “What? No! I like it, I like it very mu… wait, no! I’m…” ERROR “It’s fine, Zenny… you can take it off if you don’t like it…” “MC, the beast…”
  • “Show me…  I guess I saw a hint of the beast when I lost back there, and… I’m very curious to see the whole thing…” “MC, I… I…” you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and he gave up. “If you insist that much…”


  • He didn’t even know how to play Poker, let alone Strip Poker, he just figured it was something naughty when he saw all those half naked people… and you…
  • He blushed and tried to look away, but something kept pushing his eyes back at you, he never saw this much of your skin and it was… even better than he could imagine.
  • And your breasts were so… oh no! He wasn’t going on with this, this was wrong! He couldn’t look at you like this, you were always so sweet to him, and how was he repaying you? Thinking of you in such a naughty way?
  •  “Straight Royal Flush” the guy said out loud. Yoosung didn’t know what this meant, but he could only assume it was bad, judging from the look at your face… oh no, did you lost? WAIT! If you lost, that means… OH HELL NO!
  •  You closed your eyes as you took your panties off, you weren’t sure if Yoosung was still watching, but you wouldn’t risk seeing his flustered face, you liked teasing him, but this was beyond any teasing you’ve ever done to him…
  • “Oh! Get off, dude! You’re ruining the game!” you heard the guy who made you lose complaining and opened your eyes.
  • Only to find Yoosung standing in front of you, his arms and legs open trying to cover you, you could not see his face, but you bet he was doing that adorable angry face…
  •  That wasn’t that adorable when he turned his head to look at you, you couldn’t see his whole face, but you felt a shiver going down your spine, he looked PISSED
  • He gathered your clothes on the floor and handed to you, his head was low this whole time. “Yoosung… I…”
  • “Can I talk with you? Alone!” he looked at your poker buddies when he emphasized the word “alone”. You obliged, you wouldn’t dare to counteract him right now…
  • You took him to your bedroom and quickly put your clothes back on, you didn’t want him to feel even more embarrassed. “W-Why were you doing this, MC?”
  • “Yoosung, it’s just a game… it’s… it’s no big deal!” “Well, it is for me! How do you think I felt seeing those guys looking at you like that?” “I don’t know, how did you feel?”
  • “How did I feel? I…” he was blushing again and his eyes didn’t seem that dark anymore, he was going back to his usual self. “I… felt angry and… really jealous, MC.”
  • “Why would you be jealous?” “Because… I… I… really… I… likeyouverymuchMC! “ he spoke fast and closed his eyes, like he was waiting to be hit or something.
  • “I like you too, Yoosung.” You said, and he opened his eyes to find you smiling at him, oh… it was so sweet… he just felt this urge to hug you. “So… you never played Strip Poker?” you asked him through your embrace. “No.”
  • “Do you want me to teach you?” although you couldn’t see him, you felt his grip getting tightened on your waist and his face burying in your hair. “Yes, please”


  • She noticed that before she came in, you still had your clothes on, so was her the reason of your bad luck? She felt bad for you…
  • Seriously, as if it wasn’t enough she treating you so coldly the past few weeks, when she gathered courage to see you, she made you lose your game.
  • She wasn’t mad at you or anything. She knew she had no right to say anything, you were a grown up woman having fun at your own party, who was she to say anything?
  • However… she found herself struggling not to look at your body, it was exactly like she imagined, maybe even better… and now she realized how much she imagined your body, what was going on with her
  • “Straight Royal Flush!” she was aware this was the ultimate upper hand and it was almost impossible to get one, and if you didn’t have one of that, it could only mean…
  • You looked at Jaehee, how long has she been standing there? Oh, she looked so beautiful dressed this casually… you didn’t even think as you removed your panties, you only had eyes for her having her eyes for you…
  • “Oh my, MC! What a nice body you have! You almost making me gay over here…” the girl who made you lose said that, you blushed.
  •  “You can’t ‘make’ someone gay, young lady.” You heard Jaehe’s voice behind you. Shit! This woman was a ninja! “Chillax, I’m just messing with her! Who are you, her mommy?” the girl shrugged.
  • “No… I’m just… a good friend who’s aware of the rules of the game, and you can not cat call other players.” “Yes, she has a point” one of the guys pointed out.
  •  “Okay, whatever! I’m sorry… jeez, people are so touchy those days…” “Jaehee, are you okay?” you asked her, she was blushing and trying not to look at your butt.
  • “I’m fine, MC. How about… you? I was wondering if we could talk a little, alone…?” “Yeah, sure…” you picked your clothes and got out of there, it wasn’t fun anymore standing there with such a weird atmosphere… you went to your bedroom.
  • “MC, I… know it’s not my place to butt in, but you should be careful with your friends, some of them can get the wrong message if you don’t say anything…” “How do you know it would be the wrong message?”
  • “Pardon?” “How would you know I wouldn’t like having my friend complimenting me?” “I’m… I’m just assuming you’re not interested in women, MC.” “And why would you think that?”
  • “I… I don’t know, I just… keep telling myself you aren’t, so…” “So…?” “So it’ll hurt less if you reject me, because… there’s nothing much I can do if you don’t like girls, but if you do, I… have to recognize there’s something wrong with me…” you were so thrilled right now, you couldn’t believe she was as insecure as you…
  • “Jaehee, there’s absolutely nothing wrong about you! Butm you’re right, I… I don’t like girls…” “Yes, I already was expecting it…” “I like only one girl… you!”
  • “Me? Y-You like me?” you went to kiss her and you felt her face burning, since you never put your clothes on. “Will you take this as a ‘yes’?”
  • “I… yes, MC. I will…” and you two hugged “So… you seem to know a little about Strip Poker! Where did you learn it?” “I already told you I’m not that innocent, MC…”


  • This wasn’t what he was expecting of a party thrown by you, it looked like a frat party, and how come there was no wine?
  • He knew how to play Poker, it was a social skill acquired being a business man, but Strip Poker? This was new…
  • He wasn’t sure about how he felt. He was angry, but not really at you? He was angry at himself for not talking to you properly and showing up like this to your party where he clearly didn’t belong? But… at the same time, he wasn’t pleased at you sharing a poker table with another two men… were you out of your mind?
  • “Straight Flush!” you said, he nodded in satisfaction, you were good at this! “Royal Straight Flush!” uh oh… you were in big trouble, weren’t you?
  • You saw Jumin staring at you and felt a shiver. His eyes felt… hungry? Oh, so maybe this was what Zen was talking about. “Even Jumin is a wolf, MC! Don’t let your guards down around him.”
  • But you didn’t care, seeing him looking at you like this stirred something inside you. You wanted him to keep looking… it was the least he could do after practically disappearing from you the past few weeks…
  • As soon as you got rid of your pants, you felt something resting on your shoulders, it was a coat… a man’s coat, Jumin’s coat., and he was behind you, looking away…
  • “Hey, dude! What the fuck?” the guy who made you lose complained. “Sorry, sir. I know how bets work, but I’m afraid I need to end this game for her right now, as I really need to talk to her by ourselves.”
  • You went to your bedroom, he refused to come in with you. “Jumin, what’s going on?” “You tell me, MC! Are you messing with me on purpose? Reminding me of what I can’t have?” you were talking through the door.
  • “What are you talking about?” “I just noticed how different we are, MC. And although I cherish you so much, I don’t think I can stay around you without losing my control. And I noticed how uncomfortable you got when you saw me…” “I wasn’t uncomfortable, I was just… caught by surprise seeing you here, I never thought you would show up to a party like this… you are right, we’re very different, but… the way you looked at me, I… I felt really good…”
  • “You did?” he was relieved you couldn’t see his face blushing… “Oh… so by any chance, you… feel the same way as I do?” you didn’t answer. “MC?” Silence… he just saw you opening a little gap on the door and handing his coat to him, he couldn’t hide his frustration. “Okay, I understand… sorry for barging in to your party… I’m going now…”
  • You opened the door, your clothes stayed at the poker table… “I never said you should leave.” And there was that look again… and it kept getting closer and closer as he closed the door behind him.


  • He tried to play some poker online when he was really bored and trying to ditch work. He was very decent at it, but it wasn’t really his thing.
  • But now it was, strip poker? Featuring you? He’s down for that. He would have come early if he knew he had the chance to join this match.
  • He would love to be the one that makes you lose your last piece of clothing, but… somebody else had that honor.
  • “Royal Straight Flush!” oh… judging by your face, this was no honor. Yeah… he wouldn’t like to make you feel embarrassed like you looked right now.
  • And then your eyes met his, and all your embarrassment went away. What was he doing here? It took a lot of guts to show up like this when he’s been barely talking to you…
  • So yeah, if he’s gonna be looking at you with those puppy eyes, you might as well enjoy this and tease him a little, or will he ignore your naked body right in front of him?
  • You took the stripping thing very seriously, asking for your friend to hum the Pink Panther’s theme and rocking your hips very teasingly before taking your panties off.
  •  You felt a cold hand on your shoulder… Saeyoung was beside you, holding the clothes you left behind. “Sorry, fellas. Game is over.” He took your hand and dragged you away from there.
  • He already knew where your bedroom was, which made you blush, he turned his back on you so you could put your clothes. “Don’t get any wrong ideas, MC. I’m just helping you.”
  • “What if I don’t need your help?” “Judging by the way those guys were looking at you, yeah, you would need my help pretty soon…”
  • “And you are different from them? Because I saw you looking!” “Yeah, but it’s different because… because I respect you, ok?”
  • “Ignoring me like you did all those weeks? Yeah, I wouldn’t say you really respect me, Saeyoung.” He took a deep breath. “I did it precisely because I respect you, MC.”
  • “Really? Why is that?” you sounded mad “Because… I like you so much, you have no idea how much I like you, and… I’m so afraid I’m going to hurt you, I couldn’t live with myself knowing I could be the cause of your pain one day…”
  • “So… it didn’t really occur to you talking with me would be the right thing? Because I can understand if you don’t want to be in a relationship with me, what you can’t do is coming to my party as if nothing happened and try to lecture me about respect! And look at me when I talk to you!” you made him turn away to face you.
  • “You’re still naked!” “What? You don’t like it?” “No, I… like it very much… I like you… very much…and I…” “My eyes are up here, Mr. Respectful.”
  • “S-Sorry, I just…” and then something clicked on his mind. “I have a straight, MC!” “What?” “I’m not bluffing! I have a straight! What do you have?” “I… I don’t know, a full house?” “Oh no! It looks like I lost!” he took his hoodie off.
  • You got it what he was doing pretty quickly. “I have a flush…” you told him. “Darn it! High Card!” and there goes his shirt… you kept on going with this until he was in the buff with you.
  •  “So… what do we do now?” you asked, trying not to stare at his amazing abs “Well, if I’m Mr. Respectful, you must be Mrs. Respectful looking at me like that, so now we do what happy married couples do?”


  • He hated: parties, drunk people, people generally. He liked: free booze and you, mostly.
  • He never played poker, but he knew the basics. Strip poker? What a lame idea!
  • Or maybe it wasn’t…? He saw your bra flying and then he got the appeal of this, it was… pretty cool.
  • Your body was even better than what he tried so hard not to imagine, but he did more than he would like to admit it. He was trying so hard to be a cool guy who respects you and your personal space and not to look like a pervert weirdo.
  • “Royal Straight Flush!” oh shit! Were you really…? No, you didn’t have the guts to do it, did you? In front of those guys? Those disgusting, weird guys looking at you like a piece of meat?
  • You saw Saeran looking at this very curious. His widened eyes looked so cute, you almost forgot you were mad about him just pretending you didn’t exist.
  • It was like… “Oh, now that you can look at my tits, you notice me? Alright…” and then you took your panties off, but as soon as you did, you felt something wrapping your whole body, you looked behind you, and there was Saeran hugging you and covering your body with his jacket.
  • “Ah, come on, dude You ca-“ Saeran just glared at the guy and he shut up, scared. “What the fuck, Saeran?” you asked him, you could feel his body against you, so could he and now you were both blushing.
  • “I… I … we should talk.” “Ok, let me go first, so I can pick my clothes.” “But then they will see you…” “Just let me go, Saeran” you hated talking like this to him, but it was necessary, he backed away, trying not to look again.
  •  You went to your bedroom, he was still a little flustered. “No need to be like that, we’ll only talk, Saeran.” “W-What? What are you saying? I… I know that… I wasn’t thinking… what you’re thinking… I… am going to stop talking now.”
  • “Oh? So this is pointless, you said you wanted to talk!” you put your clothes on very angrily. “I better go back to my party before they…” he grabbed your hand and looked down. “Please… please don’t go, MC”
  • “Why?” “Because I… like being alone with you, I… like when you have all those people and you sill choose me to be alone with. I… enjoy your company very much.  I… enjoy you… very much…so much I know I need to be away from you before I do something stupid. But I… want to be with you?” you were feeling bad for getting angry, the poor thing was only trying to confess…
  • “Saeran, so do I, but… you can’t just ignore me and show up like this, I know you have your problems, and I’m more than willing to help you, I told you a million times. So let me help you, don’t just… do things that concern us by yourself, please?” “Yes, of course, MC, I’ll… yes, I promise.” “Thanks”
  • And you hugged him, you felt his breathing stop for a second, but you smiled when he wrapped his arms around you. “So… what were you thinking when I brought you to my room?” “Oh, I… you know, MC! You were naked and… it’ just us on your bedroom and… don’t make me say it!”
  • “Okay, I won’ t.” you let him go, but he was still holding you “I would rather show you.”  


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That Was Fucking. (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This took me sooooooo long to write ! I had major block on this one but I want to thank @completedylantrash for helping me work through my writers block. Also, big big big thanks to @dumbass-stilinski for proof reading this for me and helping me come up with title. This is a DAVE HODGMAN smut. If you are unfamiliar with this character please watch this before reading.

Word count: 3151


“What do you think they’re fighting about?” Jane whispers to me as we watch Dave Hodgman and his girlfriend, Aubrey, argue. The two of us had been standing there in our bikinis at Jane’s Grad pool party for a least thirty minutes, just watching them. We’re too far to hear what they’re saying but their faces and hand gestures were enough to know it was a heated argument.

“I don’t know.” I answered her back, my voice in a hushed tone.

Their argument lasted only a minute longer, before Aubrey turned and stormed towards the nearest exit, which was a wooden gate that lead directly to the front yard. Dave looked as if he was going to go after her but stopped himself, running his hand through his hair in frustration. He looked around then started walking around to the side of pool that was least occupied. There he sat in a chair, his elbows on his knees and his fists balled up at his mouth.

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happy girls!!

Scars- A Jefferson One-Shot

Title: Scars
Request: Hi! Could you write a Jefferson x Reader one-shot because I miss him so much? Something like the Reader is his new girlfriend and she finds out about his scar. He is being standoffish at first but then it turns into fluff. Thank you for instance! :)
Pairing: Jefferson x Reader

Even after dating Y/N for a few months, Jefferson was very secretive about some things.
He would never say much about his past, except about his daughter Grace.
Y/N did not want to say anything about it, thinking he had a hard past.
He had a very hard past, one he didn’t want to share.

One night, Y/N headed over to his house for their date.
She was early, but decided to knock on the door anyways.
Jefferson answered the door, shirtless, “Hey Y/N come in, sorry I’m not ready yet.”
Y/N smiled, “It’s ok, I’m early.”
As he walked away to finish getting dressed, Y/N noticed a scar on his neck.
He always wore shirts that covered that area, and she just then knew the scar was there.
When he came back, she asked him about it.
“I didn’t know you had a scar on your neck, what happened?” she asked.
Jefferson became red in the face, “It’s nothing. Nothing I want to talk about at least. Don’t worry about it, don’t ask again.”
Y/N was confused, he seemed not himself by saying that.
“I know it’s not nothing.” she responded, “You’re so secretive sometimes Jefferson. I want to know you, you need to let me. A scar isn’t going to make me not want to be with you.”
Jefferson sighed, “Can we skip going to dinner and stay here?”
“Of course.” Y/N responded.
He seemed to have a lot to tell her.

They sat down on the couch, a frozen pizza in the oven.
“I know I’ve been quiet about my life.” Jefferson said, “And I’m sorry. This scar, it was from Cora. You know, the Queen of Hearts? Regina’s mother? She tried to kill me, it didn’t work as you can see.”
“Oh my god.” Y/N said, taking her fingers and running them over the scar.
Jefferson looked at her in awe, he was not used to someone being as caring as Y/N.
He pulled back a little bit, still nervous about what she thought.
“Don’t be afraid of what I think.” Y/N said, “Let me show you something.”
She lifted up her shirt, revealing a scar on her side under her rips.
“This was from a sword of some pirate. I tried to steal from him, not a good idea.” Y/N laughed.
Jefferson smiled, and traced over her scar just as she did to his.
“We’ve both done some bad things, some things we don’t want to speak about.” Y/N said, “But that’s why we have each other, to get over those bad things together and move on.”
“You’re right Y/N.” Jefferson smiled, “Thank you for telling me that.”
“You’re welcome.” Y/N responded, brushing hair out her face.
“You’re so beautiful, you know that? Inside and out.” Jefferson said, “It astonishes me every day. I don’t deserve someone as caring and amazing as you.”
“Yes you deserve me! You deserve the world.” Y/N told him, “You’ve had so much taken from you. It makes me so happy just to see you smile.”
“You make me happy.” Jefferson said, “You’re the reason I smile, and I-I love you…more than life itself.”
Y/N blushed, “I love you too.”
They giggled at each other, and Jefferson put his hand on her cheek.
“You gonna kiss me?” Y/N asked.
Jefferson nodded, and leaned in to kiss her gently.
Suddenly, they both smelled something and broke the kiss.
“Damn! It’s the pizza!” Y/N exclaimed.
It had burned.
“Is it too late for dinner?” Jefferson asked.
“It’s super late, so yes.” Y/N laughed.
Jefferson chuckled, “Pizza delivery it is, my love.”


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horrans  asked:

imagine H meeting w the missus backstage after SOTT and he is worried if he did good or not and asks her to be honest and she tells him he did great and not to worry but he just felt it needed more and he just asks her for a hug and she hugs him and runs her finger through his almost there curls and he is like a giant baby for a second but she reassures him its his first time performing it and each time will be better than the last !! and oOMG GEENA !

This was one of the first things I thought of when I saw his sad little disappointed face after SOTT. :’((

She’s already hurrying out of her seat when someone from backstage comes up and tells her that he asked them to come and find her. 

When she reaches his dressing room, he’s tearing out his in-ears and ripping his suit jacket open so he can messily tug it off. And he’s biting his lips, his eyebrows pushed together and she knows it’s eating him. Every little mistake he might’ve possibly made up there. 

“Harry?” she says gently, as if not wanting to startle him. 

And he looks over and she can tell there’s the slightest bit of moisture in his eyes that he’s desperately trying to blink away. Dressers are shuffling in with his next costume change.  

“Baby.” It comes out croaky and rough. 

Her stomach drops a little. This is such a special night to him, and it breaks her to know that he’s falling apart. 


“Just tell me honestly, it was bad, wasn’t it?” he rushes out through a tight breath. “It was so bad.” 

“No! No, not at all. It was amazing. You did amazing. Why are so upset about it? You sounded so good.” 

He drags a hand over his face and exhales slowly. “Did you hear what my voice did at the end? It was shit. My throat is so fucked.” He pushes his hands through his hair and refuses to look at her. When he finally does, he crumbles. He’s not just angry with himself. He’s sad. “I just wanted it to go so much better.” 


“Can I just have a hug, please?” 

He doesn’t even have to think about asking her again before she’s wrapping him up in her arms and squeezing him tight against her. He buries his face in her neck and tries to hide. Hooks his arms around her waist to try and bring her even closer. She cards her fingers through the rough hair at the back of his head and then the tiny curls by his ears. Feels his lips sponging lightly at the base of her neck. As much as he tries to relax against her, she can feel how tense he is. 

“I love you, Harry.” 

He takes a shaky breath against her neck. “I love you too.” 

When they pull away, he plops down on the small sofa against the far wall and she follows, sinking down next to him. 

“Hey…” She drags the backs of her fingers down his cheek. “I hate that you beat yourself up like this.” 

He frowns. “Can’t help it.” 

“I know.” She tucks and untucks a lock of hair from behind his ear. “Wish you wouldn’t, though.”  

“We sounded so good rehearsing yesterday. And it’s like, when I got up there, I couldn’t get my voice to come out right. It just wouldn’t do it. I can hit those notes.” 

She squeezes his knee and taps a thumb along his jaw. “Baby, I know you can. And I know for a fact that everyone knows you can. You’re nervous. You got nervous and this is the first time you’ve been up on stage in over a year. And now it’s just you that has to carry them the whole time. AND it’s the first time you’re singing these to an audience. And that’s hard. And if anyone can’t see that, that’s there own fault, and they’re gonna have to answer to me.” 

That gets the smallest of smiles and a giggle and he snuggles his body up against her side. “You love these songs. You love them so much, and that’s what’s important. You could see how much you love them up there. That’s what everyone wants to see. So, please don’t worry. It’s gonna get better every time.” 

He flops his head on her shoulder. “Thank you, baby. How do you always know how to pull me out of my head?”

She laughs, scrubbing her fingers through his hair. There’s a whisper of a curl starting to come back, and she twists her fingers through the locks. “Years of practice.” She kisses the shell of his ear. 

“Can I have a kiss?” 

She grins. “Oh, now you’re just being greedy.” Not missing a beat, she leans in to kiss him, and for just a moment, they forget where they are and he deepens the kiss, pulling her bottom lip between his. Smiling against his mouth as she breaks the kiss softly, she pecks his lips. It’s a quick tap on the door that brings them fully back to reality. 

“Harry? I’m sorry to interrupt, but we need you dressed and in place in three minutes.”  

“That’s my cue to go.” She cups his cheek and runs the pad of her thumb over the softness of his skin. “You okay?”  

He nods, smiling. “Yeah. Thank you.” 

She kisses his forehead and starts to head for the door. 

“You sure you don’t want to see my next costume first?” 

She catches herself on the doorframe. “Nope, nope, nope! I want to be fully surprised!” 


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Oliver waking up to Nessa playing with his hair and giving him soft kisses and she doesn't realize he's awake and startles her with a huge french kiss huehuehueee

i….want to draw this so bad. i want to draw this so bad. i want to draw this so bad. i….its 11:30 at night i need to go to bed i can’t be crying over this right now

oh my god please this is the purest most oliness thing i…i can’t handle it…


SU Redesigns Part 2 - Quartzes

Yep, more redesigns! I’m glad people liked my Diamonds…

  • Rose Quartz: Her canon colour scheme is so bad. SO. BAD. She really does look like a Pink Diamond! So, I made her fit the darker, duller colour scheme of a real life rose quartz. I also massively simplified her hair, because as gorgeous as that hair is when draw properly, it just seems to be way too complex to be animated most of the time. I wanted to make it more obvious that she’s fat, so I tweaked her dress and made it petal-like.
  • Nora Quartz Universe: Yep, Nora, not Steven! I thought it would be a fun way to distinguish my rewrite from canon. She looks basically the same as Steven, except that her hair is longer, she hasn’t done that stupid aging-cancelling thing, and her skin is slightly darker to match the redesigned Rose.
  • Amethyst: I saw a Latinx crit commenting that an easy way to properly code Amethyst as Latina would be to put her hair in a braid, and I thought the idea made a lot of sense even aside from that point - it’s practical for a scrappy Gem like Amethyst. Her outfit redesign is a bit of a universal Crystal Gems “uniform”, since in my rewrite, they were originally way more organised.
  • Jasper: OH, BOY. Much of my rewrite focuses on Jasper. In particular, she is an ex-Crystal Gem. So on the one hand we have her newly-formed, brighter, more chipper version… and on the other we have the bad guy we all know and love. Her outfit changes are mostly because I can’t stand that weird Spanx thing that YD’s court has going on for some reason.
  • Carnelian: Okay, so I haven’t actually seen the episodes she appears in, but I wanted to include her. I wanted to make her less Amethyst-like, and fix her colour scheme. Her outfit is designed to represent that she lives in an alternate Blue Court which is more open and positive, with little shoulder-holes for her gem.

Next up: the conundrum of Corundums. Or, what the fuck is up with the Ruby-Sapphire binary in SU? Seriously. That’s not how corundum works!

Kiss Me

Title: Kiss Me

Word Count: 1001

Couple: Alejandro/Heather

Summary: AU where Alejandro and Heather have to kiss for a challenge

A kiss is something that can ignite a flame between two people. It can bring back feelings that were believed to be dead and even bring feelings that weren’t there in the first place. In this instance, the feelings were present and they just grew stronger.

After a year of being apart, Alejandro and Heather were almost looking for an excuse to be around each other. They just had this odd desire to be in each other’s presence. That was how they found the perfect reason to spend the day together.

It was the fifth challenge of All Stars when Chris demanded for the first half of challenge was for a reenactment of “the most iconic scenes” during the first four seasons of the show. The villains however were struggling.

“It has to be the World Tour finale,” Courtney argued,”That episode is the most viewed one!”

“None of us want to have to act out that kiss,” Gwen crossed her arms,”Seriously, it was gross,”

Scott groaned,”It sounded gross,”

“Forget about what it sounded like, we were all there,” Gwen shook her head then looked to Heather,”I’m sorry you had to go through that,”

“Okay enough about the damn kiss!” Heather yelled, getting goosebumps just thinking of when she kissed Alejandro,”A lot of my favorite moments were in Island because everything wasn’t as exaggerated,”

“But the only thing I remember being that great from Island is when you got your head shaved,” Gwen snickered,”Chris said that we had to reenact the scenes with different people, I’m not shaving my head and I don’t think Courtney wants to either,”

“Don’t speak for me,” Courtney demanded with a glare.

“I always remember that one episode when Duncan and Courtney kissed being replayed,” Gwen suggested,”Courtney can’t be in it, so if everyone agrees on doing this scene, then either Heather or I are kissing Scott or Alejandro,”

“I’ll do it,” Heather volunteered out of nowhere, causing the whole team to look at her weird,”I’m clearly better at acting than Gwen, do you guys even want to win?”

“So you’re kissing either me or Scott,” Alejandro raised an eyebrow with a smirk,”Then I guess I’ll be Duncan,”

Alejandro saw doing this as having only a positive outcome. Not only would he get to kiss Heather again, but the kiss could distract her. She wouldn’t be as focused on the game because she would be focused on him. It was genius.

Courtney stood up, crossing her arms,”I still remember everything that happened, come with me,”


The CIT led Alejandro and Heather towards the loser cabin, looking at it with a frown, then shaking her head. The memory of her and Duncan’s kiss was still rather fresh in her mind and she hated the idea of reliving it, but at least it wasn’t her personally.

“Heather is over there…Alejandro is right there,” Courtney pointed towards two different places,”I was throwing up and Duncan came out here,”

Somehow, the two knew exactly what to say. They felt so in character, yet they felt like themselves all at the same time.

“So the princess has a dark side,” Alejandro walked towards Heather with a sadistic smirk, crossing his arms.

Heather groaned, pretending that she had just thrown up,”Okay, that was so gross,” she admitted,”But once I did something bad, it was so much fun that I just wanted more!”

“Well you could always give me that kiss,” he walked towards her, holding her chin in his hand,”That’d be pretty pad,”

“You’re still not my type,” she teased, ruffling his hair. She remembered his thick hair and how her fingers would constantly be in it when the two had their more intimate moments.

“Fine,” Alejandro turned around with his back to hers,”Enjoy a peanut butter-less life,”

Heather smirked, almost satisfied with being around him,”Thanks, enjoy prison,”

“I will,” he responded.

Right when she was about to turn around, Courtney stopped the two,”Save the kiss for when we show Chris. After seeing that, we have a good chance of winning,”


By the time that the villains had to display their iconic scene, both Alejandro and Heather were eager for the kiss. However, they hid it very well. By the time that the entire cast was crowded around the cabin, the two separated from the group and began their scene.

Heather stood at the edge of the cabin, her heart pounding as she ducked her head over the railings. She heard the sound of footsteps and sighed.

Alejandro crossed his arms, gently nudging her,”So the princess has a dark side,”

“Okay, that was so gross,” she admitted, moving her hair out of her face,”But…once I did something bad, it was so much fun that I just wanted more!”

“Well, you could always give me that kiss,” he suggested, staring into her eyes,”That’d be pretty bad,”

Heather scoffed,”You’re still not my type,” she ruffled his hair with a laugh.

“Fine, enjoy a peanut butter-less life,” Alejandro turned around and crossed his arms, their backs pressed together.

“Thanks, enjoy prison,” she laughed, composing herself very well.

“I will,” he responded.

Heather finally turned around, her ponytail whipping behind her. She stared into his eyes for a split second and placed both of her hands on his cheeks. With one swift movement, she leaned forward and kissed him.

Neither wanted the moment to end, yet were fully aware that many people were watching. When they pulled away, Heather stared at him with a sense of danger in her eyes. With a confident smile, she turned around and walked away.

Alejandro however was completely dazed. Something about the kiss felt so…real to him. Like she meant to have every ounce of passion. He was snapped out of the trance when the cast began to clap and he went back with the group.

Chris smirked, still clapping,”Great, now do it again,”


Hey y’all, so I got this prompt and wrote it for @heathersuoh as a trade. I hope you like it! 

Would it Be So Bad?

This one is for you, @iriswestallens​! A prompt that takes place pre season one in which Iris decides that it is time that she tells Barry her true feelings for him. She races home, only to find that he’s in the shower so before she chickens out, she runs in the bathroom. I don’t usually write smut, but it was time for me to broaden my horizons. Also it’s Westallen Smut Week and today is shower sex day so here it is! Thanks for the request and enjoy ;)

Iris was driving pretty manically by her standards; breaking the speed limit and cutting people off, but to her, it was all in good reason. She needed to get home to her dad’s house because she needed to talk to Barry. At this point, Iris knew that she needed to tell him the truth that she had been in love with him for as long as she could remember.

When she was a kid, she thought it was just a crush or puppy love. But then Barry moved in with them and her life seemed more whole. They would do everything together, but it never felt like it because there was always so much more to do and talk about.

Maybe it’s not real, maybe you’re confusing romantic feelings with something else, or maybe you just want to be in a relationship for the sake of having one, were all the excuses she’d use to talk herself out of not telling him. There was this fear because Barry gave them a home when Joe gave him a house, and Iris didn’t want to lose the relationship they’d always had.

But there was a fire ignited in her chest and a flutter in her belly that excited her when he was around. Whenever he would show up to Jitters for a coffee break and catch up on their day during her break or when she would show up to CCPD just to be with him, Iris couldn’t mistake that feeling for anything else, and she had an inkling of hope that he felt the same way.

So she decided now was the time. One minute she was making a cappuccino and then the next she was at home.

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