i want her gloves!!!

so i was awake v early as usual this morning and i thought of the Most amazing modern verse ! not human verse but 

imagine this: medusa in modern times making a living as a famous sculptor who sculpts only terrified men bc she’s ‘interested in the language of fear’ (it’s actually bad men she murdered lmao) and like. wears designer sunglasses & headscarves. super rich. owns like 4 women’s shelters in her city and donates regularly to ones she doesn’t own, offers scholarships to lgbt girls, highkey public feminist 

v mysterious, has never been seen without sunglasses and her scarf (’i have an eye condition, i can’t withstand bright light, you understand’); is probably seen as really mysterious. out as a lesbian but hasn’t ever been seen with a lover (bc she’s got that who could love a monster thing) 

the news reports a female monster haunting the streets, men no longer safe (women safer than they’ve ever been)

this could have the best aesthetics and im just. guys !!! someone come plot this with me pls im Dying

“As a woman of her time who fought the woman’s cause even at the price of her own happiness. As a brave, kind woman who really cared. Diana was very like me. She loved to touch people. In my country, the first thing you do is open your arms to them. Unlike the other royals, I never once saw her wear gloves. Diana really wanted to touch people, and she did.”

-Lucia Flecha de Lima