i want good quality vids help

Okay so! I am starting to seriously consider doing some painting/modelling videos and such (despite my major camera-shyness XD). So, questions to my hobby-followers! 

  • Are vids from me even a thing people would want? What kind of stuff would y’all want me to do vids on?
  • If so, does anyone have any specific webcam recommendations? I know I want something with fast autofocus, preferably good quality without being too expensive, but if I could get some specific makes to compare, that’d be super helpful!
  • And thirdly, if I do decide to go through with this, would people be willing to contribute to a ‘get Skits a webcam’ fund? XD ‘Cause of physio costs for this damn ankle, I am even more broke than usual D:

valucard  asked:

Listen man, emulation kills. Also I just mean it seems kinda funny you'd emulate when you live in the UK where SCART was widely available. Now if you lived in the US then you'd have an excuse.

I’d understand your distaste if I was randomly downloading whatever I wanted, but I’m not. I play through the discs. Why does it matter where the discs go? Like I said before, the quality does not compare even slightly. Not even slightly. What’s the point of recording through SCART or component when it looks half as good as recording it through a PC? At the end of the day, I like the best possible quality for my vids, and that’s how I get it - I’ve done that from day 1. Simpsons Skateboarding was done through component and it looked like shit (the game itself didn’t help to be fair), and I’ve experimented with other methods such as SCART and it just doesn’t look that good. Whenever I play games, I play authentically. But for footage, specifically for the task of being made into a 1080p video, I try whatever means to make it look the best it can!