i want glasses but i also dont want glasses

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‘Elllo, so it hasn’t been a very busy week for me so I actually got to post some stuff this week, but I am stalled on a few post mostly involving The Glass Scientist, since there may be a important stuff happening in the future of the comic, and it may change the context of the post.

That being said, today is my day off! So aside form doing some paperwork and cleaning, I will be working on some post- like drawings and playlist. (I’m mostly trying to find songs for the Society of Arcane Science playlist, its hard to find songs! Does anyone know any good song for this playlist?????)

ALSO a very special thank you to  @fullychaoticpatrol @  doughnutdebauchery and @blobbeary for creating their own rogue scientist! I love seeing these and they did such a great job!

This is a message to my followers, I know that a lot of my followers are more mutuals than anything but here’s a the thing about me-I CHECK TAGS! Usually when I post things, I leave messages and easter eggs in the tags. Therefore, I assume that when someone reblogs something and don’t leave any tags- they’re keeping it on a normal mutual level. But for the people that DO leave tags or comments, its like leaving me a little thank you note that makes my day so much better (such as the beauty’s that left me these)

Honestly, you all are so wonderful! I truly do want to be closer to my followers! That’s why I love everyone creating their own rogue scientist- it tells me what you as a individual likes- you created the character after all. Perhaps in the near future, I’ll make a little bio of myself so you guys can know more about me, but in the mean time, I want to hear from you guys! 

one last note: I realize after reading a few post that I usually make a lot of typos and the reason being is because I usually get on tumblr on my phone so a lot of it get an incorrect autocorrect. It doesn’t happen as much when I use my laptop but it’s harder to type because I accidentally spilt coffee on my keyboard. It is what it is. 

i was inspired by cynphonium’s fatesona and i wanted to make my own!! i thought a malig knight would suit me!

just some notes here on my self-insert:

  • has the BIGGEST crush on Camilla, wants to marry her
  • became a malig knight in hopes of becoming as strong as Camilla
  • actually needs to wear glasses but doesn’t like wearing them in battle
  • sometimes misses attacks bc of this!! (im also like this irl i dont wear my glasses during sports lol)
  • looks really serious and scary in battle, tho sometimes makes weird faces when she almost messes up
  • personal skill is “momentum”: if the unit kills an enemy unit in one hit during the first turn +5 to all stats (lowers by 1 each turn)

and some critical hit quotes for the heck of it:

  • “Any last words?”
  • “I’ll be quick about it.”
  • “For Lady Camilla!”
  • “No turning back now.”
  • “I’m afraid it’s over.”
  • “Don’t look so scared.”

EoS spoilers are out, hate is being sent to SJM, the fandom is losing its damn mind, and I’m trying to avoid all of these spoilers while also freaking out over WHAT COULD’VE HAPPENED TO CAUSE ALL OF THIS…

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1 very old pic (before i learned the power of eyelashes) and 1 slightly less old pic (with eyelashes!!)
what a difference a year and a half can make X)