i want glasses but i also dont want glasses

“now pose for your mugshot.”

ahh holy fuck thats done, im so tired. nite y’all, have this mavinseg. meg loves all cameras, Lindsay’’s face hurts and so she is a little upset, gav doesnt care and michael’s gonna shank that cop with this mugshot board if he doesnt shut his shit

edit: I stopped Gavin’s glasses from breaking gravity and realized that i forgot meg’s glasses, all the highlights, and the moral of the trashy here kids is dont post a drawing at 3:50AM when you have work in six hours or else you’l just fuck everything up for yourself.

edit to the edit: i am a walk pile of dumb and forget to put the edited image in. heaven help me. its in now but god what will i forget next

also, if you like and want me to draw you something, [commissions are open]

and i have the speedpaint if anyone wants me to post it.

EoS spoilers are out, hate is being sent to SJM, the fandom is losing its damn mind, and I’m trying to avoid all of these spoilers while also freaking out over WHAT COULD’VE HAPPENED TO CAUSE ALL OF THIS…

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1 very old pic (before i learned the power of eyelashes) and 1 slightly less old pic (with eyelashes!!)
what a difference a year and a half can make X)

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Other things Holster has done that I have done as a blind glasses wearer: looked for his glasses for so long that he was late for class, walked straight into the pond bc he wanted to wear sun glasses, almost crashed his car at night bc the glare was so bad, held his phone an inch away from his face at night bc he didn't want to wear his glasses, fallen down the stairs, mistaken chowder for Jack, gotten really close to someone to make sure it's them, gotten head aches from using his phone @ night

OK TRUE i love him he’s so problematic

literally every night without fail ransom has to be like “did you take your contacts out” and the answer is always fucking no because hes THE WORST

the next morning he opens his mouth to complain about his eyes hurting and ransom literally shoves a bagel in there and is like “I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT”

(he’s also mistaken a strip of those glasses cleaning wipes for a strip of condoms and opened it and been like “NOPE”. ransom has had it up to HERE with this nonsense.)