i want everything about them ok

Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure this is just an animation thing but I just want to be Extra and overanalyze everything.

Remember this iconic line? The whole entire world flipped when this came out of Yuuri’s mouth. 

Ok, here we have Yuuri turned on and freaking tf out. He’s captivated by Victor’s performance.

Woah. Wait. All of a sudden the scene cuts to this. We see Yuuri literally in between Victor’s legs. 

What’s interesting is that Yuuri is on the ice while Yuri and Yuuko are still standing where they stood when Victor started his demonstration.

(below shows the three of them when Victor was about to begin Eros)

 When Victor demonstrated Yuri’s Agape choreo, Yuri stayed put. However, somehow right after Victor ended, Yuuri was right in front of him and very surprised. I personally highly headcanon the idea that Yuuri was so drawn into Victor’s performance and in his muddled state of “hOLY SHIT HE’S HOT” and “I CAN NEVER SKATE LIKE THIS”, he subconsciously ventured onto the ice to be closer to Victor. 

idk this was a lot cuter and more eloquent in my head.

I was doing face painting for kids and this 5 year old boy wanted the comedy and tragedy masks, one on each cheek. I was like “that’s different but ok!” and did them. Then later I saw he had smudged one of them and I was like “oh no your comedy mask is all smudged!” and he said “that’s because everything is a tragedy” and i am still stressed out about this kid who knows far too much

Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re all having a good day/night but I know this time of the year can be pretty hard for some people too.

I want you to remember that everything will be okay, even if you’re spending this weekend with unpleasant people or just alone. You are loved and there so many good things to look forward to, even if you can’t really see them now ok?

You can chat with a friend again, read a great story, pet a dog, meet someone amazing, discover tasty food, listen to a great new song, watch a good show or movie, learn new things, suddenly become passionate about something you’ve never considered and so many other things. Things that are only yours and I can’t really think about. They’re worth it, so hang in there.

Thank you everyone for the support and honestly for just being out there!


“If memory served, it happened in the beginning of the 13th century…”

So I guess it’s kinda self explanatory;
My fake anime scenes of Crowleys story from the Michaela novels.

I think this is a good example of what happens when you get a little too excited, have no self control and are a perfectionist artist.
This took me about three weeks to finish, since I wanted to post them all together. The characters are of course references from the original OnS anime to make it look more believable as actual screenshots. I did take some artistic freedom with some of the designs e.g. Jose and Victor, and of course Crowleys hair and Ferid’s appearance in general. But I think I did ok.
Drew, colored and shaded everything myself.
And yes, I did draw seven different backgrounds all by myself. A task I’ve never taken before and this was actually a really good challenge for me, never before had I realized how much background actually matters in a picture. And to be honest I’m really happy with the results.
(Also reduced jpg quality on purpose.)
“Subtitles” are from the fan-translated english version of the story by @chilly-territory

This was probably one of the biggest projects I’ve ever taken and it was a lot of blood, hype and tears all the way.
I really hope you like it~

I just wanted to emphasize the fact that Killing Stalking is a fucking comic, which means it is not real. Sangwoo doesn t exist, Bum doesn t exist, that crap never happened and it is ok for ppl to love Sangwoo and Bum or to ship them or whatever the hell they want. I also want to say that loving or supporting or w/e Sangwoo is doing is ok since in real life , you would never agree with that and you will never fall in love with a killer :D . In fiction, anime and manga, everything is different and it is only natural to like a pretty and handsome character even though he’s insane and such.
Complaining about that is just so stupid it makes me wanna drink bleach .You really have a serious problem. Everyone is free to love them and ship them and anything they want. You’re completely fine if you do so, believe me.
But ppl bitching about ppl thinking that way is the most cringiest thing you could’ve ever done. Maybe now i’m one of these fangirls bitching about stuff but i really wanted to say this. :“)


I have been browsing the lonely people parts of Tumblr and it’s heart-wrenching and IDK what to do >.<

But, like, a really common thing is that they ask people to please please please send them asks because it would make their day.

And I’m like “OK! I can send one ask. That’s an easy way for me to improve someone’s life. I’ll go do that.”

And then I browse their blog for a bit and… Everything is reblogs. I can’t find any personal posts from which to learn things about them and actually have questions to ask them. Like, I usually have questions about everyone - except if I know literally nothing about them to build on.

I don’t know what to doooooo. I just have “MUST HUG WORLD” feels and can’t actually do anything about them. Send help pls

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*whispers* saw ur angst pidge and keith headcanons so HOW ABOUT ANGSTY KEITH AND LANCE HEADCANONS

bc i don’t know if u want romance or platonic headcanons im gonna go for the gold and do ambiguously both! as patron saint of platonic love it is only right that i live up to my title…

*plays numb by linkin park* ok so

  • lance and keith are sort of…in this weird limbo where neither of them thinks the other likes them which is due mostly to the fact that keith is very impersonal and lance takes everything personally. bad combo. like skittles and ramen. my sister ate that once.
  • so lance realizes one day when he sees keith talking to the others that he’s just…like that. it’s probably nothing personal because he’s the same with everyone else too, so he feels a little better.
  • but keith never gets that closure because he doesn’t ask and he doesn’t know what to look out for, what indicates that lance likes him or at least, doesn’t hate him
  • and even though keith seems recklessly confident in his own abilities sometimes he doesn’t actually like himself that much, and he doesn’t really think his life has much purpose
  • like, he lived in a desert shack alone and no one noticed…he could just drop off the face of the earth and it wouldn’t matter
  • and when the blue lion is found he does just that
  • so one day they’re in a battle and it’s getting ugly and this galra is coming at lance so fast and lance is just frozen with fear thinking “oh god oh god” but then no pain ever comes
  • because it wasn’t lance who got hit
  • it was keith
  • and lance is just going “why”
  • and keith is hurting real bad but he manages to say “they’re waiting for you back home.” and lance’s heart breaks into a million pieces but he knows he has to focus on getting keith to safety
  • keith survives but nothing is ever quite the same after that
  • lance keeps trying to do nice things for keith just because he wants to and keith is like “you don’t have to pretend you like me. it’s okay.” and lance is so hurt!! he’s so hurt because he means it!! but keith doesn’t get that. he’s the kind of guy who says “what was that for” after he gets hugged and when ppl are like “just ‘cause” he’s like “just ‘cause what
  • keith thinks…lance is really admirable and when he sees him being so close to everyone else his chest aches. he wants to be right there with him.
  • once in a while keith gets an ache in his hip where he got hurt really bad protecting lance and lance sees him wince when he walks and just feels so so awful inside, sick and cold and nauseous
  • keith keeps pretending he never risked his life for lance, which is really not something you can just pretend didn’t happen, so lance asks him about it
  • “why did you…take that hit for me back there?“ and keith is just like “you’ve got a family to get home to.” like he didn’t just offer up his life so that lance could hopefully, maybe see his family again one day, like it’s a completely logical explanation and maybe it is…but it shouldn’t be because keith matters too
  • “what about you? what about the people waiting for you on earth?” and keith almost laughs because like, that’s ridiculous? and he’s just like “i’m pretty sure no one even noticed me missing.” and that makes lance mad and he’s like “i noticed. when you left the garrison i noticed immediately. i noticed that you were gone then, and i thought about it all the time. i missed you.” and keith doesn’t really know what to say to that so he’s just looking at lance. really, really looking at him for once.

Adding to my ‘Shadow slowly turning into a full Black Arm’ thing..

Imagine, while Tails is busy working on the cure, Shadow’s locked up in a prison chamber thingy that sucks up some of his Chaos Energy - just enough that he can’t easily blast his way out whenever he wants - he usually sits curled up in one of the back corners.

One day, Sonic and Rouge are hanging out just outside trying to tell him everything’s gonna be OK, but he’s just like “No. I’m going to kill everyone. No matter what you do.” they try to argue when suddenly he slams his face against the triple-reinforced glass window, pupils slitted, corneas yellowed, and with a giant sadistic grin on his muzzle, he goes into detail about how he’s gonna kill them in the slowest most painful ways imaginable and revel in their screams of agony.

Soon he snaps out of it, scootches back into his corner and quickly turns into a sobbing mess while Sonic and Rouge just sit there helplessly.

  • Steve: Everything ok there Tony? I know when something's wrong with you. Something's wrong. What can I do to help?
  • Tony: Rhodey and I had a fight.
  • Steve: Nothing I can do to help!
  • Tony: You want to hear about it?
  • Steve: No!
  • Natasha: Why not?
  • Steve: Why? Because him and Rhodey are best friends and Tony is gonna want me to take his side and agree that Rhodey was wrong. And then, you know, the two of them are gonna make up and then they're gonna be mad at me. So, no thank you!

Markiplier Resident Evil 7 Sentence Starters (Part II)

  • “I got my stanky-danky kush.”
  • “Ok enough being in this room… where I’m safe and alone.”
  • “Thanks! I almost died!”
  • “I don’t know why everything has to be locked away.”
  • “Who goes up to a cop and asks them for their gun?”
  • “Hey, hey, hey, you want to be nice about this?”
  • “Don’t make me bust out my daddy stranglers.”
  • “Well that did not go well for me.”
  • “Can you be dead now?”
  • “Is your car going to come back to life, too?”
  • “I never said I was a smart boy, just brave.”
  • “So long as everyone’s ok with us calling him daddy, I’m going to call him daddy.”
  • “Don’t fuck the goop. Do anything but fuck the goop.”
  • “Don’t know how that black magic works, but ok.”
  • “Maybe I shouldn’t BE SHOUTING!”
  • “I can make a thing out of this thing!”
  • “You’re going to make random weird-ass noises behind me?”
  • “Man this house has great architecture if there’s just constantly things opening secretly.”
  • “Who took the time to build all this stuff?”
  • “You never know when you need to craft on the go.”
  • “I need to learn how to guard.”
  • “Just gotta deal with the huge lacerations down my thorax.”
  • “I don’t have nearly enough bullets to be able to deal with anything else.”
  • “Ok, there’s definitely something in here.”
  • “Oh fucking fuck, I gotta make some shit.”
  • “It literally just amounts to me not being a dumbass.”
  • “Oh I forgot I can be stealthy.”
  • “Oh fucking hello.”
  • “You hit me, but it didn’t hurt.”
  • “Yeah! Take some of that, bitch!”
  • “I don’t know if I want to go toe to toe with one of those bastards.”
  • “Nah I’m going to piss you off as much as I can, dude.
  • “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, OHHHHHHH! GET REKT, BITCH!”
  • “That’s not what I wanted to do, but that’s ok too.”
  • “This is all much worse than it needed to be.”
  • “Thank you, fuck you, fuck off!”
  • “They’re all gonna kill you dead.”
  • “So there’s only one way to go now.”
  • “I’ll do it after I kill these bastards.”
  • “I don’t want to die again.”
  • “Maybe he’s already been infected with whatever strange fungus is here.”
  • “I died a few times, but that’s ok.”

Elizabeth: “Do you want to talk about it inside? Your daughter is now wandering around my home unsupervised.“

Finley: “It’s about them actually.”

Elizabeth: “Is everything ok?“

Finley: "I need you to look after them.”

The words came out quickly in a blur.

Elizabeth: “Look after them? Of course I can. Have you and Ava got a day planned together or something? I can do that, of course.”

Finley: “Not just for today. For a while. I don’t know how long, actually.“

I get you.

You’ve hidden from people for a long time. Shame, fear, unworthiness–I don’t know in what measure exactly, but I sense them because I clung to them. Sometimes I still do.

I don’t presume to know everything you’ve locked away. I so desperately want you to know that it’s ok. You’re ok. You are worthy. You are loved. I am a safe place to explore this. To think about it. To lay with it. To feel it.

I have reached out to you repeatedly, consistently, and at times, in spite of the way I have felt. I know you are busy and don’t like attention drawn to yourself. I know I can be intense and my authenticity may be intimidating. I don’t presume to know what’s right for you–or even always for myself. But I do know this:

It is unacceptable to receive no response, no answer, no acknowledgement when I have offered so much of myself to you.

Friends don’t treat each other this way.

I don’t let people in, but I threw open doors for you. They’ve since been barred.

I don’t know exactly why I’ve been ignored. I know why I’ve rationalized being ignored. My heart still breaks for you and yearns for your friendship and your truth. I continue to dwell on you and pray–no, intercede–for you while feeling rejected, unwanted, and bothersome. I am open to you any time you wish to reach out. I will greet you with open arms, a wounded heart, and a warm embrace. I love you, but I won’t continue to feel this way.

In the back of my mind, I wonder if you’re aware of my extended hand and have tried to hint or imply to me that you are not interested. In person, these thoughts and feelings seem foundationless, but months passing since canceled plans and ignored texts and handwritten offerings cause me to step back and reconsider.

I love you and I want you to be the most complete and happy and authentic person you can be, but I can’t continue to want this by myself.

Should you reach out to me, I will meet you where you are. But my calls have grown faint, and my walls have grown stronger.

Even if you do not wish to spend time with me–which is fine, although it hurts; you are free to do as you wish and what you deem best for you–you owe me the simple, honest truth. I will not lash out at you. I will be grateful for the misery of apathetic limbo to end. And I will let you go in peace. Because in spite of your silence…

I get you.

k … i just want to clear this up w/ myself i guess and my followers.

i loved season two.

but i also … disliked parts of it. y’all know my feels about the lacking lance and hunk and the way hunk was reduced to food. y’all know how i feel. i’m not bringing that up again …

but like … stop hating on allura. bye……. full offence but even though she’s being passive aggressive to keith …it’s fair? like, ok, not 100% but … galra took away everything she knew … so how is she supposed to straight up trust one of them? what allura and keith came to in the end was so soft and pure and i’m glad they bonded and hugged like … thank you.

the introverts and their trickster (7th) functions

INxP (PoLR Se): “what did you say?”
*nervous laugh because not sure what you said but didn’t want to ask you (again)*
“hm? oh i didn’t see..”
“…i wasn’t paying attention”
*trips over absolutely nothing*
*falls up the stairs*
*walks into everything*
*takes 2 hours to decide whether to buy a sandwich or a kebab for lunch* *ends up buying neither because forgot about hunger*
don’t let them carry the eggs when grocery shopping

ISxP (PoLR Ne): “how did i not see that???????”
“ok so now what do i do”
“study???? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
“i’m a risk taker” *does something stupid and doesn’t realize that it’s stupid until it’s too late*
“??????? but where’s the PROOF”
“how was i supposed to know he was gonna do that?????”
*has a good idea but isn’t going to share it because “it’s better if you don’t know it”*
“let’s just finish this one first please”
brainstorming gives them headaches

IxFJ (PoLR Te): “?? what that’s not true because that happened to me last time and-”
*wants to share a great idea but ends up talking about themselves instead*
*can often cancel plans due to poor scheduling skills*
*uses the less efficient path to do something but its ok bcs it’s how it’s supposed to be done*
“i mean i know i should do it…. but…….. i don’t want to….”
*regarding something important like school or university* “i know i won’t like this so i’ll just fail i guess lol sorry i guess”
*wants to teach their friends something great but everyone just thinks it’s annoying because it kind of turns into a lecture everytime* these poor souls
“yeah… i’ll just do it later” *procrastinates for 57 years*
their ideas are sometimes even more impractical than those Ne users it’s amazing

IxTJ (PoLR Fe): *tries in vain to share their ideas to a group*
“no… that’s not what i meant…”
“?? i have no idea who you’re talking about”
*when someone rants about their emotional problems* “… so where’s the problem”
*everyone thinks they’re moody as heck but it’s actually IxTJ’s failure in trying to connect with others*
“how should i know that’s what you actually meant”
“i mean i’ve never wanted to fit in since childhood”
they get so angry when they see people do something just to adhere to social norms

I’m doing portraits of your Inquizzies <3 

Men, women, any race, everything’s fine :) The only important rule is that it must be an OC.
You can see some examples of other portrait I’ve done here.

Simple lineart: 10€
Simple colored shading: 15€
(5 slots open)

What I need:
- Some screenshot references of your inquizzy
- What expression do you want them to have (happy, angry, sad, whatever)
- In case you choose the shading version, the main color you want me to use

What you get:
- a 1800x1800px portrait of your Inquizzy, with the style shown above, in about a week (probably less)

How it works:
1. You contact me by message or askbox, I’ll give you an email address where you can send me your screens and any other ref material.
2. If we agree, you send me the payment via Paypal, and when I receive it I’ll start doing the portrait.
3. I will send you a sketch version first, so you can tell me if everything looks ok 
4. When everything’s done, you will receive your drawing, either by email or dropbox link, as you prefer

- Please don’t use the artwork for commercial use ._.
- No, I’m not doing other character, just your OCs.

That’s it ^^ Thanks for stopping by :)
If you have any question at all, don’t be shy and ask right away!


All magic has a price, as you know… And a good witch, warlock or mage makes sure they pay the cost of the spells they cast. When a bad witch casts magic they usually don’t pay, they refuse to make the sacrifice. It’s everything around them that pays instead. 

Scarlet Witch #002 + Constantine: The Hellblazer #003/#004

ok tbh like what i love most about whump isn’t the exact moment the character gets hurt, but, while this is all great and everything, i much more appreciate the scenes afterwards

like them staggering to a safe place, shaking and shattered, maybe scared, with weak knees and bloody hands and their last bit of strength

or hiding from the people who are important to them that they’re hurting, because they don’t want them to worry, until they eventually have to give in

oh dear

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Bruh use one of the swapfell bros bc it can be a transition for them from edgy and death to 'oh ok i can just sit here and un drink my coffee without being threatened neat'. Also like crazy shit happens in coffee shops all the time so the person who works there could be hella desensitized to everything??? Apathetic but calm which is hella soothing for the swapfell crowd

Okay so I wanted to edit these first so I had to wait until I got home.  I hope you all like them!

Post-Pacifist Cafe AU


Raspberry was yelling about something, again. Chara wasn’t paying much attention though as they pulled the tiny skeleton into the coffee shop. Saffron wasn’t too far behind.  One thing that Chara had truly missed during their time in the Underground was coffee. To say they were an addict was putting it lightly their old foster parents (the nice ones) used to say that if Chara ever had their blood taken the doctors would see it was half coffee, half blood. So the first thing they wanted to do after all the paperwork was squared away was to go get a caramel frappuccino from their old hang out.
But of course, their new guardians wanted to come with them. Raspberry was still yelling when they were waiting in line. It was something about a fight he had last week. Most likely he was just trying to let everyone here know that he was not someone to be messed with. When they got to the front both Chara and Saffron were surprised when Raspberry shut up. It was a little worrying until they saw why. It was the barista they were gorgeous, but the best thing about them was their smile it looked so… kind. It seemed to mesmerize Rasberry into a peaceful state.
Chara ordered drinks for everyone and then led them over to a table by the window. Raspberry seemed lost in thought which allowed Saffron and Chara to talk about what could be bothering him. It didn’t take them long to decide Raspberry liked the barista. Saffron, however, was still a little doubtful or at least he was until the barista came and dropped off their order. Raspberry’s eyes were glued to them and he thanked them for the excellent service.
Chara normally went to this same cafe every day got their order and left. But now they were sure to bring Raspberry with them and to drink their frappuccino there. At first, it was only because it amused them to see Raspberry so quiet and so calm. But then they noticed Raspberry was actually falling in love with the barista.
Chara told him that it was this person’s job to be nice, that it might not mean anything. So Raspberry waited until after the baristas shift was over and asked them if they would allow him to buy them dinner. He waited because he needed to be sure he didn’t make them feel pressured to say yes.
Luckily for him, the barista agreed to a date and they went out to dinner. He found out that Chara was right they had just been acting that way because it was their job. They were actually a very different person.  They didn’t always smile, weren’t always in a good mood, and they were not a morning bird.  But as he got to know them better he found he liked them more and more.
He still goes to the coffee shop every morning with Chara but now he knows he doesn’t have to yell as he walks in. As soon as he walks in he seems to relax.  He doesn’t say much to the barista even though they are dating now, he knows they have to work. But before he leaves he always texts them to make sure they are still on for their date later. It is the kind of romantic cuteness that is so discreet yet still adorable.

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Last night I watched some Robron affair clips and now that they are married I look at them completely differently,it's so weird lol. Like they are actually husbands,I never in a million years thought this would happen,so after I watched affair Robron I watched their wedding and they are so in love,like they're the loves of each other lives,soul mates. The way they look at each other is gorgeous,they adore one other ok nope I'm not crying it's my allergies lol

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a full rewatch of their story. It is crazy to think about how far we’ve come. Where they started and everything they have been through and where they are now. Them being together and being happy is something I always wanted for them and I always wanted to see them get married (it still doesn’t feel real, it’s shame the once again they have something nice and happy and then it’s ripped away from them). But one thing I adore is how they always look more and more in love.