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Sorry for the messy trees…had to use a mouse to draw these…more about the composition than the clean lines. People tell me sometimes if I cleaned up stuff up it would be even better, which can be true. But I think about how I sketch with a pencil and it’s not clean. I try to incorporate that into the pixel art, which a lot of times becomes unappreciated as laziness or not good. I enjoy drawing so what gets translated into some pieces just comes out that way. I appreciate everyone and their input for my drawings and want to thank you guys for just looking at my stuff. <3

DGM Resource Masterpost

Hey Everyone! (please reblog and share!)

So lately, with the new DGM chapters and the announcement of the new anime, I’ve basically fallen into DGM fandom hell. This means that I’ve been devoting a probably unhealthy proportion of my daily college-student life to DGM, but well, some things you just can’t help doing. 

I’ve spent years in this fandom, and I have quite a collection of my favorite fanfiction, amv’s, mmv’s, music, resources, etc..

But what I want to do, partly for my own benefit as well, is to share all this great stuff with all you amazing people! Starting sometime soon (aka whenever I have free time after finishing hw for classes), I’m going to start putting together a MASSIVE DGM resource guide.

But because I’ve never done anything like this on this kind of scale, I want everyone’s input, both on recommendations and on how to actually do this lol.

I would love it if everyone could send me/tell me about their favorite:

1.) DGM fanfics: I’ll be honest and admit that I’m a Yullen addict, so most of the fanfic that I want to include is Yullen or no pairings. However, this is where I desperately need you guys! I need people, from other ships, to send me recommendations. I want to make sure everyone in the DGM fandom can get something out of this post. Every rec that I get from people, I’ll be reading to make sure it follows general guidelines of being REALLY GOOD fanfiction. Like I don’t want it just because it’s your baby or whatever you want to call it, I want it because it’s written so well that it blew your mind away. It can be any rating, in-complete or complete.

2.) AMV’s/MMV’s: I think that I already have this one done. I’ve already made a pretty comprehensive playlist on my youtube account, so I just need to go through and delete anything that’s been removed. You can find this playlist by going to my youtube page. I’ve made a decent amount of DGM mmv’s myself (my username is 13thReflection, which you can find a link to on my tumblr page or searching youtube for dgm mmv and you’ll see on the first page my mmv “[DGM] endless wonder”). BUT youtube is huge, so I’ve probs missed something here and there, so I’d appreciate it if you guys could still give me recs! I’m pretty solid on the older ones, so it would be super helpful if you could give me some newer stuff.

3.) Music: Do you guys have a song that, whenever you listen to it, are instantly thrown into DGM emotional hell?? Because I have TONS lol. SEND ME SONGS PLEASE.

4.) Resources: Everything from Hoshino’s instagram, to where to buy the newest chapters/the reverse novels, novel translations, merch, art, etc. GIMME YOUR RESOURCES.

Even if you don’t know anything, please reblog and share! I want as many people as possible to see this, because I want it to be as comprehensive as possible! I’m open to questions or whatever, so message me if you have them :)

Note: I won’t be doing anything with cosplay or fanart because that’s an entirely different monster to deal with and I don’t have THAT much time. BUT if people are super interested in recent tumblr artists/blogs idk maybe I’ll add them too

EDIT 1/28: Crossover’s are totally OK. also I forgot to mention that once I have everything gathered THAT’s when I’ll be posting the masterlist, which will either be a page or post on my blog (????) idk yet but I’ll figure it out.

As a general timeframe, this is AT THE LATEST gonna be finished by like June or something, but that’s only if college decides to blow up in my face this semester. I’d like to be open to submissions for like 1-2 months though and I’ll be working on it all at the same time.

Ok question time

How would you all feel about us occasionally signal boosting fundraisers for poor folks in need of food money?

I wouldn’t clutter the blog with them but id find people who were really in need.

Mods and everyone who follows i want your input. I wont do this unilaterally and i want this to be a group decision.

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