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what if season two is about Yuri P. :000

omg!!!! I’d be okay with that as long as there are still heavy doses of Victuuri you know?? Seeing more of Yuri P’s character development would be awesome bc he’s such an interesting character!! Very 3D and well-rounded, though I suppose they all are haha

tbh though, we all know what season two will truly be about:

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and it’s done!! (after nearly a whole month omg) 

this is the third time i’ve done this: 1//2   and i’m very happy with my improvement - i’ll probably do a comparison post soon

please let me know which characters you want to see individually 

here it is on redbubble 


kagehina part from ouran au!! reposting bc i deleted by accident omg help me

Kageyama had always wanted to see what a convenience store looked like because everyone knows how mysterious are proletarians for ouran students. The convenience store he visited happened to be Hinata’s uncle’s, where Hinata helps from time to time. Needless to say, Kageyama developed a big crush on him as soon as he saw him and started coming regularly to see him again. (but kags being kags, he still feels too awkward to talk to him normally)



王嘉尔: 今天 终于 是我#王嘉尔# 小弟 第一次来到 #快乐大本营# 😝 太开心了! 😍 终于看到快乐家族了!OMG 😳 以前就想来了!️ ☺️ 但没一次来成! 😣 很多次都没来成! 终于来了!太开心了! 谢谢哥哥姐姐们那么照顾我!️️ ❤️❤️ 湖南卫视!每周六晚8:20! 快乐大本营! 😘 #王嘉尔第一次快乐大本营##很开心##看到快乐家族##湖南卫视##每周六晚8:20分##何哥哥##快乐大本营##我的你们谢谢你们#

Today, it’s finally me, Jackson Wang’s first time coming to Happy Camp 😝 So happy! 😍 Finally seeing the Happy Family! OMG 😳 I’ve wanted to come since long ago! ☺️ But was always unsuccessful! 😣 Didn’t work out a lot of times! Finally here! So happy! Thank you everyone for taking care of me! ❤️❤️ Hunan TV! Every Saturday night 8:20! Happy Camp! 😘 #Jackson’sFirstTimeOnHappyCamp #VeryHappy #SawHappyFamily #HunanTV #EverySaturdayNight8:20 #HeBrother #HappyCamp 

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translations may contain inaccuracies!
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Okay, so remember when Marco sang in svtfoe and everyone was like “OMG ADAM MCARTHUR HAS A GREAT VOICE” and since I couldn’t watch the episode when it aired, I was looking foward to it even more. I wanted to hear him sing and see what the fuss was all about. But when I finally watched the episode I was like “…He isn’t that good. I mean he’s not bad at all but he’s not that good”.

I want you all to watch THIS:

That’s Jason Ritter. Dipper’s voice actor. Now this is the kinda thing I was expecting from that reaction.

That part at 1:57 kills me every. Freaking. Time.

I’m so mad at Alex now for not making him sing more in the show, goddammit.


so you know how everyone is like ‘tsukki, the accidental model’ well how about he legitimately is a model (and a pretty famous one at that) but because the entire team are such nerds they have no clue and then kenma’s looking at, idk, a gaming catalogue and he calls up kuroo because he’s just spotted tsukki in an advertisement for one of his favourite games and kuroo is Losing His Shit because tsukki just got x100000000 hotter

idk what comes next but this is an au i can totally get behind

Omg queue Karasuno plus Kuroo begging to come to a photoshoot and fashion shows and Kenma low key wanting to come too. And just Kuroo absolutely drooling over Tsukki when he sees him but still thinking he’s the most beautiful on the court or when he’s being a smartass to everyone and just falling in love with him more and more AHHH I fully support this headcanon

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~Mod 7 

Hey, I call everyone “my dudes” but you can bet that if someone asks me not to call them that, I’ll respect their wishes and switch to their preference.

Because if I didn’t, they would be completely justified in calling me an asshole and I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if I asked them to stop.

everyone: wow ep. 12 was so beautiful and the pair skating <3333 omg i can’t wait for season 2!! see you next level! lololol

me: okay yes what a great episode but wHERE THE fUCK WaS THE VICTUURI kISS I’VE WAITED FOR SINcE EPISODE 7 i fEEL LIKE I’VE BEEN ROBBED ?!?!?!






Of course, it’s very obvious that they love each other and all that, but I mean, this show literally delivered what everyone wanted, EVEN A (uncensored kinda) KISS

And from what I’ve seen from various sources online (so not 100% sure about it, it’s just what I found out) apparently in Japan indirect kisses are more “on an emotional level” rather than anything sexual, if that makes sense.

I swear this show is so deep on so many LEVELS

Technology-impaired MC

Sorry, it’s been a little while since I posted anything. My original goal was to post at least three things a week, and now I have officially moved more than halfway across the country so I will have much more time from here on out (now that I am mostly unpacked). I was in some serious need for humor since I’m in the process of getting everyone’s bad ends and right now being mean to Seven is bringing me pain. Now that I’ve successfully rambled y’all’s ears off…here’s RFA + V/Saeran’s reaction to a technologically incompetent MC.

Requests are open.~


  • thinks it’s cute
  • not that he’s a tech genius himself
  • when he first found out he had to pause for a moment and just…look at you
  • “Did you just ask me…how to tripter??
  • you’re blushing
  • “I don’t know how it works but I want to see your tripter bot selfies
  • omg so cute
  • he’s muffling laughter as he shows you how to set up an account
  • “You know I can send you all those selfies myself…”
  • can’t resist laughing when you mumble something about not knowing how to save pictures on your phone


  • he’s pretty knowledgeable about technology - especially computers
  • LOLOL helps with that
  • so when you ask him how to connect your laptop to the internet
  • he’s rattling off the wifi name and password and not even thinking about it
  • “Uhm…I meant…in general…”
  • what
  • “MC you don’t know how to get internet on your computer???”
  • how have you survived??
  • he suddenly feels Very Manly™ being able to teach you something
  • “Don’t worry, Superman Yoosung to the rescue!”


  • her job requires her to understand technology
  • especially since Mr. Han doesn’t
  • but she’s not really fazed
  • you asked her while blushing to help you figure out how to turn the coffee machine on
  • there was literally no sarcasm in her voice as she showed you
  • it’s literally just a button that says on/off how did she not tease you
  • honestly she finds it kind of endearing
  • you are never nervous to ask her for help again no matter how ridiculous it seemed
  • though mostly Jaehee made sure to handle most technology-related tasks from now on
  • for which you are super grateful


  • same
  • just…same
  • this boy had to have a freaking engineer help him replace his SIM card
  • and doesn’t know how to use a vending machine
  • so there is no judgment
  • …however, there’s also no asking him for help
  • the poor engineer is basically on call at this point
  • Jaehee has to help you both poor overworked girl she does not deserve this tbh
  • RFA enjoys teasing you both
  • you two don’t mind though you can’t be good at everything


  • he finds it absolutely adorable
  • teases you all the time about it
  • purposely asks you to do things he knows you have no idea how to do
  • you’re stubborn and insist you can figure it out you never do
  • and then he “rescues” you
  • at least he’s tech genius enough for the both of you
  • you do like to try to learn from him
  • but somehow it never sticks
  • “Honestly I’m surprised you manage to use the messenger with no problem” ofc he’s smirking as he says this
  • “Well, to be fair, I’ve never figured out how to update my status on there…” oh that explains so much


  • he used to be fairly technologically competent
  • but his impaired vision kind of mitigates that now
  • he finds it cute when you ask him how to do really simple things though
  • like how to use Netflix or upload pictures on a computer
  • “You are adorable, did you know that?”
  • but it’s never said with condescension
  • he’s always willing to help and even writes down instructions so you can use things when he’s not there to help
  • not that you can read them omg his handwriting is so bad
  • “Uhm…if I type these up…will you show me how to print them?”
  • he has to read them to you as you type and walks you through the process it’s so cute


  • shocked tbh
  • there are still people who don’t understand technology?
  • well…he didn’t learn until get out from under his mother’s thumb so he guesses it makes sense
  • he’s always torn between annoyance and amusement when you ask for help
  • he usually settles on amusement
  • defends you when Saeyoung teases you even though he’s thinking the same thing tbh
  • tries to teach you the basics so you can handle things on your own
  • gives up fairly quickly
  • can’t believe how quickly the information seems to leak out of your brain
  • loves feeling like the hero for once tho tbh


The Klance au NO ONE WANTED I’m shocked no one did yet. Like really go tweet Chris Tucker for giving me the idea after seeing him on TV. I will be doing more XD
I can not believe I did this… you don’t have to even ship klance at all just put them in this movie setting and watch the fun happen

HOLY FCKIN- Mind-blown moment here

Okay I’m probably lightyears behind everyone else on this train of thought BUT

Right at the end of the second series at the zero requiem (stop reading here if you don’t want spoilers) after Nunnally touches Lelouch’s hand, she sees TWO DISTINCT MOMENTS occurring.


Suzaku, Lelouch (in zero’s outfit), and C.C. is C’s world, presumably after Marianne and the emperor have been killed. Suzaku looks like he’s ready to attack Lelouch now. He mentions in the planning conversation (which we see just before this) that both Lelouch and himself realised in C’s world just how much the world was longing for the future. My guess is that Suzaku and Lelouch are having a disagreement over how best to secure that future. Suzaku is possibly planning to kill Lelouch and fix the world himself, or you know maybe he’s just stressed out and is only acting threatening.

EITHER WAY, we know that Suzaku doesn’t kill Lelouch here. In fact, the next time we see them, they’re working on the same plan. Lelouch had already use Geass on him once by ordering Suzaku to live, so he didn’t just order Suzaku to do it. They had to have a conversation. What Nunnally is seeing here is Lelouch going through his plan and convincing Suzaku, a character who all-out HATES him at this point, that he is going to create a peaceful world. 

The second thing Nunnally sees is this:

The passing of the mask scene, which we ourselves only see just a moment before. Lelouch in effect tells Suzaku to become Zero to keep the people’s hope alive, and assassinate him so that the world can be united in their joy and freedom over the ‘demon emperor’s death.

Now, the thing I usually take away from this is the simple “oh, Lelouch is explaining that he’s actually not evil and that he did bad things to free the world in the long-run.” Great. Except that I just realised:

Nunnally now also knows that Suzaku is the new Zero. 

THIS isn’t just some random masked man with a sword, or a symbol of rebellion. This is Suzaku. Their childhood friend. Someone they went through struggles with and cared about greatly. True, Nunnally knows that Lelouch wanted this, and I think that’s why she and Zero are seen to be working together in the Kallen-narrated epilogue. 

But still, how much of a stake is this going to drive between the two of them? How much angst will something like this generate? They can both see this bright new world, but Nunnally will always know that her big brother died at Suzaku’s hand.


War Council + Mitsutada’s Snacks Part 2

I’m kind of assuming Blake hasn’t told RWY about her family at all…. so… I just want to see Weiss’ reaction to Blake being….. well….. this like Faunus equivalent of her. XD

Project (John Laurens x Reader)

Request: Could you do 17 and 18 with john Laurens? - @nonxstop

Word count: 850

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Warnings: Mainly fluff I guess :)

AU: High School

Note: John Laurens is so much fun to write omg. Also, I would love to continue this, I had so many ideas! So, let me know if you want a sequel! It maybe could be a couple parts long!

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