i want everybody to see this ok

the thing is: i love all SHINee members nd i really think they r so damn talented nd have improved a lot through all these years. so thats why i want SO badly that everybody sees that TAEMIN is more than a dancer this kid really sings well; that MINHO is not just a pretty face he can sing not just rap nd his acting skills r becoming better; that KIBUM isnt just a fashion guy for gods sake he can dance sing act is there anything this boy cannot do?; that JONGHYUN is more than a cry boy (or a sexy guy) he makes art he writes composes and produces his own songs he even wrote a book!; that JINKIs occupation is NOT break things with his finger (!!!!!!!hELp) his voice is pure honey his acting is amazing wth is wrong with those tv shows?! idk… i just wish ppl could hv more respect for who they r nd what they do. is there any sense in what im saying? whatever~

dating isaac lahey would include:

[this wasn’t requested. i’m just in too deep lmao] [requests are open!!]

  • cheek kisses, forehead kisses, side of the head kisses!! he loves giving you quick out of the blue kisses in public mainly because he can’t get his hands off of you (also because he likes showing everybody who you ~belong~ to)
  • him never being quiet when you’re trying to study or get work done
    • “isaac,, please stop talking”
    • “”ok” ………………… “wait did you hear ab-”
    • “isAaaAaAc i’m trying to get shit done”
    • “sorry babe”
  • calling you “babe”
  • him accidentally calling you “princess” in public
  • getting each other flowers for no reason other than wanting to see each other’s faces light up an extra time
  • jealous and over-protective af
    • somebody could accidentally push you at school while you’re walking down the hallway and isaac would be lowkey all up in their face
    • him putting his arm around your waist when he sees somebody giving you eyes
    • “i’m not jealous i just don’t want them looking at you like that”
  • he knows you can take care of yourself but never wants you to be put in a situation where you could get hurt
    • “isaac i can take care of myself. you can’t stop me from going”
    • “i know baby but i just don’t want you to get hurt. i love you too much”
  • him being the little spoon after waking up from a nightmare
  • him always trying to come up with an excuse for you to sit in his lap
  • wearing his lacrosse jersey and his scarves and him telling you how cute you look
  • you always reassuring him that his outfit looks good (godt damn that boi can rock vnecks, coats, and scarves)
  • having to go on tip-toes to kiss him because he’s as tall as a fucking tree
    • him teasing you by putting shit on the top shelf which he knows you can’t reach and loving it when you ask him for help
      • you get sick of this after some time and decide to get a chair and climb up there yourself
      • “need some help babygirl?” *with his fcking smirk*
  • him being a proud boyfriend and smiling whenever you kick ass whether it be getting the question your teacher wouldn’t think you would get right at school or getting rid of villains
    • whispering “that’s my girl”
  • him using his werewolf senses and bringing you chocolate and heat packs whenever your period comes around
  • sleepy morning voice!!!
  • both always checking and making sure that the other is emotionally/physically okay
  • rough & passionate sex
  • (also let’s be real he’s a switch)
An art blog

( English is not my first language)

So I was thinking about this blog here and I have decided that I will stop posting anything other than my art

And try stop drawing shit post here

Why ?

Tbh idk I just want to take this art blog seriously I hope everybody is ok with that

And there will be changes like

-I will never post something other than my art or fan art 

-if I shitpost again it will be on my other blog @rahaf-wabas

- I will reblog your fan art on my other blog @rahaf-wabas

-I will still answer your question here

There is nothing wrong with me I just wanted this for a long time you will see a lot of deleting posts now or get put on the other blog

Thank you for understanding and have a good day ❤️

The John-balloon really was a good listener.

It never showed confusing emotions. It never asked questions. It hovered there over John’s chair and Sherlock could talk as much as he wanted. It was good to talk. It helped. Like Ella has said.

“I don’t think you will ever come back, John. But it’s alright. I never thought that the past will come back. It’s over. You left. Everybody always leaves. At least you don’t have to see me in this state. You wouldn’t like it. You would be disappointed. But you don’t want to see me anymore. You don’t want to talk to me anymore. That’s ok. As long as you’re happy. I hope you will be happy again. Without me. Without someone, who always hurts you so much. But, I have to admit that …”

Sherlock swallowed.
Those thoughts hurt. 

The John-balloon stared at him with it’s painted eyes, and Sherlock said very quietly, “I miss you.”



Being Jax's old lady (with a knack for being mouthy and a little bossy) would include:

Author: Johannah

Originally posted by sonsofanarchyimagines

✦ Your word is gospel, and none of the guys know they can say otherwise

✧ The prospects being a little scared of you:

Jax: Rat - Tell Y/N I want her down at the clubhouse.

Ratboy: Ok. But, um… What if she says no?”

Jax: (smirking) You scared of my ol’ lady” 

Happy: We all are.

✦ You carrying a .34 glock in your purse at all times 

✧ Everyone in Charming knowing who you are, and treating you with respect

✦ Jax calling you “Ma’am” just to tease you:

You: Do you understand me, Jackson?

Jax: Yes ma’am

✦ Jax loving how protective you are over your family - Like a lioness protecting her cubs

✧ Having your crow tattoo on your arm - right where everybody can see it, you’re not ashamed to show it off

✦ Jax’s name alone being enough for any guy to back off:

✧ “My man is Jax Teller, asshole. You might wanna keep walking.”

✦ You and Gemma having something of a power struggle

✧ Becoming the Queen of SAMCRO when Jax steps up to the presidency

✦ Jax knowing he can tell you everything about the club and not worry about you getting scared

✧ You pulling him back when he gets into fights

✦ Him pulling you back when you get into fights

✧ You never saying shit to the cops

✦ You being the dominant one during sex

✧ Jealous sex

✦ You and Gemma talking shit about the croweaters together

anonymous asked:

Hi, is there any way that you can ask your source do they feel sure the indirect Caryl references in these last three episodes have been cut or not? That is very disheartening to hear that they will be. That may mean that tptb are heading in a different direction with Caryl, if so. Thanks for your help and all the spoilers.

by Hi, Nonny,  We talk with all of our sources all the time, asking questions, getting clarifications etc.  Y’all in the fandom do not see it because we are discreet, so I guess that is why everybody assumes we don’t ask.  Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  We are very thorough in that way although we do not always get all the episode 7.10 level detailed with dialogue spoiler details we want. :)

I have a bunch of anons all on the same subject so am answering this one in lieu of repeating the same information in all of them. 

OK, first of all,, have you read the actual spoilers or just heard about them from social media.  Because what was said was that mentions may or may not still happen. Your assumption that they were cut “ That is very disheartening to hear that they will be.” is wrong, that simple. So if you only heard abotu the spoilers and fully read those, I suggest you login in and read for yourself.:)

So one mention was in Bury Me Here I think with the Carol-Morgan conversation in which Daryl came up. The decision to re-edit was made just before the episode order was switched, so that is one of a few, right there.

Filming spoilers, as we have all said many times, did not indicate and Caryl filming together or interactions in the finale with just the two of them.  

That doesn’t mean though that one won’t be mentioned by the other, or the two of them might now be mentioned by other characters. These are just the first 7.15 spoilers to come out early- other sites will have spoilers too and we may get more from LB, so maybe more good stuff is coming.  We just have to be patient and see.

To me, any Caryl indirect callback would be important and if kept in, terrific.  If edited out, well, finales often cut character and ship bits in favor of more action or higher stakes non-shipping viewers will enjoy.  TWD has always been that way and will continue to do so IMO, since they want to get viewers excited about coming back for season 8 and 8.01.  

So even if cut, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important - just means it was cut like the wonderful Merle-Carol conversation at the prison - itself also an indirect Caryl callback. The finale took almost 2 weeks to film so there is plenty of footage which could be edited in or out and all the re-edits are not known at this time. 

I’m sorry you are upset over the possibility of an indirect callback being cut as part of the massive re-edits we reported recently.  The decision is Scott Gimple’s TPTB and AMC’s decisons to make  and is out of our hands or those of our sources of course.

So we will continue to ask, knowing that our sources take great risks in getting us any information at all these days.  Waiting and worrying is hard, but is just the way it goes with spoilers.  As soon as we hear more, we will post and littlebirds will be back to post with more info on the possible Caryl mentions so everyone will know for sure. 

 Episode 16 spoilers will be out well before the final and the questions will be answered once and for all in those of course.   

 Maybe one day the fandom can return to just enjoying having any spoilers at all, but I doubt it.:)

Thanks for your questions and yes, we will continue doing our jobs just as we always do and have done with every episode this season.  @twdzone

Catching up
… a few more inches and you’ll be tall like daddy!

Ok.. so.. this morning, Max woke up early and came to see me( I wake up earlier than everybody so I can get some work done in the morning).
I was at the computer and Max wanted to show me the Mixels he really likes( I think he believes that if he tells me a hundred times a day that he really likes something I will get it for him..hahahaha…. oh.. poor child…) so I told him to get on my laps to show me… and that’s when it hit me. HE’s HUGE!! I keep drawing him as a little kid in my images, and I do the same for COlin and Lily, but..man, these kids are HUGE now.
So.. I just wanted to make an image to show this and kind of ..move on from the little phase.
I feel like I’ve been drawing us the way we were ten years ago, but we really don’t look like that anymore( except for my wife who doesn’t seem to age for some reason!)
Anyhow.. that’s just the little explanation for this one..in case you wanted to know.


So okay, here it is, quick and messy. As usual I just wanted to do a text post, but got carried away. :D Enjoy this theory before it crumbles to the ground and burns tomorrow.

So, if everybody’s ok (especially Stan), I see a scene like this happening after all the fighting and sacrificing. Dipper has to tell Ford he’s not staying with him one way or another, and he has to voice his reasons  I suppose. By that time Ford already almost got his shit together BUT needs a final push, and who better help him with that than our main characters and great siblings - Mabel and Dipper? I totally see the kids helping those two stubborn old men reconcile.

I couldn’t end it on a cheesy note, because I already drew a lot of scenes like that XD
And hey Stan might just return the favor and punch Ford. :D

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Ok but, funniest thing is, I had a hard time deciding how I wanted the hairstyle. You can see where my priorities are here. (You also can’t tell me male Aphmau wouldn’t wear flower crowns)

ok so i saw b&tb last night and as a preface i’ve been excited about this movie for awhile and i loved it, i was utterly enchanted from start to finish. i gather that this isn’t everybody’s opinion, which i’m not here to challenge because whatevs y’all. i do however want to talk about the “‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ gay scene,” as i’m seeing it called, and why i think that’s an inaccurate assessment. spoilers obviously.

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Some dude got high as FUCK after surgery.

I was waiting for my turn, and the guy who went in behind me was coming out post-op. If you’re sedated, you’re given a combo of propofol and fetanyl, and this dude’s reaction to it (apparently every time, according to the doc) is to giggle his goddamn ass off.

They have Cheez-Its for people - sometimes, some people need a small snack after, and this 60 year old man was playing with them and doing the mom-to-a-2-year-old “OK, HERE COMES THE CHOO CHOO TRAIN!” shtick to himself and then losing it laughing. 

And he’d turn to his nurse and go “hey. HEY. Look. Look at me. See me? *SMOOCHYSMOOCHYSMOOCHYNOISES*… *gigglefit*”

Everybody was cracking up.

As the doc was taking me back to the OR, I went “I want what HE had.”

It was hilarious. His nurse laughed so hard she cried.

willcraftapple11  asked:

Ok, time for non-plot related shenanigans: What would happen if CalmPacifist and Kankri Vantas, lord of trigger warnings and 69, meet? I just. I really want to see what would happen in your brain because in mine everybody dies and the frog implodes.

TG: under any circumstances

TG: we will not

TG: and will never

TG: speak about that ass

TG: again

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anonymous asked:

sorry for what you're going to see here but, seriously, what the fuck? what's wrong with people? we have to report this photos omg. i'm so mad about it. what they think they're doing to our chengxiao? she's only 18 years old and in korea she's not even an adult woman but it's not something they need to do anyways WHAT'S WRONG WITH EVERYBODY C'MON. (go and see chengxiao-momo on tumblr and you'll understand what i mean)

Ok, I am now scarred for life.

I completely agree that the photos are horrifying, but there’s nothing we can do. This person isn’t doing anything “wrong” (in Tumblr’s guidelines and legally) because Cheng Xiao is 18 internationally, so she is in fact an adult in Korea and everywhere else. Is this morally wrong because she never asked to be sexualized and or wanted to be in anyway? Damn fucking right. But Tumblr will only take care of things like this if it’s illegal or massively offensive to an entire community. People on this site are allowed to explore whatever they want, be it cheery fandoms or sexual fantasies like these bull-fucking-shit photos.

I was recently talking to a friend who wanted to report other things like this about Cheng Xiao, but I had to explain the same thing to them. There technically is nothing “wrong” here. But honestly, if anyone can think of something perfect to put in the “reason” section of the report process, let me know and we can all do it. I don’t wanna kink shame people, but those photos are just too much.

And kids, don’t check out that blog unless you’re older. It’s very inappropriate. BUT FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT CAN, GO REPORT THE PHOTOS OF MINORS. FANTAGIO’S CHOI YOOJUNG WAS THERE AND SHE IS A MINOR.

can i just. make a dipper appreciation post. dippers my sweaty (in this case both the ironic “sweety” misspelling and literally sweaty) son and i love him so much 

hes so sweet i JUST i love him. he’s like the family mediator. he gets along with everybody and fits right into what their doing. like if mabel wants to blow homemade firerackers off the roof he’d up for it. dipper and soos put all kinda of junk the microwave just to see what happens. dipper and stan talking about how crazy and puzzling girls are. dipper and ford geeking out in the basement about dd&md and having heart to hearts because they can relate so much to each other and provide support

i love dipper ok. like all of this is in character for him and it’s so sweet and amazing

suicide squad headcanons!
  • harley had adhd and something else that causes hallucinations
    • her adhd makes her stim all the time, in the movie she’s always bouncing her feet or swaying back and forth or dancing, and in the flashback we can see her rocking
    • she copes w/ her hallucinations with humor like ‘so, can everybody else see that or is it just me?’
  • the ‘i’m off my meds’ statement wasn’t just a joke
    • she was medicated when she was a psychologist at arkham
    • the joker convinced her she didn’t need her meds and it was ok at first but after a while it got bad again, the joker wanted her to stop them because it would make her easier to manipulate
    • in prison she’s also off her meds because the guards keep saying she “lost her privilege” and that they’ll let her get back on her meds if she behaves, but her symptoms are considered ‘misbehaving’ so she’s probably never gonna get them back
  • she became a psychologist because she wanted to help people like her
  • she’s hypersexual because of trauma both because of the joker and because of the prison
    • the scene with the guard when she licks the pole and makes innuendos at him
    • the scene w/ the joker in the club when he says she belongs to the other dude
  • deadshot is such a dad, in pretty much every situation, he’s totally ready to adopt harley after he gets to know her
    • he can tell that’s she’s been through some Shit, but he isn’t gonna pry because that’s rude and it’ll bring up bad memories
    • he’s the one to approach her after her flashback because he knows what it’s like
  • captain boomerang was totally low key flirting with slipknot at the very beginning
    • “i gotta get outta here, i have a life to live, are you coming?” *wink wink*

this is all the ones i can think of right now lmao

chibi rin: *takes a deep breath*

everyone in free:  yes, nanase is amazing, we know, you love his swimming so much, he’s your shining, you love him so much, you just love his clear blue eyes and cool aura, we KNOW, you love nanase you fucking love nanase ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE NANASE HARUKA. WE GET IT.

free s1 rin: I never want to swim with you again, Haru

everyone in free: ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ fᵘͨᵏ ʸºᵘ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ʷʰʸ ʸºᵘ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ 

free es rin: *takes a deep breath*

everyone in free: yes, haru is amazing, we know, you love his swimming so much, he’s your Shining, you love him so much, you just love haru, we KNOW, you love haru you fucking love haruka ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE NANASE HARUKA. WE GET IT. NOW PROPOSE ALREADY  

it’s a full circle.