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Hi! As an avid fic reader, there is something that has always bothered me about a lot of fan-fiction I have read in the Stucky fandom or the marvel fandom in general. There is almost always a level of casual sexism against the female characters, for example, in many fics the female characters are referred to as "girls" despite being grown fucking women also is it necessary to talk about how beautiful Natasha or Peggy are in every single fic? Aren't we reducing them to their beauty?

This is actually an incredibly complicated issue. Yes, there definitely is a fair amount of casual sexism in stucky fanfic and in fanfic in general. But on the other hand, compared to general fiction and the world at large, there is significantly less sexism. I’d also point out that the majority of transformative fandom is female identifying, queer, or both, this makes fanfics relationship with sexism a lot more complicated. Internalized misogyny is incredibly hard to sort out and be aware of, because it’s your own internal monologue and in the case of many fanfic authors, your own internal monologue as a woman and (in most cases) a feminist. 

The specific examples you pulled are tricky ones, cause on one hand, yeah theres certainly an element of sexism in there, but on the other hand there also isn’t necessarily a bad wicked thing. In most stucky fics, the narration is third person pov through either steve or bucky, and in the case of two men born in the 1910′s calling grown women girls would absolutely be a part of their vernacular. It’s absolutely sexist, but I’d argue that it’s a strongly internalized attitude and language pattern both of them would absolutely have problems recognizing and or getting rid of. So even if it’s not a carefully thought out choice from the author, it serves as interesting characterization. Also since the majority of fic authors are women, the relationship with using girls isn’t as simple, for one thing it is a part of common english to use women and girls interchangeably and it’s not something that’s closely examined by all women all the time. Also, I think theres as aspect of it’s usage that is reclaiming it in a way. I mean girls isn’t a slur by any means but it’s not free of negative meaning, and by referring to wonderful characters as girls it in some ways seeks to remove those negative connotations- by presenting to the reader a group of people who the reader admires and saying some of them are girls and thats great, it does something meaningful for a woman reading. Using the word girl/s isn’t always something bad, especially when women are using it.

As for calling them beautiful all the time, I’d argue that 9/10 times theres absolutely nothing inherently sexist about mentioning their beauty. I mean it is objectively true, mcu’s female characters are beautiful. Now the reason behind all of them being gorgeous is pretty sinister, hollywood has an insanely toxic and sexist beauty standard and the fact that female characters in movies have to be beautiful in the same way is a whole other barrel of fish and we’re talking about fanfic, we’re dealing with characters who have a appearance and personality not 100% set by the author of a fic. Honestly, I’ve read thousands of Stucky fics and I think I’ve read a handful where women were actively reduced to their beauty. I mean when was the last time you read a novel by a cishet man? It’s absolutely horrifying, the way they treat women is disgusting, and fic is so much better. 

Most of the time in fic, beauty is just one aspect of their character, for example Peggy’s strength and steely determination usually follow any mention of her beauty and Natasha’s dry humour and keen intelligence usually follow any mention of hers. On the other hand yeah, you get a lot of Bucky dancing with a beautiful nameless woman who only appears as an object of desire and jealousy and yeah, thats a problem. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all to mention a woman’s beauty provided shes being not shown as important only because she’s beautiful. 

I’d also argue that the vast majority of sexism in fanfic isn’t calling female characters girls or referring to their beauty, its demonizing or ignoring female characters who are “in the way” of a m/m ship. I see this happen a LOT with Sharon in particular, but also Peggy and Natasha. You don’t see the female character who is canonically with one half of a m/m ship is a controlling, violently jealous, homophobic monster plotline often anymore, but it does still come up. More common is the female character who is canonically with one half of a m/m ship is a endlessly pure, patient, supportive and unconditionally understanding prop who exists only to step graciously out of the way of the m/m pairing. I see that all the damn time and it bothers me. 

Female characters tend to not be as developed in canon and because of that often also remain underdeveloped in fanfic and also tend in both canon and fic to be there only to support the male characters not existing outside that context. That or the fact that f/f ships are incredibly neglected. I mean theres like one f/f fic for every like seven m/m fics. Part of that is the fact that there are so many less women than men in fiction. Part of that is on us for just not writing wlw and favouring mlm or m/f ships. I have really complicated feelings about this as a queer woman, I mean I‘m running a ship blog about two men. I could be putting my time into natsharon, cartinelli or claire temple/misty knight, but I’m here instead. I worked through lots of internalized homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and aphobia while reading m/m fics, not f/f and I spend so much more time and energy on m/m ships. I mean here I am, a wlw and here I am investing almost all my leisure time on men. I mean I love it in this fandom and it’s absolutely my choice to be here but part of me wonders what it would be like if I had gone through that process with a f/f ship instead and what it would be like to invest this time on women. I wonder what it would be like to be in mcu fandom if our source material treated it’s female characters better and had more of them.

You also see barely any not white, disabled, unattractive or poor women in fic, but once again part of that is a distinct lack of diversity within the source material. But you know what, I do not see many fics with Helen Cho or Claire Temple in them at all, let alone as developed characters.

Anyways sexism in fandom is a lot more complicated than it initially appears. Nothing is ideologically pure, even fanfic, but due to the nature of fanfic being written by people who you can easily contact in the sometimes caustic forum of tumblr I think it’s incredibly important to be gentle with authors who violate what you individually see as correct. Much of tumblr’s atmosphere of callout culture has a very black and white view of what justice is and what is correct, when in reality theres a lot of layers to this, it’s not a simple black and white dichotomy. People are at different places in their journeys, theres a lot of reasons why authors write things the way they do that you might not be aware of, broad sweeping statements saying x is always bad are a real dicey area to step into (and yes, I see the irony in saying that)

So while fandom certainly needs to take a closer look at our own internalized misogyny (and racism and ableism and audism and so on), I think theres much more to be gained from larger conversations, self reflection and making an active effort to be kinder to women than there is from things like carefully abstaining from words like girls.

harry: *does anything*

some bitter ppl here on tumblr dot com: *write a five page essay about how that’s Wrong, Disrespectful, and OT4 Erasure™️*

Wait, do people really think it was wrong of Sana to be bus leader over Vilde??? Who has had all the enthusiasm but none of the execution? 

Look I know she wanted this. But where was she when they were 300k in the hole? Was she out there offering any ideas about how to get this shit done? Nope. So tell me how that’s the quality of a leader?

Can i just say, any fic out there that has Victor taking a sleeping Yuuri’s glasses and putting them in his coat pocket or carry on or anything when theyre on a plane together so they dont get ruined automatically wins my heart. Thats the most sappy romantic shit to exist and i /love/ it

TalesFromYourServer: Angry salad ladies

On mobile, excuse formatting.

At my restaurant, we specialize in salads and pizza. Typically, salads are an appetizer and come out roughly 10 minutes before the pizza does. We are able to add a modifier if needed to send out salads with the pizza, if someone chooses to have a salad as an entree.

Last night, I had three ladies who each ordered a side salad, and wanted the salads to come out with their pizza. Cool, no problem. I rang in the salads and added our “salad with pizza” modifier, and dropped off their plates and napkins.

I went to the back and saw three side salads for the table directly next to theirs, ready to be ran. I grab the food and I’m making my way to the table when the ladies who wanted their salads with the pizza stopped me.. and then this happened. (M is for me, CL is for crazy ladies).

CL: you’re going to need to take those to the back.

M: .. why?

CL: because we wanted our salads WITH our pizza. Is that so hard to get?

M: I did ring them in to come out with the pizza?

CL: no you didn’t. They’re in your hands now. Take them back. God. Be a little less incompetent and understand what your guests want.

Other CL: yeah, it’s kind of rude to completely ignore what we asked. Can we talk to a manager?

M: looks at them for a second and wordlessly walks away and drops the salads at their correct table

CL: …

M: walks back to table those weren’t your salads. Yours will come out with the pizza.

CL: all look at each other and immediately look down at their phones

And then they didn’t even leave a tip. I love this job.

TL;DR: ladies want salad with pizza. Gets mad I have salads in my hand before their pizza was done when the salads didn’t even belong to them.

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May I ask who's playthrough you watch? I mean outlast 2

Right now I’m watching RabidRetrospectGames let’s play.

They have a two part playthrough, about four hours each.

Part one: (x)

Part two: (x)

I wanted something with no commentary, and RabidRetrospectGames is one of my favorite YouTube channels for that. Since I can’t experience the game for myself (and since I have no self control to wait) - perfect!

Semi-long Post Time: Celebration 2017

Alright folks.

These last six days have been a whirlwind. I have had an entire day to sit and think about what I experienced and what I want to say about it. I have a lot of thoughts, but I’ll keep it as brief as I can.

I won’t go through each day, as @darlingnisi has done a fantastic job of note-taking and recapping each day we were there. Read them!

I just want to talk about takeaways. There were many, but the one that stuck with me most was legacy. What you leave behind once you’re no longer here. How you show up in the world to others and what your impact on their lives can mean for them. What God can do through you when you walk FULLY in your purpose. 

Legacy is something I think about often anyway. Not the whole “how many people will show an outpouring of love” aspect so much. But the “how am I showing up in the world?” aspect. How am I impacting the people around me? Not just physically but through my presence anywhere - on or offline. So after seeing and hearing about the way he gave himself up totally to his calling, how he mastered EVERY aspect of it and was able to change the world, I was just left so inspired. Figure out my purpose, walk fully in that, and have faith that God will use me as a vessel to bring more love and light into this world. The same way that Prince did. But in a way and on a scale that is unique to me. And I believe that for everyone. “We all got a space to fill.”  Again, these are things I already believed in as Christian anyway, but it was just very much underscored and highlighted through the Celebration. Serve the world through your God-given talents in whatever capacity. Pour into others. Point others to love. Continue to work towards becoming a better version of you and inspire others to do the same.

The Celebration left us with the charge to spread Prince’s legacy. But not just as a musician, not just as a creative mind, but as a professional, as a mentor, as just a human being. He impacted this world on so many levels just by existing and allowing himself to be a vessel. His entire life, the good and the bad, is inspiring and is an amazing testimony with a lifetime of lessons all of us can learn from. 

Basically ya’ll, I was left so FULL after this celebration. I will be back as often as financially possible. I really hope more folks can experience it next year because it is so worth it.

I said it in October and I’ll say it again, until we meet again MPLS. Peace & be wild. 

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I feel like you and your wife are in an angst mood , like why tf are you guys killing me . The angst couple ?! LIKE COME ON ITS LIKE YOU CAN REAS EACH OTHERS MINDS

I actually want to write something based of @sketchyy-pencil angst comic :) I just need to ask permission first😊 she’s amazing and I love her so freaking much and I love how she’s going out of her comfort zone and I’m wishing her the best 😭💕 if I get permission, I’ll post the angst tomorrow :)

Just showing my improvements in scan editing.

If you’ve been reading our SM releases, you might’ve noticed that each chapter is always being experimented on.

I really wanted to replicate Yamamoto’s work. I thought it was personally impossible to get that squeaky clean look he achieves on stuff like BW2 because SM is printed on newspaper material (which is really disgusting and bad).

But I managed to do it and have continually improved. Or at least I think I did. Judge for yourself in the picture above.

More detailed stuff under the cut.

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Free Booty!

You want more pics of this ass and I want more Reblogs 😏 so let’s help each other out ! Reblog my posts if you want more!!! 😍 I need more followers on this Tumblr since my Instagram got deleted at 250k followers 😓

Sundered Spark pt.2

Pairing: Yang/Blake
Genre: Romance

This one was tough to churn out, completely trashing and rewriting at least 5 times. I will be making this into a full fic if possible, so do follow it on AO3! Likes/Reblogs highly appreciated. :)

Story follows this prompt: Person A has the power to see/sense injuries (anything from bruises to broken bones to hypothermia). They meet Person B when they see suspicious or worrying injuries on them as they walk past each other.

Part 1 | Ao3

“I want to take you home with me.”

Eyes widening slightly, Blake suppressed a tiny shiver from the breath that tickled her sensitive ears. Ruthlessly squashing the urge to shift restlessly as the intimately murmured words sunk in, desire pooled low in her belly. It was a welcome distraction from the dull pain of her injuries that has plagued her the whole night. Blake flicked her eyes to the ridiculously well-built woman who was now leaning back to watch her, awaiting a response. Giving Yang a once over and pretending to be unimpressed, Blake commented wryly. “Not even going take me to dinner first?”

Yang’s smirk was slow and wide, a devious sparkle entering her eyes.

“All you needed to do was ask. We could always…” Dramatically licking her lips, Yang lowered her voice into a roughened purr. “…eat out.”

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My online twinsie and I have just recently reached 200 followers. (each) to celebrate, we want to do something special.

🌀Ocean makes beautiful spreads, and I have quirky cards that like unusual spreads. So, we decided to collaborate, and put 3 readings up for celebratory giveaway grabs.

🐚Ocean will create 3 spreads, I will do a reading with each spread, and you will get it wherever format (email, tumblr, etc) works best for you!


🎉 please don’t spam your followers, only share once a day, we know you’re excited (like we are)

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I started watching Harlots and it’s a great show. 

I only have one major problem with it: 


I had to crop and convert a little snippet that I liked (end of episode one) on my own and it takes fucking forever. 

Other than that the show is amazing. I don’t know who is in charge of the soundtrack but I am loving it. 

There are so many little things that are in this show that I have been craving in a tv production you have no idea. 

  • Just a little example: women joking among each other and laughing their asses off for one. 
  • Then there’s the fact that in any given scene, not only are women the focus, but for the first time in my life I’m pretty sure they outnumber the men in most frames. 
  • the characters themselves are so well built; they have very distinct personalities, each with their own strengths and flaws (and I want to credit the actresses for doing a damn fine job of bringing that to life); none of them are ever framed as stupid, in fact they’re all pretty smart;
  • related to the point above: holy shit do they break stereotypes; and if they don’t, they sure do play with them.
  • I can’t help but notice Jessica Brown Findlay again playing the role of a woman who wants to be free of patriarchy, only she traveled further back in time on this one. 
  • fyi the show takes places in the 18th century. WHICH MEANS COSTUME PORN
  • Seriously the soundtrack on this show haunts me it’s so good

“I feel like we have gone through a lot of the same things in life and we really get each other, I don’t want to lose you even through this. I’m always gonna be here if you need to talk. My promise will always stand.”

I met him at a resort. He instantly swept me off my feet by how sweet he was to me, how caring. We were sickeningly close all the time, he was the first boy I really cuddled, first guy I ever held hands with, first guy to kiss me on the cheek. The 4th day I knew him I told him all my deepest fears, secrets, and stories. When we left we kept in touch, face timing every day. I found his social media, pictures of a girlfriend covering his wall. I asked, he denied they were still together, they were only friends. He lied. He went to visit her over spring break never even bothering to tell me they were back together. I was heartbroken, I confronted him about it and that was the final message I ever got from him. Thanks for keeping your promise buddy, I can really tell how special I was.

I believe I didn’t explain the mechanic of this clearly or at least I want to clarify:

☆ Each month’s theme will be anounced on the last week of the current month.

☆ People can start uploading entries as soon as the theme is released.

☆ I’ll be reblogging all art belonging to the current month and entries for the next month even of they are uploaded on the last week of another theme
I mean if in the last week of may someone uploads something for the next month it will be reblogged with the remaining may’s entries (I hope I explained myself correctly here)

☆ Once a new month starts only entries for the current month will be reblogged.
And so on…

☆ Any kind of content is allowed: drawings, fanfics, comics, edits, cosplay, photos, opinions, tag games or any other kind of tumblr game and anything you want! The only requirement is that it has to be related to the month’s theme according with your own interpretation of it.

Hopefully now is much more clear.
I’m excited to see all your amazing art!

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Like, they could do whatever they want to do at this point
And yet
They’re moving out together again because they just want to live with each other and UGH I’m too emotional for this fuckery

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Hey Ryan,I am currently writing a story which has both gay and straight relationships and I want to give importance to each one but even though I fully support LGBT characters and relationships,I am a bit hesitant to go for it if one day I want to publish this work.What do you think?

good question! and i’m glad you came to me instead of someone who would have immediately screeched HOMOPHOBIC GO DIE. because it’s not homophobic to be nervous about it.

here’s the thing: nobody cares anymore.

queer relationships aren’t special or forbidden anymore. no one’s going to pass on your manuscript because you’ve got some gays, or even if you only have gays. some agents (such as the my top pick to represent me) are actually looking for lgbt characters and relationships! so publishing-wise, you have no barriers stopping you from getting there.

the market, however, is a different story.

here on tumblr, ‘the raven cycle,’ ‘the captive prince,’ and ‘all for the game,’ have done very well, and after checking just now, both maggie stiefvater and c.s.pacat have made a killing with a gay relationship (a gay + bi character) and two queer main characters, respectively. maggie’s even getting a TV show! but it’s not often you hear about books with queer mains doing well. i haven’t the slightest as to how c.s. pacat did it. and maggie had a straight main couple.

while the world is growing more accepting of queer relationships, that’s still not the majority of the readership. you’re not going to blow up (if that’s what you want) by having queer mains, or at least, it’s going to be much harder and you’ll have to have a really great strategy to get your book out there.

however! i think you’ve got a great strategy here! with both straight and gay r/s you can reach both sides of your fanbase. you’ll attract the hungry queers without off putting the straights. i would encourage you to explore your gay relationships! it’s not going to stop you from getting published, and you’ve already accounted for ppl that might not bite on a purely gay story.

good luck!