i want dvd now

If there’s anyone to keep an eye on, it might be Hiddleston, who went slightly Benjamin L. Willard at the start of the shoot, sequestering himself away in his hotel room to transcribe quotes from a DVD of Apocalypse Now. “I wanted all that amazing John Milius dialogue,” he says of his preparation for playing SAS tracker James Conrad. “I now have it on my laptop, so I can stew in the juices of that material.”
—  “Jungle Boogie”, Empire Magazine, March 2017.

does bighit think we print money or something?


bang bang, that awful sound
      bang bang, my baby shot me down

Don’t even get me STARTED on them crying faces tho.


Okay, hold up, I gotta say it. 

The face Tip makes when she’s about to break after her phone dies while looking for her mom. The face of utter defeat.

It gives me chills on how accurate and REAL it looks. How it FEELS. It’s unbelievable. Before I know it I’m the one crying, because honestly that is what some people look like when they cry. Like- legit cry. It’s what I look like. It was almost like watching myself when I sobbed in the mirror this one time when I had gotten so upset. (For a completely different reason than Tip..) The scrunched up face, teary eyes, shaky hands and then just- just collapsing down.. I-

Yeah, that piece of animation really hit me hard. 

Not to mention they way Oh reaches out desperately for Earth, for his best friend, as the Boov ship rockets away. How it limply falls at his side and he knows he really just effed it up big time this go around. The regret in his eyes, how blue his skin turns, and how he cried too. He honestly looked.. Helpless. Then he understands what Tip was saying about family. That you never turn away and leave those you truly care about.
He could have gone away ya know. He saved his race, he’s a hero Boov and he could have left ran from the Gorg again.

But he didn’t.

If there’s one thing Oh learned from humansgirl that he’s more than “just a Boov.”

Woo, Okay.
Lemme stop now, before I get carried away.

So yeah, animation is magical..

Who Hawk Moth is.

I got my twin brother to watch Miraculous Ladybug and we’re in the middle of Stormy Weather, and he’s asking me questions such how they got their powers, where Adrien’s mom is, and so on. As Hawk Moth was letting the akuma fly out, he gave his thoughts on who Hawk Moth is.

“He’s Waluigi. Becuase of the purple suit and such.”

Yes, I will only accept this now.


I used to want a ton of DVDs and VHSs like this. But now I just rip and save all my DVDs into 1 Terabyte hard drive.


I was tagged by hallowedbecastiel and sassywiinchesters to remake my first gifset. My first one was actually a Mighty Boosh one in 2012, but I don’t have my DVDs with me right now and I don’t want to use youtube quality, so I’m remaking my first Supernatural gifset, which I made in 2013…

I didn’t know how to do any lightening/recoloring back then…these probably still don’t look great, but this scene is sort of hard to recolor! 

I’ll tag yaelstiel, clairvoyantsam, and themegalosaurus! Although if you’ve already been tagged and you’ve already done this, then don’t worry about it :) 

(also - feel free to delete this caption if you just want to reblog this for the scene)