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I just watched Atlantis and now I understand why so many people, you included, want it to be a world in KH3. There's /something/ in this movie that is different from all the other Disney movies, I swear. That scene where Kida walked on water was so powerful I was moved to tears, tbh. (Also am I the only one who looked at the bad guy and went "... Callaghan, wrong movie."? and the Dr. reminded me of Wasabi, too.) ANYWAYS, WONDERFUL MOVIE. Atlantis in KH3 or we riot, indeed !

Right??? It’s a perfect fit! Fingers crossed. :>

call no man happy - 2

Mo Guan Shan watched as the parchment rolled up like a scroll and vanished . No shit - vanished. He must have had a stupid look on his face because the other man laughed.

“Alright, what now?”

Mo Guan Shan raised his eyebrows, puzzled.

“I have to go to work.”

“Oh, that’s right. You work at a bank or something.”



“Right. I have to go. So…”

He Tian grabbed a backpack Mo Guan Shan hadn’t noticed before from the ground next to the couch and swung it over his shoulder.

“Let’s go, then.”

“Do you want me to drop you off somewhere? I guess you could stay here…”

The man laughed again and said, “I’m coming with you.”

“Coming with me… to my job?”

“No, we’re going to fuckin’ Disney World. Yes, to your job.”

“I don’t think I can just take you with me.”

“Sure you can. What are they going to do, kick me out of the bank?”


“What. Ever.”

“Seriously, it’s not ‘bring your crazy person to work’ day, I can’t take you with me.”

He Tian sighed.

“Calm down, George McFly, I’m going to be working there as an intern. You get to teach me all about the glamorous world of whatever it is that you do.”

“I work in a fucking library!”

“Wow, hostile.”

Mo Guan Shan checked the time.

“Fine. Let’s go.”

“Lead the way, bossman.”


Mo Guan Shan fumbled with his keys pressing the unlock button halfway through the parking lot. The car chirped and lights flashed. He Tian groaned but Mo Guan Shan held up a hand to quiet him.

“Do you have a car?”


“Then don’t even fucking start.”

“At least let me drive.”

“Why… would I ever do that?”

“Because-” He held his hand out for the keys, “-if you drive, we’re going to be late and I want to make a good impression on my first day. Don’t you trust me?”


“Why the hell not?”

“Because I’ve known you for less than an hour and you’re clearly insane.”

“And yet…”


And yet, here he was.

Because he’d apparently lost his fucking mind, he handed over the keys.

“Alright, asshole, get us there in seven minutes and i’ll buy you lunch.”

“Make it a drink and we’ve got a deal.”

“Six minutes.”

Sans seatbelt, He Tian threw the car into reverse and stomped the accelerator, burning rubber - read: fucking up his tires- out of the spot. He cranked the wheel to the right, shifting to drive and peeling out of the lot.

Mo Guan Shan started to give him directions, but the man shushed him.

“I know this city better than you.”

Weaving in and out of morning traffic, getting them a fair amount of honks and verbal abuse, He Tian reached into the pocket of his hoodie and pulled out a phone with a sparkly pink case.

“You have a phone.” Mo Guan Shan stated, stupidly.

He Tian cocked an eyebrow, turning to look at him and nearly side swiping a Prius.


“They have phones… where you’re from?”

“Hell? Of course, who do you think invented roaming charges and limited data plans?”

Mo Guan Shan gaped at him and He Tian rolled his eyes theatrically.

“For fuck’s sake, I’m kidding. You really need to get the stick out of your ass or you’re really going to hate me.”

“I kind of already hate you.”

“See, that’s the stick talking.”

“Jesus Christ.”

“Not quite.”


Five minutes later they pulled into the library’s parking lot.

“Told ya we’d make it.”

“Yeah, and we almost died like ten times.”

“Key word- almost.”

They got out of the car and He Tian tossed his keys back. Closing in on the building, Mo Guan Shan found himself getting nervous.

“So, you said you’re going to be interning here?” He asked, holding the door open for He Tian and following him through it.

“That’s the plan. On your recommendation, no less.”

“Whoa, what?”

“Yeah, they think we’re friends or something.”

“No one is ever going to believe that.”

“I’m just telling you what my caseworker told me.”

“And who’s your caseworker?”

He Tian chuckled.

“Why? You gonna call and complain?”

They stopped in front of the door to the library and Mo Guan Shan turned to look at him.

“Any way I can trust you act like a decent person here? I don’t need to get fired today.”

“I’m not a person.”


“I’m on my best behavior.”

“That doesn’t comfort me.”

He Tian shrugged, smirking, and pulled the door open. Mo Guan Shan grabbed his badge from behind the counter and clocked in. Right on time.

Being summer, the place was all but deserted. He Tian followed Mo Guan Shan to the small breakroom, looking around at the not entirely unimpressive stacks as they went.

It wasn’t so much a break room as it was a corner of the room mostly blocked off with a table and some chairs. Very fancy.

Jian Yi looked up from his phone when he heard them, ready to say something, but froze when he saw He Tian. Yeah, Mo Guan Shan wanted to say, try waking up to him on your couch.

Jian Yi recovered quickly, standing up and extending his arm for a handshake.

“You must be the new intern. He Tian, right?”


“Cool, well I didn’t knew you were coming until this morning so I have nothing for you to do. Just follow Mo Guan Shan around and shelve books, I guess. ”

The phone rang and Jian Yi promptly sat back down, motioning for Mo Guan Shan to go answer it. He turned to He Tian, but he’d wandered away to paw through the books to shelve. Jian Yi looked pointedly at He Tian and back, raising his eyebrows questioningly at Mo Guan Shan. Unsure of what silent gesture could use to explain the situation, turned and walked off.


After about a minute, Jian Yi said, “So, you’re Mo Guan Shan’s friend?”


“He hasn’t told me about you.”

“Funny, he hasn’t told me about you either.”

Jian Yi looked slightly put out by that, but continued.

“When did you two meet?”

“A few days ago.”


“A bar downtown.”

“…You met Mo Guan Shan at a bar?”

“Sure did. We hit it off right away.”

Jian Yi looked skeptical.

“I have a hard time believing that.”


“Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that, you’re just not exactly his type.”

“Because I’m so far out of his league?”

“Because you’re a dude.”

“That’s never stopped me before.”

“You also seem like kind of a dick.”

“I grow on people. Like a fungus, or a parasite.”

“What’s this about parasites?” Mo Guan Shan .asked, coming around the corner.

“He Tian was just telling me how you two met.” Jian Yi explained.

Mo Guan Shan turned on He Tian. He’s not THAT crazy, right?


“It’s ok,” Jian Yi assured him, “I’m not entirely surprised.”

Again, “What?!”

Taking pity on him, He Tian said “I was telling him about the bar the other night.”

Mo Guan Shan glared at him like maybe if he does it hard enough he’ll evaporate.

“Yeah. That.”

“What did you think I meant?” Jian Yi asked, puzzled.

He Tian winked at him and Jian Yi laughed. Fucking spectacular.

“If you two are done gossiping…”

Jian Yi rolled his eyes, patting his pockets and picking his phone up off the table.

“Fine. Be boring. I’m going to go get some lunch, you guys want pizza?”

They decided on cheese because Jian Yi is picky and He Tian wanted mushrooms which is a punishable offense in and of itself. They watched him leave and Mo Guan Shan looked through the cart of books, deciding where to start.

He pulled his headphones from his pocket and began to untangle them. After half a minute of struggling, He Tian snatched them away, straightening them out in five fucking seconds and handing them back. Mo Guan Shan raised his eyebrows, more impressed by that than anything of the other weird things he’d done so far.

He plugged them into his phone, putting one in picking some music. He Tian followed him while he returned the books to their shelves, but made no attempt to help.

“Your friend seems nice.”

“Jian Yi? Yeah, he’s cool. I’ve known him and his boyfriend since we were kids. Fuck you very much for that, by the way.”

“For what?”

“What do you mean for what? For telling him we met in a fucking bar. He’s already jumped to conclusions here.”

“And what conclusion is that?”

“That we… you know.”

“Fucked?” He Tian asked. Mo Guan Shan felt himself flush, glad he was facing away.


“Oh, God forbid.”

“Are you gay?” Mo Guan Shan asked before he could stop himself, knowing that was incredibly rude. He Tian was quiet for long enough, Mo Guan Shan wondered if he’d heard him.

“I like pretty, fun, people. I couldn’t care less what body parts they do or don’t have.”

Mo Guan Shan nodded, liking the simplicity of that, but unsure of that to say. Thankfully, they lapsed into silence. A few minutes later, Mo Guan Shan was reaching for a shelf just an inch out of his reach. Annoyed, he looked around for the step stool, but He Tian took the book from him.

“Here?” he asked. Mo Guan Shan nodded, thanking him. They made it to the religion section, He Tian staring as his phone, Mo Guan Shan froze, spinning around suddenly.



“That’s the tattoo on your neck. Metatron’s cube.”

He Tian smiled, eyebrows raised. He pulled the collar of his shirt down an inch, revealing the top of a circle with a symbol he couldn’t make out.

“Good eye. I have all the archangels seals as well.” He said, drawing a line from his throat to his pelvis.

“That… is actually pretty awesome.”

“I can show you later, if you want.” He Tian said, looking slightly smug.

“Yeah, sure.”

Mo Guan Shan turned back to the books and He Tian to his phone.

“Why do you know about that?”

“Theology has always been an interest of mine. I know that probably sounds ridiculous to you.”

“You think that sounds ridiculous to me? Of all people?”

“I thought you weren’t a person.”

“Fuck you.”


Jian Yi eventually made it back with the pizza and they ate quickly.

“We should go out for drinks after work.” Jian Yi suggested. “I want you to mean Zhan Zhengxi.”

“Jian Yi-” Mo Guan Shan started.

“Sounds good to me,” He Tian said, cutting him off. “He owes me a drink for getting us here on time.”

Jian Yi smiled, pulling his phone from his pocket, probably to text Zhan Zhengxi.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Mo Guan Shan asked.

“I really am.”

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Princess and the Frog  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Take your hands off me!“
  • “You’re in my world, now.”
  • “I said too much, didn’t I?“
  • “He was very charismatic!“
  • “Anything you want, sugar.“
  • “I don’t have time for dancing.”
  • “I never said I was a princess.“
  • “When you dream, you dream big.“
  • “Don’t you disrespect me, little man!“
  • “You just kissed yourself a princess.“
  • “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!“
  • “It serves me right for wishing on stars.“
  • “You know, you have a very strong arm.”
  • “Open your eyes, now, before you get hurt.”
  • “I finally figured out what is wrong with you.“
  • “I swear I’m sweating like a sinner in church.“
  • “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”
  • “I have to do this and we are running out of time!”
  • “People down here think I’m crazy, but I don’t care.”
  • “My dream wouldn’t be complete… without you in it.“
  • “You’re broke… and you had the gall to call me a liar?“
  • “Yes, you wish and you dream with all your little heart.“
  • “When a woman says later, she really means not ever.”
  • “You all love that, don’t you? So, we got ourselves a deal?“
  • “All my years. No one’s ever done anything like this for me.“
  • “Why look at you! Aren’t you just as pretty as a magnolia in May?“
  • “There’s been trials and tribulations… you know I’ve had my share.”
  • “The ONLY way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.“
  • “Surely, I can offer you some reward or a wish that I could grant, perhaps?“
  • “I don’t want that, I want to stay close to you, no matter what. Because… I love you.“
  • “You know, if you are going to let every little thing bother you, it is going to be a very long night!“
  • “You have had quite an influence on me. Which is amazing because I have dated thousands of women.”

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((WE FUCKING MADE IT, MY SWEET CUPCAKES! And, as I am a man of my word, tomorrow will be a day of some weird-ass content. Welcome, new followers, now send me all the questions you have about sexual education, and also which Disney princess you want to see me as!))

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Okay so if Hogwarts is the wizarding school of the United Kingdom then logically Ilvermorny can't be the only American school because it would be too big. There would have to be three (Ilvermorny for the east coast, a west coast like in Seattle, and a south probably in Texas) at least to cover the population. Does that make sense? I just don't think, with americas size and population, ilvermorny would be the only school or prestigious school in the country.

Yeah I mean Hogwarts is deceptively small though. Assuming Harry’s year is small because they were born in war time there’s probably no more than 500 students there at any time which is not large for a school. So there’s probably around 2500 wizard kids of secondary school age in the US which would be impractical to fit into one school but it could be done

But I agree that there’d be more than one school, for cultural reasons if nothing else

I’m not American, but the USA is huge and there seem to be vast cultural differences depending on what region you’re from and I’m sure that’d translate into the wizarding education system- maybe a Native American school focusing on plant based magic, or a school in New Orleans that looks more at African magic?

I’m still not sold on Ilvermorny tbh. It feels a little like ‘well Americans want to go to Hogwarts so we’ll make a carbon copy but just stick it in the states’

Why is there a castle??? Unless we’re counting disney world castles aren’t really a thing in America. And the house system?? I get it it’s nice that Americans can associate themselves with this community but like… that’s also not a thing in the states right? And do you have boarding schools? 

It’s just weird to me that they’ve taken these quintessentially British things and stuck them in a school in America because people now associate them with magic

I’d much rather see a something like a wizard high school! Something that Americans can actually relate to because isn’t that the point of Ilvermorny- it’s giving the American fans a chance to see what their own Harry Potter experience would be like and by making it almost as unrelatable as Hogwarts I feel like they’re missing out on something

Stubborn Fucker

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1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “Stop trying to be a tough guy…we all know you like Mickey Mouse.“

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @charliebradbury1104

“It’s your birthday this weekend, Y/N. Where do you wanna go?” Dean asks before stuffing a cookie in his mouth.

“Hmmm. Oh! That Italian restaurant called Strega. The chicken parm is so good.”

“Think a little bigger, sweetheart.” Dean chuckles.

“What do you mean?”

“We don’t have any hunts lined up right now, so let’s actually go somewhere for your birthday.” Sam offers smiling.

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Hello, you have been identified as An Awesome Fic Writer™. Congrats, you rock! So that all of your readers can shower you with some extra love today, please tell us your favourite five stories of yours and why you like them and then send this to another five fic authors you think deserve this title!


1.) Fairy Tail (Nalu, Fairy Tail): This one is my absolute fav because I think it’s my most creative story and most organized haha! I also really love the plot with all the Disney characters and reading everyone’s guesses to figure out who is who! There was one arc where nobody guessed right I think haha! I like being vague like that haha! :D

Summary: Lucy Ashley was nothing more than a twenty year old living in the slums of Seattle until she was teleported into another world by a book of fairy tales. Or what she thought were just fairy tales. Now she’s traveling with a dragon slayer and a flying cat to return everyone’s happy endings in order to return home. But by the end of their journey, would she want to? (Rated M for smut.)

2.) New Beginnings (Nalu, Fairy Tail): This was my first ever Nalu AU haha! I really like this one because it’s one of my fluffier works. Friendship is also a VERY strong theme in this story, which is my favorite thing about the Fairy Tail series so yeah! I love this one!

Summary: After transferring to Fairy Tail High School, Lucy Heartfilia finds herself content with her newest and only friends: Erza and Levy. However, with their attempt to bring her out of her shell, she finds herself in a group chat with her two friends, a stripper, a crazy jealous girl, an alcoholic, and a pyro who just so happens to tear down her walls and make her heart race. (Rated T.)

3.) Everyone Can Change (Ulquihime, Bleach): THIS WAS MY FIRST EVER FIC AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. My writing was complete trash back then but the plot itself was interesting and very unique imo. I also made some OC’s that I liked! I wish I gave it the ending it deserved but I’m content lol.

Summary: After the winter war with Aizen, Orihime tries to transition back into her life, but after a couple of strange dreams, she realizes that her life will never be the way that it used to be, and her “normal” world has been flipped upside down. But who knows, she might like it more this way. (Rated T.)

4.) Sailing with Fire (Nalu, Fairy Tail): This is my most reviewed story per chapter but it’s still just my fourth fav lol. I can’t say this story is unique as I was completely inspired by StrawberryMerry from the ulquihime fandom, but it is unique to the Nalu fandom. I like this story because tbh the reviews I get make me happy which is why I was so determined to finish it lmao. I also love the fake relationship trope and sharing a bed trope lmaooo.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the mage life and embarks on a two week cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can, all the while dealing with uncharted feelings. (Rated M for smut.)

5.) War (Nalu, Gajevy, Jerza, Gruvia, Fairy Tail): I like this story because I went out of my comfort zone writing it and was trying new things. With this story, I realized that I don’t like writing first person stories, but it was a good experience. I also really like the plot! I do think it’s a bit unique haha! I ALSO WROTE OTHER COUPLES FOR ONCE LMAO. EVERY PAIRING OF THE BIG FOR GOT THEIR OWN CHAPTERS AND EVERYTHING. (PS, for those wondering, I’ve been thinking about continuing this story once I completely finish SWF.)

Summary: AU. Battling for the location of the class field trip, the two popular groups at Fairy Tail Academy go head to head in matches with each other. Lucy Heartfilia is determined to win, but going against Natsu Dragneel surely isn’t going to be easy. (Rated T.)

And that’s it! Ahh that was a lot of fun actually! THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME IN THIS!!! :D

Do You Believe In Magic?

Prompts (3): “Could you write this prompt please? Person B kisses Person A, usually the bold one, in a crowded public place. This leaves the usually shameless Person A flustered. With Jason as person A and the reader as B by anon” + “Can you do one with Jason Todd x reader where they just started dating and he’s jealous of her friendship with Dick by anon” +” Batfam x reader go to Disney world and the reader is secretly dating Jason by anon”

“Y/N, let’s go meet Peter Pan!” Dick cried out as soon as he entered the gate.

“I kinda wanted to just walk around for a bit.” Y/N said, casting a glance at Jason. They had planned on sneaking away from the group and enjoying the park by themselves.

“You can walk around later, right now we need to go to Neverland!” Dick said excitedly as he grabbed Y/N’s hand and started dragging her away.

“Dick, Neverland isn’t in Disney World.” Y/N explained as she tried to keep up with the excited man child pulling her arm off.

“Don’t spoil the magic.” Dick whined

After about two hours of meeting every character in sight, Y/N managed to slip away while Dick was flexing with Gaston.

“Took you long enough.” Jason said grumpily as he got up from the bench he was sitting on.

“I couldn’t just tell him I was running off to meet you. This is supposed to be a secret, in case you forgot.” Y/N explained as she took his hand. “What do you want to do?”

“Let’s get something to eat, I am starving.”

They found a cafe nearby and took sat down at the table. Even though they seemed to be having a good enough time, Y/N could still see something brewing deep in Jason’s eyes.

“Jay, what’s wrong?” Y/N asked tentatively.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Jason mumbled, turning away from her.

“Yes, you do. You have been grumpy all day. Especially after I ditched Dick to be with you. Now fess up.” Y/N commanded

Jason squirmed under her watchful gaze for a moment before Y/N realized what the problem was.

“You’re jealous.” She said, completely shocked.

“What? No, that’s crazy.” Jason said, unconvincingly.

“You totally are. You are jealous that I hung out with Dick today.”

“Well, you are MY girlfriend and not his.” Jason pouted.

“Oh poor baby, I did neglect you didn’t I?” Y/N smirked

“It’s not funny, Y/N.” Jason said as he glared at her.

“Yes, it is.” Y/N giggled. This only made Jason pout even more. He looked so cute sitting there with his bottom lip jutting out that Y/N couldn’t help it. She leaned over and kissed him firmly on the mouth. When she pulled back, Jason’s eyes were wide and a slight pink color had made it’s way across his cheeks and nose. This only made Y/N laugh even harder than she had before.


Tim and Dick were walking up to the cafe where they could see Jason and Y/N talking. They stopped in their tracks when they saw Y/N lean over and kiss Jason.

“Did you know they were a thing?” Tim said, turning to look at Dick.

But Dick just sighed and said “Dude, this really is the most magical place on earth.” 

Another rp-with-Tia doodle because I’m losing control. This one is somewhat of a follow up from this one. Blinky is captured and imprisoned and Arrrgh has been ordered to keep guard, which he doesn’t want to do because this time of night is about the only peace he ever gets to himself and now he has to baby sit a POW. Neither of them are happy or want to be in each others company but very soon that will change when they start to talk to each other. Also the reason why Blinky is missing tattoo’s on his arms at this moment is because -a headcanon by Tia and myself- he’s about to be interrogated by Bular and, well, lets just say, I never really thought Blinky’s markings looked much like tattoo’s as much as they look like scars and/or wounds. Maybe I should draw that scene next.

I tried to upload some photo’s the other day but it wasn’t working so here’s the update- I’m in Disney World right now bitches!!! so it’s all paper sketches for the time being. This is a rather abstract thing, I just sort of slapped it out without much thought on proper perspective or lighting, but I’m constantly up from 7am-midnight, running around like a maniac in Disney parks, so I’m sort of dying BUT HEY, TROLLS!

Money saving tips- Expectation vs. Reality

It’s no secret that while on your program you’ll want to save money so you don’t go broke. So here are the common tips vs. what’s actually going to happen

E:Buy your own groceries!
R: You’ll buy them the first week and then once a month after. MAYBE

E: Don’t spend money on food at the parks!
R: That sounds great but have you tried the corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner?

E: Don’t buy merch at the park, go to cast connections!
R: It’s all garbage. With an occasional gem. But they do have cheap food essentials

E: Even though you’re not supposed to, get a PT job!
R: Do you want to get termed? Because that’s how you get termed.

E: You won’t have time to party, so don’t worry about spending money on alcohol!
R: In your spare time you’ll most likely make friends with a cheap bottle of wine

E: If you’re in food service, don’t eat it!
R: 99.9% of my time I was doing exactly that. A girls gotta eat

That’s all I can think of right now, but trust me, saving money there is hard. It’s Disney for crying out loud. But appreciate it while you’re there. Being broke isn’t the worst thing in the world.

I See The Light “Tangled” Korrasami Analysis

This song…is one of the most beautiful scenes that Disney has ever animated. I mean, just look at it.

It’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous. And I thought…

And I…I had to do an analysis on this song…

Asami is Rapunzel. Korra is Flynn.

Rapunzel starts off the song with longing, with…nostalgia.

She’s wistful, she’s reminiscing. She’s thinking back to “all those days, watching from the window. All those years, outside looking in.” She’s spent 17 years of her life in a tower, looking out of a mere window. She doesn’t know what life is.

Consequently, neither does Asami, really. All her life, she’s known Future Industries, and cars, and engineering. She loves it. She really does. But she soon finds out that there’s more to life. 

 “All that time, never really knowing, just how blind I’ve been.” It’s the shock of a new world, brought in by someone beloved. They show you the world, and you fall in love with it. For Rapunzel, that’s Flynn. For Asami, that’s Korra.

“Now, I’m here. Blinking in the starlight…Now I’m here, suddenly I see.” Rapunzel’s…waited so, so LONG for her dream to come true, to see the floating lanterns. Asami…has waited three years for the woman she loves.

“Standing here, it’s oh so clear, I’m where I’m meant to be.” It’s where Asami’s meant to be. It’s where she has meant to be for three, whole years. 

And it’s a beautiful wait, because “at last I see the light. And it’s like the fog has lifted.” 

Rapunzel’s questions about the world- what it is, what’s in it, who inhabits it- is finally answered, and at long last, the curtain around her world is drawn, and all is revealed. For Asami, it’s…three long years of not knowing how to feel. Of not knowing whether or not Korra felt the same, and not knowing whether or not she’s coming back. Now, though, she knows. She knows.

“And at last I see the light, and it’s like the sky is new.” Her world has suddenly changed. There are- there are new possibilities now, possibilities she’s dreamed of for years.

“And it’s warm and real and bright…” It’s not a dream. It’s not a memory. Korra is there. In front of her. She’s really, really there.

And she’s beautiful.

“And the world has somehow shifted. All at once, everything is different, now that I see you.”

She- she scarcely knows it, but her entire life has now changed. Things will never be the same. Her world has changed, forever.

Remember when Rapunzel says:

“I have something for you too,” and tries to give Flynn the tiara. “I should’ve given it to you before, but I was just scared. And the thing is- I’m not scared anymore. You know what I mean?”

This is Asami. This has been her, for three whole years. She’s known her feelings for Korra ever since they went searching for airbenders, but never found the time nor the confidence to say it. She almost said so in her letters- but what if Korra wouldn’t have come back?

No way. No way Asami could’ve said that.

But she doesn’t need to.

Because Korra feels it too.

“I’m starting to.”

Now here’s Korra’s part:

“All those days, chasing down a daydream. All those years, living in a blur.” Korra’s…been chasing down an illusion for three years, not knowing what’s real or not. Flynn, too. He’s been dreaming of gold and glory and riches for as long as he’s remembered, but…Rapunzel reminds him that’s not so.

“All that time never truly seeing things…the way they were.” Korra was so blinded by her anger, and hatred, and everything surrounding her that…she never really got to Asami. She never got to see her. She…forgot what life was about. She forgot the laughter, and the fun, and being with her best friend, and knowing what life was really like in her happiest moments.

It took her a long time. But now, she’s recognized her feelings for Asami, everything that her negativity has covered up.

Now, she knows.

“Now, she’s here, shining, in the starlight. Now she’s here, suddenly, I know.” She’s- she’s beautiful. She takes Korra’s breath away, because she hasn’t seen her for three years, but Asami would’ve done that anyway if Korra had simply blinked. 

“If she’s here, it’s crystal clear, I’m where I’m meant to go.” Wherever Asami is, is where Korra needs to go. It’s that simple.

“And at last I see the light…and it’s like, the fog has lifted. And at last I see the light, and it’s like the sky is new.” At last, she gets to see her best friend. At last, she gets to tell her how she feels, how much she means to her. All the doubt she’s been feeling has dissipated away, and the only thing standing in front of her is beautiful, beautiful Asami. And, indeed, once Korra sees the light, her world is changed too.

It’s irreversible. It’s irrevocable.

“And it’s warm and real and bright.” And this is real, it’s actually happening, it’s not a dream, not in unreality. Asami is here- she’s warm, she’s real, she’s beautiful, and she’s all Korra can see.

“And the world has somehow shifted…” Korra feels this, as she takes Asami’s hands in hers, gently, softly.

“All at once, everything is different, now that I see you.” All her fears have now gone away. There’s a peace that settles deep within her chest. A calm one. A welcome one. One that she hasn’t felt for three years.

“Now that I…see you.” Korra wants to cry. 

Because Asami’s standing, right in front of her. She’s here.

And she’s beautiful.

@the-engineer-and-her-avatar Here you go.

About Perrie (from tour programme)


To my little loves, whilst you’re reading thie I hope you’re getting ready for the best night of your lives! Go crazy, go wild, lose all inhibitions and let us entertain you! Because of you I’m up on that stage tonight so thank you for making my dreams come true. I love you with all my heart.


Jesy on Perrie - Bubbly  
Leigh on Perrie - Silly 
Jade on Perrie - Sunshine


Favourite colour? Blue
Favourite flower? Daisy or a sunflower 
Favourite Glory Days song? Your Love, it reminds me of my boyfriend
Favourite song to perform live? Power!
Favourite quality in a person? To make me laugh
Favourite Disney character? I love Olaf and Rapunzel from Tangled
Favourite places you’ve been to? Hong Kong, Japan or Australia
Favourite part Of the day? When I’ve finished work, taken my make up off, put PJs on and am having a snuggle with my boyfriend!
Favourite comfort food? My mammy’s dinners 
Favourite thing to do on the tour bus? Get in my bunk and sleep!
Favourite thing to do with the girls? Have a sleepover or go shopping
Favourite people in the world? My family, my friends, my girls, Alex and my babies (animals)
Favourite quote? Everything happens for a reason!
Favourite way to spend your free time? Going to Disneyland! Or sleeping
Favourite emoji? 😍
Favourite memories in the band? There’s too many, but a BRIT Award is pretty up there!


Would you rather fly or be invisible? Why? Fly -So I can fly wherever I want! 
Would you rather have a pet dinosaur or a pet unicorn, Unicorn - Called Pezzacorn 
Would you rather go back in time or forward in time? Stay where I am because where I am right now I’ve never felt more content! 
Would you rather go to the beach or Disney world? Impossible question to answer! 
Winter or summer? Summer - I love everything about it and I’m a summer baby 
Beach or adventure? Where? Adventure - Road trip! 
Board games or video games? Which? Board games - Monopoly! 
Cats or dogs? Dogs - Hatch rules! 
Truth or dare? Dare 
Cookies or cake? Asking me that is almost like asking Joey from Friends to share food! 
Cheese and onion or salt and vinegar? Can’t choose! Love them both 
Margherita or pepperoni? Pepperoni 
Romance or horror films? Which? Romance - The Notebook and Because I Said So are two of my faves 
Are you a morning or a night person? I am NOT a morning person, definitely night 
Club Of pub? Pub 
Attend Hogwarts or live in Disneyland? Live in Disneyland 
Describe yourself in 3 words. Spontaneous, bubbly, loopy! 
Where would you go if you were invisible? I’d go to Jake Gyllenhaal’s dressing room with Jesy 
Swap lives with someone for a day - who is it?! Beyonce 
If you were stranded on a tropical island what 2 things would you want with you? My dad and Ray Mears 
If you could choose your nickname what would it be? Pep 
If you were a super hero what would your powers be? All of them! 
A genie grants you three wishes - what are they? Health, wealth and happiness for me and all my loved ones 

Thanks pezzailoveyou for HQ pic of tour programme!

Mine (Ashton Irwin) - Part 2

Part 1 

Over the next couple days, Ashton would subtly ask you about your thoughts on taking Gemma to Disneyland for her birthday; The only problem was he would still ask about it right in front of her. Ashton wasn’t normally the type to continue doing something after you told him to stop, so it understandably confused you as to why he kept doing it. And the confusion finally became too much.

After you put Gemma to bed and waited a bit so you were sure she was asleep, you decided to confront Ashton. You hoped it wouldn’t turn into an argument – God knows you hated fighting with Ashton – but you knew you had to bring it up eventually if you ever wanted it to stop.

“Ash,” you whispered as you walked into the living room where he was sitting, not wanting to risk Gemma waking up to hear it, “We need to talk.”

“About what?” he asked, putting the book he was holding down so you had his undivided attention. You took a deep breath in before just saying it.

“Can you maybe…stop talking about Disney in front of Gemma…?” you asked with a small sigh.

“Well, when else am I supposed to bring it up?” he scoffed, “She’s always with you.” Your heart skipped slightly – you really hadn’t expected the conversation to go south that quickly.

“When she’s sleeping,” you grumbled – you figured it wasn’t that difficult to figure out.

“I don’t get why you’re so upset,” he insisted, “It’s just a weekend-long vacation – it’s not like we’re moving into Sleeping Beauty’s castle.”

“Quit being ridiculous,” you stated with a deadpan expression.

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ᵀʰᶦᶰᵍˢ ᵐʸ ᶠʳᶦᵉᶰᵈ ᵃᶰᵈ ᴵ ˢᵃᶦᵈ ʷʰᶦᶫᵉ ʰᶦᵍʰ ˢᵗᵃʳᵗᵉʳˢ - ᴰᵉˢᶜᵉᶰᵈᵃᶰᵗˢ ᵛᵉʳˢᶦᵒᶰ
  • “It’s so bad, I highly recommend you watch it.”
  • “They’re so gay for each other in the second movie it’s so good.”
  • “I wanna know who’s screwing all these villains?”
  • “No one voluntarily fucks a guy who’s like a creep.”
  • “Drugs and alcohol are definitely involved.”
  • “Especially not in the Disney world, cause you know, everything is a sin.”
  • “I can physically feel food going down my esophagus right now. It’s like an elevator and there’s food people in there.”
  • “I swear we’ve been talking for like 10 minutes. I swear to god.”
  • “I wish my mum encouraged me like that. I mean, what she’s saying, she wants her daughter to be the worse she can be and it’s like so motivating.”
  • “Mum are you proud of me right now doing drugs and alcohol?”
  • “Do you even know any of their names?”
  • “I only know their names because I am obsessed with them. I unashamedly admit.”
  • “She’s like deranged. Just kidding, I love her.”
  • “I’d fucking curse it.”
  • “Listen, mate, if it was me I would carve out its heart.”
  • “This game is aggressively violent for students.”
  • “Oh, it’s fine. He just makes it violent.”
  • “Don’t go! BITCH.”
  • “We do not tolerate rape in this household. You don’t go there. You don’t do it.”
  • “Her hair is kinda dry and plasticy. Get some pantene on that. Head and shoulders.”
  • “Oh my god I’m thinking of Emily Rudd and now I want to cry.”
  • “You need to smoke more to get rid of the feelings.”
  • “Why are they still in the bathroom? That scene ended like 50 minutes ago. This is bullshit.”
  • “The atomic weight of silver is my ass, buddy.”
  • “I can’t get over AMU.”
  • “Oh god she’s gonna get laid.”
  • “Oh so it would make killing dogs easier.”
  • “Oh my god that is so dark if you think about it.”
  • “So if she says that all dogs are evil he’ll be more inclined to hunt and kill them.”
  • “Who names their dog Dude? I’d name him Travis.”
  • “I love how the heroes are more dicks than the villains.”
  • “So it’s like, uhm, consistency who?”
  • “Okay, Ima stop these guys right there.”
  • “He’s clearly not middle-eastern. He’s clearly native American.”
  • “Jafar is like from Arabia and then they made Jafar sound Indian.”
  • “This is such a revelation that I’ve only just realised now.”
  • “Jafar is like from Iraq.”
  • “I would never let them touch my actual lip with their finger, I don’t know where that’s been. Could’ve been scratching their balls like 2 seconds ago.”
  • “They live in an Island where all they get are junk food. Like literal shit.”
  • “Are those crowns in your shorts?… Are you gay?’
  • “I’m sorry that water looked really fake. Like, they weren’t even trying, they just gave up.”
  • “Good job, fucked it up for yourself.”
  • “That whole time you were singing he was drowning.“
  • “Did she seriously jumped in the water not knowing how to swim?!“
  • “You know what you little bitch, no, fuck your rock. Ungrateful, nearly drown for that.”
  • “… Dude she’s known you for like an hour.”

“I Hate You, I Love You.”

This was suggested by the one and only @emovirgil !!!

They suggested 13 (“I hate you, but I think I hate myself more.”).

(Prinxiety fic)

Warnings: Swearing, overall sadness, almost too much angst, A KISS. A SINGLE KISS. ONE. KISS. FREAK OUT GUYS IT SHOULD BE RATED ‘R’ NOW RIGHT? (Lol I’m just kidding…but there IS a kiss).

A/N: This is very angsty but becomes a lot happier in the end!!! So read this whole thing!!


Things were already tense between Virgil and Roman today because of their disagreement during the filming of another Sanders Sides video, but it got worse when everyone was in the mind palace.

Virgil was sitting on the floor with Patton, and they were just reading together. Virgil was reading Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Patton was reading The Book of Lost Things.

Roman was on the couch, scrolling through Instagram on his phone while also writing in a notebook, and Logan was on the other side of the room reading a book about god knows what.

Virgil was completely indulged in his book when Roman threw a ball of paper at him.

“What the hell, Roman, leave me alone.” Virgil said angrily, throwing the paper ball back at him.

“What, are you going to tell me to stop trying again? Tell me I’m not good enough for Thomas?”

Virgil shrugged. “Sorry, but it’s true. You fall short. Just like you said. Sorry what I said wasn’t on the script for the video, but you have to stop trying to come up with ideas to get Thomas’s ex back. It’s over. He isn’t coming back. So stop trying. If it was meant to be, it would’ve already been fixed. But it isn’t. So it isn’t meant to be.”

Roman looked down, and tears pricked at his eyes. “But I have to think of these things. I’m Thomas’s creativity, I have to come up with ideas like this.”

“No, Roman, you don’t. You want to come up with these ideas because you can’t handle the fact that I’m right and you’re wrong.”

“What have I ever done to you to give you a reason to hate me so much?”

Virgil shrugged again. “You hated me first, honestly. So I just went along with it.”

“Well—that’s true. I hate you… but I think I hate myself more, really.”

Patton perked up at that statement and sighed sadly. “Now don’t say that, Roman. There’s no reason to hate yourself, kiddo.”

Roman shrugged and sighed deeply. “Maybe Virgil’s right… maybe I’m not enough..” he mumbled. Virgil felt a pang of guilt in his heart. He didn’t mean to hurt Roman—but maybe he was being too harsh. He wanted to apologize, but he didn’t know how.

“Roman—“ Virgil started, but the Prince interrupted. “I don’t need an empty apology from you, Virgil. Just—forget it, okay?” Roman’s voice cracked, and his eyes glossed over. He put his earbuds in, drowning out the world with Disney. Virgil looked to the rest of the Sides and felt his face turn red. Out of guilt? Embarrassment? The overwhelming desire to just kiss the damn Prince? He didn’t know which one—if not all three.

“Virgil…” Patton said quietly, “do something…”

“What the hell am I supposed to do, Patton? I can’t apologize, he won’t care what I have to say.” Virgil sighed. “I didn’t mean to hurt him…”

Patton came over to Virgil and put a hand on his shoulder. “Then tell him that. You were being harsh, but you didn’t mean it. So let him know.” Virgil shook his head and sighed. “He still wouldn’t listen, Patton. And even if he listened, I doubt he’d care.”

Logan, who had been so quiet throughout this whole thing, piped up. “Virgil, the chances of Roman ever actually hating you are infinitesimal.” Patton squealed and said excitedly, “YOU USED IT RIGHT!” Logan smiled, proud of himself, but continued. “Roman couldn’t ever truly hate you, is all I’m trying to say. Yes, he’s—” he paused, “…over-dramatic, to say the least. But, in the end, he’ll still always care.” Virgil stood up and sighed, mumbling a “fine” as he walked over to the couch. He sat down beside Roman, who was completely ignoring him. Virgil leaned over and pulled out one of Roman’s earbuds. Roman looked at him like he had just stabbed a puppy.

“What do you want?” Roman mumbled.

Virgil looked up for a minute, realizing what he was about to do. Roman looked at him in confusion, and before he could ask what he was doing, his lips were met with Virgil’s. It was only for a moment or two before Virgil pulled back, and looked down with a red face.

“I- I’m sorry for hurting your feelings, okay?” Virgil said, biting his lip in embarrassment.

Roman smiled softly and hugged Virgil.

“It’s okay.” Roman said. Virgil smiled, and Roman smiled back. “Oh, and uh,” Roman said, still smiling, “I love you.”

Virgil bit his lip and smiled even wider.

“I love you too, Roman.”

Confession #13:

I don’t want Cyrus to date Jonah right now, and NOT because it would be 2 teen boys BUT because Disney has the tendency to romanticize the first crush. A majority of the time in the real world, the first crush is not your one and only. If C/J get together later – more to them! But I don’t think they should just to push the idea that the first person you likes is automatically a happily ever after.

The Frohana Heaven(TM)

when you think about it, at this point Frozen isn’t just a movie anymore, it’s a freaking TV show in which every episode has a different length and is set in a different AU and i LOVE IT

like, check this out

  1. Frozen movie (the original baby, 11/10 would recommend, precious)
  2. Frozen arc in the TV show Once Upon a Time (objectively, the plot was weird, but i have to say that the cast was insanely accurate like. WTF, did they materialize Anna into real life and try to make us believe that she’s called Elizabeth Lail because??????)
  3. Frozen Fever (or as i like to call it ‘What if Elsa got drunk’)
  4. that tiny cameo in the It’s A Small World TV show (which was adorable!)
  5. that Lego series (of which nobody wants to talk about because it was disastrous and not canon at all)
  6. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (Disney was like ‘you know what let’s just make 21 goddamn minutes long content of adorable family tradition’)
  7. Broadway play (Jennifer Lee at one point probably: ‘i’m gonna kill them with feels and more heartbreaking songs and they’re gonna LOVE IT’)
  8. that cameo in Wreck it Ralph 2 (the girls wearing sweaters? kill me)
  9. Frozen 2 (duh)
  10. ??????? only gods know
Conquering a World: Part 6

Chapter 6 on AO3

I groaned and grabbed for my phone. “What time is it?”
“You wanted to meet half an hour ago.” Chad cleared his throat.
“Shoot! I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine, I’ll wait downstairs.”
I scrambled out of bed as the door closed.
Two months had flown by. We had finally experienced some of the weather: rain and splattering. The latter is when all of the rain just falls down at once. It’s like getting a bucket of cold water dumped on you. Perfect way to end a hot summer-like day and permanently cool the weather so that it was in the fifties and low sixties.
John Ledford had been keeping record of when the sun rose and set, and he told us that though the days had been increasing, they were decreasing as of four days ago.
Everything had been a little strange. We had received our shipment and were forced to place our next because they had discovered that it would take three months to fill and return shipments. Three months.
Thankfully our first shipment had been a large one, and everyone was starting to get comfortable with working together. Ava oversaw the organization and kept the collective inventory, as well as made sure that the kids were learning stuff. We were all still trying to figure out what to do if this place had a cold winter.
I had been able to completely determine three things that were edible, and I was almost certain that a fourth was sitting in my lab. There were also two plants that were edible as long at they were cooked in some way or other.
Patricia and her son, Kevin, were working on capturing animals (sometimes alive, sometimes dead) and testing them. The dead ones were dissected and tested for edibility, most of these were birds and smaller animals. The live ones were studied, and then released.
The giant, dolphin-rhino creatures were the easiest to study without hindering. They passed through on the strip of purple grass between all of the houses, always heading west.
And they really liked tomatoes.
I headed downstairs, twice after I had to go back to get my backpack and knife, and waved Chad down.
He carefully excused himself from his conversation with Ava and followed me outside. “Took you long enough.”
“Couldn’t figure out where Ava hid my clean socks.”
“She hides your socks?”
“It’s one of our things. I hide her bras, she hides my socks.”
“I didn’t…oh, why did I ask?”
“Because you still haven’t learned, apparently. The conversation you were having with Ava seemed…intimate.”
“Shut up, it wasn’t.”
“How does it feel to be the only eligible bachelor?” I asked in my best TV show Hostess voice.
“Like I want to go to Disney World.” He sounded a little grumpy.
“You okay? I did say I’m sorry for sleeping in, right?”
“I’m fine, and I do not blame you one bit. I probably would have slept in too if Dad hadn’t been up and at’em.”
“Doesn’t know how to be quiet? My dad was like that.”
“Refuses to be quiet.”
“Ha ha. Now seriously, are you okay? You seem…agitated. You know I was just teasing about Ava, right?”
“I’m fine and of course I know.”
“Okay, you ready for a different question?”
“You’re going to ask one anyway.”
“I never asked, but…did you have a girlfriend?”
“Oof,” He muttered. “Did not see that one coming. Um, no. My girlfriend dumped me for my best friend, who then kicked me out of our apartment.I had move back in with my parents while I tried to figure things out. That almost a year before this all happened.”
“You were still living with them? A year after?”
“Yeah, I mean, I paid a little rent, and I live in the basement. It’s got it’s own kitchen and everything. Plus I was working for Dad and it just made it…convenient. I was actually getting ready to move back out, into an apartment again. Packing everything up. And then this happened. Part of me is glad I hadn’t moved out yet, because I would have lost my family. Another part of me wonders if my moving out would have prevented them from being chosen.”
“And still another part of you wonders if surviving is even the right choice at this point?”
“No, on that front I have no doubts. Don’t you die on me.”
“Have you noticed how jumpy Traaiillooon has been getting?”
“Think he’s feeling the pressure from his bosses?”
“Something,” I agreed. Then I stopped, watching a catlike creature that was in the trees. It glided to another like a flying squirrel would, slowly getting closer to us. It had fur that was mostly blue with a green tinge, and darker spots, toes, and in something of an upside down T on it’s muzzle. All the others I had seen like it had purpleish blue fur with blue spots. But this one also had different colored eyes. One was pink and the other green. It’s long bushy tail swayed back and forth behind it. It’s ears were rounded instead of pointed.
And I had definitely seen it before, lurking around my tent in the evenings.
“Well, you’re a curious thing,” I murmured, carefully moving closer.
Chad didn’t move, he was looking in a different direction.
I glanced that way, then did a double take. “Is that…”
“Big.” He nodded.
“I was going to say deadly looking.”
“That too.”
I let my gaze go back to the little cat-like creature. “Here, kitty.” I held my hand out to it.
It inched forward and sniffed my hand, then deftly walked across my around and sat on my shoulder, it’s bushy tail wrapping around my neck like a scarf.
Chad glanced at me, then started shaking like he was holding in laughter.
“Let’s move out. We’ll have to get samples later.”
The deadly-looking thing roared.
“Run,” Chad announced, pushing me forward.
I pushed my way back out of the forest and into the yard. “You have a gun, don’t you?”
“It isn’t loaded.”
“What good is an unloaded gun, ya freak!”
“About as much good as a security dog that doesn’t do anything besides bark!”
“They’re deterrents!”
I ran until I got to the house, then turned to look. “It didn’t follow us.”
“It. Didn’t. Follow. Us.” I breathed each word.
Chad just started laughing.
“And yet you still brought something home.” Ava was standing in the doorway. “What were you two yelling about?”
“There was this thing in there, deadly looking. And it roared. So we ran.”
“And the thing on your shoulder?”
“It’s my squishy,” I said in my little kid voice. I started stroking it’s tail.
She gave me the mom look, “Aren’t our pets enough?”
“Feel squishy’s fur.” I continued in the same voice.
“Fay, stop it.”
“Feel the squishy’s fur!”
“I swear you’re five!” She reached forward cautiously and gentle stroked the thing’s fur when it didn’t seem like it was going to bite her. “It’s very soft. You can’t keep it.”
“I’m not keeping it, it’s keeping me. Literally, it just kind of climbed on and now it’s not letting go.”
“It’s true,” Chad piped up.
“We’ll have to figure it out. Apparently the whatever domain gave Traaiillooon an ultimatum. They said that if there aren’t signs of mating and or reproduction in the next week that they’re going to—and I’m quoting Traaiillooon here—pull a Sue Sylvester-Klaine style intervention, but that they won’t release the chosen two until a child is concieved.”
“A what intervention?” Chad asked, looking seriously concerned.
“I’m not sure. It sounds vaguely familiar, but I can’t place it. I know it’s something that they got from Earth.” Ava frowned at the patio.
The thing on my shoulder chirped.
I was a little frozen. “They’re going to lock us in a room with only a bathroom, send in meals. Prison style?”
“You know that reference?” Ava asked, looking a little nervous.
“Glee, it’s from Glee. That show you refused to watch. The one I started watching for the music. Klaine is Kurt and Blaine. Sue Sylvester is the devil’s less-evil and sometimes awesome assistant. The intervention involved Klaine getting locked in a fake elevator with a bathroom, they were fed meals. Sexual stimulants were threatened to be pumped into the room, but it didn’t come to that.” I shuddered.
“I vote no.” Chad looked nervous. “No no. No, no, no-no-no.” He started hurrying toward his own home.
Ava looked extremely concerned. “And you watched this show?”
“Don’t judge me, I’ve seen your Netflix watchlist,” I retorted. It was the best I had at the moment.
“You’re aware that one of us will be the one that they take.”
“I’m aware, Ava. I’ve been aware since the first week or so. It’ll probably be you.”
“Me? No way. He’s not my type.”
“How would you know, you’ve never dated!”
“Neither have you! Are you saying that he isn’t your type?”
“I don’t know! And frankly, right now I don’t even care. I want to know that we’re going to survive.Right now we’re in this mad dash to try and preserve what food we do have so that if there is a winter, we don’t get killed by it. You’ve stopped collecting eggs?”
“Don’t change the subject.”
“But have you?”
“Lobelia is broody, she’s laying on a bunch of the eggs right now. Audrey is also broody, and she’s sitting on top of three eggs, hers.”
“Fingers crossed. Didn’t expect them to get broody this late in the season.”
“I couldn’t explain it to you. Dang it, Fay! I said don’t change the subject.”
“You make it too easy!”
“Fay, do you like him?”
“I don’t know. I don’t even remember what it’s like to have a crush. I haven’t had one in years. I get along with him. We have similar senses of humor. I don’t know, Ava. I don’t. I told you, my mind is still in survival mode. I haven’t had a moment to myself, I haven’t listened to music in over a week, I…” Every thought flew out of my head.
She was examining me with a passive look. “How much sleep did you get last night?”
I blinked a couple of times, counting in my head. I had still been unable to sleep at four fifteen…woke up at seven thirty…
“About three hours. A little over.”
“Three hours? Fay! I know you didn’t get much more than that the night before. You need to sleep.”
“I can’t. I’ve been trying. I’ll be absolutely exhausted and I won’t be able to fall asleep. My mind starts racing and I start panicking…” I closed my eyes.
“Go see Beatrice. Tell her you haven’t been sleeping. Go, Fay.”
I sighed.
“Now, Fay.”
Man people liked to tell me what to do. I just wanted to rebel against it. I’d always been that way. The more someone told me to do something, the less likely I was to do it. Or the more insistent someone was that I do it one way, I would more insistently do it my own.
But something had to give.
I passed her and went through the house, off to go see Beatrice. I needed a good nights sleep and I didn’t know any more ways of trying to get it.
Traaiillooon intercepted me. “The Ava has informed you?”
“Yes, and I get the reference made. What do you want me to do about it Traaiillooon? It’s Chad’s choice. Whatever he decides we’ll go with, I guess.”
Traaiillooon studied me (he did that often). “Are you feeling well, Fay? Or is the creature on your shoulder causing you harm?”
“No, I’m fine. I just didn’t sleep well last night. I’m on my way to talk to Beatrice. Is there anything else?”
His whiskers twitched. “Is Ava in your abode?”
“Backyard, I think she was playing with the dogs.”
His ears seemed to perk up and his antennae vibrated slightly. “Good greetings, Fay.” He loped off.
“Good…greetings…” I sighed, forcing myself to let it go.
He was pretty advanced when it came to speaking our language, it was unfair to hold his slips against him.
Beatrice was talking with Chad when I came in, but she came over when she saw me.
Chad disappeared out the back.
“What is on your shoulder?”
“I’m sorry I asked. What’s up, hon?”
“The past week, I’ve averaged about three hours of sleep every night. I’ve tried epsom salts, I’ve tried night time pain killer, NyQuil, Benadryl…I don’t know what else to try and it’s getting harder to think. And function. My patience is…not fantastic. And I’ve been getting migraines again.”
“I suffered severe migraines all through my childhood and teen years, when I started college they backed off, but they’re starting to become more frequent again and I think it’s because I’m not sleeping, but I don’t know and I just…I just hit a wall. Did you see it?”
“Oh yeah,” She came over and supported me. “Come on, let’s get you to a bed and see if we can’t get you to sleep.”

@riptidethepen @mrsmalch