i want compensation for this picture btw

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can u give tips on how to take screenshots outdoor? and how to get the shadow effect on your sims because everytime i try to take outdoor pics it turns out glitchy and not so good even with reshade

Well it has to do with how you light the sims, where you’re placing them outside and which way the sun is facing. I’m not exactly sure what shadow effect you mean other than reshade and some added darkening of shadows in Gimp (for that I just use the burn tool btw).

But using invisible buydebug lights is key to good lighting on sims for pictures, especially when they’re outside. Your lighting mod itself also comes into play so choose it wisely. But its usually best to avoid facing sims directly at the sun if you want better, natural shadowing from the environment. To compensate for the slight darkness of facing them away from direct sunlight, use the buydebug lights and play with the intensity/brightness of them. I usually like my light source to come from a slightly angled position towards the left or right of my sims. That way shadows cast better. I’ll show some non edited examples.

Sunlight from behind (Buy debug lights in front):

Sunlight From the Right in the shadow of a tree (BuyDebug lights in front): 

Sunlight from the left (Buy debug light in front):

Complete Shade of a tree (Buy debug lights in front):

NightTime (Only Buydebug lights around and in front):

I hope that helps some but feel free to ask more questions if you want <3