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Complete this conversation: "Chuck! Stop embarrassing me in front of Dean... FATHER!"

“Chuck! Stop embarrassing me in front of Dean! Father!”

Chuck willfully ignores Castiel’s protests as he pulls out another renaissance art book.

“And here’s another intaglio of Castiel,” he says, turning the book toward Dean. “I sent a vision to a blind monk in the 16th century just so he would be inspired to make this piece.” Dean quirks an eyebrow, considering the picture of a pink cheeked angel, hair flowing as he dances.

“That’s … great, Chuck,” Dean says. “Uh… so, are you saying all that religious art was made so that… you could have pictures of your kids.”

“Well, we didn’t have instagram back then, Dean,” Chuck says. “If I wanted any images of my children I just had to… inspire some artists.”

“So, the renaissance was your…?”

“Brag book, yes.” He picks up another book. “Did I show you ‘The Birth of Venus’ yet?” Castiel groans.

“Daaaaaad, no bath photos, please!”

God’s Daughter

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Pairing: past Dean x Reader, God!Chuck x daughter!Reader
Word count: 482
Warnings: Swearing, talk of cheating, talk of suicide

Groaning, your hand went to your head as you came to. As slowly as you could, you opened your eyes and looked around “what the hell?” You muttered. This was not where you’d been last.

You had been a few hundred miles away in some seedy motel, and hadn’t told a single person where you went. Now, here you were, back in your room in the bunker. The last place you wanted to be.

“Ah, good, you’re awake.” Came a voice from the door.

Sitting up, you looked over to see Chuck. “How did I get here? Why am I here?” You asked, tearing up.

He gave you a sad smile and moved to sit next to you. “You belong here.” His voice was soft.

You shook your head. “I’ve never belonged anywhere.” You corrected him. “And I’m far from wanted… By anyone.” Wiping your cheek, you sniffed.

“Is that why you tried to kill yourself?”

“I did! There’s no way I survived.” You were trying so hard to figure this out. “My parents never wanted me, I went through the damn system without anyone caring, started hunting, met the boys, and then I walked in on Dean with someone else.” Your heart broke all over. You’d been with Dean almost 2 years, and that’s how little you mattered.

Chuck smiled at you. “I know your father loved you very much. Still does.” His eyes lit up as you looked at him. “Hey, princess.” He said softly. “I know I’ve been lacking in the whole dad department, but I’m here now.”

Without a second thought, you hauled off and decked him. “Asshole.” You snapped. “not funny!”

Snapping his fingers, the two of you found yourselves with Cas and the boys. “I’m God, and I am your father.” He announced.

Dean’s eyes went wide at that. “You mean…I’m with God’s daughter?!” He sounds almost impressed.

“No.” You had a pained look on your face. “Not since you fucked that bar skank.” Cas and Sam looked at him as he shifted in his seat, uncomfortable.

Cas got up and moved to you. “I’m here, if you need to talk.” He told you gently. “While I do not know what it’s like to be cheated on… I do know Dean.”

“Thanks, Cas.” You sighed. “But, I’m not staying. I’m going back to what I wanted.”

“Which was?”

chuck spoke up. “I found her in her motel Room after she killed herself.” He explained sadly, noting the tears going down your cheeks. “I brought her back to life, and then here.”

Dean’s heart broke, and he felt like he’d be sick. Getting up, he moved towards you. “I’m sorry. For everything.” Not that his words mattered. “Please, give me a chance to at least talk to you?” Dean knew he didn’t even deserve that. “5 minutes.”

You looked up into his green eyes. “5. That’s it.”

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i know Roach did a Chuck/Dutch fusion but tbh i'm so thirsty and i want More? it's too late for more Art Science (lol at that tag) but if it's not too much to ask if you could try to do your version?

I WILL DO MY BEST.  It’s been a while since I saw Roach’s cutie last, so if I just try really hard not to think about her design, hopefully I can avoid ripping it off!  >:O  OKAY.

Dutch and Chuck are both kind of weird personalities because Dutch is The Quiet One until he’s pissed off and Chuck is The Anxious One until he has the means to fight??  So I could see those levelling each other out, OR he’s quiet and intellectual and anxious until he EXPLODES and then LASER-GUIDED RAGE.  >:I ????

Regardless!  Here’s a tall, smart, artsy sweetheart.  Builds cars with one pair of hands and then programs their software with the other.  I tried to figure out a compromise between my cyborg headcanons and Dutch’s art and got cyborg light-painty fingers!

  • He wanted four arms but only got two so he built himself another pair.
  • His fingers and palm are RGB additive, the better for light painting move over Thomas Kinkade, actual Painter Of Light coming through
  • The eye on his hat changes colors.  ((So do his actual eyes probably, not that you can ever see them!))

Also!  After I was done drawing these I went back to Roach’s Dutch+Chuck fusion to see what hers looked like again because he’s super cute, and then I Made An Attempt.

He Cute! >o<


“I encountered in the street a penniless young man who was in love. His hat was old and his jacket worn, with holes at the elbows; water soaked through his shoes, but starlight flooded through his soul.” – Les Misérables 

Marius | Photography


I owned every second
That this world could give

I saw so many places
The things that I did
With every broken bone
I swear I lived


*Requested: (ONE SHOT) Chuck witnesses Newt and Y/N making out and will not let it go.*

Your hands went straight to his hair and you gripped the hair on both sides. Your noses fit perfectly like puzzle pieces and you could feel the tip of your nose touch his skin. His lips moved slower than usual, as if savoring the taste of your lips. It was quiet and all you could hear was the distant sound of the Glade and your breathing.

“I love you.” Newt said and you smiled against his lips. Your lips were soft and a bit swollen but you didn’t care.

“I love you back.” you said and cupped his face again and kissed him. You were sat on his lap, your legs on either side of his, straddling him. Your hair fell down and covered your connected lips.

His hands were on your lower back and you felt the firmness in his grip. He slowly let his tongue peek out of his mouth and into yours, and you happily complied.

“Gross!” you heard and pulled apart quickly and saw Chuck standing there with two sticks in his hand.

“What are you doing here?” Newt asked irritated and Chuck backed away slowly.

“I wanted Y/N to help me with something but I see she’s busy.” he said and smiled childishly before running back towards the Glade. You stood up and quickly ran after him, trying to stop him from saying anything to the rest of the Gladers.

“Y/N and Newt were making out in the Deadheads!” Chuck shouted right as you caught up and clasped a hand over his mouth. It was too late. The Gladers already knew.

“Buggin’ fantastic.” you said and let Chuck go.


“Hey.” Newt said and kissed your cheek before setting his food down and sitting next to you. Chuck started making kissy noises and Newt stopped his chewing to stare at him.

You couldn’t be mad at him, though. Chuck was too cute.

“Shut it, shank.” Newt said and continued to eat.

You smiled at Newt, and then at Chuck. Your two favorite boys.

Made For Each Other

From this request: can I request Lucifer after ep 22 where Lucifer is in bunker and he got really close to you/reader and she is really happy bc he and God are in good terms and she says smt like she always knew he wasn’t the bad guy God tease him that he have a gf? But God still can bring him back so he rebuild him with his old vassel and he comes to the reader ask her if she misses him. God say to the boys don’t worry cause he made them for each other.


You still weren’t totally sure what was happening. But from what you gathered from Sam and Dean, Chuck was now staying at the bunker, and he was God. Lucifer was out of the cage because Cas had allowed him to take over his vessel, and he was also staying in the bunker. The darkness was God’s sister and she had some sort of… connection with Dean. And everyone was on lockdown, trying to stop her.

Oh, and according to Dean, Lucifer was basically acting like a sullen teen.

“Jackass locked himself away in his room again,” Dean said, sitting across from you in the library.

“Which jackass are we talking about this time?” you asked.


“Can you blame him? He’s basically surrounded by people that hate him. Besides, you’d think you of all people would understand where he’s coming from.”

“Oh, this should be good. And why would that be?”

“Well, if he’s the King of ‘Daddy Issues’, you’re the Prince.”

Dean glared at you. He raised his beer bottle with one hand and flipped you off with the other.

“Nice,” you said, standing.

You wandered down the hall, finding Chuck and Sam standing outside of Lucifer’s room.

“Lucifer, come on,” Sam said. “Just… come talk to Chuck.”

“I don’t think so,” the voice from behind the door said.

“Lucifer,” Chuck said. “Please. I’d really like to talk to you.”

“And I’d really like to have my own vessel back instead of having to share with this pathetic lump of celestial bullshit you call an angel, but look where that’s got us.”

“Lucifer, be nice to your brother.”

“Suck a dick.”

“Lots of progress made here, I see,” you said, drawing the attention of the two men in the hall.

“We’re getting there,” Chuck said, giving you a smile. “I can feel it.”

“Well, I hope he eventually comes out,” you said, moving past the men. “It’d be nice to ease some of the tension around here.”


A few hours later, as you and the Winchesters and Chuck were sitting down to a dinner of takeout, a figure lurched out of the shadows.

“Holy shit,” Sam said.

“Speak of the devil,” Dean said (earning him an elbow in the ribs from you).

“Hello, Lucifer,” Chuck said.

“I want my old vessel back,” the archangel said, sitting down at the head of the table.

“We can talk about that,” Chuck promised.

“I want a guarantee. Otherwise, I’ll go right back into that room.”

“Lucifer,” Chuck said with the weary expression that only comes with parenthood.

During all of this, you’d bustled around, filling a plate for the newcomer. You sat it down in front of him. His brow crinkled and he looked up at you. “What’s this?”

“Dinner. I’m sure you must be hungry after being locked away for so long.” You gave him a smile before sitting back at your spot.

Over the next few hours, Chuck and Lucifer talked. Well, Chuck talked. Lucifer sat, scowling, looking very much like the teenager Dean had compared him to earlier.

You knew it would take a lot longer than a few hours and one plate of lo mein. But you were glad that first step had been taken.


Over the next few weeks, Lucifer began to wander the bunker more and more. He and Chuck began to work through things more and more, eventually getting to a good place. Or at least, a non-hostile place.

“So,” Chuck said one night. “I’ve noticed you and Y/N spending a lot of time together.”

Lucifer nodded. “I… yeah.”

“It’s sweet that you have a girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend!”

“Okay. Whatever you say.”

“She’s not,” Lucifer insisted. He was silent for a few moments before he chuckled slightly. “She says the funniest stuff, you know?”

“Like what?”

“The other day, I looked over and she was just kind of… smiling to herself. I asked her what she was thinking and you know what she said?”

Chuck shook his head.

“She said ‘I always knew you weren’t the bad guy’.” Lucifer shook his head. “I don’t understand her.”

“You’re not a bad guy, Lucifer,” Chuck said. “You never were.”

The two were silent for a few moments.

“Lucifer, there’s something I want to give you,” Chuck said.



You, Sam, and Dean all turned simultaneously at the voice. And all three of you jumped from the couch in one swift motion.

“Cas?” Dean asked, sprinting forward. “Cas? Is that you?”

“It’s me.”

“What… where’s Lucifer?”


Lucifer stepped from the shadows, in his own vessel once again. Sam and Dean took defensive stances, stepping in front of Cas.

“Easy, boys,” Chuck said. “It’s okay.”

They all watched as Lucifer stepped over to you. You wrapped your arms around his chest and he wrapped his around you.

“How can you say that’s okay?” Dean asked.

“Because,” Chuck said, a small smile on his face. “I made them for each other.”

Dear God

Characters- Chuck x Reader, Sam and Dean

Words- 1161

Request by Anonymous- Can I request a Chuck x Reader where reader finds out that Chuck is God? Thanks so much ♡

Warnings- God?

A/n- My second Chuck request! Super excited! My ask box is always open unless I say otherwise!

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You have been on a hunt in New York, when the Winchesters called to tell you that they needed you back as soon as possible. Why? The darkness. You knew that when Sam and Dean called for your help you knew it was something they couldn’t handle on their own. You quickly jumped into your car and speed off. As you stared into the night sky you couldn’t help but smile at some old memories and tear up at the sad ones. You turned on the radio and started blasting music, you had Dean’s taste in music but a bit of yours when Pillowtalk began playing.

As you pulled up to the Bunker you grabbed your things and quickly ran inside. You had your bag over your shoulder trying to keep it on as you entered.

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No, I meant season 12. I'm just curious, that's all.

OK SO, the original question here was:

Could you tell me all the things you wished happened, or were going to happen, in season 12 of Supernatural?


  • you can rip both gabriel and the potential for swaingels out of my cold, dead hands
  • i wouldn’t doubt the chance of more john, either
  • mary meeting claire and alex (which i think is inevitable!)
  • on the mary note, i’d like her to find chuck’s “world’s greatest dad” mug and be like “uh…which of you is claiming to be this” and sam or dean be like “oh shit that was god’s i bet he’s gonna want that back”
  • chuck and amara choosing to hang out in the bunker and have arguments
  • (i really want a conversation betwen cain and amara, and u guys know i ain’t think he dead)

other than that, i think it’s gonna be mostly focused around MoL and such. that storyline still feels a little stiff and dull compared to the potential of gritty monsters and god chuck himself but as always, MY HOPES ARE HIGH

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(you guys should totally send me a link to a stream tho!! due to unfortunate circumstances, we had to drop the cw. but i still wanna keep up with it like i did before!)



“You’re a mean mom.” He grinned. “But yanno… I totally could… if I had to…” he followed Christian through to the kitchen putting his arms around him and smiling before kissing the tip of his nose. “More fun with you though..”

Christian hummed softly, a small tired smile playing at his lips. “Yeah well..don’t be an ass and you might get some." 

Jason pouted then wrapped his arms tight around Christians shoulders, kissing his cheek once then sighing deeply. 

"Ready to go back to work tomorrow?” Christian mumbled against the others shoulder, turning his head a little so he could at least breath. 

“No way.” Jason sighed, “Not ready to give you up all day and night. Want you all to myself.” He growled and bit Christians neck making him wiggle away. 

“Get..I’m too tired for anything tonight.” He chucked. “I Don’t want to go back either..but gotta do it." 

"mm..guess you’re right.” Jason agreed, kissing Christians neck with a muah! then pulled away. “Cmon, lets go torment Ptich some more.”

audreyhornefeelsdreamy  continuation <3

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Unda's 500 follower giveaway

So when I used to commute a lot before I had my laptop I’d write the rough versions of my fics in notebooks. The two that I have in my hand here are the early bits of Property of Sanji. The books are different from the fics, some bits were wrote just on the computer and some bits from the books never made it into the fic.

I gave elke one from another fic a while back when she found it at my place and she said that other people might want them. So! In celebration of passing 500 followers I thought I might give these away to anyone who’s interested! I’m not super sentimental so I’ve no reason to hold onto them and perhaps some of you might like them.

I’ll ship anywhere in the world so anyone can enter. Reblogs count any you can reblog as many times as you like. I’ll add you all into a spreadsheet and generate a random number and whoever that is wins!

I’ll probably run this until the end of the month.

leave vb : 1 : bequeath 2 : allow or cause to remain 3 : have as a remainder 4 : go away ~ n 1 : permission 2 : authorized absence 3 : departure


Dean looked at Chuck as he and his brother were gaining all of God’s explanations as to why he had vanished. His mind was still catching up that this man before them, this writer that they had once called an ally, was really the Creator of everything. There was so much Dean wanted to say, so much he felt he couldn’t express toward Chuck. A million thoughts and obligations ran through his head until he almost got dizzy. Then he remembered what was most important.

“-Eric was a very nice man but I don’t think he really appreciated me for-“

“Cas.” Dean blurted out in the middle of Chuck’s life story. When all eyes were on him he sucked in a deep breath and finally said it. “We shouldn’t be here talking about this. Yeah, you’re God and that’s awesome and I’m glad you’re back but Amara has Cas somewhere and is probably torturing him and we need your help to get him back.”

Chuck eyed Dean carefully for a few moments. Both Winchesters fell silent as they finally saw the God-like features of seriousness shadowed across his face. “I didn’t create love, did you know that?”

Both Winchesters shook their head.

He nodded. “I only created life. I created souls but I didn’t truly understand the depth of what they would create on their own. It was humanity that created love. I love them for it, or at least I hope that if I could love I would love them for it.”

“Chuck-“ Dean just wanted him to get back on track with helping them get Cas back before it was too late.

“It’s your love for one of my angels that really struck me, though.” At those words Dean’s face paled and he gaped at Chuck with impending fear. All Chuck did was smile at him. “It’s okay, Dean. I admire the love that you feel. Even music doesn’t seem so beautiful when I can see a soul that is in love with another. I promise to you that we will get Castiel back. Amara will not harm him.”

The breath was knocked from Dean’s lungs as he looked between Sam and Chuck. He had the intention to deny it all, as he has to himself many times, but with God telling him so outwardly all he could do was accept it. “Thanks.”

Chuck grinned with a nod. “One thing my children did do right in my absence, was send Castiel to save you.”

last night someone threw a bra on stage and when Matty finally saw it he was like really unimpressed and goes “I don’t want this, this isn’t mine” and chucks it back into the crowd lmao