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Monster - Damon Salvatore Imagine

Summary: Damon shows what are seemingly his true colours, but are they really?

Stefan grabbed your arm and tugged you back. Your hand flew to your mouth as you gasped. Damon looked up from the girl he was with his eyes landing on you and his brother. The dark veins under his eyes prominent against his pale skin, the whites of his eyes turned red. 

He took his hands from her body and she dropped to the ground limp. Damon raised his hands and wiped the blood on his face with his sleeve. The veins began to recede towards his eyes and the red turned to white again. ‘Y/n’ He took a step towards you

Stefan pushed you behind him standing defensively in front of you. ‘Step aside Stefan’ Damon growled and you shrunk back further tremors running through your body. ‘No’ Stefan snapped. ‘Get out of my way’ Then Damon was suddenly in front of Stefan glaring at him. ‘Let me talk to her’ You stepped back away from them. ‘You won’t hurt her Damon’ Stefan moved blocking you from his brothers view. ‘Y/n, leave’ You stumbled back away from the men in front of you.

You back hit the railing of the steps and you stumbled falling back onto the steps. You grunted at the impact. Both their eyes fell on you and you tense. Damon stepped closer and Stefan put his hand on his brothers chest. ‘I won’t hurt her’ Damon grabbed his brother and straightened his arm. 

Stefan flew away from you both of you hitting the wall of the bar and falling to the ground. A squeak ripped its way from your lips. Damon used his vampire speed to appear before you crouching. This time you screamed and scrambled up the steps. ‘Y/n’ He reached out, his face soft and his eyes begging you not to run. Stefan appeared behind him yanking away.

Damon stood rounding on Stefan. ‘Stay out of it brother, this is between myself and her’ Stefan’s eyes landed on your terrified face. He moved to stand between you. Only he never made it. Damon reached out and snapped his neck. ‘I warned you brother’ Your eyes followed Stefan as he fell to the ground. You knew he would be alright but you never thought Damon would actually hurt his brother.

He turned to you. ‘Y/n’ His name left your lips in a soft plea. You turned and scrambled up the steps. Your feet pounded on the pavement as you reached the top and you tried to make it towards your car.

You ran right into something that wasn’t there a second ago. You gasped and and something wrapped around you stopping you from falling. ‘Y/n’ You jerked back but you were trapped. It was Damon. You raised your hands and brought your fists down on his chest. ‘LET ME GO’ You screamed at him. ‘GET AWAY FROM ME’ But he didn’t. He just held you to him as you pounded on his chest as hard as you could.

You felt his hand on your cheek and he tilted your head up. You froze your eyes wide. ‘Pl-please don’t hurt m-me’ You stuttered as your body began to shake. Damon furrowed his eyebrows. ‘I wouldn’t hurt you’ He shook his head. You gulped. ‘Yes you would’ You wiggled and raised your hand this time striking him across the face. His head snapped to the side

This finally gave you enough time to slip out from his grasp. ‘I wanted them to be wrong’ You whispered backing away from him. ‘But they’re not. Everything they said is true’ He reached out for you and you jerked your arm away. ‘You’re a monster. They were right’ The pleading look fell from Damon’s face and it hardened. ‘Is that right?’ He moved with speed again and was right in front of you with veins running down his face.

The scream caught in your throat. ‘Maybe I should show you what a monster looks like Y/n’ His fingers ran along your pulse point. Without your consent your fist came up and collided with his face as hard as it could. You took the time to weave around him and sprint to the car. You fumbled with the keys before sticking them in the ignition. You sent one look back towards your best friend before speeding out of the lot with him watching you.

Two days later you slouched walked slumped back into the room. You hadn’t seen Damon since you had ran away from him, Stefan had come over later that night to check on you and had let slip Damon was drinking himself into oblivion. And according to your friends he had kept it up since then. ‘I don’t want to go’ You complained tugging at the dress. Caroline, Elena and Bonnie all sat in your room. They all had their dresses on and Elena was doing her make up. Caroline, who was fully ready, was adding the finishing touches to Bonnie’s hair. 

You didn’t want to go to this stupid ball. Damon had been your date and the only reason you would go, at least he would have been some fun. ‘You’re going and that’s it’ Caroline scolded. ‘Now sit, I need to do something with those eyes’ You crossed your arms as Bonnie got up giving you a soft smile. ‘What’s wrong with them?’ You snapped

She rolled her eyes. ‘Apart from the fact that they look like you’ve been crying for the last two day, they’re beautiful’ She walked over to you grabbing you and dragging you over to the vanity. ‘There’s no point me even going’ You said as Caroline began to brush your hair. ‘I don’t have a date’ You seen Caroline roll her eyes. ‘You can hang out with us’ Elena smiled. God, you loved her. She hadn’t a bad bone in her body. ‘You have dates’ You grumbled as Caroline set to work.

You watched as all your friends danced. Caroline smiled as Matt spun her. Elena and Stefan just swayed back and forth deep in conversation. Bonnie and Jer stumbled over each other every now and then but giggling anyways. You sighed, you had been here for hours. You had danced with both Stefan and Matt and even Tyler for a little but that was the extent of your fun, minus the multiple drinks you had because you had nothing better to do. You bet they wouldn’t notice if you snuck away.

You swayed a little when you stood. You made your way around the dancefloor heading for the front door. The cool air hit you straight away and your head spun for a second. You decided to take a seat on the stone bench by the door until you got your head clear. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath in.

The music from inside could be heard, only interrupted by the sound of people chatting. You had been looking forward to this night for weeks, getting dressed up and spending the night dancing with Damon. That way he would have to pull you close and hold you. Your heart thumped at the thought of the blue eyed vampire holding you close, his arms around you, his body pressed against yours. You shook your head remembering the scene outside the bar. The blood, the girl, Stefan. ‘Shouldn’t a pretty thing like you be dancing?’ Your eyes shot open.

Damon stood leaning against the pillar of the house. His bright blue eyes were trained on you. He had his hands in his trousers. Your breath caught in your throat. But not because of fear. He looked amazing. His hair was parted normally, just the way you liked it. The suit was crisp and clean and fit him perfectly. The dicky bow he wore almost brought a smile to your face. He looked incredibly handsome, and the little smirk he wore just made it.

Then you remembered what he had done. You stood quickly and the world spun and blurred. ‘Woah’ You felt someone wrap their arms around you. ‘How much have you had to drink?’ He sounds serious as you clung to him waiting for the world to stand still again.

When it did you tried to push him away, but failed. ‘What are you doing here?’ You spat. He sighed and brought his hand up to brush the stray strand of hair from your face his other arm tightening around our waist. ‘I promised you I’d bring you, I am your date after all’ You scoffed and drew away from his hand. ‘I don’t need a date’ You grumbled. ‘Especially not you’ You heard his sigh and he tilted your head back up to look at his eyes.

You gulped. ‘Is that why you’re sitting out here all alone?’ You rolled your eyes. ‘You’re hilarious, now let go of me’ You wiggled but he just flatted his hand pulling you flush against him. ‘I’m sorry I scared you Y/n’ You froze. Damon Salvatore never apologised. ‘I snapped, I shouldn’t have’ His eyes scanned your face for any trace of forgiveness. ‘You drained her’ You whimpered. ‘I healed her afterwards, after you left, I went back. I promise’ You shook your head looking down at you hands that were gripping his suit jacket. 

You knew he could hurt you, but you didn’t feel scared, even after what you had seen. ‘I would never hurt you’ You jerked your head back up. ‘But it’s okay to hurt others?’ You snapped. ‘You swore you wouldn’t kill anyone. They told me yo-’ He pressed his finger to your lips. ‘Can you forget about them for a minute’ He growled and you tensed. ‘Can we focus on us?’ You gulped and your eyes widened. ‘There’s an us?’ You breathed your heart involuntarily speeding up.

He smiled a little. ‘Of course, you’re my best friend sweetie’ You gulped and looked away from him. ‘I didn’t kill her Y/n’ You pushed him away from you, the force causing you to stumble backwards and drop onto the bench again. Damon sighed and sat beside you causing you to scoot away from him. ‘You said you wouldn’t drink from anyone here’ He reached out taking your hand. ‘And’ You snapped. ‘You broke your brothers neck’ Damon smirked. ‘He wouldn’t let me close to you’ He shifted down the bench to sit beside you.

He wrapped his arm around your shoulders pulling you into him. ‘I had to explain myself to you, you looked at me like I was-’ He paused and sighed. ‘-Like I was a monster’ You looked up from his chest and seen his face. He was frowning. He was sad, you had known Damon for so long to read whatever emotion was behind those beautiful blue eyes of his. ‘I-I thought that, I really did’ You whispered and he looked down at you. ‘And I’m sorry I did, you’re a vampire. Of course you drink blood’ You pulled away slightly but he kept his arm around you. ‘I guess, I’ve never seen you feed before’ You shrugged

He nodded. ‘It just freaked me out, I’m sorry I freaked out’ You apologised. ‘But you still shouldn’t have done it’ You quipped and he smiled widely. ‘That’s become your favourite line huh?’ You shrugged. You said it to Damon enough, he was forever getting on people’s nerves. ‘It has to be with you’ You smiled up at him. ‘And you have to say sorry to your brother’ Damon growled.

You nudged him in the ribs with your elbow. ‘Yeah, yeah’ He grunted. You smiled. ‘Now’ Damon stood up and looked down at you. ‘If you want to leave, I’ll bring you home’ You furrowed your eyebrows. ‘What makes you think I want to leave?’ You crossed your arms. ‘I know you well enough to know if you didn’t want to leave you wouldn’t be out here’ He bent over his faces inches from yours as he smirked. ‘You’d be inside sitting by the bar’ You smirked knowing he had caught you. 

He knew exactly what you were doing before he arrived. ‘Yeah, but you’re here now, and you’ve put so much effort into that suit it would be a shame to go home. Plus I’ve been looking forwards to this for weeks’ Damon stood up laughing. He straightened his suit cleared his throat. ‘Well M’Lady’ He held out his hand to you. ‘Would you do the honour of a dance?’ You rolled your eyes but took his hand anyway.

Damon pulled you up steadying you with his hand on your hip. He smiled down at you. ‘I did not mean to scare you Y/n’ He said as he put your hand through the crook of his elbow resting your hand on his forearm as he brought you back inside the warm hall.

Damon lead you straight to the dancefloor. You smiled and he wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you to him. He took your hand in yours as you laid the other on his shoulder. He started to move bringing you with him. ‘I’m sorry I called you a monster Damon’ You breathed as he spun you. ‘You’ll just have to make it up to me’ He smirked winking at you.

You giggled and shook your head. ‘You look beautiful’ He pressed a kiss to your forehead. You smiled leaning closer to him a blush on your cheeks. ‘Thank you’ You smiled up at him your eyes meeting his as he smiled down at you  ‘Damon’ Stefan and Elena stepped in beside you two. ‘What are you doing here?’ He eyes his brother suspiciously. ‘Relax Stefan, I promised I wouldn’t leave my best friend here with you bores and I intend on keep that promise’ He gave his brother a hard look before turning and guiding you into the crowd.

Damon laid another shot in front of you. ‘Really?’ You giggled. ‘Another?’ He smiled at you and laid another three on the table. ‘Four?’ You rolled your eyes. ‘Blondie and blondie insisted on joining us’ He sat beside you draping his hand. He downed one of the shots. ‘Thought I needed a little something’ You rolled your eyes as he downed another shot.

Caroline slipped into the seat across from you and Matt next to her. She had a glass of something in her hand. ‘Don’t you think you’ve had enough?’ She eyed the shot in front of you with a disapproving smile. You tried to stop the smiled that crept onto your face as Damon reached out and pushed the glass closer to you. Caroline sent him a glare. ‘I think your right’ You whispered loud enough for only Damon to hear.

He smirked beside you as he downed his last shot and stifled a laugh. You reached down taking the glass in your hand and downing it. Caroline sighed and rolled her eyes. ‘I wouldn’t drink that, there’s probably something in it’ She glared at Damon. Matt laid his hand on her arm. ‘Only reason he’s here is to find his new victim’ You felt Damon tense and you reached out laying your hand on his thigh

He opened his mouth to quip back. ‘Quit it Car’ You snapped beating him to it. ‘He came to apologise and to keep me company. Leave him be’ Her eyes snapped back to you. ‘You wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t made you’ She leaned towards you as Matt tried to stop her. ‘I’d have left almost two hours if it hadn’t of been for him’ You sat back in your chair leaning on Damon’s arm. ‘She was miserable without you’ She turned on Damon knowing she had lost.

You loved Caroline, you did, with all your heart. She would fight tooth and nail for her friends. Especially when it came to Damon, she wasn’t too fond of him and your friendship with him had really put her out. While you were grateful for her she did tend to jump down Damon’s neck. A lot. ‘And I wasn’t?’ Damon snapped. 

You squeezed his leg but he ignored you. ‘You caused it’ She snapped. ‘Caroline’ You snapped. ‘We all make mistakes. I’m grateful you were there but there’s no need to start this now’ She rolled her eyes. ‘And he knows you wouldn’t want that and that’s why he showed up now. where has he been for the last two days’ She was back to attacking him again. ‘Look’ You took her hand. ‘We’re all having a good time, this can wait. While I’m grateful for you doing this Car, it shouldn’t be now’ She opened her mouth but you shook your head giving her a warning glance.

You pushed your chair back standing up. Damon’s hand pressed to the back of ‘And you know what Car, if he’s done something wrong to me. I’m the only one who can give him lip about it’ You grabbed Damon’s wrist and gave him a tug. He stood. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow Caroline’ You smiled at her before turning and dragging him away back to the dancefloor.

The rest of the night went off without a hitch. Damon danced with you and brought you drinks. He even gave you a foot massage when you complained about your feet being sore in heels. He had even brought you home after.

You leaned against the doorway before you opened the door. ‘So, what’s up?’ You asked. He furrowed his eyebrows tilting his head. ‘The being so nice to me tonight, you gave me a foot massage Damon’ You explained seeing his confusion. ‘So now I’m not allowed to make something up to you?’ The confused face slipped into his usual smirk.

You rolled your eyes. ‘Just because you turned up tonight and danced with me doesn’t mean you’ve made it up to me’ Damon’s face dropped and his mouth opened and closed like a fish. You giggled. ‘But that face does’ Damon narrowed his eyes at you. ‘That was mean, I was nothing but nice to you tonight’ You shrugged and turned putting the key in the door and opening it. ‘I know, and thank you. Really’ Damon smiled and leaned forwards pressing a kiss to your forehead. ‘I’ll pick you up tomorrow?’ You nodded and he smiled

You turned over in your bed with a sigh. It had been almost an hour of you trying to get to sleep and for some reason you couldn’t get comfortable. You let out a scream as you seen a shadow against the far wall. No sooner had you opened it then they covered your mouth quieting the scream. Damon looked down at you with wide eyes but a mischievous smirk on his face.

You reached out and smacked his arm. ‘What the hell Damon’ You complained when he took his hand away. ‘Had nothing to do’ He shrugged as you sat up. ‘So you thought being a creep and watching me sleep was the way to go?’ He chuckled sitting on the edge of the bed. ‘Well, I only came to check up on you’ He shrugged. ‘Get in’ You rolled your eyes knowing he had planned on staying awhile.

Damon chuckled and stood beginning to strip. ‘You know me too well’ Your eyes ran over his almost naked body and you felt yourself getting flushed. He pulled back the covers climbing into bed with you. He laid down putting one of his arms behind his head. ‘What’s wrong? It’s not like you haven’t seen me like this before’ He chuckled. You just grumbled incoherently and lay down turning your back to him. He chuckled and you felt the bed move and he wrapped an arm around you pulling you back into him.

You felt your almost bare back against his chest. You gulped being all too aware of your clothing, only wearing in a short tight pair of shorts and a sports bra. Damon tangled his legs with yours. His fingers tracing along the bare skin of your hip. ‘I making you nervous?’ His hot breath fanned across your neck the loose strands moving and tickling your neck. ‘You ask me that every time’ You whispered back. ‘And I always say no’ You both chuckled. This always happened, like some kind of routine you two had.

Damon and his ego. ‘Just checking’ That was his usual response. ‘Because I think I am, I can hear your heart’ That was not. His fingers trailed up your skin until it rested above your hand. ‘Grow up Damon’ You elbowed him. He chuckled and you felt him press his lips to the back of your neck.

You shrugged him off with a giggle. ‘Damon, quit it’ You grumbled trying to wiggle away from him. ‘I came here every night’ He mumbled burying his face in your neck. ‘Just to make sure you were okay’ You sighed and turned in his arms looking up at him. ‘You know, people wouldn’t be so harsh on you if you just showed them this side’ Damon rolled his eyes. ‘And let them think I’m soft?’ He scoffed and just smirked. ‘Plus it’s only for you’ The smirk turned into a smile.

Then he did something unexpected. Damon pressed his lips to yours. You tensed, never in a million years had you imagined Damon would kiss you. You leaned up into him and began to move your lips with him. HIs arm tightened around you.

After a moment he pulled away with a soft smile on his face. ‘Goodnight Y/n’ He breathed and turned onto his back bringing you with him. You smiled and cuddled into his chest as he brushed the hair out of your face. ‘I think I do make you nervous’ He chuckled. You groaned smacking his chest. ‘Shut up and sleep’ You grumbled but smiled when he kissed your forehead.

You fell asleep in Damon’s arms with a smile on your face, just like you did for many days that followed.


One Sober Night 3

PREVIOUS - Chapter 2

One Sober Night

Chapter 3 - Morning After

Damon groaned as he woke up, his head felt like there was a band of drummers behind his skull, last night’s over indulgence in alcohol rewarding him with a hangover. The least he deserved after sleeping with Elena, this pain was only a prelude to how he would feel once Stefan, and to a lesser extent Caroline, found out.

He crawled out of bed and made his way to his bathroom. He cleaned his teeth and took a quick shower, feeling slightly more alive. He walked out of his room, and headed down the hall, unable to resist peeking in Stefan’s room. The bed was made, and his brother was nowhere in sight. Did he come home last night? Damon was too drunk to remember. Was he with Elena? Did she spill the beans yet? He really needed to know so that he could prepare for when Stefan did come home.

But first… coffee and lots of it.

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anonymous asked:

(1/2) Hello! I just wanted to say I've been absolutely IN LOVE with your drabbles and if it's not too much to ask, could I please please please request one? I totally understand if you don't want to :) But it's established AU Klaroline and one day Caroline being the perfectionist she is, doesn't like the way Klaus's tie looks on him so she redoes it. But Klaus purposely horribly tied it because he just liked to stare at her and her adorable concentrated face and Klaus purposely screws up his tie

for the rest of the week cause he just likes to stare at her without her realizing because OBVIOUSLY SHE’S CAROLINE AND SHE’S BEAUTIFUL. But then it just becomes tradition for Caroline to tie his tie every morning because she can’t trust him to do it on his own anymore and after a while, Klaus decides to propose to her by like tying an engagement ring at the end of the tie or something so Caroline realizes it’s there when she’s tying his tie :) Sorry if this is so specific but it’s been one of those scenarios that I’ve wanted to see written as a drabble for the LONGEST time and woops sorry this is 3 messages instead of the 2 I intended and sorry if it’s a lot more specific than I originally thought it was going to but ugh ESTABLISHED KLAROLINE DOING DOMESTIC THINGS JUST GIVES ME ALL THE FEELS AND I JUST GET CARRIED AWAY. So yes, I’d LOVE for you to write this as a drabble but no biggie if not. Thanks for reading anyway! :)

I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for (I’m not really good with AU or AH so this is future Klaroline) and I tweaked the ending a bit. Apologies if it doesn’t live up to your request!


“What’s that?” Caroline asked, stopping short after exiting the bathroom and into their bedroom where Klaus was currently getting ready for the Mayor’s dinner and drinks they were attending that evening.

“What?” he asked back, looking up in the middle of shrugging on his suit jacket with furrowed brows and concern etched on his features.

“That thing around your neck!” she spat in disgust, dumping the make up bag in her hands on the vanity table before slipping into the silver heels she had picked out to go with her violet dress.

Klaus glanced down at himself, smoothing a hand down his chest as he did so. “I believe its my tie, love,” he replied bemusedly.

“No, that’s a tie. That is not the tie I picked out for you to wear tonight,” Caroline pointed out with a huff, turning to give herself a once over in the floor length mirror that decorated one side of their walk-in closet. When he failed to reply, she looked over to see a blank mask on his face. “Jeez, Klaus! The one thing you needed to do and you totally ignored me when I was telling you, didn’t you?”

“You were half naked when you were doing so, Caroline. I will admit, it wasn’t your words I was paying attention to,” he conceded smugly with a shrug, a smirk forming on his handsome features when her glare failed to portray her true annoyance due to the smile tugging at her lips.

Clearing her throat, she turned on her heel and found the dark purple silk tie she had chosen for him on his side of the closet (the part she hadn’t taken over), neatly placed with the rest of his collection. “Nuh-uh. No sweet talking or cheesy lines. Tonight has to be perfect, and to be perfect, we have to look perfect. Got it?” she demanded, pointing a finger in his direction as she walked over to him.

“Perfectly,” Klaus repeated lightly, not fighting her as she unceremoniously tugged away his current tie, throwing it haphazardly in the direction of the bed, before looping the tie she had selected around his upturned collar. He laid his hands on her waist, pulling her into his body until she elbowed him in the solar plexus to allow her some room to work.

“Shut up,” she muttered indignantly, concentrating on the task at hand as she secured his new tie with a Windsor knot. It wasn’t something she had great practice with, but after fifteen years with Klaus, there had been a few instances where her Miss Mystic Falls training had come handy. Happy with how it turned out, she nodded to herself and turned down his collar, patting the knot in pride. “There, now we match!”

“And everyone knows I belong to you,” he added teasingly, to which she scoffed.

Pressing her lips to his briefly so not to ruin her lipstick, she sighed contently when she pulled back. “Oh honey, everyone already knows that.”

“Wait!” Caroline gasped, stopping him in his stride towards the bedroom door. Giving him the once over, she took in his sleek form and pondered what it was that seemed off to her. They were hosting a small party (a ball, really, considering the namesake room they were using) to bring together the different factions of the city in a superficial imitation of peace. It was more to remind them all who was really in charge once again. “Bowtie. A bowtie will look better.”

“You are kidding, aren’t you?” Klaus asked skeptically, unsure what was wrong with his casual silver tie. Allowing him no heed, she raced quickly into the closet in her barefeet before he left. “Very well.”

Finding the drawer housing his ties, she quickly flicked through the small collection of bowties (seriously, a collection of various styles, colours and materials) until she came across an interesting one that would actually match the design of her dress. “Hey, I found this diamante studded one-”

“Not in my very long lifetime, sweetheart,” he cut her off quickly and sharply, making her smirk.

“Fine,” she brushed off, picking up the plain black one and making her way over to him. She smiled at the fact that he had already undone his tie, currently hanging loosely from his fingers. Pulling it into her hands, she tucked it into the crook of her elbow before setting about to tie his bowtie. “Why do you have it if you won’t wear it?”

“It must have been a gift or something,” he said offhandedly, and she could feel his eyes burning a hole into the top of her head. Glancing up through her lashes, she blushed at the heated gaze in his eyes. It was amazing how much adoration and love he could portray in one simply look.

Going back to the tie, her nimble fingers worked the smooth material into place before getting started on it. “Why would anyone give you a bowtie? Don’t they know you?” she asked half-heartedly, crooking an eyebrow dubiously.

“You buy me ties all the time,” he pointed out, dragging a finger down her bare arm until she was forced to slap it away to regain her concentration from where her mind had wandered into dangerous erotic territory.

“I’m your girlfriend; it’s my right to dress you how I want,” Caroline insisted, finishing up his bowtie with a wide smile and a pat to his cheek. “There! Handsome as ever.”

“The red,” Caroline advised when she passed the closet to see Klaus peering into the tie drawer.

“You’re wearing black, though,” Klaus called out, confusion lining his words but she heard the telltale sounds of rustling material and the drawer being closed.

Smirking to herself, she picked up the ruby earrings she was planning on wearing to the cocktail party that evening. ”Not underneath, I’m not.”

“You’re late! We’re going to be late!” Caroline snapped angrily as she re-entered the bedroom to find Klaus finally present and getting ready. She had gone to look for him throughout the house, but when she failed to find anyone let alone him, she had frowned in confusion before padding back to their room.

“Its our dinner, love; we can be as late as we want,” Klaus reminded her, buttoning up his crisp white shirt. She didn’t even bother to hide her roaming eyes at his toned chest, slowly being covered up until she ripped the shirt off him (if he could ruin her clothes, she would do the same to him) later that night.

Shaking her head when she realised she was being pulled into his suggestive words, she pushed away those thoughts for later. “That hasn’t worked every other time you’ve used it on me and it won’t work now,” she huffed, hands on her hips as she unashamedly watched him tuck his shirt into his pants. Averting her eyes when she caught his smug smirk, she dragged her eyes over the bed and saw there was an item missing from the rest of the clothes he had left to put on. “Where’s your tie? I put it right there not half an hour ago!”

“Its probably in the closet. I must have taken it back in there when getting changed,” he shrugged dismissively.

Caroline eyed him suspiciously before rolling them at the innocent look he shot her, dimples and all. Muttering under her breath about him being a thousand year old teenager at times, she headed into the closet, hoping to find the sky blue tie with ease.

Luckily for her, it was the first thing she saw. Laid out on the chest of drawers in the middle of the closet, she frowned when she caught sight of the small, velvet box atop of it. Picking up the box, she wrapped the tie around her hand before curiosity got the better of her.

“Do you have your cufflinks? Because you’ve left a box here on to-” she began, cracking open the small box to see what he had chosen to wear when she cut herself off at the solitaire, diamond ring that was inside. “Oh, my god.”

“Got my cufflinks,” Klaus informed her with a soft smile, leaning against the doorway as he watched her turn towards him. Shock was clearly written on her face, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. “Do you like it?”

Caroline finally managed to tear her eyes away from the ring in her hands for a second, bouncing them from him and back again. “I- Is it-? I mean- Huh?

Chuckling, he pushed himself away from the doorway and stepped up to her. “Let this be known as the first time I have ever had you speechless,” he teased, but she merely blinked back at him. Taking the jewellery box from her hands, he dropped down onto one knee and presented it to her the way he had seen in many of her ‘rom-com’ movies. “Will you marry me, Caroline?” he proposed, watching as her face softened from shock to surprise but still failed to reply. “Now would be a great time to regain your ability to speak.”

His tone was amused with a very obvious mix of worry at her lack of answer. He wasn’t sure how long he was meant to keep waiting (the movies were very misleading with the immediate replies), and he was considering perhaps he had judged the pace of their relationship and the hints he thought she had been dropping the last five years wrongly when she let out a small gasp. A smile immediately curved her lips as tears began to fill her eyes.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Caroline emphasised, her voice getting louder and more excited with each repetition. “Of course I’ll marry you!”

Letting out a breath in relief, he barely got the time to realise what was happening when he was almost knocked off balance (almost) as she flung her arms around his shoulders and pressed her lips to his. Sliding his hands up her legs, he stood up with his arms around her waist without breaking their passionate embrace.

Pulling away only when he realised he hadn’t completed one important aspect of the engagement, Klaus pecked her lips one final time before bringing the hand clasping the ring box in between them. Looking up at her through his lashes when she giggled in anticipation, holding her left hand up for him (blue tie still wrapped around her palm), he plucked out the ring and slid it onto the correct finger. It fit perfectly; snug against her knuckle with the diamond glinting beautifully in the light.

Caroline held up the hand against his chest to admire the sight, leaning her forehead against his as the giggles failed to stop bubbling out. “I love you,” he murmured, lips brushing against hers.

“I love you,” she replied before following through with a heated kiss that effectively stopped the (probable hysteric) giggles in her throat. “We’re really going to be late now. I need to redo my makeup and I kinda wanna just take you to bed first.”

Smirking, Klaus tossed the empty jewellery box behind Caroline onto the chest and reached up to brush her hair back from her face, all the whilst keeping his other arm around her waist to keep her to him. “Its a good thing that dinner is just for the us two then, hmm?” he informed her slyly, tugging her gently with him back towards the main area of their bedroom.

Curling her fist into his shirt, she tossed back her head with a sigh of relief. “God, my fiancé’s a genius.”

Lemon Eyes || Bonkai Fanfic

I already posted this on ff.net but I know I always tell you guys that I will post on here as well and THEN I COMPLETELY FORGOT! So, I was writing and took a mini break to catch up on here (YES, I AM UPDATING UNDISCLOSED DESIRES;) 


A baby summary of this: Bonnie moves to NYC to live with Caroline and Klaus, who are indeed coupled up (I’m a Klaroliner!) Klaus is a high-powered attorney with a lot of strings that he can pull and a very influential BESTIE;) Enter Malachai Parker, a billionaire businessman, with an eccentric reputation. He is known for being quite the playboy and having a questionable temper. Caroline realizes her close friend is struggling to find her footing and asks Klaus to juggle that ball of power; so he does. 

Can Miss Bonnie be the personal assistant of an egotistical and childish, yet charming and intelligent Mr. Parker? 

Of course he does have his requirements…

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My Dream for the Queen

Since there is always an event like every season where the girls get to dress up in the fanciest attire that I love. Except this time I want Bonnie to be invited since they usually opt out in having her in these types of episodes besides Prom. I want her to come back from the Other Side and Elena to tell her that there is this huge ball they have to attend, especially she has to attend so that everyone can know that she is back. I want Bonnie to kindly refuse going because she’s doesn’t feel up for it after the months she spent in hell. I want Caroline to pick her out a beautiful floor length dress anyways, just in case she changes her mind. Then while her friends already left I want her to stare at that glorious fucking dress that Caroline picked out for her and think that she should go, because she should be able to have some fun after all the shit she’s been through. 

While everyone is talking or dancing, they see her. And everyone freezes in awe and I want everyone’s mouth to drop open; I’m talking Stefan, Caroline, Tyler, Matt, Jeremy, Alaric, Jo, Liv, Enzo I mean everyone! But I want Damon to smile because their at the top of the fucking staircase is little old Bonnie Bennett looking like the fucking queen she is and shocking everyone with her unparalleled beauty besides Damon because he always knew the gloriousness that is Bonnie. Of course Bonnie’s going to act shy, because she isn’t use to the attention, so she nervously smiles. Which only makes her all the more beautiful and absolutely no one can argue that she is the Belle of the fucking Ball! Then Damon starts to clap and everyone commences to clap as well, as everyone celebrates the beauty that is Bonnie fucking Bennett! She starts to laugh as she descends down the stairs her dress trailing behind, as it should for royalty!! They clap harder and some holler because for one second I want everyone in the fucking tvd universe to appreciate Bonnie Bennett.

Then when she finally reaches her friends and I want Caroline almost in tears at how beautiful Bonnie looks in the dress and I want Enzo to say something like, “Love, you look as if you’re begging me to sweep you off your feet .” and I want Damon to be like, “Yeah maybe you should come to balls more often Bon Bon.” Because she should, she really should, because she’ll slay! And that is my dream for the Queen that is Bonnie Bennett!