i want blonde back

the ever-present prokopenko, or: k’s dream boy in his nightmare world

ok so like. we all know that the skool luv affair jacket shooting was where yoonkook began to gain popularity but like. despite all the things that were given to us, i couldnt help but notice these little scenes in the background outside of when the cameras were focused on them:

(where even outside of the shot we can still see yoongi’s fond grip on jungkook’s shoulder) 

and also ???

we could’ve had a skool luv affair era selca ????????????

what I really think of Monsta X

Shownu: leader goals, like if you can deal with these bunch then you are obviously a superhero, papa bear shownu ♡, i want to bite his arms too i mean what, precious eye smile, gentle and really looks after the other members SO damn well!, so hardworking! deserves all the good things…

Wonho: monbebe’s no1 fan. would do anything for us. but we want to do everything for him too. so lovable! all his wishes needs to come true because he is a good bean. like seriously his personality is A+. looks aint that bad either ;) must be protected at all costs… stop calling him a hoe. he aint ok

Minhyuk: bias. my love. pure SUNSHINE. glue that holds everyone and everything together. so much love for him ughhh.. never forget when he was covered in glitter. Blond!minhyuk is still my fave. SO HYPER??? like how? but I would love to have him around, he’s so extra xD cute af.

Kihyun: sass master. photographer!kihyun is my aesthetic. his voice is so nice like it gives me goosebumps?? I have a thing for his forehead. But y’all know this by now. boyfriend material ;; so freaking attractive! and i can tell that he loves the other members otherwise he wouldn’t nag them so much!

Hyungwon: meme. 75% legs. model chae is my fave. but also sleeping chae. iconic line: Bish I wanna get high. them lips… sigh. LITERALLY TOO BEAUTIFUL TO HANDLE. starship he has a wonderful voice, give him more lines. can be cheesy and greasy but we still love him ^^

Jooheon: I’m still not over Matthew ok. hella awesome. he really does have RHYTHM. those dimples though. I can never get tired of his aegyo but also his swag! sweet af, adorable but also can be sexy…. yep. would forever call him Jooheoney ♡ 기억해 이 시간 never wanna see him cry ever gain :(

I.M: bias wrecker, honestly why do I stan, voice can get girls pregnant, doesn’t look like a maknae but acts like the maknae, talented af, HANDSOME, but also very very very cute, LIKE STOP BOY?!!!!, iconic line: I AM WHAT I AM MAN. & bring back his blond hair pls. I want to feed him. Just me? oh ok…


I got tagged by @dklem​ to show my phone background, the last song I listened to and a selfie! Thanks for that!

Yeah you can see a pattern in the phone backgrounds about the stuff I like….and yes I did the purple picture with shiro myself and I liked it

And Outro:Wings has been the song I listened to almost 24/7 lately bc its just so damn inspiring to work hard (like almost every song by BTS)

The selfie is from last summer and with mY LITTLE BROTHER LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS HE WANTED US TO DO THE PEACE SIGN AND TRIED SO HARD TO COPY ME AND CHECK IF HE IS DOING IT RIGHT I just have a lot of emotions about this picture

black, puerto rican, white and adopted.


I haven’t publicly opened up about my race/ethnicity/upbringing because it’s taken me a long time (26 years) to understand it.

These are my birth parents (and me). My birthfather was born in Puerto Rico. My birthmother, I think Ohio. My birthfather is black latino. My birthmother is white (primarily hungarian and italian).

This is the family that adopted me. Adorable right? They are white - irish, polish, german, english, maybe a tiny bit of italian. 

Here is one more picture for proof of just how cute my family is.

I grew up in a predominately white suburb until I was 13 years old. I had tight big curly hair past my shoulders that the kids teased me for. I had a wider set nose and darker body hair than any other girl in my class, and I had the darkest skin (but as you can tell I’m not that dark).

I’ve known I was adopted since I can remember. My mom used to try to explain to me that I was black puerto rican, which is different than african american. And that I was also white. But seeing as there were no black people where I grew up, I only knew black people by what I saw on TV - which as we all know is a negative stereotype. My mom did everything she could. She took me to the city (for diversity), she bought me every single color doll (she had to special order these dark skinned african dolls because it was the 90′s), and she explained to me over and over again that I was bi-racial, and puerto rican. But as a young child I didn’t understand and didn’t care. One of my brothers classmates once told him “your sister is a nigger” and my brother punched him in the face. My mom told me what happened, but I wasn’t hurt by it because I didn’t understand. But I knew it wasn’t right.

I always knew I looked different - I just didn’t know why. But I knew that I didn’t want to look different. In the third grade I remember wanting to get surgery to have smaller lips, a narrow nose, and straight hair. I dreamt that I had blue/green eyes and long straight blonde hair. I always wanted long hair that went down my back - and it wasn’t until I straightened my hair for the first time in middle school, I realized curly hair shrinks and my hair reached my butt.

My parents made a decision that changed my life, they told me to apply to an art high school in the inner city. I applied, I got in, and my mom and I moved to the city while by dad stayed with my brother in the suburbs for two years until he graduated high school.

Finally, brown people. But then the black girls told me I wasn’t puerto rican cus my ass wasn’t big like J Lo (I was 14 what?), and people told me “I was the whitest brown girl ever”. My best friend (to this day) told me after we become acquainted that when the teacher called my name freshman year of math class he thought “I was going to be some boring white girl.”

It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago for college that I was exposed to blatant racism. But I was also exposed to puerto rican culture. And widely accepted by all brown people. I dated a white guy 2 years in college who called me a nigger and it was around that time I started making art about racial identity and took a class on latino culture.

When I went home recently, (my extended family is also all white - minus some girlfriends) it dawned on me, that there is no space for me in white culture. When I’ve spent so much of my life trying to insert myself into it. And for what? To always be alienated?

When I was young, I didn’t want to be black. Because from what I learned from TV - black was bad. When I got older, and was honest with myself, this brought me to tears. For awhile I thought well maybe I can’t identify as black or puerto rican because I grew up surrounded by white culture. But then I realized despite where I’ve been and what I thought to be true - I am black. And I am latina. That’s where I belong. And just because I’m pro black and pro latina, doesn’t mean I’m anti-white. Like I said, white people raised me.

But that does make it a little trickier for me - being bi-racial and puerto rican, and coming from a white family.  But I’m figuring it out. And it might never be figured out. But I know I come from love, and I am surrounded by it. And I’ll never deny my blackness ever again. I am black and latina, and I have never been more proud.

THE MOMENT IVE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE I REVEALED THAT ROXAS IS A FAKE BLOND IS FINALLY COMING!!! initially i was just gonna have him grow his roots out till it was all-natural brown again but…im impatient and too lazy to draw his roots anymore. ive been waiting forever to draw roxas w all-brown hair….soon…..so soon…..im so happy everyone…(꒦ິㅂ꒦ີ)

my natural hair has grown back to where it’s now maybe 2 or 3 inches long and it’s so soft and healthy… like i didn’t realize just how damaged my bleached hair was until i got 2 compare it. and my hair is already super healthy & soft & moisturized for someone who’s bleached it blonde! so that’s saying something

Youngjae Smut (Got7) - Games, Not Gifts

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“Oh, you’re done? So soon?” Youngjae spoke to you, but kept his eyes on the TV screen while his fingers did work on the controller.

“I’ve been gone for 45 minutes. Not that short,” you laughed, sitting down on the loveseat across from him as he sat on the sofa.

“Really? Time goes by so fast…”

“Maybe because of that game of yours,” you shook your head, laughing at him.

His own laugh echoed yours and he said, “why are you laughing at me?”

“Nothing. You’re just so cute,” you answered him with a smile on your face, admiring him as a whole. Your eyes scanned his whole body; as innocent as you two seem on the outside, behind closed doors you two are just the opposite.

“How would you feel if this cutie told you to come here, then?” Though his eyes were focused on the screen, you could tell his mind had other things in mind.

“I’d come, of course,” you got up from the loveseat and sat down close to him on the sofa.

“Why did you sit so far anyway? Are we supposed to act traditional or something?” He chuckled.

“That doesn’t matter anymore. Can I play?”

“Sure, I just finished this round anyway,” he said, his hand moving from his controller to running down your bare thigh to grabbing the spare controller on the table. “Ah, you’re wearing my shirt again.”

“It’s comfy.”

“It’s comfy, you look good in it, I love it when you wear it… You should wear it more often.”

“I can’t wear it outside!”

“Of course not! I don’t want other guys to see you. Just wear when it’s just us.”

“What about the other members?”

“They fall under the ‘other guys’ category, you know.”

“But they’re like brothers.”

“Right, but you don’t know what a man’s head is like. I do.”

“Ahhh, so you’re you saying you fantasize about others girls, too?”

“What? No, that’s not-”

“Hey! I was joking–why are you so defensive?”

“Shh, shh,” he interrupted whatever you were going to say next and shoved the controller into your hands.

Pouting, you fixed your grasp on it an idea popped into your head, “do you think we can do it while playing?”

“What?” He looked at you surprised. “How would that even work?” He laughed again.

“I’ll do something with you than no other girl can,” you said seductively, climbing onto his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. Your lips nibbled on his ear, your hot breath grazing against it, slowly grinding your hips against his. His hands let the controller roll off and went to your hips. He buried his face in your neck and took in your scent. “This way, you won’t think about any other girl.”

“Are we going to do it now?” He mumbled as you felt his hard member press against your crotch.

“Mhm,” you hummed as your lips attached to his neck. You told him to sit as he was and that you would do all the work. He quickly unzipped his pants and rolled down his underwear so that his it was popping out. You grabbed the controller, sliding onto his length; you were thankful that the sofa was big enough to support the position you planned out.

“You won’t fall?”

“Hopefully, I won’t,” you giggled. “Okay, let’s play!”

You successfully balanced pleasure and play as you often rode his length. While your fingers focused on the controller, your lower region focused on the other thing. Your hips went in a circular motion, causing Youngjae to weaken in gameplay as there was an increase in friction.

“Watch yourself, baby,” he warned you, pressing the pause button and tapping your ass. “We may be fucking, but I want to win–play fairly.”

“You’re hot when you talk like that,” you smirked, increasing the frequency of movement.

“Oh, fuck this,” Youngjae growled, stripping himself quickly of his clothes and pushing you to the carpeted floor. You squeaked at the sudden force as Youngjae pushed your legs open and rammed into you. His hands gripped onto your arms to hold you in place as he fucked you. His rapid thrusts slowed down and he let go of his hard grip on your arms. Your walls clenched around his member, making him moan.

“Don’t do that,” he panted into your ear. “I want this to last longer.”

You felt him pull out almost completely before ramming into you again. Heat radiated off of his body as he thrusted in and out of you, his lips silencing your gasps. Your moans echoed into the kisses while your thighs squeezed onto his body. With your arms wrapped around his neck, you fingers tangled into his hair and your legs firmly wrapped around his waist.

“This… won’t do,” he breathed, picking you and shoving you against the wall.

The new position let him go deeper. You limply hung on his arms as he roughly moved in and out of you, skin slapping on skin. Your lips gaped, letting screams escape.

“Mmm, Youngjae…”

“Y/N, almost,” he panted.

With one last ram and moan, he finished inside of you. Exhausted, he carried you to the sofa, setting you down gently before flopping down beside you.

“You good?”

“Yeah,” you nodded as your chest heaved. “That felt good. Let’s do that again,” you giggled, your eyes moving from his sweaty and smiling face to the clock. “Oh, it’s midnight.”

“That means…”

“Christmas!” You two chorused.

“I think I already got a good gift, though,” he commented. “You’re the only girl I know.”

“I better be.”

“I better be the only guy you know,” he eyed you.

“Of course! No guy can fuck me that good.”



tbh i want youngjae to bring back that blonde hair

lmao these are getting less and less christmasy oops

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anonymous asked:

What color hair would you want to see Namjoon try next? I think he's one of the members that suits colored hair the most so I'm always excited to see what color his hair is gonna be since the stylists have fun with his hair. Same with Yoongi, do you think they're gonna let him have a break and keep his black hair or change it?

for namjoon, I distinctly remember him saying he doesn’t mind dying his hair because he likes the colours?? so I think that gives them a reason to always dye his hair which I feel #blessed for because seriously the boy looks soooo good with blonde/coloured hair and colour wise I’d love to see him go back to run pink because next to the chestnut brown it’s prob my all time favourite colour but I would looove to see him go back to grape, silver, deep deep blue not fire moonchild blue but like a deep gray blue. I hope they keep his hair a decent length though because all though he looks 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 in all hair styles my personal fave is the longish on him where he has like a part and flips his bangs kinda wow

and yoongi I am loooving the lack right now especially when he has little pieces of blue but imma need him to go back to dope blonde/white because wow did you ever see something so beautiful? but I also feel like soft orange would look so cute on him. OMG GO BACK TO THE LILAC GRAY HE HAD FOR LIKE 2 DAYS FOR THE JAPANESE VR OF I NEED U WOW WHAT A LOOK THAT WAS THATS PROBABLY MY FACE ALONG WITH THE BLONDE!!!!! and with that I still want him to go back to the iconic mint 👌🏻

I’m a hoe for all the colours