i want blonde

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.

Can I just talk about Anakin’s hair inconsistencies. 

I love how Wookiepedia does even know: “Blond to brown”

I like to think it’s the sun that does it. Like when he was a kid, living under the double suns of Tatooine, his hair was lightened. And the inconsistent color we see in TCW is because he is hoping from planet to planet (and living under Coruscant’s wacky artificial climate). And sunlight would explain why in some episodes it looks like his hair is brown with blond highlights:

Like here he’s obviously gotten some sun:

And before the Kadavo episodes Anakin must have seen no sunlight at all: 


No sunshine:


But it’s also just the lighting (from the same episode):


I don’t know man. Anakin’s hair is just as inconsistent and moody as he is. But I think we can pretend it’s the sun that changes his hair, just to have some rational explanation.