i want bigger and better pictures


  • [text]: did you enjoy the pics? ;)
  • [text]: send me pictures
  • [text]: where are you? why aren’t you back yet?
  • [text]: i dont know if this is what i want anymore
  • [wrong number text]: (muse name) has gone out for the night, i’m all alone ;)
  • [wrong number text]: i just don’t know if i love them anymore
  • [wrong number text]: can we forget about last night? don’t tell (muse name) please!
  • [wrong number text]: i fucked her/him aha ;-) told (muse name) it was just a drunk kiss tho
  • [text]: i love you so fucking much
  • [text]: i hate you
  • [drunk text]: UR SUCH A BITCH I H9 U 
  • [text]: i cannot stop thinking about you
  • [text]: i need you. now.
  • [text]: please respond. im so worried about you
  • [text]: last night was so GOOD
  • [text]: what are you wearing? ;)
  • [text]: is he bigger than me?
  • [text]: did you sleep with her ?!
  • [text]: you’re just a slut
  • [drunk text]: yOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL !!>!
  • [drunk text]: dont tell (muse name) but theY ARE so hot
  • [drunk text]: im iss youu
  • [text]: bed or floor? ;-)
  • [text]: not to be desperate or anything but im currently home alone and on the verge of jerking myself off to pictures of you. would be better if it was the real you though !
  • [text]: i want you naked.
  • [text]: are you going to the party on saturday?
  • [text]: i want to show you how much i love you
  • [text]: do you hate me?
  • [text]: i’m so sorry
  • [text]: WAS THAT A SEXT
  • [text]: family dinner tomorrow night, and i’m prolly gonna finger you under the table..
  • [text]: I just bought new underwear for the sole purpose of you taking it off
  • [text]: netflix and chill? 
  • [drunk text]: lveae me alone for 29 minutes !!! jeezss
  • [text]: damn you looked so good today. kinda wanted to bend you over that table you were leaning on lol 
  • [text]: where are you i have something you need to fix (its a boner)
  • [text]: wtf is the notebook even about?? “if you’re a bird then i’m a bird” ? they’re both humans
Dear the voting population of the UK

This general election is so important, not just for the next 5 years of power but for the next 50. It is not just a case of who we let take us out of the EU, but making sure that our rights (both human and working) are protected, as well as safeguarding the NHS, education system and environmental policies. 

And even though Brexit is at the forefront of our immediate minds and future we have to think past it and see the bigger picture. We have to decide what we want our country to look like in a generation to come - do we want it to be isolated and broken through the continuation of Conservative selfishness or do we want a country that cares for its young people and makes steps towards a better and more equal future? 

If you, like me, don’t want a Britain torn apart for good I beg you, please make sure you register to vote and go out to vote on June 8th! Don’t waste your vote and please vote for a party other than the Tories. I think that our best chance at stopping May from seriously damaging this country is a united left of all strands- Labour, SNP, Lib Dem and Green. There may be lots of things we don’t agree on but I think we can all agree that we have to make sure Britain stays on the right side of history and I believe that is one that protects the things that really does make our country great - The NHS, education, housing, welfare and inclusivity. 

Article 50 has already been triggered- there isn’t any going back, whether you were for it or not, so now it is our job to make sure that the Conservatives don’t make it a worse situation, where the only people who come out on top are them and the bankers. We have to stand up and fight for young people, the working class, and other minorities. We have to protect the future for them and this country. 

I know we’re all tired and it seems hopeless with so much negativity in the world, but now is our chance! Now is our chance to change something, to take back power and see real positive change! Campaign if you can, talk to your friends and family about what you want from this election, do some research into your local candidates and parties. Even if you decide you don’t want to vote for a leading party in your area, spoil your ballot- I promise it will send a stronger message than not just voting! But I will say again, our best chance is a united left, so please take a moment to think and vote wisely! 

And again, PLEASE GO VOTE ON JUNE 8th !!!! A massive issue we face is a low turnout and we need to make sure we are ready to fight this battle. 

Even if you are not in the UK at the moment or are unable to vote, please reblog this post to spread the message and encourage others. This general election is so important. 


Hooray, I finally finished! This is based on @russianfeya‘s Neon Pink Motorcycle fic. It’s a soulmate AU where people have a mark that changes color depending on the soulmate’s mood. Yuri no longer has a mark (due to Reasons) and it just hit me in the most recent chapter that when Otabek asks “How are you feeling?” he’s actually…you know, comparing notes. :D
Anyway, if that sounds like something you’d like to read, I highly recommend it!

Good Kitty

Also on AO3
Chronologically follows “Nightmare Fuel,” but can stand on its own. 

Marinette twirled around, feeling the fabric swing around her legs as it swirled around her.

“Slow it down just a little,” Chat suggested.  "Purrfect.“

His praise made her heart beat a little faster.  Their photoshoot in the evening sunlight of the middle of summer wasn’t the only reason she was warm

"Keep the smile and when I tell you to freeze, I want you to just stop spinning,” he said.  "Got it?“

"Better hurry up before I tip over,” she replied.

“Aaaand… Freeze!”

The skirt of the dress obeyed the laws of physics and continued wrapping around her before eventually swaying back like a pendulum.  The world still seemed to spin around her, and she was relieved to feel his steadying arm around her her a moment later.  "Oooooh.  Sooooo dizzy.“  She laughed.

"I’d like to do a couple more of those to be sure I really captured the swing of the fabric,” he said, brushing his lips against her forehead.  "But you won’t have to twirl so long for those.“

"You’re really good at this stuff,” she said, slipping her arms around his waist, and blinking up at him as Paris continued to rock and sway in her distorted vision.

“Uhhh… I am?” he seemed genuinely surprised.

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The Signs As Logic Lyrics

Aries: “These fuckers facades, they just a mirage, right?, I said these fuckers facades, they just a mirage, right?, Tell me that they love me, know damn well that they don’t give a fuck, I be on that finger flipping killing shit up in the cut, That’s what’s up, All these bitches out here tryna gas it up, This is everything I ever wanted, I can’t pass it up, Life changed in a year, couldn’t happen fast enough, “Can I do it like you do it?” That’s what they be asking us, White Benz, black card, bitch better get your plastic up.” -Under Pressure

Taurus: “Yes, I want it all from the big to the little, things, When you hear my voice it rings, C-notes in my pocket, cause logic does not prefer to sing, All the women know what I’m about, Make music then i dig ‘em out, Cause I got it, flow hypnotic, And not a single one of y'all doubt it, And when I think about the life I live and the studio time I give, To the fans in the stands, usually kill it but now you can dance, Cause this is a banger, logic is not a stranger, To makin’ that music that make you feel better.” -I Want It All

Gemini: “Reinvention, that’s my intention, Want so much more than this third-dimension, That’s not to mention my true ascension is a bigger picture, No metaphor, I’m being real with ya, But it will hit ya like, “goddamn!”, Going HAM, full of all of them, In a spaceship, I’m in another system, So futuristic, on another mission, But back on Earth everybody bitchin’, I been in the kitchen, Livin’ my life—no inhibition, life to death with no intermission, Now the good book said we all the same, and we kill each other but it’s all in vain, And we all to blame, can’t see the picture when it’s out the frame.” -Fade Away

Cancer: “Baby do you remember, Warm summers and cold winters, Songs by soul singers the feeling it still lingers, Elevated by my kiss as you melted between my fingers, Babygirl, sometimes I wish, That I could just rewind this shit and take it back, I had visions but they just faded black, My train of thought is on a different track, When you’re in love it’s hard to separate fiction from fact, Your image in my head, and I’m trynna get rid of that, But you’re always on my mind like a fitted hat, Baby girl, I wanna bring it back to puppy love, When you was sent from up above to care for me, Said that you’d always be there for me, And even though you’re gone, it’s like you never left, Cuz you always in my heart and still take away my breath.” -Can I Love

Leo: “Ayo, fuck all that, it’s the fat young Jesus; flow prestigious, Stackin’ money and playin’ the field man like Regis, Better believe us or leave us, Grabbin’ your bitch’s cleavage like, “woo-hah”, I went from surveyin’ to Super Saiyan slayin’ the man, Bitches want an autograph, I sign them titties in crayon, like goddamn!, It’s me and B-I-G L-N-B-O cookin’ like chemists, It’s me and B-I, B-I, B-I-G L-N-B-O, L-N-B-O, Posted in the club in baggy jeans and a beanie, Sippin’ on a martini, takin’ my pick at bitches like eenie meenie, I’m unscannable, young cannibal, eat wack MCs like Hannibal, Cause Joe Pesci’s my spirit animal.” -Young Jesus

Virgo: “All this other shit I’m talkin’ 'bout they think they know it, I’ve been praying for somebody to save me, no one’s heroic, And my life don’t even matter, I know it I know it I know I’m hurting deep down but can’t show it, I never had a place to call my own, I never had a home, Ain’t nobody callin’ my phone, Where you been? Where you at? What’s on your mind?, They say every life precious but nobody care about mine.” - 1-800-273-8255

Libra: “Mighty strokes of war, Have already been dealt against the enemy, What kind of a people do they think we are?, Is it possible that they do not realize, That we shall never cease to persevere against them, Until they have been taught a lesson, Which they and the world will never forget, I said, we’re young, broke and infamous, I said, we’re young, broke and infamous, I said, we’re young, broke and infamous, I said, we’re young, broke and infamous.” -Young, Broke, and Infamous

Scorpio: “Going crazy cause I only feel this good with you, Maybe I’m just not as strong as I once was, When we’re together lately I don’t even feel a buzz, I’m addicted to this shit like it was hard drugs, Nikki baby I love you but now I gotta go, Cause in the end what happens you already know.” -Nikki

Sagittarius: “Just ride with a mothafucka, Keep it real, never lie to a mothafucka, hold me down, Chillin’ in a-gadda-da-vida, rockin’ Adidas, With a señorita and she sippin’ liquor by the liter, That’s royalty, like the homie Gambino, He know we be in the casino, lightin’ Cubans with a C-note, I'ma fuck the game, dare you to test my libido, Comin’ up shorter than Danny DeVito, Whenever I step on the beat, ho, Like a killer on the creep slow, Had my share of defeat, but we still gon’ eat, ho.” -Alright

Capricorn: “But I cling to the streets even though I wanna run away, I imagine a better life, Where I never had a debt in life, Hit you with the {gunshots} in the dead of night, Sellin’ crack to my own pops, Pushin’ this weight on my own block, If I sell a brick I can buy a house, If they find the key they might lock me up, But I take the chance, 'Cause I need that shit and don’t give a fuck, Take the chance, 'cause I need that shit and don’t give a fuck.” -Gang Related

Aquarius: “The incredible album, what an incredible outcome, I grip the mic and then talk to the people like I’m Malcolm, I used to think the fame and money was the motivation, Until I toured the world and met the people face to face and, Understood that the power was harnessed in that basement, It ain’t about the money and notoriety, It’s about the people and making a difference in society.” -44 Bars

Pisces: “Most living the life that I’m living, Is driven by money and women, But you’re all I ever need girl that’s a given, feel me, Now sick as fuck just heal me, My heart broken can you seal me, Baby I’m knowing that our love is ever-growing, Which direction are we going, I think we should get to slowing it down, The only girl that make me smile when I frown now, Re-interrupt but we can fix it though I wonder how, All I know is I miss the way you smile.” -Love Jones


SF9 Reacting To You Wearing Their Clothes

hi~A round of of applause for my first reaction.~ Thank you @fatimaloveskpop hope you like it! 


I feel like Inseong would be like “Yes jagi. But wash and return them I need my sweaters back…” He would find it cute when he walked in the door and found you cuddled in a sweater of his. 


I feel like he would giggle and be like “wah why are you in my sweater!? Why are you so cute!?” I also see him giving you a one of his sweaters for while he’s away because he knows you miss him. 


One phrase: oh my god. my heart is… oh my god. I can see him dying on the inside because you decided sweater paws was the correct way to greet him after not seeing him for a couple of days. “aigoo jagiya why must you twist my heart this way?” 


“YAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BOXERS JAGIYA! THEY’RE NOT SHORTS.” Dawon is the king of loud voices and overreactions. He would flail his arms as he’s saying it and when you start laughing he starts laughing and there you both are laughing your asses off because you forgot to do the laundry. 


“Jagiya I don’t like sharing clothes…” As he pulls you closer and stops you from taking off his sweater. From then on he complains about you wearing his clothes but lowkey tells the guys how cute you are and even has pictures saved in his phone of you sleeping in one of his bigger sweaters.


“Aish jagi this won’t do. You’re cuter than me in that sweater…” He would totally want to take you out for dates with you wearing his sweater. Kissing your nose and cooing because damnit you’re so gosh damned cute in that sweater. 


“Hey! You better not yell at me next time about wearing your beanie. Sweater thief.” I see you guys fighting over who gets to wear what sweater what day. “Jagi I want to wear the grey one it matches my shoes…” He would also be your photographer. And you his. “Jagi come take my photo over here the lighting is better over here.” Would lowkey lose fights just so he could see you in his sweater because he is highkey so smitten.


Forever taking you shopping so you can pick out your own sweater, but you never buy anything and the next week after his scent is all over his new sweater, you have stolen it. “HEY! Why didn’t you buy your own!?” “Because I like your taste and you won’t wear my sweater to get your scent on it.” While still a little frustrated he would be giggly because that was just too cute. 


Even though he’s a little shy bean, he would be so excited to see you in his sweater. You’s go over to see him with his sweater on and he would instantly die. Also try hiding you so the guys wouldn’t make fun, but inevitably Dawon would see you and scream that you were there and in his sweater and then hell would break loose because his eight hyungs wouldn’t shut the hell up. But it was worth it, cause when they finally leave you alone your cheeks are red and he gets to enjoy his cute embarrassed jagi.

A/N: none of these gifs are mine. So credit to the owners! I hope you guys like my first reaction and thank you for requesting and keeping up with me. Much love baes. Much love. Xxoo <3 <3 <3 <3

Ohkay, guys. I see a lot of you are mourning on my asks.

This is not the time to feel sad. We all knew that together with the release, PR was coming.

Analyze the timeline of things: Camila announces she would release two songs. Ty decides to release his MV the same day at the same time. Coincidence? I think not. He is ridin’ with her fame. Juz like how he wanted to be on L’s spotlight. Lez face it C and L even if not combined has a wayy much much bigger fanbase than he has.

C likes his MV post. Making her presence known. She is unbothered. She is not insecure. She can love her better.

Ya’ll cryin’ over old pictures posted. Lauren with Ty. Camila with Alessandro. They are old photos* emphasis on the old because those were strategically needed to be released today. Daz how marketing work. How PR work. You mindfuck your audience. You create a buzz. I graduated from business school folks. I have a business degree. I know. Marketing was my favorite bwahahaha. This is part of the game.

So head 💪 strong. ❤️ Heart strong. M'kay? 🌚😎

The Killers Talk 'Grown-Up' New Album 'Wonderful Wonderful'

When the Killers set out to record what would become their fifth studio album, Wonderful Wonderful, which will come out next month, the band members decided they wanted to act their ages. “I don’t want to chase what’s on the radio,” says Brandon Flowers, who’s seated with drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. in the secluded lobby of an upscale Manhattan hotel. “The best way to put it is that I wanted to inhabit my age, so it’s a snapshot – a true representation of where we’re at.”

Musically, they achieved that on the record, which features a guest appearance by Mark Knopfler on “Have All the Songs Been Written,” with deep keyboard textures and their typically big choruses. The title track is a dusky mood piece that recalls later Depeche Mode and maybe a little Talk Talk, while singles like “Run for Cover” and “The Man” hark back to the upbeat, danceable post–New Wave pop-rock that defined their early hits – just with a little more rhythmic oomph. Elsewhere, they explore pastoral sounding synthesizers on “Rut,” which sports shades of Springsteen in its shimmery strings, and on “Some Kind of Love,” an almost ethereal meditation on love that was based on a motif originally written by Brian Eno, called “An Ending,” that had appeared on his Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks LP in 1983.

Guiding them through the recording of the album in their own Battle Born Studios was producer Jacknife Lee (R.E.M., U2, Bloc Party). “He pushed all of us in all sorts of directions,” Flowers says. “Sometimes music and the emotion behind it is very hard to explain. He has a gifted way of explaining it. So we worked on it together.”

“He gets the bigger picture,” Vannucci says. “We’ve worked with other people who might be better in their little corner of expertise or something like that, but as far as a broad strokes, holistic approach, it felt like he sort of understood the band and what we needed to achieve in making this record.”

Lee also helped Flowers in his quest to make a more mature album, lyrically. “I talked to him about wanting to make a more grown-up record. It’s a scary word to say ‘adult,’ so we say 'grown-up,’” the singer says with a laugh. “He pushed back a couple times on things, and that makes you reevaluate it. And sometimes he may have won, and sometimes maybe I won. But it’s always good to have those conversations and conflicts.”

Overall, Flowers feels like he made progress on one major front. “I put more of an effort to be more personal on this record,” Flowers says. To open up, the 36-year-old reflected on turning 21 for the tongue-in-cheek lyrics to “The Man” (“I was doing things that I thought maybe a man should do, but I was still just a kid,” he says), he tapped into the vulnerability he felt as a child in 1990 watching Buster Douglas knock out then-undefeated Mike Tyson and realizing “nothing lasts forever” (the soaring “Tyson vs. Douglas”) and he sang words of support to his wife, who suffers complex PTSD stemming from childhood traumas (the atmospheric “Some Kind of Love”). “It’s really emotional,” he says of the last tune. “I played that for her, and she just sobbed.”

That emotional authenticity has been the band’s guiding beacon throughout the recording. “Yesterday, we listened to a bunch of songs by different artists and nobody told us who did what,” Vannucci says. “Some stuff was very honest and other stuff was very custom-fit for a certain demographic – it was three minutes and 14 seconds, and it got to the chorus in less than 30 seconds. It was totally predictable and kind of lame – and it was guys approaching 50 doing it. Nothing seemed true.”

Even before that listening exercise, though, quality control was important to the band as they made Wonderful Wonderful. For Vannucci, the idea of being true to himself was a guiding force. “The thing that keeps us honest is our integrity,” he says. “We’re just trying to be that listener when we were 15, 20 years old and trying to recognize that honesty in other artists.”

For Flowers, it was the people he loved who would be listening to it. “The thing that keeps me honest is my kids,” he offers. “They’re gonna have to face what I’m putting out one day, and I want them to be proud. I also want to be able to walk into a restaurant with my head held high." 

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Special announcement: I have a Patreon now!


So yeah… I´ve had this page set up for quite some time now, but I was never sure if I could dare making an announcement. This has been on my mind for a while. With some help I could make bigger costumes, visit more conventions and work on lifestreams and tutorials. I have plans. Huge plans and I want to keep getting better for you guys :)
If you would consider helping me out, I could keep living this dream.
There are some great tiers and extras for patreons only and I am always open for suggestions on what to build, to explain or what kind of stupid/funny pictures to take :) Even a little bit helps!

Reblogs would be greatly appreciated! <3 It would be awesome if you guys could help me spread the word. 

Sonic 25th anniversary art book review

Hey guys, it’s Shadow. I bought this book. And I’m really emotional about it.

This review will feature a lot of pictures to prove my points.

TLDR; Don’t buy the book. Just ask me if you want a picture of anything. I believe other ppl already made scans of the good pages but If you want me to I can make scans of the few pages that atually do have concept art.

edit: you can buy the book ofc i just think its not worth it, mostly when you are poor as fuck like me and u go in for an investment. (though it would help maybe getting another, better one? I’m kinda conflicted here)

Onto the review:

Fist of all: this book is bigger than you think.

This is an intuos pen&touch small as size ref

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anonymous asked:

What problems does each type have with typing others?

People generally have trouble seeing others objectively, often due to the fundamental attribution error and/or correspondence bias, not able to clearly distinguish between dispositional and situational factors. Being able to see another person objectively is less related to type itself and more related to type development and being able to see past your own implicit type biases. As an observer, it’s important to be aware of how your own subjective lens affects the quality of your observations, e.g., sometimes you may be more likely to type someone as similar to your own type if you view them favorably or more likely to type them as an opposite type if you view them unfavorably, or sometimes you may assume that if someone acts similar to you then they must also think/feel as you do.

Sensors tend to take people’s behavior as a direct representation of their thinking process, so they are better at typing people whose thoughts and actions are very congruent, but they’re not as quick to see when people harbor hidden or ulterior motives. E.g. “If you ordered sushi for lunch, then you like sushi” (but actually they just wanted to try something new). “If you helped me out once or twice, then you’re a helpful person” (but actually they just did it to get something in return later on).

Intuitives tend to look for patterns in behavior, so they are better at typing people by looking at the bigger picture of that person’s overall character, but they can also easily bend and twist minor details every which way to convince themselves of the wrong conclusion, i.e., it’s easy to concoct convoluted “patterns” that don’t really exist. E.g. “Everyone types this character as ISTP but I am convinced that they are really ENFJ because they’re in the grip of Ti and prefer to be alone because they fear hurting people but they really do care for people very much and they’re matter-of-fact about their feelings” (but this can be and is more likely to be true of ISTPs and there was no convincing evidence for why the character would be in Ti grip for the bulk of their lifetime).

Thinkers tend to value competence and impartiality, so they often type people by giving more weight to measuring intelligence or emotional bias in decision making, but this also means that they are overcritical and don’t understand people with enough nuance, failing to acknowledge every possible factor (intrinsic and extrinsic) that can influence a person’s decision making process. E.g. “If you fail, then you are stupid” (but actually they failed because of the tremendous unseen stress/obstacles of the situation).

Feelers tend to look for moral intention in people, so they are better at reading feelings and motives, but this also means that they can easily overstep and ascribe “motive” (as well as blame) even when it is inappropriate to do so, i.e., they see moral failing and then jump to assume immoral intent. E.g. “If you say something offensive, then you are an offensive person” (but actually they said it out of pure ignorance, not any malicious intent).

A lot of typing errors simply come from poor knowledge of type theory and/or not having enough exposure to all the different variations of a type for good comparison, so they pick out the wrong details as “proof” or they rely too much on reductive stereotypes. People can be very complicated and it’s not always easy to know what they’re thinking/feeling or which exact factors led them to behave/decide as they did.

My shipping story

So most of you know I used to be one of the major shippers. I guess I was looking for something in my life at the time to fill a hole, found Outlander, Sam and Cait and all was right again. I hadn’t been in the fandom long before Abbie accompanied Sam to Monte Carlo so at that point I just went with the feeling that they were friends. When Abbie posted pics from from Sams kitchen I blissfully ignored it all. I think I even believed at one point that she was staying at Sams while he was at Caits. Then clay pigeon day came and I thought it was more. I was heartbroken and I almost jumped ship but friends talked me down and I happily carried on blissfully ignoring everything. I totally believed Sam had flown all around the world that New years Eve to see Cait in Costa Rica.

‘Interview from hell’ was next. As I’ve said before I went wedding dress shopping the day after that and I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember any of it because I had been awake all night upset because ‘how could Sam and Cait do that to us’. Then the scotch talks night came, they posted pics and all was right again in my world. I met them in the March and gave them the macaroons. I didn’t ever believe they were married (maybe engaged) but I wanted to give them a joint present from the shippers. I went home thinking they were a couple and how adorable they were.

Next Mackenzie showed up and she was my new Abbie. I along with the other shippers thought she was creating innuendo, playing Sam etc. I tried to ignore her but as time went on it started to become more and more obvious she was something in Sams life. At the same time Cait had been seen with Tony in alot of places. It was Cannes in 2016 where I first had major doubts. I remember thinking surely if Sam and Cait were a couple he would be with her not flipping a tyre over in a street in Scotland. Instead Tony was with her. I didn’t believe in Tptb keeping them apart because surely that would be a goldmine for Starz? Sam next showed up in Montreal where Mackenzie was filming. I was starting to get depressed over it all. I had to start seeing things at face value because it was now affecting my life.

Forward to October and Caits birthday. Rosies tweet made me re-board the ship. For a while I ignored Mackenzie again and obsessed over what looked to me like Sam turning his Twitter into a Cait love fest. It didn’t last long because Mackenzie was back again and then we had the Baftas which was my final nail in the coffin. I couldn’t ship them anymore when they had others. I had to draw a line once and for all and emotionally cut myself off of the ship.

I felt sad. I felt numb. I hated them both for a bit. But when I looked at the bigger picture, I was more annoyed with myself. I had allowed my depression (which at that point been almost gone for a few years) to resurface over it all and it wasn’t right. It was all over my perception of Sam and Cait and what I wanted them to be.

So here we are months later and I’m in a much better place. Sure I sadly lost all but one of my shipper friends but my emotional health is alot better. I believe in love and happiness and to see Sam happy and comfortable with Mackenzie well I’m now here for that. Same with Cait and Tony.

I don’t really know why I wrote this, I always get crap when I write about my Sam and Cait feelings. I wanted to sympathise with shippers but I also wish that some shippers would see the bigger picture. That there is another side to the ship if you just allow yourself to stop and breathe for a bit. Sam and Cait really aren’t the liars you think they are. They are simply living their lives and have been all along. Peace to all ✌

hey, our lil tumblr squad seems to be growing & i find myself followed n following some new people

hello! i’m juli. i found myself in the beer/restaurant industry & stayed though i have some big ideas & who knows where those will take me but i also find immense satisfaction in my work & working hard though i try not to let it define me, i am happiest when i am gardening or riding my bike or singing or dancing or throwing a party big or small, i try to make the world a little brighter but i also strive to take no shit & can get from zero to scrappy real quick, i love when people try to be good to each other, & especially love when people are aware of multiple depths & nuances of things going on around them & how they affect their surroundings or just fit into the bigger picture, i try to tag things that you might need a warning for but sometimes i might mess up or have to fix an answered question that doesn’t allow for it until after the fact, i strive to fight for equality & justice & i want to keep learning & challenging myself to be better, every once in a while i will spam you with answers to beer questions, every blue moon you might see something a lil’ racy, but mostly CATS & sometimes DOGS, & your standard hatred for the current administration & fascism & did i mention cats

WIP picture of a (yet unnamed) new doll :) Eryn is a regular dragon, Ifrit is a salamander/fire dragon and this little one is a Leafy Seadragon. Really wanted to know If I could do something like that; already had to make her bigger, otherwise her eyes would have had a diameter of 1mm.. Now its 2mm at least (yeah way better, lol).

 I’m trying to keep her leaves at least 1mm thick, but she will be fragile nevertheless. Current plan is to make the leaves all removable, so that they can get casted in different colors than the body.

I’m still debating with myself about her moveability. Leafy Seadragons maneuver via the fins to the sides of their head (for steering) and at the beginning of their tail (for speed)… all their leaves are actually only for camouflage - and therefor shouldn’t move on a doll :S but that would be boring.

On the other hand, making 1 to 2mm big joints will be a pain x,D But well, I’ll do a few and then see if it makes sense to make more.

My Beautiful God

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Characters: Y/n, Chuck

Pairing: Chuck x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Angst, character death, abandonment, regret, sadness, sorta hope at the end, but not really…

Word count: 1320

Summary: No matter what he’s done, he’ll always be the one for you. He’ll always have your heart. 

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by @unabashedgentlemenpirate -Ok. Um so could you possibly do something with the song ‘Fare Thee Well’ and Chuck? Maybe a bit of angst touched in there? Thanks!. Ok, I have no idea what song this is, I looked it up and there’s like a billion different versions with slightly different lyrics. But they all have the same sorta gist. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! And…I have no idea if this is good. I did that one drabble, but this is my first time really writing…Hope u like it!!

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I never knew just how much I could hurt.

I’d never had anyone to love.

Not truly.

But then you came along. With your smile. Your joy. Your entire soul radiating love and perfection.

It was in that moment that I truly realized, despite how flawed my creations had been throughout their entire existence, there was always that single thing that was beyond anything in existence.

That one work of art that stood above the rest, that drowned out any other beauty in the world and took centre stage.

And for me, that was you.

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for sunday blurbs: YN wins her first Oscar,and Seb(and their fans) go crazy on social media

i know you said for seb to go crazy on social media, but i changed it up a bit i hope you don’t mind!

when your name was called, your heart literally stopped and you could not move. everyone around you jumped up and applauded and you just sat there in disbelief. your best friend, whom you brought along as your date, nudged you and you turned to look at her. she nodded at you to go on stage, mouthing to you that you had won.

you jumped up and smiled at everyone around you. you couldn’t believe that leo fucking dicaprio was standing up and applauding you when you should probably be kissing the ground he had just walked on.

you quickly hurried to the stage and hugged and kissed the presenters on the cheek. you held the oscar and stared at it, let out a slight chuckle. you could not believe it.

the music and the applause died down and you began to talk into the microphone. not before letting out a profanity which sent the audience into laughter and the technician’s backstage a frenzy. it was live for the east coast, after all.

“sorry,” you winced, letting out a laugh yourself. 

you thanked the director of the film, the producer, your cast mates, your manager, your publicist and everyone in between. you saved the best for last. your family, friends, fans, and sebastian. he wasn’t able to make it to the show since he was off in another country filming.

“sebastian, i wished you couldve been here tonight to share the moment with me,” you grinned. “but since you’re not, i guess you’ll just have to watch on tv like the rest. i just want to thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to be better and bigger. i wouldnt be standing here on this stage with this award in my hand if it weren’t for you. thank you. i love you.”

you finished your speech with something a bit more cheesy before walking off stage. you took pictures with the presenters and then you were told that your actual statute was going to be at the after party, where they would engrave your name on it.

the award show soon ended and when you were outside waiting for your ride, you took out your phone and quickly noticed all the notifications on your lock screen. chuckling you replied to all the texts and emails from people congratulating you. going on your social media was even crazier. all of your fans were spamming your old posts with congratulations.

but there was one person that was missing in the midst of all the craziness - sebastian. he had sent you a long text message that you would save to read in the car.

once the car showed up to take you to the after party, you hopped in and quickly opened his message.

(y/n), i am soooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you. and i too, wish i could have been there. but like the rest of the human race, i did watch it on television just for YOU. not like i needed to watch it to know you were going to win, but it was nice to hear them say it and to see you holding the damn thing. God, I wish i could put into words what i’m actually thinking, but this text message would go on for days if i did that.

i guess, in short, what i want to say is that you deserve this award more than anyone else in that room. ok, maybe im being a bit dramatic. can you blame me? but, seriously, you do deserve it. everyone fucking gave you a damn standing ovation!!!!!!!!!! god, i wish i could’ve been there!!!!! stupid work. 

anyway, i love you and i’m so damn proud of you. i just wanna go on the top of this hotel roof top and scream it, but i’d probably get kicked out and my publicist wouldnt really enjoy fixing that, but who cares. YOU WON A FUCKING OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!

thank YOU for being YOU. 

i love you, (y/n). ❤️😍😘

p.s: i want to be the first one, other than any one else around you, to see your statute with your name engraved on it. 

@sims-influence asked how I took this picture above and if it was an ingame manipulation. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. I wish we could do such camera movements ingame *sigh* So, in my case it’s just a photoshop manipulation. My reply turned out to be a mini-tutorial. I tried to explain everything as much easier as possible for such Photoshop beginners as me :D Mini-tutorial is under the cut:

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David Duchovny in NYC

Forgive me ahead of time. I tend to be detailed in my reviews so this will probably be long. I’ve never met David or seen him perform so this was all new and exciting for me.

As soon as I heard that David would be performing an hour or so plane ride from me, I decided that I was going. It was a tossup between NYC and Boston, but I chose NYC because I have friends there (they aren’t DD fans) and I haven’t been there since 2000 so I decided I’d stay for three days. I was flying out from Montreal the day of the concert at 6:40am, to arrive in NYC at 8am. I was up at 3:30am and at the airport by 4:50. Everything was fine and then I got on the plane and that’s when things started to go horribly wrong. The plane had a computer glitch. We had to go back to the gate. This problem lasted 90 minutes. After two attempts to leave, the pilot informed us that the flight was canceled. Panic and anger at Air Canada set in. There were now 300 people looking for another flight to NYC.

I got on the phone with Expedia and it took them 40 mins to find me a flight on another airline before 1pm. But I had to book it through the Air Canada agent. By the time that it was my turn, the flight was sold out and so were all the other flights leaving before noon. They also told me that LaGuardia was sold out so my only option was a 1:30pm flight landing at Newark which is a 45m to an hour from the hotel that I had booked. I had no choice so I took it. It was  9:30am and I had all this time to kill. I spent it stressing out that I was doomed not to see David.  I was also supposed to meet up with Valerie @vavieddfan and some others for lunch so I hoped I could find her when I got to the venue.

At noon, I went to the gate and they told me the gate had been changed and that the flight was delayed to 2pm due to bad storms in NYC. I was in tears again. By the time we took off, it was 2:20. I was quite nauseated while we were landing and almost passed out when I got off the plane. Nerves, stress, fatigue and lack of food. Thanks to the kind man who assisted me down the jet way so I wouldn’t keel over. I didn’t want to pay the $80 for cab fare so I called Uber and of course, my app decided to act up. It took me 12 minutes to get a driver. Someone had told me to be at sound check by 5:45 and it was now after 4. I looked like crap and I knew I wouldn’t have time to fix myself.

I got to the hotel at 5pm, flew into my room, changed my clothes and freshened my makeup. I didn’t have time to do anything with my hair so I clipped it up and hoped I looked okay. I hailed a cab and got to the venue at exactly 5:45. They started letting people in five minutes later and I finally started to relax, but that was short lived. The ticket guy stopped me and told me I had the wrong ticket. REALLY? This was the last thing that I needed to hear. I told him that I purchased the ticket last year and I chose the VIP sound check option. He told me to wait on the side while he let everyone else in. After he came back I said, “Look, I came from Canada to see him and this sound check was an option when I purchased my ticket…” and I don’t know if he could see that I was about to burst into tears, but he just told me to follow him. Bless this man. I thanked him profusely… twice.

Now I could finally relax. I spotted Valerie at the front and called out to her. There were two guys standing in front of me so I waited a few minutes then asked them if they would mind if I went to stand next to my friend. They were kind enough to let me. I was all excited to meet Valerie and be in the front row. Kerry (sp?) came out to tell us David had a sore throat and wanted to save his voice for the show so we’d be getting personal pictures with David instead. Everyone cheered. Suddenly my entire bad day vanished. :) David came out and I almost fainted again, but this time due to how absolutely gorgeous he is in person! People have said this, but to see him with my own eyes - he is breathtaking. He does NOT look 56! He talked to us a bit and his voice was hoarse. Then his band did a few songs with Colin, who is a talented cutie, singing. One of the songs he sang was Half Life, which I had avoided listening to ahead of time. I really liked it and couldn’t wait to hear David singing it.  

Now it was time for the pictures. I could see him as I got closer and I don’t get nervous when I meet famous people, but I had a few butterflies. More so because I thought I looked awful. I had what I refer to as “nine hours in an airport” face & hair. Okay, it’s my turn. I took a deep breath and went for it. David shook my hand and said, “Hi, how are you?” His hands are quite soft. *melt* I said, “Great. I’m happy to be here. I almost didn’t make it.” He said, “Aww, I’m glad you did,” and pulled me into a hug. I wrapped both arms around him and felt his arms go around me. *melt*  He is all muscle. His back, side and stomach (which I will get to in a minute). Like Valerie said, the person taking the pictures was taking a while so I took the opportunity to discreetly smell him since my nose was smooshed against his shirt. He smelled freshly showered to me. I moved my face away slightly when the girl said, “Ready.” After the picture, he rubbed my back and said, “Thank you for coming.” I started to walk away and then I turned back and told him that I hope he feels better soon. But as I said this, I RUBBED HIS STOMACH! I seriously have NO IDEA WHY and it wasn’t something I had planned. It was like automatic. Maybe because I do that to my little nephews when they are ill. I really don’t know. LOL. I immediately froze, thinking WTF did I just do. But he just smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you again for being here."  I wanted to pass out.  I went to stand next to his friend Matty and watched Valerie with him and then I floated out of the lounge. OMG! I just met David freakin’ Duchovny!!!! I said something like that to Valerie and I couldn’t stop smiling. I was right though. I look like absolute crap in the picture. It doesn’t help that the lighting is terrible and the settings in that camera are way off so we look yellow. I’m not going to get into my opinions on all that, but yea…  The important thing is I HAVE A PICTURE WITH DAVID! DAVID HUGGED ME! I TOUCHED HIM! WE TALKED! Breathe… I crossed it off my list and replaced it with, "Need a better picture with David.”  That’s my next mission. Maybe a comicon.

We went back upstairs and we were concerned that everyone in back who got to the pictures first would be back up before us therefore we’d lose our front row spots. Of course people were there, but we wound our way back up. Unfortunately someone was in my spot, a girl and a guy and when I asked her if she would move over a bit because I was there before, she budged like two inches. Annoying, especially since there was enough space between her and the guy for her to move a bit more more. I spent the rest of the time before the show trying to fight my way between her and Valerie. David came out at 9 and I forgot about blondie and concentrated on him.

Plenty of people have already reviewed the concert so I won’t rehash, but I’ll just give my personal impressions. Boundless energy, self-effacing, humble, appreciative, gentle, inspiring and talented. For someone who was sick, he didn’t sound bad. His voice cracked a few times, but overall I was impressed with how good he sounded. His voice has improved a lot over the past year. I love the dancing, as he calls it, “My dancing is a cross between Michael Jackson and Ed Grimely. Ed Grimely on my mother’s side.” LOL. The faces he makes. The little smiles that melt your heart, the sexy looks, the adorable looks, the interesting looks - one in particular that I call his “Mulder face.” It just is - to me. I lost track of how many times I leaned over to Val and said, “Je vais mourir,” (I’m going to pass out/die). LOL

He made sure we knew who his band was, that he was nothing without them, that they have their own projects and asked us to support them. They are all talented young men. I didn’t want to take a lot of pictures or video for two reasons: 1. I wanted to drink in everything I could and just be in the moment. When you concentrate on your camera, you miss the little things. 2. David said, “Be here now.” He wants us to engage and have fun and that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to remember what I saw and not read about what I missed. So I filmed short clips of a few songs, aside from my 3 favorite songs: Unsaid Undone, 3000 and Half Life. I brought two cameras with me. My newer camera has a bigger SD card and battery life so I used it to record those three songs. I used my old camera for pictures and the video clips. Ironically my older, cheaper camera takes better concert pictures and videos. I thought he did four songs for the encore, but I only remember three right now so perhaps I’m not remembering correctly. Hell or Highwater, Sweet Jane, The Weight. Perhaps Lately It’s Always December or one of the other ballads was part of the encore as well.

He is awesome at making eye contact and maintaining it. *melt* He is great at remembering faces and acknowledging those he knows or has seen many times, like Walt Frasier. He knows how to draw you in and keep you there. He knows how to get you moving. He wants US to have a good time because HE is having a good time. DAVID IS LOVE.

I took a cab to my hotel and the driver had never heard of it so I had to go digging in my purse for the address. I took my new camera out because it was in the way and guess what? I left it in the cab. Yup. I filed a report, but I doubt I will ever see it again. The next ride probably stole it. I hope they are *thrilled* when they realize that the battery needs its special charger and I have it. It sucks that I don’t have those three David videos, and it sucks that I lost a $400 camera and my 32GB SD card. But you know what? I have my memories and no one can steal those from me.

Thank you David for a memorable night. I’m already anxious to see him again. Well, I kinda did, in Central Park. I didn’t talk to him. He was walking too fast anyway. Just a nice little bonus. :D

Valerie - @vavieddfan Elizabeth - @lyricbird, the fan from Hungary whose name I cannot remember (sorry!) Walt, Laurice and everyone else I met - so wonderful to meet you all! Until next time…. :) <3