i want baby to win so vote now!!

anonymous asked:

"Wouldn't it be fun to do a lil award thing within the fandom to build community and friendships?" "WTF UNFOLLOWED!!!" God, why are people so quick to assume that others are being malicious? It was a cute idea, how could they have gathered something so negative from it?

i can see why people would feel annoyed by the awards for the exact reason that anon stated, bc more often than not the winners usually end up being the bigger and more known blogs. but like @viktornikiforow commented, even those blogs started out as tiny baby blogs once and got to where they are now by being important contributors to the fandom so i don’t think it’s unfair if they get the recognition they deserve? and there will be so many different kinds of categories that i’m certain smaller blogs will win as well! in the end it’s up to us to nominate and vote for our faves, so if you want the smaller blogs to win, nominate those and show your support! ♥

and like… i’ve taken part in a few fandom awards kind of things before. in some i didn’t get nominated, in some i did, never won anything lmao, but it was always a very fun and positive experience! not only did it bring the fandoms together to have fun and show our appreciation for each other, but i’ve also found many great new blogs and people though them ♥

that’s it. It’s 9 AM in Korea now, we did what we could. I want to thank every single person who helped us from getting views, to streaming the songs and voting, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Even if we don’t win, it’s alright, let’s try harder next time. Now, please be good babies and don’t blame any other fandom nor group. It’s unfair, I know, but it’s not their fault. If someone comes and leaves you hate messages, just delete them. Not worth trying to fight them because they won’t understand, stay classy babies ;) I LOVE YOU ALL, now imma take a nap to sleep all this unfairness off. Now, we can always keep on streaming the MV right? Please do! And! Give some love to the Chinese version too♥