i want atheist

anyway,,, atheism is not a movement. and you’re not challenging any already established cultural perceptions by painting The Atheists as generalized Bad People who are out to destroy religion. i mean if you think lack of faith in God is an irredeemable quality in a person just be up front about it lmao

Latinamerican Representation

As a latinx person I hope for representation, as a child I would cling on to every character with brown hair, because that’s the closest thing I could get. When I was 10 I wanted white features, because that way I would look “attractive” and like the people on TV. It took me 3 years to accept my features and find myself beautiful. I started for searching for representation, good representation where girls weren’t sexualizes or seen as bad or simply exotic. Where men weren’t seen as the “sexy exotic boy with the accent”, where we weren’t sewn as drug dealers and the punchline wasn’t that we hopped over the border. Where our punchline wasn’t our goddamn accent and they wouldn’t the character seriously because of it. I wanted goo representation. I still do. I got tired of seeing the same troupes and features because we are fucking diverse.
I want to see latinamericans as respected professionals that are seen just as competent as the white man.
I want black latinamericans that aren’t told that they aren’t “really black” or that they have to choose.
I want white passing latinamericans that aren’t told that they aren’t Latinamericans.
I want latinamericans that aren’t sexualized.
I want aromantic latinamericans.
I want latinamericans that aren’t touchy feely.
I want mentally ill latinamericans.
I want latinamericans with strong indigenous features.
I want latinamericans that aren’t ridiculed for their accents.
I want latinamericans that aren’t question for their lack of accent.
I want half Asian half latinamericans (they are prominent in some places) that aren’t called “chinitos”.
I want religious latinamericans that aren’t ridiculed or stereotypes.
I want atheist latinamericans.
I latinamericans with different religions.
I want latinamericans that have small families.
I want latinamericans that have big families and it isn’t seen as a joke.
I want latinamericans that don’t speak Spanish and told that they “aren’t really latinamerican”
I want latinamericans that were born in the US and get respected.
I want biracial latinamericans that aren’t told tel choose or that are “watered down versions” of either their race or ethinicty.
I want latinamericans whose main language isn’t Spanish.
I want latinamericans that are nb and that have to struggle the pronouns in Spanish, but that their main story arc isn’t that.
I want trans latinamericans who are supported.
I want nb latinamericans that don’t struggle.
I want queer latinamericans.
I want questioning latinamericans.
I want brown latinamericans that aren’t stereotypes.
I want latinamericans that are geniuses.
I want poor latinamericans that aren’t seen as dumb or drug dealers.
I want rich latinamericans that still have their culture.
I want open minded latinamericans.
I want latinamerican representation like Poe and Cassian.
I want latinamericans that prefer American food but love latinamerican music.
I want latinamericans that love tortillas and such but love American music.
I want fat latinamericans that are still seen as beautiful and respected.
I want skinny latinamericans that aren’t called the top model of sex or are insulted.
I want latinamericans that are sewn as white passing in their country but in the US are seen as brown.
I want muscular latinamericans.
I want sensitive and emotional latinamerican men that aren’t made fun of or seen exotic.
I want latinamerican women that aren’t fetishized.
I want the punchline of the crossing the border to end.
I want indigenous people in Latin America to stop being seen as savages an instead seen as a people protecting themselves from white invaders.
I want latinamericans that are /respected as much as white people/ .
I want us to be represented correctly. Every type of latinamerican. Because we are diverse. We are NOT all the same. We all deserve to be represented. I want a little latinamerican kid to look at the TV and be happy, because there’s someone that looks like them. And I want it in this century. In this decade. And if not in this one the next.
We deserve this. Every minority deserves this. And if I missed anyone I’m sorry.

Of course those goddamn gringos only care about themselves. I hope it happens during Trumps candidacy so he cam fucking deal with it and suffer.

Que sus vidas sean lindas, y su día hermoso.

For Lent, I am giving up all my fucks. This one’s for you, Jesus.

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can you explain a little more the Luthor as Satan thing you mentione sometimes?

narratively, if you look at bvs, clark, bruce, and lex can slip into the roles of god, man, and the devil quite well. lex operates and acts in accordance to this role. 

the devil creates conflict between man and God - causing man to question the very divinity, the goodness, and the judgment OF God. which is… literally what lex does in bvs.

the devil provides man with the tools for his destruction and disobedience of god; lex luthor spreads discord where there once was acceptance. lex literally provides bruce, the embittered man who has lost his way, the tools for his destruction through kryptonite.

his goal is to create doubt and uncertainty in the almighty, to exacerbate the suspicion and distrust in the hearts of men. lex orchestrates the africa scheme and the bombing, creating doubt and uncertainty. lex manipulates o’keefe and bruce, exacerbates their hostility towards superman.

he makes himself so important by being the one casting down superman and yet ironically, holding superman up as God.

in this context, Man was only ever an ephemeral pawn in the game played between God and Satan.

it’s obvious that in lex’s perspective he feels like he’s doing mankind a great service. he’s not LITERALLY Satan lmao, he’s a very flawed, very fascinating human character. it’s in the allegorical prometheus speech. he believes himself prometheus (who is still! not human!), saving man from a haughty, vengeful god. but in doing so, he is punished.

he even says it to clark’s face, that he’s doing all this to show humankind how superman is a fraud. lex as a general character is supposed to be the pinnacle of human progress — self-made through hard work and human intellect. next to superman, he’s minimized. his achievement is minimized, all of human progress is meaningless.

so he wants to be the HUMAN hero destroying this threat to humanity. but the narrative role he continues to don in bvs is the tempter, the trickster, the vengeful, jealous Lucifer who orchestrates conflict between man and god, tears down his one almighty enemy, and reaps the reward.

he even raises his hand in acknowledgement when he mentions “the problem of evil in the world” — it’s really interesting how he seems to shift every so often, from this delusional heroism to self-aware fury and malevolence.

If someone says “God bless” or “praying for you” or “God is amazing” (in response to someone’s healing or something) and your reaction is to post some incredibly douchey, stuck-up, nasty comment about how “God doesn’t exist” or “actually MEDICAL SCIENCE is amazing, ur God is made-up bs”

Get out. Take your gross, toxic negativity elsewhere

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as an atheist i want to apologise for the acts of shitty atheists. i love this blog tho

it’s cool, i’m an atheist as well! i’m just not that invested in what religions other people believe in so long as they keep it to themselves

@absurdseagull: the meal might actually be bad, i want to be good at conventional housewife things
@somnilogical: you are good at “conventional” housewife things and housewife things which are perhaps less openly spoken of
a: still i want to say an atheist prayer
a: … إن شاء الله‎‎ …
s: oh that’s still valid
a: hm?
s: “[x] shall happen if God wills” remains true because God doesn’t exist
a: *jumps*

Why I have a problem with the Valar or Why I would have followed Fëanor

I’m not saying the Valar are unfair, I’m saying I consider them unfair, I’m saying I don’t like them. Actually I do like them as characters because they wake all these strong feelings in me.
These are the reasons why I would have followed Fëanor away from Valinor and the Valar. I was reading chapter 9 yesterday and couldn’t go to sleep because I kept thinking about this so I decided to actually write it. Not meant to offend anyone of course (come on guys, whether you agree or not, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine) other than the Valar themselves, but I always offend them so nothing new there.

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Random Out Of Context Quotes from College

“You look like the sort of man who has duct tape.”

“Look me in the eyes. Look me in the windows to my soul. Look me in my soul holes.”

“Could you get a spoon and scrape this dough off my hands?”

“I can’t make decisions in Walmart!”

“I have pancakes and I have laziness. That’s the perfect combination, honestly.”

“Would you really trust your penis to something from a Russian piracy website?”

“You don’t just sit around the toaster with one waffle in it like it’s a ritual sacrifice.”

“Can I take pictures of your feet? It’s not for a fetish, I swear…“

“So your number one object to Bob and Larry smut fic is that they are brothers…and not that they are vegetables…”

“This donkey is gonna be a pain in the ass to draw.”

“Today we’ll be in Lust Land.”

“I think collapsing would be nice.”

“Soothe the chicken. Caress the chicken. Whisper sweet nothings to the chicken.”

“I’m going to murder that helicopter.”

“I don’t want Rapunzel boob hair! This is not a life problem I signed up for!”

“And this is why I have an image on my computer called whore.jpeg.”

“Why would the ding lie? The ding is good and pure.”

“Pixar have many secret. Thirteen secret.”

“The only way to make it look like you haven’t moved the lights is to move the lights.”

“I’m fully loaded. I mean–gun! I mean–this!” *waves nerf gun around*

“I know an indeterminate number of people named Josh.”

“I don’t know if this has rhythm, but it has cabbage.”

“Does this mean all horses are atheists?”

“I wanted to take the marinara by surprise. And it worked.”

“You cannot copyright the coast of Maine!”

"I just want you to know that the key to a happy life is crumbled feta cheese.”

“Stop lusting after my eggs.”

To God from an Atheist

I want to know why it feels like
I’ve been lied to
by a carnival fortune teller
who pretended she wasn’t thrilled
when I handed her a wrinkled dollar.

Her crystal ball
contained all of the constellations;
I couldn’t see one.
So I knocked it to the floor,
and ten million shards of glass 
reminded me of the stars.

I searched amongst them to find you

When I was 13, I told my parents I didn’t believe in God any more. I wanted to be an atheist because I believed that religion should be about community and having a place to go in prayer, not something that should determine women’s freedoms

The bigot in a TV show is usually a hyper-religious asshole. Fuck that, it’s old hat by now. I want an atheist asshole. A militant atheist asshole. 

“Well, scientifically speaking, you need a male and a female to reproduce, so homosexuality is a useless dead end, nature would never allow that!”

“You grandma didn’t go to a better place, heaven isn’t real, she’s IN THE DIRT FOREVER!”

“Ugh, still “praying” to your “God”? Tell me when you grow out of your delusions.”