i want arpakasso


So after a couple messages, asks, and pokes I finally got around to taking a collection photo. Let me tell you how shocked it was when I couldn’t even fit them all on to this vanity! I just have them in a pile in my room because I don’t have time to organize them so when I lined them up one by one I was so shocked at how big my collection has gotten @____@ Anyways here it is in all its glory and wonder. I actually didn’t have room to put the purses so I kinda just put them on top of everything LOL I also have a couple more coming in a week or two >___>||| Ung…. lol haha now it’s everyone else’s turn to post pictures of your entire Alpacasso collection! I’m somehow turning this into a tag! A POST YOUR ALPACASSO COLLECTION TAG! I tag @littleshyfawn@creeepytea @lumichi @m-lissa @celticshrooms @disneybunny @flavours-ly @snoopily @tamabonotchi @bobbibloodrose and everyone who sees this XD haha!