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The Cat

Title: The Cat

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Ethan Nestor x fem!reader

Word Count: 1937

Summary: Chica’s acting funny, and when strange things happen, even stranger assumptions are made

Authors Note: This story is told as the reader is female. As alwats, for my NonBinary/Male pals out there, if you would like for me to rewrite the story with genderless pronouns, just let me know and I’ll get it up as soon as possible

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Ethan Nestor was not a cat person. Sure, he thought they were cute, thought they were soft. Yet, if there was any other type of dog in the room, he would immediately make a b-line for it. He loved Chica to bits, hugging her and petting her as much as possible. In a way, it was his way of remembering his dogs back home. He missed his two best friends, Max and Dexter, more than anything in the world. His love of dogs was something everyone knew. Many times, the team would lose track of Ethan just to find him curled up on the floor cuddling the golden retriever, or even taking her for random walks if she needed it. It was a precious relationship they had. 

Until one day, when Ethan walked through the door, Chica immediately ran up barking loudly. Ethan jumped, surprised by her sudden attack. Never had Chica ever been so hostile with him, so aggressive. A large blush covered his cheeks, embarrassment dusking face and neck. 

 "Chica! China, no! No barking!“ Mark approached Chica, forcefully pulling his dog away from the red faced editor. Amy was quick to rush over, pulling Ethan in the other direction. 

 "Ethan? You okay?” The boy only nodded, quickly brushing himself off as if trying to get rid of something. 

“What happened?” She asked as Mark approached them. 

 "I don’t know. I’ve never seen her act like that before.“ As if coming to a realization, Mark slowly looked to Ethan out of the corner of his eye, who was still rapidly sweeping his hands over his clothes. "The last time she did that, was when Katherine brought her cat home for the first time." Ethan completely froze, a small grimace twitching his lip upwards. "Chica doesn’t take to nicely to cats .” Amy quickly turned to Ethan, her eyes wide. Ethan? With a cat? 

“Ah! See, no. Not what you’re thinking. I was just, uh. When I was walking from my car, a cat came up next to me. I pet it for only like a second. Ha. Wow, Chica has a really strong nose. What a smart dog!” And that was that. 

Ethan immediately threw himself into editing, only talking when absolutely necessary. He fumbled over things, dropped his headphones more than once, and even walked right into a chair. Everyone was concerned. Was he okay? Never had they seen the blue boy act so strange, and that was saying something. Ethan was the first person out the door that day. Granted, he was one of the first to be there, but rarely had anyone seen Ethan leave that fast. He had finished all his work, so why did Mark find his actions suspicious. 

The next day, Ethan was back. He walked in with his usual swagger, greeting Chica with a smile and a pat before plopping down at his desk. He waved hello to his friends, cracked jokes, and even was willing to film a video with Mark and Tyler. Mark couldn’t help exchanging looks with Amy, confusion pushing his eyebrows together. Had yesterday just been an off day? Did he completely imagine it? Despite Ethan acting like his usual self today, Mark couldn’t help the nagging feeling that lingered. 

His confusion only raised as weeks past and Ethan’s behavior only began to get stranger. Somedays, the blue boy would come in with a large smile, happily bouncing all around, nothing fazing him. Others, he would come deflated, like he was upset but no one could figure out why. Well, not everyone. Ethan and Katherine only seemed to get closer as Ethan’s behavior became more sporadic. They would sometimes be found in the small kitchen, whispering quietly to each other, but as soon as anyone entered, they would break apart and continue whatever they were doing silently. Other times, they would leave together, claiming they were carpooling, despite the fact that they lived in complete opposite directions, and brought their cars that day. The rest of the team couldn’t help but get more and more suspicious. It was Pam who suggested maybe they had started dating, but wanted to keep it a secret incase it didn’t work out. Based on what they had seen so far, no one had disagreed, and a pact was made. They would give Katheryn and Ethan as much space as they wished, and no questioning them. They would tell the group when they were ready. 

 Nearly a year had passed, and now Mark was getting angry. If Ethan and Katheryn were actually dating, they would have told them already, surely! He started huffing, pacing back and forth. Amy sat across from him, lounging on his couch. 

 "I just don’t understand. Do they not trust me?“ Mark started pacing faster, rubbing his hand through his hair. Amy sighed lightly. Mark did have a point. Amy thought that Katheryn was her friend, her best friend. They always told each other everything, even the gross stuff that should have been kept to themselves. 

 "I don’t know, Mark. But I trust Katheryn. If she hasn’t told me yet, there has to be a reason. Maybe they want to be super sure before they tell us. It is a big deal after all. Mark sighed, pacing back and forth for a few more seconds before giving up. He plopped himself beside his girlfriend, laying his head in her lap. Sighing one more time, he crossed his arms. 

 "But I wanna knoooooow.” The childish response pulled a laugh out of the blonde woman. Leaning down for a quick kiss, Amy pressed play on the movie they had had queued up a few minutes ago, relaxing into their Sunday night plans. 

 Another month or two passed, the group now settling the idea that Katheryn and Ethan were dating. Now, it was a waiting game. When were they going to tell them? And just like that, the bets began. Tyler had guessed within the next two months. Pam had said within four weeks. Amy had said in the next two. And Mark, ever the optimist, said by the end of the week. 

However, as the week passed, as Friday quickly approached. On the day in question, everyone had gathered in the editing room, passing glances to each other. The only people missing - Katheryn and Ethan. Mark was getting more and more excited. Today was the day. It had to be the day. Mark’s excitement only grew as Kathryn quickly rushed into the room, a bright smile on her face. 

“Guys! Ethan really wants to see you at the front door.” Her smile pushed her cheeks into her eyes, but it didn’t seem to die down, even though it was starting to look painful. She quickly waved her hand, beckoning them to follow her. And they all did, almost too excited. Despite her confusion to their eagerness, she pushed them forward, crowding them into the small entrance way of the office. Ethan was already there, nervously bouncing on his toes. He smiled sheepishly as they finally arrived. 

 "Hey guys.“ He scratched the back of his head, looking to the ground. "Listen. I know I haven’t been the most discrete the last few months, but I have a really good reason." 

 "Ethan. We already know.” It was Tyler who had spoken. Mark was quick to retaliate, shoving his elbow into the taller man. 

 "What? No, no we don’t. Continue, Ethan. You were saying?“ 

 "Wait.” It was Katheryn now who stepped forward. “You know? For how long?” Amy looked at her guiltily. 

“A year." 

 "A year?!?” Ethan shouted in surprise. His stomach twisted into knots. A year. They had known for a year. He could have avoided all of this sneaking around, all the secrecy, for a year. He felt deflated now, but almost relieved. 

“I’m so sorry Ethan!” Amy spoke again, stepping forward. “We really wanted to ask about it, but we wanted you to do it on your own terms.” The genuine smile that crossed his features made the rest of the room smile just as easily. 

 "You guys are the best. Well, not the best. Could have saved all this secrecy and panic, but I’m glad you all know now.“ Ethan smiled again, now more excited than nervous. "I’ve been waiting all year to tell you. I really wanted to do it sooner, but I knew I wanted to be absolutely sure before I introduced you to her.” This caused the room to gain an air of confusion. Meet? But they all knew Katheryn already…unless… 

 "Wait! You’re not dating Katheryn?!?“ Pam practically shouted this, pointing accusingly between the two parties. In an instant, both Ethan and Katheryn had looked at each other for a second before shouting loudly in disgust. 

 "What? No way in hell!" 

 "I mean, no offence to Katheryn, but no way!” Before anyone could get any louder, a single hesitant tap on the door caused the room to fall silent. The disgust that once covered Ethan’s face was replaced with excitement. He wasted no time throwing open the door, a new comer standing just at the threshold. In a very three stooges fashion, the team had all lined themselves up to get a glimpse of this person, the person who was in fact dating Ethan and wasn’t Kathryn. Ethan swopped down with no doubt in his mind, claiming her lips in a sweet kiss. She smiled brightly, returning it quickly before being allowed to step through the door. She smiled at the group, scanning her eyes over one before giving her brightest to the one familiar face in the room. 

 "Hello! It’s very nice to finally meet you all. I’m (Y/N).“ 


 The group was now walking down the street, heading to their favorite lunch spot. (Y/N) followed in tow, her hand clasped tightly in Ethan’s. They were lagging far behind the others, trapped in their own world, occasionally stopping to admire the view, or share another quick kiss. "I just don’t understand.” Amy said, turning her head to look at the shorter brunette. “How do you know (Y/N)? And what was with all the secrecy?” “Oh!” Katheryn almost looked guilty, looking to the floor before meeting her friends eyes. “Remember when we went to see that movie? The really cheesy one with the dead girl?” Amy nodded in recognition. “Well, when I was headed to the bathroom half way through the movie, I spotted Ethan at the ticket booth, hand in hand with that girl. And he saw me too. He quickly panicked, and made me promise not to tell anyone. They both wanted to go slow, didn’t want to be pressured by their friends.” “But that still doesn’t explain why Chica’s was acting weird around him.” Mark said ahead of them, turning to walk backwards to join the conversation. Kathryn laughed lightly. “That’s the day I caught them. That night, Ethan slept over at her house. She has the most adorable cat in the world. Oh my god, you guys need to meet her. She’s so sweet.” And thats how the cast and crew of Markiplier ended up at your house, Chica and your precious cat alternating sitting people’s laps, laughing and getting to know you. You were so lucky your boyfriends friends were so kind. You shared a smile with Ethan, leaning over to give him a sweet kiss. Yep, you were definitely very lucky.

The Worst Kind of Crush - Dally Winston Imagine

A/N: Enjoy! I have two more writing posts to do this week and I’m pretty excited about both of them :) Anyone can always feel free to send in an imagine, preference or headcanon request! I don’t do smut or Character x Character writing for anyone wondering

Word Count: 658

Warnings: None

Pairing: Dally Winston x Reader

Since befriending Steve Randle last year, I’ve adored Dally Winston. His blond hair, cold blue eyes and tough personality for some reason drew me in almost immediately. I’ve been warned about him, but I just can’t help that I’m into him. Just being around him makes me blush and freeze up.

Today is no exception. We’re all at the Curtis house and I’m reading while the boys throw around a football. It’s not that I can’t play or that I don’t like it, but when I play at the same time as Dally, I tend to make a fool out of myself. So, I sit and watch the boys run around with their shirts hanging out of their jeans pockets. It’s killing me to watch Dallas; for someone who smokes and drinks almost religiously, he’s in good shape. I wonder for a moment if he works out when he’s in jail.

“Y/N! Doll? Pass us back the ball?” I blink and snap out of my thoughts the moment I realize that Dally is saying my name.

“What?” My cheeks flush and I curse myself silently for not paying attention.  

“You were staring. Are you okay?”

Steve takes a moment to stop flexing for a girl who was passing by to holler, “She was checking you out!”

“I’m fine,” I answer Dal, shooting a nasty glare in Steve’s direction.

Dally smirks a little and sits down beside me. “Is Stevie-Boy right?”

“Well… I mean…” In an attempt to find the right ting to say, the word “yes” somehow makes its way out of my stupid mouth.

“You’re into me, huh?”

I swear to God, I’ve never wanted to crawl into a hole so badly. “Just because I looked doesn’t mean I’m into ya.” I’m desperately trying to explain myself and that stupid blonde’s smirk just keeps growing.

“You’re blushing an awful lot, doll.”

I could slap him. Or kiss him. Or both. “I hate you,” I sigh.

“Nah. I think you want me, or at least like me.”

“Give me one good reason that would make you think that. Me blushing doesn’t count.”

Dally licks his lips, which are chapped from sun exposure, and scoots closer to me. “Your pupils are dilated even though we’re in the sun, and I think that’s a sign of attraction.” He grabs my wrist and finds my pulse quickly. “Quick heart rate and I know you said not to mention it, you’re blushing. Also, your excuses are really dumb. I know girls, doll. Pretty well.”

Pulling my wrist away from his warm hand, I sigh. “Fine, okay. I like you.”

“Why do you sound so upset about liking me?”

“You’re kidding me, right?” I squint at him. He has to know.

“Please, enlighten me.”

“You’re the worst person for me to like! You don’t like me back, and even if you did, you’d only want me for one night.” Looking down at the concrete sidewalk, I grow more and more frustrated with myself for even looking his way.

“Y/N, what makes you think I don’t like ya?”

“I don’t know. I’m just not like the girls you usually go out with.”

“That ain’t a bad thing. I mean, I’m not really itchin’ to date another Sylvia, and let’s face it, she’s the only kinda girl I’ve ever really dated. Maybe I want something new.” Sighing, he puts his hand on my knee. “How about you give me a chance. I’ll take ya out to a movie or somethin’.”

I nod and lift my eyes to meet his. “I’d like that.”

“I hope it goes well.” Dally smiles a small, but real, smile. “I’d like for you to be my girl.”

The Other Monday Couple (Luhan)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Can I request a Luhan scenario (I miss him so much.) where in you’re a new member in Running Man China and he always teams up with you so you two can protect each other and win please ? Thank you.

~p.s I really don’t know too much about the Chinese version of the show~

You had known Luhan since you were in Korea. As an original member of the South Korean hit Running Man many people were shocked to hear you were departing the show after roughly 7 years. You cried as you had been with them since you were about 17 and they became like older siblings to you and treated you like a baby because you were only 24. You love being on the show and meeting idols and working with the cast but like many things it was no longer your calling to be on Korea’s Running Man. Fir some reason you had actually became a rather popular guest on the Chinese version of Running Man. You were told your humor and charming looks and personality won the people over. Your former cast were accepting of the fact you needed a changing of scenery and you promised to come back every now and again for them as a special guest. They even joked before you left you were leaving them for Luhan.

Since you joined the show a joke had become that you and Luhan were more than just teammates. Neither you or Luhan accepted or denied the rumors of an actual relationship between the two of you because even in Korea there were rumors about you guys. You had proclaimed when the OT12 were on the orginal Running Man, you were going to get Lu, but you meant it as his nametag but it sounded as if you were hunting down the love of your life. After you two had ripped one another’s names off at the same time and the show decided to have both of you out. Since then you two had been close. And from that moment on you were teased for your love of Luhan. So to you, you always compared yourself to the once Monday Couple of the original series. But there was a difference because there really was a real affection between you and Han that they didn’t have.


As soon as you guys started Luhan grabbed your arm and didn’t even need to ask to work together. “So if we’re the last two left this time. And we have to eliminate one another who gets out this time?” he asked as you sigh. “Are you going to buy me dinner?” you ask him “you always want food” he says “damn right I do” you tell him “you should know food is my only reason to live” “my love should be as well” he jokes as you roll your eyes hitting him lightly. “Let me win I’ll take you on a wonderful date” he offered. “I want a movie and a massage” “I can do that too” he told you as you shook on it.


Luhan smiled as he ripped the final name tag looking at you. After nearly two hours of runnign around you guys were finally finished, well almost. Luhan still had to get your tag to win. You managed to rip one off but Luhan had gotten the rest. He went to give you a hug in victory but you surprised him with a light kiss on the lips, you could hear the dorky music already and the fake bright blush they would put on his face after ‘his other half’ gave him a kiss. He stood there for a moment before he felt a rip as you tugged his nametag off. You jumped up and down in victory as Luhan was still in shock. “I actually won one” you say happily holding up his tag in victory before winking at the camera giving it your normal charms. “Did you actually kiss him?” Zulan asked in shock at the random affection he saw from a distance. Everyone started yelling as you just laughed “did I Lu?” you asked “that’s for me to know and no one to find out” he says as he tried to be cool about what you did.

Once you were done filming Luhan had grabbed your arm “you kissed me on TV” he stated. “Yeah” you tell him. “I didn’t think you would want to be public like that” he states. He looked around as he pulled you into a more private area, he quickly smiled leaning in and placing a solid kiss onto your lips. “There’s gonna be so much posted about us now” he laughed. “You mean more than the article of us entering and leaving a hotel together?” you ask as you guys start heading out of the building happily. “We should go public” he states “yeah?” “I want to hold your hand in public and not when we’re running away” he states as you simply reach over and grab ahold of his hand.


Your relationship with Luhan had gone public and your cast members were glad to have a true answer about how you two were. “That’s why they work together. So they don’t feel guilty” Chenhe teased “I never feel guilty for beating Luhan in things” you tell him. “I want to win and my affections hold no merit” you continue to babble. “And that’s why you’re on separate teams” Angelbaby exclaimed as she grabbed your shoulders, you knew the teasing was just beginning.

Momma’s Boy Part 10

Prompt: A witch turns Liam into a toddler causing the reader and Scott to take care of him. (Requested)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) , Scott McCall x Reader


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bee-wrecker  asked:

So how would the aliens react towards watching some of their human crewmates favorite movies ranging from horror to fantasy to comedy to romance?

This is a beautiful idea! I absolutely love movies, though I tend to steer clear of horrors, but trust me, because of how much I watch Cinema Sins, I think I can do at least one horror movie!

By the way, spoilers ahead.

They wanted to have a movie night.

Of course Xylion had heard rumors of these things, but he had little idea what they were. On his planet, entertainment had not been something they focused on. His planet steered more towards hard work and education, but of course there were a few individuals who preferred the fun route, as they called it. His second brother was one of those people.

Xylion was currently seated in the break room, watching the humans argue about which one to watch first. He sighed.

“Mine is better! Who even wants to watch a horror movie?” Human Jenny proclaimed, the colorful case in her hand seeming to be shine under the light.

Human Isaac rolled his eyes. “Hey, who wants to watch yours?”

“Mine is a classic!”

“Hey, you two, please don’t fight.” Human Quinn said, attempting to stop her boyfriend and Human Jenny from fighting.

Human Fredrick sighed. “Let’s let Xylion decide first. He is the guest, after all.”

Xylion was suddenly handed a bunch of cases. He looked down and flipped through them. That’s when he held up the one Human Quinn had handed him. “Let’s do this one.”

All the other humans groaned, but didn’t say anything. Human Quinn shook her head. “All of you are rude, you hear me?”

Xylion said nothing as the movie began to play. As he watched, he memorized parts of the plot.

Poor guy falls in love with rich woman. The two date, then get separated. They then meet again and fight, yet still love one another. Then, it shows two old people in the hospital reading a notebook, and then they both die.

Xylion did not enjoy it. He found it strange, yet Human Jenny and Human Quinn were in tears.

“I hate watching this movie because it makes me cry so much!” Human jenny exclaimed, blowing her nose.

Human Quinn agreed with her and the two wrapped their arms around one another, sobbing. The men just stared at them.

“What was that movie called?”

The Notebook.”

Next, Xylion chose Human Mason’s movie. He stared at the pink cover. “You really want to watch this one, Mace?” Human Isaac asked, looking up at him.

“There’s no blood.”


Xylion sighed as the movie started to play.

It started with a young girl looking up at the sky. He older sister then came out and the younger sister asked about the swan constellation up in the sky. The movie then began with a girl who was turned into a swan, but she was able to turn into a girl in the day. She has to stop an evil fairy, falls in love with a prince, the fairy tries to stop her, she starts dying, then the two get hit with a spell and their hands are intertwined, and then everything is well and they get married.

When it was over, Human Jenny was sobbing while Human Fredrick absentmindedly patted her back.

“What movie was that?”

Barbie’s Swan Lake.”

“Okay, that was…interesting.”

The next one was Human Jenny’s. She was excited about this one.

The movie started off with a girl projectile vomiting over a crowd while singing, which Xylion found very disgusting. It then showed a girl going to college and joining with the singing group. They went to competitions, won a few, got embarrassed a bit, fell in love with people, etcetera. Xylion was kind of bored of it.

Human Jenny was trying to get everyone else to sing along with the songs, and Human Fredrick joined in out of sympathy, but the others didn’t sing.

“What was that one called?”

Pitch Perfect.”


The next was Human Isaac’s.

It started off with a girl getting a call from someone, but then she learns her bofriend is kidnapped and she ends up being murdered. Then it goes to another girl, who is dealing with the one year anniversary of her mother’s death. She is attacked by the same killer, but survives. She then starts suspecting her boyfriend, and stays with her best friend. The school is closed down and the principal is killed. And then a dude throws a party, she and her boyfriend consummate their relationship, her friend gets killed, and soon later the killer is revealed to be her boyfriend and the dude who threw the party.

Xylion was actually kind of shocked by this one. He wasn’t expecting that one.

“It wasn’t the worst one. What was it called?”

Scream, the 1996 version.”

“It wasn’t the worst one.”

However, Human Jenny was not happy about this, as she was still ignoring Human Isaac.

The last one was Human Fredrick’s, and everyone seemed interested in this one.

It started with a group being attacked by some dude with a spear, and they were turned against one another. It then went to a dude who had been frozen in ice, a girl who beat up a bunch of guys, a dude who was a doctor, and a guy who had a tech suit. They all gathered together and went to kill that spear guy, but the dude was taken by his brother. They then fought, became friends, and then the spear guy turned them against one another and separated them, but they got the arrow dude back. They then fought off a bunch of aliens and then won.

Xylion liked it, but he was sort of offended about the alien thing, but they didn’t look like him so he was okay.

“What was that one called?”

The Avengers, one of my most favorite franchises.”

Xylion attempted to smile. “I liked it.”

Human Fredrick chuckled. “It’s pretty good. They have more too, we can watch them all some other time, yeah?”


Xylion liked movies. While some were better than others, they all were relatively entertaining.

He couldn’t wait to watch more.

I don’t know.

Was it good?

I hope so. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it! And don’t worry, I’m starting on your other ask in just a second!

Remember, if you want to ask me anything, then go on ahead! I am going to be working on it as long as I can tonight!

Disney // Jack Avery

A/N- this was requested so long ago but here it is!!
based on the prompt: “Disney or die!!”


“Look at this,” you turned your phone to Jack who was currently on his phone as well. “I want to go.”

The photo was a picture that Brendan, Logans friend, posted from when they were in Hawaii.

Jack laughed, “Don’t we all?”

You sighed, liking the picture and continuing your scrolling. You and Jack laid on the couch for another 10 minutes, a comfortable silence surrounding you.

Suddenly, a loud bang happened and you heard “I’M HOMEEEEE!!”

Jack looked over the back of the couch and saw Isla at taking off her shoes. “Hey Isla.” He chuckled. “Where’s mom?”


Isla walked into the living room and stood in front of you two. After a minute of silence, you piped up.

“Do you need something Isla?” You raised an eyebrow.

She crossed her arms, “I want to watch a movie.”

You looked at Jack and he smiled, “You grab the popcorn we’ll pick the movie.”

“On it,” You jumped up and went to the kitchen. As you put in the second bag of popcorn, Ava walked in.

“Whatcha doin?” She popped a piece in her mouth.

“Movie, wanna join?” You asked, mimicking her actions.

She nodded and grabbed herself a cup. You finished getting all the popcorn and handed her a bowl. You followed her into the living room and were surprised by what you saw.

DISNEY OR DIE!!!!!” Isla yelled. She was sitting on Jack’s stomach and was lightly punching his chest.

“Fine.” He laughed. “We can watch a Disney movie.”

“Yay!!” Isla stood up causing Jack to groan. Ava giggled as you held out your hand for Jack to grab. Isla came back and handed Jack the movie.

“Again?” He sighed.

“Please?” She flashed him her puppy eyes and he sighed again.

“Fine.” Isla cheered and sat herself next to you.

“What movie did you pick?” You asked, wrapping and arm around the little girl.

“Moana.” She cheered and you sighed like Jack. You and Jack had watched Moana more times this week than you had changed underwear.

Jack sat on the other side of Isla, but was still able to put his arm around you. Jack rolled his eyes as the beginning sounds began to come through the speakers. But as he looked over and saw Isla and Ava cuddled into you as all three of you intently watched the screen, he smiled.

This was definitely a sight he could get used to, even if he had to watch the same movie over and over again.

Stay~2~ Pete Dunne w/Trent Seven

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Part 1

“ Just the guy I wanted to talk to you” you sniffled wiping your tears from your eyes. 

“ Really? Lucky me” Trent said, on the other line.  “ What did ya wanted to talk to me about?” 

“ Well..” you trailed, biting on your bottom lip. “ Just listen for now Seven.. please..” you say, pleading behind your voice.

“ Okay?” he said. 

“ I may blabbered to Pete about hanging out with you instead of helping him with the whole Demi date thing..” you explained to Trent, heart beat picking up and your hands became sweaty. It happens when you were nervous. It was quite on the other of the line for a few moment before he answered. 

“ Hm, I see. Why do yah want to see me instead?” 

“ Your fully aware of how I feel about him, but I can’t help him with this dinner plan/date he wants to do. I can’t. Plus if Demi sees me, you know we will start a fight or she start yelling then I will. And get this Trent, he told me I was waste of time to begin with. I lied to him telling him I had plans with you and implied that you were better company than he is” 

“ I’d be glad to see yah little one”

“ I’m not that little!” He laughed. “ Shut up Trent” He stopped laughing, apologized before he cleared his throat.

“ How about we go on a date instead?” 

“ Okay” you agreed. 

“ Really?” He asked surprised. 

“ Yes. I have been single for quite some time now and who knows, maybe this will light into something more one day,” a smile lit on your lips. 

“ He knows I like yeh Y/N, but he can’t keep yah locked on a dog chain forever”

“ Thank you! That’s what I have been telling him” 

“ Well, things are going t’ change. Yeh and I tomorrow are goin’ out  at 6 p.m. and ‘ll make it the best date yah ever been on luv” Trent tells you and as if you could see the smile he had on his face as he spoke to you on the phone.
“ Trent..” a blush crossed your cheeks. He was being so sweet. 

“ Dress comfortably” He said before hanging up the phone. 

It was the following day in the afternoon and you were getting ready to go out with Trent, you were getting so excited by the minutes that were going by. Your hands were shaking and you felt like you couldn’t breathe. Was this really happening? You ran a hand through your hair, struggling on what to do with it.There was a knock on your door bringing you out of your thoughts. Walking to the door throwing it opened seeing Trent standing there. 

“ I didn’t expect you for another 30 minutes or so..” Your sentence stopped seeing he was holding your favorite flowers in his hands.

“ For me?” you asked, mouth a jar. He chuckles, nodding his head as he gives it to you. You take them, putting them up to your nose to smell them. They smelled so good. 

“ Thank you” you looked up at him, he held a wide smile on his face making you giggle at him. 

“ Yeh look beautiful” He says. You hide your blushing face into the flowers, “ Come in Trent, I am just going to put these flowers in a vase and brush my hair quickly, “ you tell him as you make your way into the kitchen. You paused to get a vase from the cupboard, Trent just brought you flowers. Your favorite. On the other hand, Pete your best friend and the guy you love doesn’t even know your favorite color. He walked into the kitchen, watching as you put the water in the vase before putting the flowers in.

“ They are beautiful just like yeh luv” 

“ Trent.. how did…” you rose your head to look at him, “ Know?” you nodded your head. 

“ I remember yeh told the lads one day. From then, I remember”  you never really noticed that Trent paid much more attention to you than any other guy you have been with or liked. 

“ Do you want to go?” you asked him.

“ Let’s go, “ he says offering you his elbow to take like a gentlemen, you giggled wrapping your arms around his elbow as two of you headed out the door.

“ I want yah to forget about Pete today luv. Today is about yeh and I” 

“ I’m ready for the day,” you say, “ Pete is long forgotten..” 

“ Good luv, I don’t want yeh to be upset on our date..” he says opening the car door, “ Thank you.” 

It happens that Trent took you out for some racing, car racing, which surprised you since Trent doesn’t seem the type to do this sort of thing. Then he took you out to a picnic on the beach. There was even a romantic walk on the boardwalk consist of holding hands and talking.After making your way back to the car with Trent, you both decide to end the date by having some ice cream and heading back to your place.

You put on some movie as you and Trent enjoyed your ice cream being near one another. You finished your ice cream putting it on the table in front of you. Trent had already finished his and he took notice of your shivering body. 

“ Yeh cold luv?” He asks. 

“ Yeah” you tell him, nodding your head. “ Come here, “ he says opening his arms for you to cuddle into. Throwing a shy smile at him leaning into his arms and getting yourself comfortable, loving the warmth he was giving you with just his arms wrapped around you. You laid your head on his chest and paid attention to the movie. He randomly placed kisses on top of your head and rubbing your arm.

At this moment you wanted nothing more than for Trent to be your boyfriend. You wanted it to be every day like this. Just be with him and him making you smile and giggle like a school girl.But then there was Pete, you wanted those things with him, but with Trent you could see yourself being with him as more. He would give you anything. You love Pete with all your heart but being on a date with Trent and never expecting him to be like this with you, you wanted it. Trent was slowly making a home in your heart. 

You could feel his eyes on you bringing you out of your thoughts as you raise your head to meet his gaze. 

“ Hi” you said. He chuckled, “ Hi” his gaze shifted to your lips then back to your eyes. Your heart sped up. Trent leaned in closer and you met him half way. The kiss was soft and gentle. His beard brushing against your chin. You moved your arms to wrap them around his neck, playing with the end of his hair at the back of his neck. He pulled you closer to his body before pulling away from your lips, “ Luv we can’t right now. Not on first date luv” He chuckles. 

“ Oh, “ you blushed as you untangled yourself from him. 

“ No, it’s nothin’ bad luv. I want to be a gentlemen..” He says. 

“ Let’s just continue watching the movie” you leaned back into him, his lips brush against your ear, “ I would love more than anythin’ to have yah right now but I want to take it slow..” you nodded turning your head to peck his lips. You ended up falling asleep onto his lap. 

Next morning you woke up to yelling from two people. Groaning sitting up from the couch, you sigh hearing Pete arguing with Trent. Making your way into the kitchen to see one another pushing each other. 

“ Boys!” you yelled. They kept going. 

“ BOYS!” you tried again, this time they stopped as the two turned to you. Trent had a sorry look on his face while Pete was glaring at Trent with his snarl he usually does on his face.

Your Boys

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Words: 577

Prompt: Movie Night


When you’re in a relationship with four other people, schedules are a hard thing to manage. Everyone is so busy with work, school, and clubs.

Tonight was the first time in the last three months that you were able to spend time with your boys, Alex, John, Lafayette, and Hercules.

Nobody was in the mood to go out for the next few days, so everyone was just crashing at home, being with each other. It was wonderful.

You had decided on a movie night so everyone choose their favorite movies. Popcorn was made, pajamas were on, drinks were passed around, and everyone was piled on top of each other, wanting to be close after months of near separation.

You were sitting on Lafayette’s lap, your legs on Hercules. Alex was sitting on John’s lap while John held your hand. Lafayette rested his head on Hercules’ shoulder and stroked your hair absentmindedly.

Small talk was made throughout the group, everyone abandoning the movies in favor of each other’s company.

“And that is how I ended up going to the emergency room without telling any of you about it,” Hercules finished his story up, looking at you all nervously.

He had just finished telling you the story about how he was working really hard on a dress two weeks ago. It ended up that he needed to get it done sooner than he had anticipated, so he was working over time. He then accidentally scratched himself his a needle and almost bleed out before going to the hospital. He also didn’t see the need to tell any of you this.

“Mon amour are you alright? Why didn’t you tell anyone about this? We could have helped you!” Lafayette cried, reaching out to him.

You, Alex, and John were all sitting there in shock.

Hercules chuckled nervously.

“Sorry I didn’t really think anything about it at the time. I’m sorry to worry you guys.”

“You’re okay though right?” Alex asked. He nodded and you all breathed a sigh of relief.

You took his hand and gave it a kiss before he pulled you into his lap and gave you a small kiss on the lips.

The rest of the boys whiend.

“We want kisses too!” They all cried reaching out. The two of you laughed and kisses were passed all around.

You climbed out to make another bowl of popcorn as they started a new movie.

Popping the popcorn you thought about how lucky you were to have all of them. They were wonderful.

Hercules, your big teddy bear, Lafayette, your romantic, Alex, your courage, and John, your protector. They would never hurt you.

You tilted your head down and closed your eyes, smiling. You stood there waiting for the popcorn to pop, not hearing footsteps behind you.

Arms wrapped around your waist, specifically Alex’s arms. He gave you a kiss on your cheek, swaying you back and forth.

“My love hurry up. We are all impatient for your beauty to come back to us. We want to gaze upon your light.”

You giggled and turned around in his arms, pressing a chaste kiss on his lips.

“I will be right there love. I promise,” you told him giggling.

He nodded and smiled, then turned back to where the rest of your boys were waiting.

“Y/N hurry up! We want to start!” John yelled, before you heard a thud and a groan from him.

Yep, they were your boys.

Places BTS Would Take You on a Date


yeye, i gotchu! lets do it :3 i’m going to do casual dates~

Kim Namjoon

For a casual date, Namjoon would try not to overdo it, he’d surprise you by taking you out for a picnic in a meadow with lots of pretty flowers. He is pretty romantic, after all. He’d blindfold you as he drove the two of you to said meadow, leaving you shocked once he took off the blindfold. 

“Namjoon, where are we going?” you asked for what felt like the hundredth time today. And Namjoon kept providing you with the same reply,
“It’s a surprise. We’re almost there Jagi.” you were a very impatient person, and didn’t enjoy surprises all that much, but you were okay with this one. You felt the car come to a stop, and heard Namjoon getting out of the car. You heard him walking over to your side of the car and opening the door, helping you out. Once he took the blindfold off, you were shocked. What a beautiful meadow! 
“Namjoon- I…”
“I decided to take you somewhere nice. A picnic in the meadow was a perfect idea.” Namjoon smiled, hugging you close to him. 

The two of you enjoyed a wonderful picnic, and danced together in the meadow. You and Namjoon watched the sunset, holding hands as you watched the beautiful scene. 
“I love you Namjoon.” you whispered, kissing him passionately.
“I love you too, (Y/N).” 

Kim Seok-jin

Seokjin would, for a casual date, order take-out and rent a movie for the two of you guys. A thoughtful stay at home date, so you didn’t have to get all dressed up and have to go out. He didn’t want anything too fancy or romantic, and wanted something the two of you would enjoy without having to leave the house. So, take-out and a movie night! And lots of cuddling~

“What movie did you rent, Jin?” you asked him curiously, wrapping your arms around his waist, hugging him tightly. 
“I rented a horror movie, I forget the name of it, but it’s supposed to be really good.” Jin replied, pulling you closer to him, running his fingers through your (h/c) locks. 
“That gives us an even better reason to cuddle all night~ horror movies scare me…” you spoke softly, and Jin petted you,
“I know they do. But I’m here to protect you, Jagi~” 

The two of you snuggled as you ate take-out and watched the horror movie. You had fell asleep only half-way through the movie, and you had already finished eating your food. Jin pulled you up onto his lap, his fingers tangling through your hair as he turned off the television, watching you sleep.

Min Yoongi

Yoongi would take you out a park, right before the sun set, and would serenade you. With him loving music as much as he does, he wouldn’t mind singing a song to you, especially a love song. He loves you with all of his heart, and what better way to tell you he does, by serenading you in the park before the sun set? 

“Yoongi? Why are you taking me out this late? The sun is about to go down…” you murmured, as Yoongi grabbed onto your hand, leading you outside. The two of you walked to the park, as he held his guitar in his other hand. He made you sit on a bench while he set up his guitar. You watched the sun set, waiting patiently for Yoongi. He strummed a few strings on the guitar, before clearing his throat.

“Wise men saaay~ only fools rush in… But I can’t help, falling in looove with youuu~ Shall I staaaay? Would it be a sin, if I can’t help, falling in looove wiiith youuu~? Like a river flows, surely to the sea, darling so it goes, some things are meant to beee~ Take my hand, take my whole- life- too~ For I– can’t help, falling in loveee with you~” he sang to you, and you just sat there, tears pricking at your eyes. His voice sounded so beautiful. He continued singing, and by the end of the song, you were crying in his arms.
“That… was amazing Yoongi. Thank you so much. I love you so much.” you sobbed, and he rubbed your back in a soothing manner.
“I love you too, (Y/N).” 

Park Jimin

Jimin would take you out on an ice cream date, no doubt about it. He’d order your favorite ice cream, and then he’d order his, and you two would sit in a booth together, eating your ice cream and talking about stuff. He’d tell you how much he loved you, and would wipe the ice cream off your nose, after laughing about it. Then after you were done, he’d take you outside late at night to look at the stars.

“So, (Y/N). Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” Jimin asked, as he took another bite of his ice cream, gazing at you with lovestruck eyes. You giggled, blushing lightly,
“You tell me all the time, Jimin.” Jimin shook his head, laughing,
“No. I love you so much more than you think I do.” and you turned away, trying to obscure the deep red blush forming on your face.
“I really do love you, (Y/N).” he continued, before leaning over the table to kiss you. You kissed him back, your lips melded together like puzzle pieces, the perfect fit. You pulled away a couple seconds later, and finished your ice cream.

After the two of you were done, he drove you out to a field. It was dark outside, dark enough for the stars to come out. The two of you sat on the hood of his car, watching the stars. He wrapped his arm around you, pulling you closer.
“Hey look! A shooting star! Make a wish, Jagi~” he pointed out, and you smiled widely.
‘I wish for Jimin and I to be in love forever and ever.’ you thought to yourself.
“What was your wish, Jagi?” he asked, and you replied,
“It’s a secret~” 

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would take you out to a waterpark, even though it’s not so much of a casual date, it’s a fun little getaway from all the stress and work. Hobi would wake you up early and tell you to start packing, and you would ask him where he was taking you, and he’d tell you that it was a secret. When you finally arrived at the waterpark, you were shocked, to say the least. You and Hobi had lots of fun at the waterpark, and stayed in a hotel connected to the waterpark for a couple of days. Best. Date. Ever!

“Jagiya! Get up! Rise and shine~ Start packing your stuff!” Hobi shook you gently, and you were slowly starting to wake up.
“Ughh.. Hobi, it’s early. Where could we be possibly going at this hour?” you questioned him, and he chuckled.
“It’s a surprise~” you groaned, getting up and packing your stuff like he told you to do.
“Oh! And, bring a swimsuit and a towel!” he giggled. 

“Hobi… Where are we going?” you asked him once again, and he told you the same thing he did when you first asked him,
“It’s a surprise!” you rolled your eyes, accepting defeat.

Once you got at the waterpark, you were squealing with joy. Hobi always knew where to take you. 
“Hobi!! I’m so excited! Let’s go in RIGHT NOW!” you said, jumping up and down.
“Jagi, we need to check into the hotel first…” he said, and you frowned. You and Hobi got all situated in the hotel, and finally went to the waterpark. The two of you went on waterslides, went swimming, caused chaos in the wavepool, and did a lot of other things. The next day, you two did the exact same. When it was time to go home, you were a little upset, but you did have lots of fun with your boyfriend~

Jeon Jeongguk

Jungkook would take you to an amusement park to ride the rollercoasters. He loves the thrill of the rides, and he thinks you would enjoy it too. So, when you woke up, he told you to get dressed into something comfortable, and bring sunscreen, since you would be out in the sun all day. You did as he told you to do, and he drove the both of you to an amusement park. When you got there, you were really excited, and the two of you went on all the rides together. After a day at the amusement park, he would take you back home, and you would cuddle~

“Get up Jagi! Get up!” Jungkook’s voice pulled you out of a deep sleep, and you growled at him.
“I was having a good dream…” and Jungkook laughed,
“You’re not going to care about that once I take you to a really cool place!” Oh boy. What could it possibly be?
“Get dressed into something comfy, and don’t forget to bring sunscreen! We’re going to be in the sun all day~” he chimed, and you did as you were told. 

The drive there was boring, you kept asking him where you were going, and he wouldn’t tell you where. When you finally arrived, your jaw dropped. An amusement park?! This was going to be amazing! You bounced up and down happily, tackling Jungkook.
“This is going to be so much fun, Kookie!!” and he chuckled. 

The two of you went on lots of rides, not complaining once about the long wait in line. You had tons of fun, and Jungkook even won a plushie for you in the arcade! It was a big Pikachu plushie, and you were so happy. The day was coming to an end, and eventually you had to go home. But, when you got back home, you and Jungkook cuddled a lot~

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would take you out to the theater to see a movie. You were talking about wanting to see a certain movie for a really long time, and Taehyung decided to take you to go see it. When you got at the cinema, you bought your tickets and got some food at the concession stand. A large popcorn and a large slushie for you and Taehyung to share. The two of you sat way in the back so no one could bother you. When the movie started, you both cuddled close together, watching the movie happily.

“Tae.. I really want to go see (movie).” you sighed, as you saw yet another advertisement for it on the television.
“Then let’s go! I’ll take you to go see it.” he said, and your eyes lit up,
“Yes, really. Now let’s go Jagi~” he chuckled, grabbing his wallet and car keys, and waited for you. 

When you got to the theater, Taehyung bought you and him tickets to see the movie. You were really excited to see this movie, since it looked amazing. 
“Okay (Y/N)! I got the tickets. Let’s go get some concessions!” he beamed, and you couldn’t agree more with him.

“Could I get a large popcorn, and a large cherry slushie, please?” you asked the man at the concession stand, holding money in your hand to give him. He nodded, taking the money from you and putting it in the cash register. He handed you your change, and started getting your food. 

When you got your food, you and Taehyung made your way to the room the movie was playing in. You sat way in the back so you couldn’t be bothered by anyone. You rested your head on his shoulder, grabbing a handful of popcorn and eating it.
“I love you Tae.” you whispered to him,
“I love you too, Jagi.” 

They’re Not You

Steve Rogers x Reader

Part 2

Summary: As a SHIELD agent, you spent a lot of time working with Steve Rogers and became best pals. When he decided he wanted find a place in Brooklyn, you offered to let him move into the spare bedroom of your apartment.

Character(s):  reader, Steve Rogers, quick Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes mentions

Warnings: none, eventual super fluff

Word Count: 3222

A/N: After writing a four part thing for Bucky I wanted to take a break and try my hand at Steve, and just really wanted some slow fluff. I have a part two in the works. As always, advice/comments/critiques are highly appreciated and cherished, and I’m down for requests or prompts too!

Master List

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Rogue One Sleepover Headcanons

-They all have matching Jammie’s Cassian got for them

-he is a good dad

-They decide it’d be fun not to sleep and instead to just watch movies

-Bodhi is a horror movie fanatic and is on the edge of his sleeping bag

-we find out Jyn hates horror movies
“Awwww are you scared??”

-Chirrut and Baze build another fort from pillows that says “force protectors only” on the front (Baze does all the building)

-“Let me in!!”
“Are you one with the force?”
“Sigh… no.”
“Access denied”

-Cassian has a sleepover agenda that keeps being ruined by Jyn and K-2SO

-All the two of them want to do is play pranks
*replaces Cassians toothpaste with wasabi*

-Baze falls asleep first and the two of them draw on him

-Chirrut: HEY!!

Can I help?

-They got an arsenal of Junk food and Bodhi and Cassian eat all of it

-They go on a huge sugar high where Bodhi can’t be quiet and Cassian can’t be still

-Everyone else is so uncomfortable Jyn just sits braiding Bazes hair while chirrut paints her toenails

-They crash on top of each other and snuggle through the night

-K-2so takes a blackmail picture

-oh the gossip

-k-2so is the nightlight

Thank you all so much for dealing with how in and out we are. All requests will be filled do not worry I will get to them so send in more y'all!! I love you

Sebastian Stan Imagine

There was a tension in the house, it was so strong, you felt like you could even physically see it. The reason for that was Sebastian, your ex, and your current boyfriend Joe. When you and Sebastian broke up it felt like the break up was easy and you could stay friends, but just as you started to date Joe, things changed. Sebastian started to come by your house without a warning He could call you in the most inappropriate times. Sometimes you would run into him at places you knew he didn’t even know existed. Every time he would have the same excuse.

“Juts by accident” you knew he was lying and Joe was starting to feel it too. He started to ask questions about you and Sebastian. Joe wasn’t really happy about having Sebastian every where you go. Every time it ended up in fights, but you would make Joe calm down and tell him that you and Sebastian aren’t together and wont ever be. But now seeing Sebastian everywhere you go, you weren’t so sure about all the things you said to Joe.

This time, Sebastian had once again came to your house without an invitation. He had found out you were having a party so he decided to invite himself. Since you didn’t have any problems with having him there you allowed him to stay, but Joe on the other hand openly showed he wasn’t happy.

“Tell him to leave or I will” he said as you put more food out on the table.

“No. He’s not doing anything wrong and by the way this is my house So I make the rules You’re not going to throw out people, because you just can’t seem to get a long with them” Joe walked away from you without another word. You let out a deep sigh, this was getting complicated.

“You okay?” Sebastian stood behind you, with the same look he gave you when you two were dating and something was upsetting you.

“I’m fine” he tilted his head,

“I know you’re lying. I know you, I know you better then he does” Sebastian was starting to movie closer to you. The words you said weren’t what yo actually felt or wanted

“Sebastian stop.” he moved closer not listening to a word you said. 

“I’d stop if I were you. Or I’ll fucking kick your ass” Joes angry voice came right behind you and Sebastian. A smirk showed up on Sebastians lips. He turned around but still was very close to you.

“Oh really? Aren’t you afraid you’ll brake a nail?” Joes boiling blood was slowly raising up. They looked at each other both had death looks in their eyes.

“You think you can walk in and just have er back. You two broke up, she’s now mine. She loves me and not you” Joe was walking closer to Sebastian with his palms turned in to fist ready for a fight, looking at Sebastian he seemed calm, he wasn’t going to fight and you knew why. Sebastian knows you don’t like fighting, you hate it when guys fight. Sebastian had always took it in notice, he took everything you said in notice and never forgot it. For a moment you drifted back to the memories with Sebasitan, about all the amazing dates, sweet stolen kisses. You remembered how special he made you feel, but looking at what Joe made you feel it was nothing compared to Sebastian. Joe would make you angry most of the time, he never cares about what you wanted or felt. When you looked up back at the two men who were now almost yelling at each other, making every one else look at them. At that point you had enough.

“Stop” you yelled out getting them to stop. “I want you to leave”

“Yeah, get the hell out” Joe yelled out and walked to you, but stopped when you lifted a n arm up to him.

“No, Joe I want you to leave” he wasn’t looking very happy about what was happening, Sebastian on the other hand was looking very happy. He stood behind Joe and smiled, those were the words he wanted to hear.

“Fine, but you will regret this” Joe walked out leaving everyone in silence, the feeling of embarrassment hit you, so you looked down at the floor, you couldn’t look all the people in their eyes.

“Okay, every one back to the party. Everything is fine here” Sebastian said and people listened to him, just in few seconds the party was back on track. You stood there looking down not sure of what will happen now, how will you deal with it all, but you didn’t have to. Sebastian walked to you, lifted your head up and kissed you. You were surprised at first but soon wrapped your hands around his neck. You didn’t realize how much you missed him, how much he means to you.

“I love you” he said breaking the kiss. “I should have said that when we were breaking up, because I never wanted us to be over. I love you” you smiled up at him and pulled him for a kiss.

Rest of the night you and Sebastian spent together. Even if the house was full of people you still only saw each other. It was like you two had never broken up.

Bunny Time

Pairing: You x Yoo Youngjae x B.A.P

Genres: Fluff

Word Count: 2,875

Short Summary: You were best friend with Daehyun and at some point it was only logically, that he introduced you to his members. And of course like in these bad dramas, you grew a crush on Youngjae. His best friend and band member. Now he invited you on a sleepover.

“Y/N, you need to come! Please~“, your best friend Daehyun begged.

“But why? I’m not even in B.A.P.”, you argued. The guys were planning a night full of drinking and watching movies and Daehyun made it his personal goal to get you joining them. You met Daehyun back then in school at some point and hated each other, but after some time you grew attached to each other. He debuted in a group called B.A.P and after some time he introduced you into that mess called B.A.P.

Daehyun scoffed. “If that matters. You often did movie nights with us and all of us saw you drunk already. Don’t be a coward and come.”

“I’m not a coward! I just don’t feel like it.”

“Your best friend will be there and also Youngjae.” That was another problem. You and Youngjae. By now Daehyun somehow figured out you had a crush on him and made sure to tease you about it, but in the end he really wanted to bring the two of you together. 

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Y/N, don’t you lie to me. I’m not dumb. I know it by now.”

You sighed, knowing that this talk could go on for hours. When Daehyun set himself a goal, he wanted to complete it, no matter what. “Fine. I’ll come. When and where?”

Loud cheering was heard on the other side of the phone. “YES! Okay, okay. It will be at the new dorm. Himchan hyung, Youngjae (he made sure to emphasize his name) and Jongup will set up everything and pick the movies. Yongguk hyung, me and Junhong will get the alcohol and food.”

“But I can’t drive home then.”

“Can you stop worrying for once? Gosh, that girl. We are all staying over at the dorm.”

“Noona! You are really here! I thought Daehyun hyung was again playing with us.”, Jongup cheered and hugged you excitedly. Yes, Noona. You were even a month older than Yongguk.

“Jongup, you can let go of Y/N now.”, Himchan stated. Jongup grumbled but let go of you, giving Himchan the space to welcome you. “Great to see you, Y/N.”

“Yeah, Daehyun wouldn’t let me live until I agreed to come.” Himchan laughed at your comment. “Sounds like him.” He placed his arm around your shoulder and led you inside. “Cmon I show you around.”

You have to admit, that the place they were now living in was way more nicer than before. And you were pleasantly surprised: they cleaned up. It was only a matter of time until it got messy again. The cleaning style of Himchan and Jongup is simply terrible and Youngjae doesn’t bother to clean up as the only one. Youngjae. Where is he even.

“Himchan, do you know where Youngjae is?”

Himchan joined Jongup and you back in the living room with 2 bottles of wine. “Junhong called him and said they needed a ride. You know, on Yongguks scooter aren’t fitting 3 persons, he is still too scared to drive a car, Junhongs parents have the car and Daehyun just walked the small distance.” 

You nodded, since his explanation sounded convincing.

“Why do you even bring wine bottles? Daehyun told me they are buying all the alcohol.”

Himchan placed the two bottles laughing on the table. “As if these brats know good wine. Yongguk brings most likely his beloved Yamazaki, Daehyun his Cass beer and Junhong orange juice, because he can’t drink it pure.” Again a scene you could imagine to well. Junhong may be legal and way taller than everyone, but on his inside he was still a child. 

The three of you sat on the couch and talked about how the move went and about their upcoming comeback, when voices where heard and a door opening.

“And they are coming. I go and pick up their groceries.”, Himchan said, staining up. “I come with you.”, you hastily said and got up, thinking it would be a good idea to great everyone. Junhong spotted you first and basically jumped at you out of happiness to see you again. Knowing Junhong, Yongguk gave up getting his hands on you, so he settled with an affectionate pat on the head for now and went to help Himchan.

“Yah! Get your hands of my friend.”, Daehyun laughed.

“But it’s also my friend.”, Junhong pouted. 

“When two people quarrel, a third rejoices.”, Youngjae said, pulling you into his arms. “I really didn’t thought you would come, but I’m glad you are here.” God he was only making it more complicated and you were sure Daehyun could see you blushing. “I’m glad to see you too, Youngjae.” In the end it was finally Daehyuns turn to great you and he saw what you did expect him to see. “Hey there, I saw that little blush.”

“Jung Daehyun, I dare you.”, you hissed into his ear.

“Clam down. Let me try tonight to get the two of you together. If it doesn’t work you can hit me tomorrow all you want.”

“You won’t do-”, you couldn’t even finish your sentence. Daehyun simply dragged you with him. That situation will be so awkward. Your mind raced if you should get drunk tonight or not. Not drinking anything is boring and getting to drunk is really what you didn’t wanted tonight. You decided for the middle.

“That scene is totally unrealistic.”, Daehyun complained, nudging your shoulder since you sat on the ground next to him. “I think you should shut up and just watch.”, you answered bluntly, receiving cheers from 5 of the boys. You were sitting on the ground with Yongguk and Daehyun, while the rest of them sat on the couch. Daehyun wanted you to sit next to Youngjae, but Jongup saved you from it, involving Youngjae into a talk about a new released fantasy game. From time to time Daehyun threw in random comments, only to get told to shut up by his members. A few bottles of beer were already gone and the third movie was finished, when Junhong had an ‘good’ idea.

“How about we play truth or dare?”, he asked into the round, already smiling excitedly.

“Cmon, how old are you.”, Himchan asked, taking another sip of his bottle.

“I think it’s a good idea. Like in the good old school days”, Daehyun joked. It quickly turned into a quick discussion about maturity, while Yongguk and you sat there in silence, smiling at each other. “Please end this.”, you whispered to him and he nodded, before speaking up. “Everyone. Let Junhong have his fun. Maybe we can also enjoy it. Gather together and let’s play.” The boys were clearly surprised, not expecting that from their leader, but they complied, joining the three of you on the ground.

“Does someone have an empty bottle?”

Yongguk quick took a last sip of his bottle and handed the now emptied bottle over to Youngjae. But Himchan was still grumbling. “How about we space it up a little?”, he asked.

“What do you suggest?”, Daehyun asked, looking at him expectingly.

“Normal truth or dare, but if someone doesn’t want to do anything, instead if picking new, they have to drink.”

Everyone nodded in agreement and Junhong grabbed the bottle and of course it landed on you.

“Truth or Dare?”, he asked. His facial expression was priceless. He already was a little drunk and that only boosted his excitement.

“Truth.”, you answered, wanting to start with the harmless first.

“How many boyfriends did you have until now?”

“3.”, you answered and it was the truth. One relationship was a little more serious, but the other ended as quickly as they started.

It was your time to turn the bottle and it ended on Jongup, but by now he already was drunk, smiling in his own little world, so you decided to go easy on him. “Truth or Dare?”


“Did you ever wanted to punch your hyungs?”

“Yah, watch out.”, Himchan threatened him jokingly, but Jongup only smiled and answered with yes. 

It went in between like that for a long time, until Daehyun decided it was getting to boring for him. The bottle landed on you. Daehyun grinned. You knew he was planning something. And still you fell for his trap.

“Truth or Dare?


“Kiss Youngjae on the cheek.”

Everyones attention was now on the two of you. Would you do it? How would Youngjae react? You carefully turned your head and looked at the heavily blushing Youngjae next to you.

“Daehyun, he is uncomf-” You couldn’t finish your sentence, when Youngjae scooted closer and pointed at his cheek, signaling you to kiss him. You carefully leaned in and gave him a quick peck, resulting in screams from the members. That was the last you thought would happen tonight. Daehyun made his joke about bringing the two of you together, but that he would put you and his best in that awkward situation was even new for him.

You quickly spun the bottle and asked Himchan a random question, not really caring after what happened now. He however didn’t want to answer and took a shot. The next spin landed on Yongguk and somehow the two of you ended up taking a shot together. Yongguk spun the bottle and it landed on the now even more hyped Junhong.

“Truth or Dare, Truth or Dare?”, he asked, excitedly shifting around. 


“You are boring.”, he complained. “Anyways, do you have or had a crush on any of us?”

Is he now playing the same fucking game as Daehyun? Wasn’t it obvious enough, that you had a big crush on Youngjae.

“Not telling you.” You took the bottle form Yongguk and poured yourself in a shot, before quickly drinking it in one shot.

“So you have one?”, Junhong asked, not wanting to let the topic go that easily. “Who is it?”

You pretended not to hear him and spun the bottle. What a surprise, it landed on Daehyun. Daehyun was clearly enjoying himself and his little game. He should only wait until tomorrow when you see him alone.

“I already know what you pick, but still, Truth or Dare?”


“Hold Youngjaes hand during the rest of this or take 5 shots.”

“Yah! That’s not fair.”, you complained, sending death glares towards your best friend, but he played innocent. “Why is this not fair? I even gave you the choice.” You were still busy with complaining, that you didn’t even notice Youngjaes hand intertwining with yours. When you notice you quickly looked at your hands and then at his face. He was smiling and gave your hand reassuring squeeze. “It’s only a game, nothing serious. It’s only a game, noting serious.” You repeated those lines over and over in your head.

At some point you noticed soft snoring coming from the ground and when you checked it, Jongup was asleep.

“I think everyone should go to sleep now.”, Yongguk suggested. 

“Hyung, please let us do one more round.” Junhong gave Yongguk his best puppy eyes, knowing that this would work and it did. Yongguk sighed. “Fine. But only this one. We already have after 5 am.”

You spun the bottle and it landed on Junhong. Your breathing got more easy again, knowing Daehyun can’t do anything dumb anymore. How wrong you were.

“Truth or Dare?”


“Sleep with Youngjae tonight.”

“WHAT?!”, both you and Youngjae screamed out at the same time, but Junhong only rolled his eyes. “It’s not like you should have sex. Just sleep in the same bed. I’m only helping out to help decide who sleeps where.” You looked over at Youngjae and he seemed to have accepted his fate, since he was just staring at the ground. “Cmon let’s go. While they discuss I show you my room.”, he suddenly spoke up and collected his empty bottles, standing up. Not really knowing what to do, you just followed him, followed by the other boys eyes.

“Okay, that’s my room. I thought it would be smaller, but it’s pretty big. Bathroom is over there if you want to clean yourself up.”

“No thanks, I’m fine.”, you politely said.

“Shirt?”, Youngjae asked, breaking once more the silence.

“What?”, you asked, being confused.

“If you need a shirt from me to sleep in.”, he sated once more, but his face showed no emotion, so you really couldn’t tell what he thought.

“Ehm…do you have one?”

Now he laughed for the first time, since you entered this room. “I have more than one shirt.” He walked over to his dresser, pulling out a simple black shirt and handing it over to you.

“Can you turn around?”, you asked him, not wanting to stand in front of him only in your bra.

“Gosh. If I would have known it’s like that, I would have taken Junhong in bed with me.”, he playfully shot back, but turned around to give you your privacy. You quickly changed and climbed under the covers, Youngjae still standing like a rock in the middle of the room, back turned to you.

“Youngjae, you can turn around.”, you carefully said.

The both of you were in bed now for around 10 minutes and you knew neither of the two of you was sleeping. It was a really awkward situation. By now he must have known you have a crush on him, thanks to Daehyun and Junhong. What would he think of you?

“Youngjae. Are you asleep?”, you whispered.


“Can we talk?”


“Are you uncomfortable right now?”


“Should I go and sleep somewhere else?”

“No.” Then he did something, that surprised you completely. He turned around and pulled you into his arms, head nuzzling in your neck. “Better.”


“Y/N, sleep. We can talk tomorrow.” His voice next to your ear sounded so warm and comforting and you couldn’t help but to fall asleep, feeling protected by him.

When you woke up, you found Youngjae already staring at you. “Good morning, Y/N.”

You shook your head, hoping to get a clear mind again. You had a small hangover, but nothing dramatic. What got you feeling anxious, was that you needed to talk with Youngjae about your future. Now.

“Morning, Youngjae. We need to talk.”

He sighed and sat down on the bed. “Y/N, before you say something, please listen to me and don’t interrupt, it will be a long story. When Daehyun introduced you to us back then, I thought you had something no other girl had. Even now I can’t describe it. Seeing you now in my shirt, only makes me wanting you more, but I never said something. You are best friends with my best friend. I really tried to never show any emotion, when you talked about the dates you were going on, or that you are dating now a guy. A guy that wasn’t me. I only drank 3 bottles yesterday and a few shots, so I was clear enough to notice, that you have a crush on me. And I have one on you. Please be my girlfriend.

“Y-Yes.”, you stuttered out, wanting to punch and kiss Daehyun at the same time. Youngjae however had other plans. He tackled you down on the bed and hugging you that hard, you thought you would die from lack of oxygen. He gave you various kisses on your cheeks, before smiling pulling away. “I have to make sure I thank Daehyun and Junhong later.”

“Me too, me too.”, you chuckled. Who would have known it will end like that? You thought he would tell you, that he only sees you as friend, that he would hope nothing will change after this, but it came completely different. Youngjae was now yours. You were so deep in your thoughts once more, that you didn’t notice Youngjae staring at you.

“Can I kiss you?”, he asked out of sudden. You just nodded your head and Youngjae carefully leaned in, closing the distance between the two of you. You closed your eyes and then you felt his soft lips on yours. You definitely had to thank Daehyun for the gift called Yoo Youngjae.

Youngjae took your hand, leading you out of the bedroom. In the living room Daehyun and Junhong were asleep on the couch and the doors to the other bedrooms were closed.

“Yah! Daehyun!”, Youngjae screamed, waking his definitely hungover best friend up. He jumped and rubbed his eyes, holding his head. “Youngjae, what is wrong with you?!”

“Thank you, asshole.”, Youngjae said. Only now Daehyun turned around, grinning when he noticed your intertwined hands. “A lovely new couple.”

“I’m so going to kill you, Jung Daehyun.”, you stated, but he shook disapprovingly his head. “No, you won’t do that.”

Himchan exited his bedroom, probably the most hungover from everyone. “Why are you brats screaming like that?!” Himchan looked into the face of a grinning Daehyun, annoyed Youngjae and blushing you. His eyes went to your intertwined hands, immediately making cooing sounds. “Yongguk! Y/N and Youngjae are finally dating!”

“Congratulations, now let me sleep.”, his deep morning voice filled the apparent, making everyone laugh.

Birthday Buddies

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Note: The main reason I wrote this, was because this past year, I learned that I share my birthday with the Lunatic Fringe. So, my mind wandered and I thought to myself, “Hey, why not write up a smutty fic where Dean and the reader are friends, and they share their birthday, and celebrate together?” So, this was the outcome.

Description: Dean Ambrose shares his birthday with the reader. He freaks out a bit, which is very unlike his general attitude where he doesn’t give a shit. He invites her over to his hotel room to spend time together and it gets pretty interesting.

Warnings: Smut, otherwise pretty sure there’s quite a bit of Fluff.

More Notes: Pretty sure I got a bit crazy with this one. The length is pretty long. I admit, I did most of the writing in here, but it never hurts to have the lovely talent and editing skills of my Smut Genius, @imagines–assemble.

People to Tag: @wwesmutdonedirtcheap @imaginingwwesuperstars @darlingkatrina @scarygoodfanfics

All aboard the fluffy smutty train!

You were new to the WWE, having just been called up to the main roster from NXT this past summer. A few months in, you’d gained the interest of none other than the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. You two had become inseparable but don’t get it twisted now, you two were still unsure of the other.

The newest problem that had risen though was that you had began forming feelings for him in the romantic setting. You highly doubted that he’d ever see you in the same way so you just kept it to yourself. You had also become well aware that you happened to share your birthday with your unhinged friend.

Dean never told you his birthday but due to being friends with him, you were also around Roman Reigns, whom was a close friend of his. Roman had let it slip that Dean’s birthday was on December 7th when he was with you to which you had responded and told him it was yours too. You wandered from the locker room and passed Dean. You pounded your fist into his and he smirked.

Dean huffed after you left and he went to see Roman. Roman was visiting as he had a few days off from Raw, so he flew to see his friends on Smackdown. Ambrose knew that Reigns would be waiting in the locker room marked with Dean’s name. He smirked when he walked in and saw his Samoan friend sitting on the couch. “Well, hey Roman. What do I owe this pleasure?”

Roman laughed. “Really, man? We both know that your birthday is tomorrow. I thought we’d spend today together, guy time.” He chuckled.

Dean arched a brow. “Why today and not tomorrow? You usually suggest the day of my birthday, man.” He crossed his arms over his chest as he stared him down.

Reigns smirked and ran his hand through his hair. “I would, but after spilling this…I would assume that you’d try and spend your birthday with Y/n..” Dean tilted his head in confusion.

“Spilling wh-”

Roman cut him off. “Her birthday is also tomorrow.” He grinned as he saw the panic as well as eagerness fill the lunatic’s eyes.

“What!? How did you- when did you-” He tousled his hair wildly and crazily paced around the room as he tried to think straight. He paused in front of Roman and looked at him. “Alright, when did you learn this?”

“Literally just a few minutes ago.” He stated.

Dean groaned. “The fuck am I gonna do man!?” He started to get in a crazed state. When it came to you, he literally flipped his lid. If anyone tried hurt you, let alone touch you and he got wind of it? He’d whoop their ass without a second thought.

Roman laughed, seeing his friend like this was new to him, but that didn’t make it any less funny or amusing to the Samoan. He grabbed Dean’s shoulders firmly and stopped him. “Ambrose, you tell her how you feel.” Dean puffed out a breath and laughed before turning to see Y/n talking to his enemy, AJ Styles. That Southern snake happened to be flirting with her right outside the locker room. Roman grabbed him tightly and pulled him back, closing the locker room door quickly and stood with his back to the door as he looked at Dean. “Was that little scene enough to show you that you’ll lose her if you don’t tell her how you feel, man?” He grasped his friend’s shoulders, glaring at him.

Dean was shaking in anger and he nodded, growling. “Yes! Damnit! I get it now! You just…Look, we both know I am no fucking prince charming so, I guess I…” Roman cut him off with a devious grin.

“Is the Dean Ambrose asking his friend for help on getting a girl?” Dean growled, shoving Roman, so he took it as a yes. “Has Deano gone soft!?” He teased, only to get a firm punch to his chest and he grunted, watching Dean storm out of the locker room. “Hey, that’s no way to treat the man that’s gonna help you get your dream girl!” Roman yelled after him before he broke into a fit of laughter.

The Following Day…

You were still trying to think of a way to spend the day with Dean on his birthday but there was one problem. You were completely ignoring that it was your birthday too. Suddenly, your phone went off and it was a text from Dean, asking you to hang out back at his hotel room. He said to dress comfortable. You smiled brightly before nervously biting your lip. You hoped Dean would like your gift that you had already gotten him right after Roman told you about Dean’s birthday.

Dean was pacing nervously in his hotel room as he still hadn’t bought a gift for you. Roman sat on the bed, watching Dean pace. “Damnit Ambrose! Sit your ass down! You’re thinking too much!” Roman stuck his foot out as he was absent-mindedly pacing and soon enough Dean flew. He hit the floor as he tripped over the Samoan’s jutting leg with a groan.

“You fucker.” He grumbled as he slowly rolled onto his back, staring at the ceiling. Dean rest his hands on his stomach as he twiddled his thumbs in thought.

Reigns looked at Dean on the floor. “Damn, you got it bad for her.” he paused before an idea struck and he grinned, motioning to get Dean’s attention. “Well…her style is pretty damn close to yours…what if you got her something to signify that?” Dean looked at him in confusion before realization dawned on him. He got up quickly, tripping and running into the door. Quickly ripping the door open, Dean ran off without a second thought. Roman sat there, having a hard time believing that his unbreakable friend was head over heels for you.

Later That Night…

You were carrying your bag and you went to Dean’s room, knocking gently. You had dressed comfortably as told, wearing a pair of black sweats and a Dean “Unstable” Ambrose grey shirt.

Dean opened the door, letting you in and he took your bag and set it down. “Hey beautiful.” He said in his somewhat rasp of a voice. He noticed your shirt and you swore you saw a flash of light pink come to his cheeks but he quickly turned away. “So!” He exclaimed, clearing his throat.

You giggled, making your way over to your bag and taking out some movies with a grin. “If I recall correctly…we haven’t had a movie night in ages and I know we both need to relax. So shall we get this night started?”

Dean chuckled and took the movies from you and smirked. “I say we watch Never Back Down. I always love watching that movie…” He coughed, knowing his favorite part was the semi intimate part.

- - - - - - - - - -

You were only part of the way through the movie, munching on popcorn and candy, when the playful fight scene came on. Dean coughed softly, gingerly bouncing his leg as the girl on screen was straddling the guy before they kissed. You flushed deeply and bit your lip, curling up on one side of the couch.

Dean noticed this and sucked his own lip in between his teeth as he was imagining it being you two. Grunting softly, he covered it with another cough. You paused the movie and got up quickly, heading over to your bag. “So, I heard from a certain Samoan friend of ours that it is your birthday today…” You dug out a box and bit your lip nervously. Dean saw the box and his eyes grew wide.

“Y/n…You really didn’t have to get me nothin’…I mean, spending the night with you is enough of a gift for me.”

You flushed darkly and gazed into his eyes. “I wanted to…” You held the box out shyly.

Dean sighed, gazing into your eyes and he melted a bit. He took the box from you and opened it slowly. He paused, his eyes growing wide and brimming with happiness as he removed the leather jacket from the box. “H-how did you know that I needed a new one?” He asked softly, voice filled with disbelief.

You giggled. “I-I noticed when we hang out backstage at shows. The leather on the one you have now was looking pretty worn out so I-” You were caught off guard when you were suddenly brought into a tight hug. Feeling as he buried his face in the crook of your neck, you hugged back.

“I love it, Y/n.. It’s perfect, just like…” He pulled away and gazed into your eyes, setting the jacket aside. He lifted his hands to caress your face. “It’s perfect, but not as perfect as you are…” You went to open your mouth, but were interrupted as he kissed your cheek. “Y/n…I know we’ve only been friends for a few months, but…” He took a deep breath. “I-I feel like I’m falling for-”

Before he could finish, you suddenly had courage fill you and you leaned in, pressing your lips to his in a deep kiss. It took him a while to respond, so you pulled away. Thinking you had taken it the wrong way, you bit your lip. “I-I’m so sor-” You began apologizing, only to be cut off by a pair of lips against yours suddenly. The kiss soon became heated as Dean pulled you onto his lap, having you straddle him.

Dean broke the kiss and went to your neck, nipping and kissing a trail down as he pulled back to gaze at your shirt. “I don’t usually give two shits about my merch on anyone, but on you…Let’s just say, I’m making sure I get you a piece of everything the shop has with my name on it.”

You laughed and licked his neck, causing him to groan. He grabbed your hips and pushed and pulled to help you grind against him. “Shit Y/n…I…I didn’t wanna rush this, but…” He grunted as he felt you scratch at his chest, he was only in a pair of sweats.

You bit your lip shyly. “Dean?”

He gazed at you. “Yeah Y/n?”

You rubbed his chest gently. “I-I…” You didn’t want to come out with the term “make love,” seeing as he only admitted to having feelings for you.

Dean noticed your nervousness and he picked you up, understanding what you were insinuating. Going to the bedroom and gently laying you down on the bed, Dean crawled over you and kissed you passionately before pausing briefly. “I know, baby…just relax. I got you…” You nodded, biting your lip as you felt him remove your shirt, kissing down your body slowly before coming to the waistband of the sweats. He tugged them off and leaned back to admire you. “My god…Y/n…You have no idea how long I’ve waited to see you like this…” He said as he rubbed his hands along your sides. “Fuck, you’re so damn gorgeous, baby doll…”

You bit your lip and smirked as an idea came into your head before you pulled him in for a hungry kiss, eliciting a groan from him. You took his sign of weakness, grabbing him and turning you both over so you could straddle him. Grinding against him as you slowly broke the kiss, you tugged at his bottom lip as you parted. He was panting softly, grunting as you moved your hips against his in a torturous rhythm. “Shit…Never realized how amazing those hips of yours were, Y/n…” He bit his lip as he gazed up at you, his hair splayed out on the pillows and covering his face: A few strands stuck to his forehead as he was sweating already and you felt some pride in being the cause of that. He gripped your hips and growled softly as he helped you grind but you abruptly stopped, reaching behind you to undo the hooks on your bra. You let the straps slide down your arms.

You bit your lip as you looked down at him, finally removing your bra and tossing it aside. Dean let out an audible groan at the sight. Chewing on his bottom lip while he gazed at your breasts, his stare flickered to your eyes as if he was asking for permission. When you nodded, he shot up and wrapped an arm around your waist tightly, helping you grind against him as he kissed and sucked on your neck. Dean wanted to mark every inch of your body as his. He used his other hand to knead one of your breasts while kissing a trail down to your other breast. Taking the nipple in his mouth, he suckled on it roughly as his calloused hand worked the other breast.

You whimpered as you ground yourself against him, feeling his bulge growing. He groaned softly as he continued to tend to your breasts. He moved back, pulling you down roughly and kissing you hungrily, tongues fighting for dominance. Dean broke the kiss and growled. “Fuck…I need to taste you…”

You swallowed a moan as he moved you to lay down again and he trailed soft, tender kisses along your body. Getting to the waistband of your panties, he quickly looked up at you for permission. You gave a hasty nod and he tucked his thumbs under the sides, tugging them down and tossing them on the floor. He spread your legs, gently kissing and sucking at the insides of your thighs, leaving his mark as he gazed at your pussy. He saw the glistening slick in the light and groaned. “Fuck…Y-your pretty little pussy looks delicious, princess…” Whimpering in response to him, he grinned.

“Oh? Does my baby girl like when I talk dirty to her like this?” He chuckled when he saw you nod. He bit his lip as he spread your lips with his fingers, admiring how tight you were and the slick that coated you. “I’ve been dying to taste you…”

You whined and squirmed. “Then fucking taste me already, Dean!”

Ambrose chuckled, licking his lips and diving in, flattening his tongue in a slow lick. He groaned as he tasted you, losing control over himself. “Fuck…You taste so good, baby girl…I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way…” You gave a confused look and suddenly felt his rough, calloused hands splayed on your inner thighs, pushing them further apart. You felt him devour you, causing you to gasp and moan out rather loudly.

“Oh! F-Fuck…Dean!” He grinned as he continued to feast on your pussy, moaning softly as he tasted you. He took your clit in his mouth, sucking on the pleasure button of yours as he thrusted two fingers deep inside you, causing you to wail.

You reached down. Running your fingers through his hair you grasped handfuls of the strands and pulled as he continued. You gasped loudly as you felt a telling, well known knot forming in your stomach.

Dean felt your walls tighten around his fingers and grinned, gazing up at you and releasing your clit, breathing on it as he spoke to you. “Yeah? You gonna cum all over my fingers baby? How about I do you one better…” You whimpered as he pulled his fingers out and he licked them clean. He went back to his previous position with his hands on your inner thighs and dove right in. He heard you cry out in pleasure as he thrusted his tongue in and out of your heat. He thrusted his tongue in and wiggled it around wildly, causing you to squirm and fist his hair.

“Ahh! Deann!”

He groaned as he felt your walls spasm around his tongue and as he tasted your sweet essence. He lapped it all up as it came and then licked his lips as he gazed at you hungrily. You sank against the sheets, a quiet whine leaving you as your body was wracked with pleasure and you trembled when you came down from your high. Dean’s lips quirked as he caught sight of your blissful expression. He momentarily shimmied off the bed, to your chagrin, but he threw a small wink your way in assurance.

“Baby…You taste even better than I could’ve ever imagined…” He growled lowly and shoved his sweats down. Having them pool around his ankles, he stepped out of them and stalked towards the bed once more. You bit your lip as you saw he wasn’t even wearing any boxers underneath. He licked his lips as he fisted his cock, biting his lip as he thrusted into his fist. “Mmn…I need that sweet little pussy of yours…now…” he climbed into the bed, crawling over you as his eyes bore into yours.

“Please?” you pleaded, your fingers lacing in his hair and he groaned, placing one hand against your waist while the other lined him with your slick. “Dean, I need you…” you sighed, bucking against him and he groaned as your heat brushed the crown of his girth. His nails dug into your skin as his fingers curled into your waist but that was the furthest thing from your mind. Dean nodded, pressing his forehead to yours as he kept eye contact and slowly pushed past your folds. You both groaned, the feeling of him spreading and filling you was enough to coax a small orgasm out of you but for Dean…The mere fact of you surrounding him with your heat almost drove him over the edge.

“Holy fuck, Y/n…” he whispered, his bright eyes still linked with yours as your hands moved from his hair to travel across his shoulders. Splaying your fingers across his back, you whimpered.

“Oh my God, Dean…You feel so good…So deep…” you gasped when he slightly rolled his hips, inching in a little further and your eyes rolled. How could he do so little and still send you into a frenzy? How could he have you so completely and utterly unraveled?

“Shit, you feel fucking amazing…” he grunted, slowly moving once more and you sighed before your eyes closed. “Y/n, baby look at me…I need you to look at me…” Dean murmured, his forehead still pressed to yours and you moaned. Slowly forcing your eyes open, the intensity in his almost finished you then and there.


“Y/n, you don’t know how long I’ve waited…” he mumbled, “How long I’ve wanted this…” his lips ghost against yours, making you sigh as he slowly pressed his hips against yours. You moaned, your nails digging into his shoulders as Dean pushed his head beside yours. His grip on your waist tightened as he gave a rougher thrust.

“Ah! S-shit…” you whimpered, not knowing where you ended and he began as your back arched with your walls squeezing down on him.

“Y-y/n…I wanted this to be special…Tonight is supposed to be about you, baby but I can’t…” he kissed your shoulder, raising his head so he could look at you once more. He breathed. “I dunno if I can hold back…”

“Then don’t…” you smiled, gently touching his cheek as he silently stared down at you. “Don’t hold back, Dean…Show me how badly you wanted this…Show me how badly you want me…”

Dean groaned, keeping you flush against him as he bit his lip. “Fuck, y/n…You dunno what you’re askin’ for…” he gasped when you squeezed on him again.

You noticed him still trying to hold back and smirked, pulling him down to nibble at his earlobe. “C’mon Dean…I wanna feel you pound my tight little pussy…I know you want to…”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he smirked, trailing his fingers up your side and you shivered when the tingle passed over you. He chuckled softly as he felt you shiver. “Does my baby girl really want me to let go…? I don’t wanna hurt her…”

You gave him a whine, your legs tightening around his waist as your fingers wove in his hair once more. “Dean please…” you pleaded. “Please, Daddy?”

Dean gaped, his eyes wide and you almost thought you’d gone too far. Dean chuckled softly, brushing your cheek. “Daddy, huh?” he grinned and you giggled in return with a nod. “Well now…” he raised your hips a little and rubbed your left thigh. “I hope you can take all that Daddy’s gonna give ya!”

You bit your lip as you saw his eyes darken, having caught a glimpse of him like this whenever he walked in on you changing and you now realized that his eyes darkened with want for you. He grinned deviously and pulled back only to quickly snap his hips flush against yours, causing you to cry out.

Dean licked his lips and shook his head to get the hair from covering his eyes as he marveled at you beneath him. He soon began a moderate pace, but was thrusting hard and deep. “Yeah…? You like how Daddy pounds this tight pussy, huh? You love how he fucks you into the mattress?” He growled with a rasp in his voice. He bit his lip, looking between where your hips met his and watching his cock disappear into your pussy as you took every inch of him. He groaned and grunted as he kept thrusting. “Fucking shit, Y/n…Your pretty little pussy is taking every inch of my cock and it’s amazing…Mmn…Yeah. Take it all, baby girl…” He gasped as he felt your walls tighten around him. “Fuck! Your pussy feels even better when it clamps down on me, baby…”

You gasped loudly and arched your back, only to have Dean press down against your body as he continued to thrust. “Mmn…Faster, Daddy…Please…” You begged and he growled as he began to pick up speed.

Ambrose licked his lips and then bit his lip hard, leaning back as he took in the sight of you writhing underneath him in pleasure. “Fuck…such a beautiful sight under me…” He groaned as he admired your body. You whimpered and gained some strength, to his surprise. Grabbing him, you pushed him down onto the bed and straddled him, slowly sinking back down onto his length. He groaned and gazed up at you as you began to ride him. “O-oh fuck…I never thought this would ever happen…I-I only dreamt of it…” He laid his head back, moaning out as you continued and he kept his eyes on you while you rode him.

“Fuck…Y/n, you’re so beautiful…” He reached up and rubbed your cheek, using his other hand to rest on your hip. That hand was grasping your hip as he thrust up into you, making you whimper and your pussy clenched around him like a vise. “S-shit…Is my baby girl gonna come all over Daddy’s cock?”

You nodded and he grinned before sitting up and pressing you against his body. He rest your head against the crook of his neck and tangled his fingers in the hair on the back of your head. He used the other to grip your waist.

“Shit, Daddy!” you wailed, clenching on him once more and Dean hissed.

“Daddy’s gotcha…Just brace yourself, I don’t wanna hurt ya…” You were confused, then you felt his grasp tighten on those spots and he began to pound into you from under you. You cried out and screwed your eyes shut, burying your face into the crook of his neck. Biting down roughly, you caused him to groan in pleasure. “F-Fuck Y/n…”

You mumbled against his neck, but it was still audible to him. “G-gonna cum, Dean…” You let out a loud moan and threw your head back as you felt your orgasm hit you, hard.

Dean pulled out quickly and released on your stomach, panting heavily. “H-holy shit…That felt amazing, Y/n…” He got up slowly and went to get a towel. Dampening it with warm water, he came back to clean you off before cleaning himself.

He crawled into the bed, laying next to you, then there was pounding at the door and he groaned. “Go away!” He yelled. He leaned in and kissed you softly.

The pounding started again. “Ambrose! You better not have chickened out on giving her the shit you got her!” Roman yelled from the hallway outside the room.

Dean broke the kiss and his eyes grew wide. He had gotten so caught up in their love making that the gift had slipped his mind. “Oh! Shit! I forgot!” He got up and pulled on a pair of boxers quickly, running to the main room. “Thanks for remindin’ me, Roman!” He heard Reigns laughing in the hallway.

“No problem man! Just next time try to remember that my room is right next to yours, you fucking lunatic!” Dean was bent over, digging in his suitcase but he paused. Hearing Roman say that made him grin. Biting his lip, he heard you come out of the bedroom dressed in his shirt and a pair of shorts.

“H-He heard us..?” You asked, a bit flustered.

Dean chuckled softly, finally finding the gift he got for you. “Don’t worry, I’m sure that’s as far as he’s ever gonna get with my girl!” He yelled for Roman to hear.

Roman broke into a fit of laughter, using the key card Dean gave him to use to visit in the mornings. “Hey, I’m sure I could totally get further with her, Ambrose. Right baby girl?” Reigns winked at you, but was shocked when you gave him a smirk as you walked to Dean’s side and hugged him around the waist.

“Nope.” You said, popping the ‘p’.

Dean chuckled, wrapping an arm around you. Pulling you even closer, he kissed the top of your head and you smiled. He pulled you away and handed you the gift he’d gotten you. Wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, he rest his chin on your shoulder as he whispered, “I’ve never been too good with gettin’ gifts for other people, so I hope you like it…” He said softly.

You looked at Roman and he nodded, smiling softly at you. You giggled softly, opening the box and pulling out a Dean Ambrose shirt, a pair of black shorts that looked form fitting, a Dirty Deeds hoodie, and a leather jacket. “Y-you didn’t have to get me so much, Dean…” You whispered, biting your lip.

Dean shook his head. “I wanted to…Besides, I pulled a few strings and got them made custom for you.” You furrowed your brows in confusion.

“But the shirt and hoodie are merch that the shop sells.”

He chuckled. “Turn them around.”

You were still confused, but shrugged. Picking up the Ambrose shirt you flipped it over to see the back, gasping softly when you saw the words, “His Psycho Princess” printed on it. You set it down on the bed and went to the shorts, on the front on one side was his logo, but on the back it said, “Psycho Ass”. You laughed and set them on the bed. Going to the hoodie you turned it over and smirked. It had the words, “His True Dirty Deed” printed on it. You got to the leather jacket and saw the “DA” symbol that was on some of his merch, on the left chest area of the jacket along with something else.Your own logo that was usually found on your merch on the chest area was on the right side. You looked at him and he crossed his arms over his chest. “Turn it over.” He said simply. You did as told, giggling when you saw the logos together like you’d see a couple of teenagers carve their names into a tree when in ‘love,’ with a heart circling them, and below it read, “The Lunatic Found his Psycho”.

You started to cry, tears forming in your eyes. You set the jacket down and turned around, gasping when you saw Dean holding a velvet lined box. He wasn’t kneeling so you knew better. You made your way to stand in front of him and he opened the box where it held within it a silver necklace that was shaped as a heart. It was also a locket, the front side of the heart had your logos on it like the leather jacket did, and written on the back it said, “His Princess”.

Dean saw the tears falling and became worried. “D-Do you not like them? S-Shit! I knew you wouldn’t like any of it, I just kn-” He started rambling but was cut off when you pressed your lips to his in a deep, passionate kiss. A groan released from the back of his throat as he held your waist gently. You broke the kiss gently and slowly rubbed his cheeks as he rest his forehead against yours.

You giggled softly. “Dean…I love everything you got me and…though we haven’t been friends for even a year yet…I feel like I…I think I’m falling in love with you…”

Dean bit his lip, searching your eyes for any sign that wasn’t sincere about what you said and all he found was sincerity. He pulled you closer. “Y/n…Will you be my girl?” He asked softly.

You nodded. “Yes, of course. I’d love to be your Psycho Princess.” He chuckled and smashed his lips against yours.

Roman noticed they must’ve forgotten that he was there, but he had a bright, wide smile on his face as he was leaving quietly, glad to see that two of his friends finally found love.

anonymous asked:

Kara and Cat going trick or treating with Carter.😘 💓

Kara stands shyly in front of the door, hesitant to knock even though she’d been invited. This is one of Cat’s concessions, a baby step from very private relationship to being seen in public together. Cat’s always been wary of how the news would break; older CEO starts physical relationship with pretty young assistant–the sort of droll gossip everyone would eat up for a minimum of two weeks, unless the president tweeted something particularly offensive. While she could weather the storm, especially after thirty-odd years of being under a microscope, she had profound doubts that Kara would be as unaffected.

While Kara acknowledges that this could potentially be very bad for her, she’s always been the sort to choose with her heart–much to Alex’s consternation. If this relationship turns out to make her life harder, that’s nothing new. After a lifetime of hardship, she thinks she deserves this little slice of comfort. She just worries that she’s pushing Cat too fast, as she’s the one excited to take Carter out, while Cat wanted a quiet night in with old horror movies and a home-cooked meal.

Before she can knock, Carter pulls the door open and grins up at her. “Mom’ll just be another few minutes.”

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Harry Styles Cuddle Imagine

[So, @mizluv wanted me to do some cute Harry cuddles, so that’s what I’m doing as a bonus imagine for the day. Enjoy and I hope it helps because Harry cuddles help everything.]

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Doesn’t Ring a Bell

Originally posted by wdwlsn

Requested by anonymous:

“Yay you write about Peter!!! Could you please write one where you are Peter’s girlfriend but you notice how he suddenly leaves for things or shows up late to your dates. You try to brush it off until you are attacked when you are alone and Spidey comes in to save you and that’s when you realize that your dork of a boyfriend is a superhero working with the avengers? (Too specific?)

Warnings: PURE FLUFFF, mild language

Note: Nothing is ever too specific anon :) & yes Peter is my baby <3

“Did you get x equals two for question five?”

“Babe what did you do?… I got three hundred and twenty seven.” 

“Ugh I give up!” You groan in frustration before dramatically pushing your notebook off your lap. “I’m actually going to fail this exam.”

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Imagine Dating Hank Voight

For anon:  Hi can you do an imagine where the reader is dating Hank Voight from Chicago Pd please, thank ypu

Yay, my first CPD Imagine! Hope you like it. 

You weren’t angry. You knew what you’d signed up for, dating a sergeant of the Chicago Police Department. You knew that his job was demanding. So when you got the call, cancelling your dinner plans for the third time in a row, you weren’t surprised. But it didn’t mean you weren’t disappointed.

“It’s just been a busy week,” Hank said with a heavy voice. “I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

“It’s okay, Hank, I understand,” you said, but you couldn’t hide the disappointment in your voice. You had a feeling he wanted to say more, but several voices calling his name on the other end of the line had grabbed his attention.

“I’ll call you tonight,” he promised before immediately hanging up his phone.

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In The Cards

A little something for my Kullara buds, an awesome group of people who deserve more love ^_^

Coran was the one who had received the invitation to the festival. If they agreed to attend, the Paladins of Voltron were to be the guests of honour at the Celebration of the Stars, an annual festival of food, festivities and frivolities. After recent events he felt the team could use a pick me up. Allura had agreed.

She could almost see the very fitting stars in the eyes of the young pilots as they took in the spectacle before them. The sights, the sounds, the smells, they seemed so delighted. Most of them any way. Keith was hanging back, which really didn’t surprise anyone. The others just shrugged his moodiness off, deciding they were going to enjoy themselves with or without him.

“This is just like the carnivals back home!” Lance enthused, watching as what looked like a rollercoaster spun by overhead without the benefit of a track. “Only more awesome!”

“And dangerous.” Hunk noted as his eyes followed the same spinning thrill-ride.

“Must work on an anti-grav propulsion system.” Pidge theorised.

“Or some kind of magnetic-hover device.” Hunk added.

“Can you turn off the geek-speak for one night?” Lance glared at them. “We’re here to kick-back and have some fun.”

“What about him?” Pidge jerked a thumb to where Keith was trailing behind, finding something fascinating in the foliage of a rather ordinary looking tree.

“Ah, he’s a lost cause.” Lance waved him off. “You coming, Princess?”

“I don’t think we should leave him all by himself.” She was watching the sullen paladin with concern. Shiro’s loss had hit them all hard, but it had effected Keith the most. He’d never been the happiest of people, but he used to smile at least, on occasion, join in on conversations. He’d been so quiet lately she was beginning to forget what his voice sounded like.

“I’d say have fun, but I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word.” Lance snorted as he turned towards the lights and laughter of the festival.

“If he doesn’t snap out of this funk soon…” Hunk sighed, shaking his head sadly as he and Pidge followed in Lance’s wake.

“You do realise that tree is not part of the celebration?” Allura folded her arms across her chest. He turned to her but didn’t respond or make a move. She let out an exasperated sigh.

“Come on.” She grabbed him by the wrist and started marching towards the festivities. “I’ll win you a prize.”

He was going to have some fun if it killed her!


Keith was staring at the black bead eyes of the vaguely cat-like toy Allura had, true to her word, won for him at some game which had required her to match an ever changing pattern of lights. It had far too many legs and wire in its multiple tails to make them hold a star shape to really be called a cat, though. Naturally, when asked, Allura had picked the red one. In return he’d won her a dark silken scarf festooned with sparkles that resembled the night sky above them by simply throwing sharp needles through multi-coloured balls of light.

They had stopped to eat, or at least Allura had. He still wasn’t eating very much, he had no appetite when he was depressed, but he had managed a few bites of something spirally that had tasted like fried potato, though it had been iridescent blue in colour. Allura returned to him with something green and pink that looked remarkably like a churro.

“You should try this.” She held it out to him, beaming. “It’s wonderful.”

He broke a small portion off the tip of it and popped it in his mouth. It even tasted like a churro. It would seem carnival food was as wonderfully greasy and unhealthy here as it was on Earth.

“Yeah…” He admitted. “It’s pretty good.”

Her grin widened. He’d actually said something positive.

“Come on.” She said. “There’s something over this way I’m dying to try.”

He followed her to a small ornate tent covered with stars and crescent moons. A creature with long, rope-like arms sat in its opening, moving the slender limbs and swaying back and forth in a sinuously hypnotic way. It was hard to determine the gender of the creature, in truth it may not even have a gender. It watched them with pale blue eyes as Allura led him to its tent.

“A fortune teller?” He looked skeptical.

“I do not tell fortunes, young one.” It said in a strange, musical tone, slowly blinking its eyes. It made a graceful gesture with one three-fingered hand. “I impart the plans of the universe.”

He looked at Allura, clearly still unconvinced.

“It’ll be fun.” She said, pushing him into the darkness within. The creature, the universal seer, or whatever it was, flowed in behind them. It continued in its almost liquid-like movements, he absently wondered if it had any bones, to come to rest on the opposite side of the round table that sat in the centre of the draped fabric space, gesturing for them to sit amongst the collection of velvet and silk cushions piled on the floor.

It scooped up a small pile of rectangles that looked strangely familiar to the young man from the other side of the cosmos.

“Tarot Cards?” Keith frowned.

“You know of them?” The seer inquired.

“We have them back home.” He admitted, though he’d never held much stock in them. “But I didn’t know they were so…” He trailed off, not sure of the right word.

“Universal?” The seer suggested with an obvious, and playful, smile.

It spread the cards across the table in a perfect arc. “Twenty two cards.” It said. “Five will tell you your past, your present and your future.” One hand unfurled in front of Allura. “Choose.” The Princess lay a finger on the cloth before one, fifth from the centre. The seer lay a suction-cup tipped finger on the card and turned it over. It showed an ornately robed woman sitting between two pillars.

“The High Priestess.” It intoned. “Wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. You have a deep, intuitive understanding of the universe.”

It turned to Keith, its lips quirked upwards. It was obvious it knew he had little faith in its abilities. “Clear you mind. Still your doubts. And choose.” It made the same graceful motion with its hands. He let out a deep breath and tapped the one on the end closest to him. It picked it up with its sticky fingertip and flipped it over. Keith was faced with a hooded figure holding a lamp.

“The Hermit.” It smiled. “You are introspective and focus your attentions inwards to find the answers you seek.”

It gestured to Allura to select her second card. It depicted a beautiful woman by a pool of water surrounded by stars.

“Ah…the Star. The universe has blessed you. Your hope and faith will be renewed as you enter a loving stage in your life. You will find a deeper understanding in yourself and those around you.” Its eyes slid briefly to Keith. “Trust the universe, a bright future awaits you.”

Pale eyes returned to Keith, one eyebrow quirked. He touched another, the third from the last he’d picked. The seer gracefully turned it over. It showed a skeleton in full armour riding a horse and brandishing a banner.

“Death!” It hissed dramatically. The pair exchanged a worried glance. That couldn’t be good. Then the seer laughed, a tinkling bell-like sound.

“Do not look so concerned.” It smiled. “It is not to be taken literally. It means an ending. A new beginning. You are moving on to something far more important that what has come before.” It leaned in closer to him. “Do not resist this change, it could do you irreparable harm. Let go of the past, embrace your future.”

It sat back, its hands drifting across the remaining cards.

“The fifth and final card is mine to choose.” It said, eyes closed, hands moving hypnotically back and forth. “Through me the universe will reveal what it has planned for you both.” Its hands stilled, one finger dipping down to select the card. It depicted two figures, one obviously make the other obviously female, an angel watching over them both.

The seer opened its eyes and smiled. “I suspected as much.”

“What is this one?” Allura frowned.

Keith let out a shuddering sigh. “It’s called The Lovers.” Two pairs of blue eyes fixed on him, one aghast, the other amused.

“And you know this how?” The seer asked.

“I saw it in a movie.” He shrugged.

“This one is like the Death card, right?” Allura queried. “Not to be taken literally.”

The seer’s smile was almost wicked. “No.” It imparted. “This one is VERY literal. Perfection, harmony and mutual attraction.” They exchanged another, weighted glance. The universe wanted THAT from them.

“Of course their are subtleties in the interpretation.” The seer admitted. “The bond you share does not necessarily have to be a romantic one.” It lidded its eyes heavily, suggestively. “Or a…sexual one…” it seemed to take great delight in their discomfort. “But that does not mean that it is…not.” It spread it’s hands gracefully, smiling widely, almost knowingly.

“But the trust each has in the other will grant you the strength and confidence you will require to overcome the trials you will no doubt soon face. Have faith in each other and you will prevail.”


“So how DID you know that card?” Allura asked.

They had returned to the food tents to wait for the others. Hunk’s stomach at least would eventually lead them to the same spot. Allura was sampling something fluffy and cloud-like while Keith poked at some of the blue potato stuff with a spork.

“Like I said, a movie.” He speared a piece of his food, lifted it up, turned it this way and that, some of the acid green topping dripped back into the basket. “This guy wanted to…enact…the card with this girl, so he stacked the deck in his favour.” He smiled a little.

“No way!”

They turned to the sound of Lance’s voice.

“You’ve seen a James Bond movie?” He boggled, bumping his hip against Keith’s to force him to move over so he could sit. He picked up one of the fries. “A damn ancient one, but it’s a start.”

He grinned. “And was that a smile I just saw?”

“I’m just glad you’re eating.” Pidge said, sliding in on his other side, subtly dragging the basket of food away from Lance. “You ARE eating these, right.”


Lance popped the one he’d stolen into his mouth and instantly turned red. His jaw gaped and e started fanning his mouth with his hand while gasping “hothothothothot!” Keith casually pushed a large container of liquid towards him which he grateful gulped down.

HOW are you eating them?” He demanded when he found his voice. “That stuff is pure evil!” He pointed at the topping. “It’s like someone dialled jalapeños up to a million!”

“Oh, please.” Hunk scoffed. “The jalapeño doesn’t even crack the top ten on the Scoville Scale.” He took his own sample, and almost choked on it. “Jeez!” He wiped tears from his eyes as he reached for the container of liquid. “How ARE you eating these?” He took a deep swallow.

“Guardian Spirit of Fire.” He reminded them, depositing the one he’d been studying in his mouth and chewing it slowly and deliberately with no obvious effect.

“Wusses.” Pidge grinned. Keith smirked, pushing the basket towards her in offering. She looked at it for a moment, took in the still red faces of her Garrison teammates, before pushing it back. “I think I’m good.”

“Now who’s the wuss?” Lance snorted.

“I’ll try one.” Allura said brightly, retrieving one with two delicate fingers. She sampled it, chewing thoughtfully. Her cheeks flushed ever so slightly. “Yes, it is a little spicy.” She admitted. “But very tasty.”

The unaffected pair shared a chuckle. Perfection, harmony and mutual attraction…for spicy food at least.

“Pft.” Lance rolled his eyes. “Aliens.”


By its tent the seer smiled at the playful interaction between the quintet, two of the five in particular. Their hands brushed briefly as they reached into the food basket at the same time, each drawing back quickly as if scalded.

“Fight it all you wish.” It spoke softly. “The universe will not be denied.”