i want an older man


Ewan McGregor for Rhapsody Magazine (May 2016) by Jason Bell

“We were always professional friends anyway, Danny [Boyle] and I. We didn’t hang out together outside the work we made—I think Danny’s a very private man, and I don’t think that’s so unusual with actors and directors. But I’ve missed him and the way he runs the set. He’s certainly gotten some of the best work out of me that I’ve ever done. It’s been a sort of wasted time. I’ve always considered it a shame.”

Alfred stared over Bruce’s shoulder as he typed, shamelessly eavesdropping before going upstairs to make pho.

“There are many things I have learned that I thought were beyond me,” he said, shaking his head, “but this, I fear, is my limit. I will never decipher this.”

Bruce stopped typing to look up at him from the computer chair in front of the batcomputer.

“Alfred, this makes perfect sense. It’s not a foreign language.”

“I beg to differ,” Alfred insisted, raising an eyebrow. “That is nonsense.”

Bruce looked back down at the phone with a slight frown. He tipped it back so the older man could see.

“I asked if she wanted to come eat with me at three. She asked if she should be masked, if Damian would be here, and where. I said here and that it was just us. She’s agreed to come. I don’t know how that’s complicated.”

Alfred sighed.

“I can only hope you remain alive until you provide me with a dictionary of some sort. Otherwise, she’ll be lost to us.”

“I think you’re being dramatic. She’s easy to understand if you just think about it.”

Alfred sighed, again.

“I am not surprised that you have bonded with her when you both suffer such difficulties in communication, but you will permit me to be bewildered that you bonded over communication.”

He began walking toward the elevator; there was a three in the morning lunch to prepare.

“What communication difficulties?” Bruce called after him, grumbling. “Cass just makes sense.”


“Your greatness is revealed not by the light that shines upon you, but by the light that shines within you.”   Happy birthday, Sho-kun! 

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So this is the Heathen way of Subs worker (not the coworker who posts here) I just wanted to say, the older man who wants to be my sugar daddy came in again and offered 1500 a month. I'm no sex worker nor am I a call girl, but that is pretty insulting when I still make that or more part time at the sub shop! I told him sorry and if he is lonely he can come visit the shop every now and then instead of carefully budgeting his retirement for a sugar baby.

Full Confession:

More Friends of Mineral Town got me through some heavy depression I experienced from being improperly diagnosed and medicated as a teenager. I kind of grew so addicted to the characters and the stories. Manna and Duke were like the parents I always wanted, but just adored from afar. Jeff was my “older man” crush. Saibara was so admirably strong. May broke my heart over her story. I brought her flowers every day. I absolutely adored Elli, Popuri, and especially Karen. I was always so afraid Lillia was going to die and urged Zack in my head to take care of her. I dunno. I wish there was a new Harvest Moon that had the heart-breaking depth Mineral Town did.

My buddy should never let me meet its 18 year old high school daughter. When she said she wanted an older man to get her pregnant I had to seize the day


Arrow Season 4 AU where everything is pretty much the same (well, Oliver still owns Verdant in this) but Tommy is alive and helps Oliver with his mayor candidacy!

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To the anons that don't get the daddy kink and are kink shaming. The term "daddy" is endearing to most men, especially older men that have their shit together. They want to take care of their princesses and baby girls. Like why is that so wrong? And why is it wrong that a princess wants to be taken care of by her strong and confident daddy? Older men for the win!

this made me bust a nut I want an older man so bad 😂😂

So I’m just about to leave the gym. I was on the treadmill today and there was this moment where I wanted to stop and take a break but then this older man, he must’ve been at least 70, came over and started jogging on the treadmill next to me. I looked over at him a few times and he was smiling during his jog, listening to music on his headphones. Now if that doesn’t motivate a person to keep going during their workout and appreciate their health, I don’t know what will. Needless to say I kept going and ended up getting a great workout in. Hope everyone’s having a great day! 😊💕