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If you're still taking requests, can I ask for a protective Jughead when someone tries to hit on Betty?? And honestly I can't get enough of your blog. It's my newest addiction, along with Riverdale.

Thank you so much! This ones a cute one! I didn’t know if you wanted them to be dating or not, so I just kind of went with it!

Okay, this was fine. This was totalllyyy fine, it didn’t bother him at all.

It’s not like he was standing right here,

Out side the blue and gold office, watching the tall, muscled jock lean over Betty’s desk and invade her personal space.

Also what kind of cheesy pick up line was that?

And what made this jerk think Betty was interested in being picked up?

“So tall, blonde and beautiful, what do you say? You, me? Saturday at pops?”

What an idiot , he didn’t know much about flirting but he knew stating the obvious wasn’t the most original choice.

Wait a minute, was Betty… blushing?

Was she really falling for this tool and his lame attempts?

He watched as she opened her mouth to answer

“Oh I don’t know Adam, I’m kind of busy lately.”

Adam looked like he was getting aggravated when he asked

“Doing what Betty? Come on, you can’t spare a night for a date? What are your other plans?”

Before Betty had a chance to answer jughead decided he had, had enough.

“She’ll be with me on Saturday, right bets? ”

Her head snapped up as he entered, smiling at the beanie wearing boy.

“That’s right! jughead and I are heading to an old library outside riverdale, we’re going to check if they have original capote pieces!”

She was practically bouncing with excitement.

He couldn’t help the smug smile that graced his face as he dropped an arm to hang over her shoulder, fixing this Adam character with a satisfied smirk and stating

“So yeah as you can see, we’re kind of busy here, newspaper and all that, thanks for stopping by.”

Neither of the boys made any indication they would be moving any time soon.

Adam cleared his throat finally breaking eye contact with jughead

“Come on bets, jughead jones? You know you and I will have a much better time.” He tried to smile charmingly, but to jughead it just looked creepy.

“Oh I’m sure you would, but like the lady said she has plans. With me. So back off.”

Jughead had moved his arm off of Betty at this point standing tall to the jock.

Betty had never noticed how tall he was, and were those back muscles? To be honest it was a little intimidating.

She had to stop this before it got worse.

“Okay boys, that’s enough. Adam thankyou for the offer, but unfortunately I’m gonna have to pass.” She said stepping in between then.

Adam looked pissed off but backed away none the less.

“Whatever, when you want an actual man, I’ll be around.”

He backed away as jughead waved

“Bye Adam.” He was smirking.

Finally jughead turned to walk over to his desk

“Anyway, I was working on the missing test papers article I wanted you to revise it.”

Betty was standing there with her hands on her hips, eyebrow raised.

Looking up at her jughead shrugged his shoulders


Betty just rolled her eyes, moving to take the article from his hands.

“What!” He asked again.

Betty just laughed taking her pen to the paper.

“Whatever.. ” he grumbled.


An alert popped up on your phone, the team were on their way back from the latest mission. Leaning back in the chair, the time had come to stop avoiding Mac and face what surely would be an awkward conversation.

Gathering up your things, you placed a few folders along with your laptop in the big oversized black bag. Switching off the office lights you walked down the hall knowing exactly where Mac was going to be.

Arms crossed, looking through the long vertical glass windows he watched as you walked in. He turned as you came through the door.


Setting down you bag, you were nervous and mind was quickly spinning in every direction. “Hi…look Mac-”. You had no idea where you wanted to go beyond that, luckily Mac cut in .

“Me first, otherwise I might not be able to say this later. I know kissing you like that was completely out of the blue, but I don’t regret doing it. If I’ve learned anything doing this job it’s that-”. Mac reached where you were standing.

Looking into your eyes for a brief moment, he gently ran his thumb over your cheek. “Time is short and anything can happen in a split second. I don’t know about you Y/N, but I don’t want to waste any more time hiding how I really feel”.

You weren’t expecting any of that, it threw you even more off balance than the kiss. You must of been silent for a few minutes at least, because Mac started talking again.

“I know this is a lot to think about and you don’t have to say anything right now. But I just needed you to know”. He went to take a step, but without thinking your hand reached for his, sending a small electric jolt up your arm. Whether that was a sign or because of friction, it didn’t matter.

“I don’t have to think about it Mac, I feel the same way”.

The smile on his face was something you’d never forget and the kiss after that left you absolutely breathless.


One of my supervisors at work seems to think I’m the office’s Official Gay™ or something.

Friday she says, “My friend is a chef and visited with his husband” –then looks over at me with a nod– “last week for dinner…”

Earlier in the week I get, “It’s a nice little place, and you see ALL kinds of couples there…” –looks at me and smiles big–

And lots of other little things.

And I want to tell her, like,

Lady, I thought I was straight for about 40 years.

I’ve had exactly ONE same-sex relationship in my whole life.

It’s flattering and all, but I’m not Ellen DeGeneres.

I don’t represent the entire LGBT+ community.

I’m still a trainee-level queer person over here.

Home Again| 17

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-Jay’s POV-

It’s been three months since I fucked up. Ninety two damn days without seeing her smile, without hearing her voice, without her words. I haven’t been the same. How can I be that little girl’s dad? No wonder she doesn’t want her around me. I can’t stay like this much longer. Steph won’t answer the phone, Y/N, sure as hell won’t answer it. I don’t even think she’s still staying with Sooyoung. I haven’t heard a thing from any of them. 

I sit in the studio day in and day out, trying to keep my cool but it never works. I always end up crying myself to sleep because I miss her so much. The picture in my office of us wasn’t helping me out at all. I was in my office sitting in my chair, more memories floated through my mind. 


“What the hell!”

“You could have killed Sunghwa! What the fuck is your problem?! Stop being so fucking jealous of Sunghwa!”

“How can I not?! Every time I see you, you’re with some other guy. You think I didn’t see you with Wooyoung?! Who the hell do you want?! Is it Wooyoung or Sunghwa?!’”

“…Do you know how much it hurts me to see you with another man? I can’t stand it. It’s killing me. I just feel like I’m fucking up so much. I can’t lose you a second time.”

“I’m not with Wooyoung nor am I with Sunghwa. I’m with no one. Leave Sunghwa alone. Do it for me. Okay?”

“I can’t when I still love you.”

“Why the hell are you protecting him?! Move Y/N!” 

“No! I’m not letting you hurt your friend over me, Jay!”

I can’t just sit around anymore and wait for something to happen. I have to do something or nothing will chance. 

-Y/N’s POV-

“WHAT?! YOU CAN’T! Y/N! I know you’re upset with everything, but you can’t!” Steph shouted. “You can’t stop me!” 

I’m leaving Korea. I came to the decision last night. I can’t stay here anymore. Not that he knows. I don’t plan on ever coming back. It’s just too much trouble right now. Stephanie was trying to guilt trip me into staying. She wants Jay to accept that he’s a father and try to be be Seulgi’s dad. But I refuse to let him. I’m protecting the both of them this way. I’m saving Jay’s career by not pushing him into Seulgi’s life. And I’m protecting Seulgi by not letting her see what her dad father does for a living. And Steph doesn’t understand that. 

“What about Jay? Don’t you think he deserves to be in her life?! He’s her father!” 

“Don’t you think if he wasn’t some asshole with girls always hanging off his shoulder I would let him be her father?!” I screamed back. Steph only stared at with. She could see the hurt in my eyes. 

“You still love him, don’t you?”

I couldn’t answer. I was too riled up. I walked into my room and slammed the door shut. I slid down the door and tried to control the tears that were now falling. 

-Seulgi’s POV-

Mommy slammed the room door. She must be really upset. I was watching from the kitchen. Girls? Aunt Steph groaned and ran into her room. I looked on the counter and saw Mommy’s phone. I climbed on the chair and grabbed it. I typed in the password which was my birthday. April 25. 04/25/09. I went to contact and searched for my father’s name. Park Jaebeom. Why can’t my last name be Park. Park Seulgi. I like it. Does Mommy not like that? What happened between them?

I found it and sent a text message. “Meet me at the park by Sooyoung’s apartment. I need to talk to you.” I tried my best to sound like Mommy. I think I nailed it. I grabbd my backpack and rushed out the door, shutting the door quietly so Mommy and Aunt Steph can’t hear it. I ran for the park.

Once I got there, I sat on the bench holding Mommy’s phone. I watched a little girl and her parents on the swing set. The little girl and her mother were on the swings. The dad was pushing the both of them. The mother’s smile was very bright. The little girl’s laughter was heard all around the park. I saw a familiar car pull up. It was his car! He got out and looked around. We made eye contact and his eyes widened. He ran over to me. “Seulgi! What are you doing here by yourself?! Where’s your mother?” 

“I sent the text.” I admitted jumping off the bench. I hug him tightly. “Daddy.” 

-Jay’s POV-

I was frozen. I didn’t know what to do. How did she get her mother’s phone. There’s no way in hell she knows that Seulgi is in this park alone. She’ll kill me. “Seulgi, we need to get you home-” “No! I want spend time with, Daddy.” She squeezed tighter around my thighs. I squatted to her level. “Do you mean that? I don’t want you to be in trouble.” “I don’t want to believe what Mommy says about you. Spend time with me to prove her wrong.” 

What does she say about me to? Is it all bad? I picked Seulgi up and put her on my waist. “You’re very heavy!” I joked kissing her cheek. Her laughed holding on to me tightly. Her laughter brought a smile to my face. Is this what it’s like to be a father. “How about we go get some ice cream?” She nodded her head and put it on my shoulder. I wrapped her legs around my waist to make she didn’t fall. We made our way to the a nearby ice cream parlor. I got us both a cone and we sat in one of the booths. 

“Well, Seulgi. Is there anything you want to know or?” She nodded and pulled out a locket. Y/N’s locket that I got her for one of her birthdays. I remember that. She promised she’d wear it forever. Seulgi opened it and revealed the picture inside. “Did you give Mommy this?” “I did. She promised me she’d wear it forever. I’m just glad she kept it.” Tears were forming at the thought of the memory. Seulgi got out and sat next to me. She wrapped her little arms around me and pulled me into a hug. “Don’t cry, Daddy. Mommy and I still love you very much.” I couldn’t tell if that true or not, but I decided to just believe it. “Appa, can I see you work?” 

“You wanna see me work?” She nodded and let go of me. “Okay. Finish your ice cream and maybe you can.” I watched her try to it her ice cream fast. “Slow! I don’t want you to get a brain freeze!” 

Gosh, I’ve only been her actual parent for about 20 minutes and I sound as if I’ve been there her whole life. She obeyed and slowed down. Is this what it’s like being a parent? “Daddy! I’m finish!” “Great. Now go throw your trash away. And we’ll head to the studio.” She jumped out of her seat and threw away all of the trash. She must be really excited about going to the studio. No one I know has ever been excited to go to studio that doesn’t work there. I paid for the ice cream, grabbed Seulgi’s hand and walked out the parlor to the studio. 

-Y/N’s POV-

I sighed and unlocked the door. I looked around the living room. It seemed pretty quiet. Too quiet. “Steph! Where’s Seulgi?” “I thought she was with you!” She yelled through her bedroom door. “I thought she was with you. Wait! Where’s her backpack? Where’s my phone?” The door was unlocked. But it was locked earlier. Oh no! No no no! I grabbed my hoodie, slipped it on quickly and rushed outside. I ran down the sidewalk screaming her name. “SEULGI! SEULGI! SEULGI! SEULGI! Mommy’s sorry! SEULGI! SEULGI! Please come home! SEULGI!” As I screamed, tears were forming. I’ve never lost her before. It’s my biggest fear, just like it was my mom’s biggest fear to lose any of her children. Damn it! I’m such a failure! Maybe she’s at Sooyoung’s. I ran to her apartment and asked her if she saw her. She said no. I ran to the park nearby and she wasn’t there either. I began asking around, luckily I had a picture of her in the pocket of my hoodie.

-Jay’s POV-

We walked hand in hand into the studio. “Yo! It’s Jay!” I heard Joon Kyung’s voice. I looked up and saw some of my closest friends walking up toward me. Seulgi let go of my hand and hid behind my legs. “Who’s the kid?” Sik K asked. I smiled and looked down to see Seulgi tensed up, holding my legs. “Guys! This is my daughter, Seulgi.” I said proud. “Daughter?!” They all repeated. “JAY YOU HAVE A KID?!” 

I nodded. “Seulgi-ah, they don’t bite.” I reassured her. “You promised, Daddy?” “Daddy promises sweetie.” She let go of my leg and moved to left to let everyone see her. “Be nice or I’ll kill you all!”

Finished! How was it? Did you enjoy it? Here’s the next chapter. Thanks for reading. Admin Kai and Admin June

My dad is like… telling me I should move to reno bc he has business ppl he’s been telling about me and they’re like… we want to hire her. And since I might not have this job for much longer I’m like… wow… is the world like giving me even more reason to move to reno… are things… working in my favor??? And they were like “it’s an open offer we are always looking for new office employees” so I can just wait out this job and at least have a nice place to apply to when/if I do move there wow

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Tag nine people you want to get to know better

How old are you?: forever 22.

What’s your current job?: office worker I’d say <.<

What are you good at?: uhm.. idk.. I think I’m a good listener.. and I somehow know how to work with horses <.< …

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA …… ._. making Shu alive well, I really like to do something with horses.. almost impossible here >_<

What is your aesthetic?: you can look this up {here~}

Do you collect anything?: Everything that has to do with Shu (and some Hakuouki, Amnesia and Final Fantasy stuff), pillows, mugs, mangas, chokers, nail polish (and I never use it lol), overknee stockings and legwarmers, lingerie, blankets for my horse. OH WAIT I’m good at throwing out my money!

What’s a topic you always talk about?: Shu of course. And horses. You can see this in my former answers as well

What is a pet peeve of yours?: When someone is kinda wibbly wobbly. You know what I mean? Like when someone changes their opinion 2 times in 1 sentence and is always changing the subject and you can’t hold a normal conversation like that. And in the end you don’t even know if the things they said comes from them or someone else. And in the end you can’t even get to know this person because they’re just.. well.. wibbly wobbly xD saying this and doing that and things like that.

Good advice to give: Always stay true to yourself.

What are three songs you’d recommend?: ._. … songs again, huh? xD okay, I don’t know what kind of music you like. <.< .. but 30 Seconds to Mars have good songs.. {Hurricane} for example.. or if you like western/country Garth Brooks or Brooks&Dunn {Cowgirls don’t cry} .. or one of the most beautiful songs VNV Nation {Illusion}

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do you think the cw made lena and kara have more of a story to keep the audience they had in the supercat fandom and to bring in the younger gen of gays to the show? i just haven't felt good about the show ever since the cw came and from what i've seen now is that the fandom has changed ever since i left and i was really wondering what you thought (you don't have to answer if you don't want to)

hmmm, it really does seem a lot like it but i don’t really think so in terms of storyline. plotwise, i think they meant for kara and lena to have some friendship that they’d work with and further develop but i also think that since they knew about the supercat fandom being the largest and that calista was leaving, they probably played around with queerbaiting  kara and lena’s dynamic and changed it to better suit the new season. 

you don’t see friends filling their friend’s office with flowers and it’s assumed as platonic. if a guy mxyptlk does it, it’s an act of romance but when a girl lena does it, it’s best friend goals. 

Alright I’m gonna gush about one of the coolest parts of being a girl Officer in the Army because like a little girl just came up to say hi my group at a restaurant cuz that’s just what little kids do when they see Soldiers but then she saw me, the only girl in the ten person group, and you guys her face LIT up. She wanted to talk to me and tell me about her day and this is not the first time I’ve had a little girl get absolutely thrilled because holy crap a girl Soldier! And anyway, it’s pretty cool to feel like an actual inspiration to a little kid just saying.

i really want steve, when asked in an interview or something about what he’s going to do now, responding “maybe i’ll go to college, i’m only thirty one, i’ve got plenty of time to work it out”

and the reporter just. staring at him like he’s grown another head

so steve repeats, “i’m thirty one, by my count.” he doesn’t mention the whole not aging thing. doesn’t want to blow their minds any more. “I was twenty six when i boarded the valkyrie.”

“thirty one” the reporter repeats. “you had the fate of the entire world on your shoulders and you were younger than me when i got married.”

and steve just nods. “i’m guessing you don’t want to hear how much tactical experience i actually had before the battle of new york, huh,” and the reporter flips their shit


He has been giving out fake passwords ever since he got Wi-Fi in this damn place! How stupid are you people anyway? He doesn’t want to give out his password because he doesn’t want you here checking your Facebook, or answering your e-mails, or YouTubing Zoella, or whatever the hell it is you’re doing. This isn’t your office. It’s a diner! Go home!

Office Playground is closing

To begin with, they were one of the largest and cheapest places to buy stim toys, but right now everything is on clearance sale. Autistic (and other neurodivergent) people might want to take advantage of that, so I guess signal boost like crazy?

Do you ever realize what a strange combination of things Ryan Haywood is?

Theater nerd that knows the name of broadway songs and musicals
Reads classic books and poetry and regularly recites passages on his streams
Technical genius that hardwires machines, builds computers, and trouble shoots equipment in the office
Plays video games for a living
Knows a random array of scientific facts
Evil/murderous tendencies and likes to be scary
Complete sweetheart and lovely husband and father
He was a fucking male model

I don’t know about you guys but I just love Ryan Haywood

  • Lena: what kind of flowers do you think Kara likes?
  • Lena: Wait, is this too much?
  • Lena: It's probably too much huh?
  • Lena: No what if it's not enough?? I need her to know how much I lo - care for her
  • Lena: What about chocolate? Should I get her chocolate too?
  • Lena: Or food? She likes food
  • Lena: Maybe I can take her to an AYCE diner?
  • Lena: What if she doesn't want to go with me?
  • Lena: Should I send her flowers everyday? Or just once?
  • Lena: An office full is the normal amount right?
  • Lena: JESS WHAT DO I DO?? You're my assistant, so assist me!!

More Pokémon fast drawings, featuring our dear Nanu and some of his meowth

Can we stop pretending that the women who work for Trump and his campaign and act as his surrogates on the news don’t want to actually be there?? Can we stop acting like women can’t also be linked to white supremacy and bigotry? I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the joke that people like Kellyanne Conway and Scottie Hughes actually really hate Trump and his policies. 

Like… no? They’ve defended him, his actions, and outright supported his plans when he takes office. They’ve expressed their joy at his presidential win openly and yet still people want to insist they actually reject Trump and bigotry? Like who is this helping? Why are you doing this?