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Post-Competition Diary, Day 1

“Well, here I am. It’s been a couple of days since the huge event and I must say, I’m much more tired than I anticipated. I couldn’t bring myself to do any chores around the house apart from feeding the animals. Today was the first day I stepped outside my backyard and got some fresh air. I’ve mostly been sleeping because my body was so sore, I could barely move at times. The soft winds felt lovely when it brushed against my body, it’s feels like ages since I’ve had a moment to breathe and relax without worrying about constantly about working out, chores, and spending time rehearsing those poses and dance moves; just thinking about it is getting me tired again. Oh! I forgot to mention: I can finally eat whatever I want! I missed hay burgers so much. Applejack treated all of us to them after the competition; I guess I may have overdone it a bit with the amount I’ve ordered. I felt so bad for Applejack, However, she assured me not to worry and to enjoy my meal. Note to self: Do a huge favor for Applejack and her farm.
“After pondering for a while, I wanted to reflect on how I felt about the competition and the experience I had with it; I feel conflicted. On one hand, it was a fun and challenging to push myself beyond limits and figure out how far I can go; it was an eye-opening experience to see the amount of work and progress I made in a small amount of time. It was rewarding as well. Seeing the amount of support I had from not only my friends but locals and citizens from different cities cheering me on was super motivating. On the other hand, the work itself was really taxing, and I had to focus most of my energy on the competition; this meant I couldn’t spend time with my friends and when I did, it was to work towards it, so either way, I was working. Along with that, I felt this… odd vibe from the other contestants, specifically from this one mare who seemed to give me a dirty look every time I passed by. It’s a blur right now and I can’t remember exactly what she looked like, but I remember she would glare at me at nearly every opportunity she had; it was weird and uncomfortable. But apart from that, I had an exciting time.
“The biggest question I have for myself today is: what now? Where do I go from here? Do I continue on with my life prior to the competition, or should I move on to the next level and compete for the entire land of Equestria? But that means there will be more eyes on me, and the princesses might even be there… Oh my… Maybe I won’t do that after all. I think I’m going to stay here and be safe. :)
“Love, Fluttershy.”

k i thought i wanted jughead to go live with archie but my brain just made it better:

jughead goes to live with VERONICA because they def have extra rooms, and him and V become buddies. That’s fun but not the cute part. Every morning, Jughead & Veronica walk over to the Andrews & Cooper residences, Veronica says something cheesy about picking up their baes, Jughead elbows her but smiles, and they pick up Betty & Archie. Once they’re a little ways down the street, Betty and Veronica link hands and kiss hello, and Jughead and Archie do…..whatever platonic amazing boyfriends do. Make fun of each other, probably.



This is a really good burger.

Jughead & Reader: No Turning Back

Summary: You’re an aspiring chef/baker so you make a lot of food for your friends. One day Jughead tries something you made and completely falls for you.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Stay Young, Go Dancing - Death Cab For Cutie

“Ta-da,” Jughead said with a slight hint of sarcasm and over-confidence as he set the pan on the counter that contained something that used to resemble pizza. 

Archie raised his eyebrows. “What is this?” He asked his friend as he took off the oven mittens and tossed them on the island. 

Jughead looked a little surprised by Archie’s tone. “I mean, it’s not Pizza Hut or anything but it looks fine.” He shrugged as he sat down next to you. 

You couldn’t stifle a laugh. “Jughead, that’s not the color pizza should be,” you pointed out. 

He served himself a piece and took a bite after blowing on it to cool it down. “It’s… fine,” he said, obviously disappointed that he couldn’t even manage to cook pizza the right way. 

“Alright, everyone out,” you said as you stood up. You grabbed the pizza pan and set it on another counter to give yourself some space. 

“What are you doing?” Veronica asked as she pushed herself away from the wall. “Are you going to order real food?” She gave Jughead a pointed look and he huffed. 

You laughed. “I’m going to cook real food,” you said. “And I need space to do that.”

Jughead sat up straight. “You cook?” He asked. 

Archie gave him a look and shook his head. “Seriously, man, where have you been?”

Betty giggled. “Come on. Let’s give her some space to work her magic.” She grabbed Jughead’s arm and pulled him out of the kitchen as Veronica and Archie followed. 

You set to work.

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‘full potential’  (Jughead Jones X Reader)

Summary- Reader feels bad about herself and has eating issues. Jughead tires to help. 

Warnings- trigger warning!, fluff, eating disorders, crazy moms.

Requested- Yes!

A/N- I have to go to school tomorrow and I missed Friday so I have so much makeup work wow kms.

You always felt like there was so much pressure put on you to be the best. To be the best at school, be the best at making friends, the best at looking good, and the best at staying ‘fit’. 

You never had a problem with eating before, you ate a lot in fact. But recently your mother had been commenting on your size and your diet. 

You thought you ate pretty healthy. You rarely ate junk food. You had an average and healthy weight. But this wasn’t enough for your mother. 

She started out subtle. She would get you salads as sides instead of fries when she ordered take out, she would encourage you to work out and more. 

But then they got less and less subtle. 

She bought you a scale and even dieting pills. 

She assured you it was to keep up to your ‘full potential’ and not that she thought you were fat.

But that didn’t stop you from thinking you were. 

It seemed like you were fatter with every passing day. When, in reality, you were getting thinner and thinner. 

It was unhealthy. Very unhealthy. And your boyfriend, Jughead, knew that.

“Come on, Y/N, just have a milkshake.” Jughead said, as you sat at your regular booth at Pop’s. 

“No. My mom doesn’t want me to eat that kind of stuff.” You assured him, hanging your head.

He groaned, “God, your mom is so uptight. She won’t even let you have a milkshake.” 

You nodded and went back to your homework. 

The truth was, it wasn’t just your mom getting to you anymore. 

It was yourself.

You let every little comment get to you. Even if they weren’t meant to be hurtful. 

You were telling yourself to not listen, but you did. And it effected you. 

“Come out! Show us!” You heard Veronica say from the other side of the dressing room  door.

You were trying on clothes at a store with all of your friends.

You starred in the mirror. 

A girl wearing a tight strapless dress looked back at you. 

You noticed a bit of a tummy sticking out. Juts a bit.

“It’s nothing. Everyone has them. They are just stomachs.” You whispered to yourself as you stared  at the spot.

The words of your mother filled your mind. ‘you should get a salad.’ ‘don’t get that! it will make you bigger than you already are.’ ‘you need to be at your full potential. mentally and physically.’ 

A single tear trickled down your face as you stared at yourself.

“Helloooo?” Betty cooed from outside.

“We’ve been waiting forever!! Now show us how fierce you look!” Kevin called.

You gulped. 

“No, this-this isn’t- good.” You managed to say without sounding too sad. 

“Of course it is! It’s cute on you! And it’s only in your size, so I you don’t get it I’ll be mad.” Veronica joked.

‘only in your size’

you were silent for a while. Then you heard mumbling from outside and then a small knock on the door. 

“Y/N, its me. Open up.” Your boyfriend whispered through the door.

You slowly went over to the door and let him in.

He stared at you for a few moments and then said, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” you croaked, “I just don’t love the dress thats all.” 

An hour later you and the gang went to Pop’s. They all ordered burgers and milkshakes while you stuck with fries and an apple.

The entire gang eyes you as you ate the apple.

“What?” You asked as they all looked at you.

“Is that all you want?” Archie asked pointing at the apple and fries.

“Ya… Is that a problem?” You said back.

“Y/N, this is dinner. Your gonna eat an apple and some fries?” Jughead inquired.

You nodded, “It’s all I want, I’m not that hungry.” 

“Nope. Your getting a burger. You’ve hardly eaten all day.” Veronica said and stood up to order a burger.

You tried to protest but she didn’t let up. You couldn’t get out of this now.

“Now… You eat it.” Jughead said to you as you stared at the burger. 


“No!” They all shouted.

“Just eat.” Jughead whispered.

The image of your mom popped up in your head, what was she going to think after you ate a burger? All greasy and fatty. You were sure to gain after this.

You slowly picked up the burger and took a bite out of it. 

You made a little sigh and you chewed. 

This totally beat diet food.

“See? It’s good right?” Jughead laughed as you nodded.

you completely forgot your mom as you ate. It was as if she and dieting had never existed. 

You finally finished the burger and were as happy as ever. 

“That was delicious.” You said, leaning on Jughead arm. 

“Brugers are the best. Who cares if they make me gain 50 pounds. So worth it.” Veronica joked.

‘gain 50 pounds.’

“Excuse me, I gotta go to the restroom.” You said quickly and dashed to the bathroom.

You shut the door behind you when you got in. You went over to the sinks and looked in the mirror. 

Were your cheeks fatter than before?

 You took the dieting pills from your bag and emptied more than you probably should into your hand. 

You didn’t know how dieting pills worked, and you didn’t care. As long as they would take care of that burger you just ate.

Suddenly the door swung open and there was Jughead.

“What are you doing in here?!” You exclaimed, trying to hide the pills.

“Y/N, there’s something wrong with you…” He said, the look of worry in his eyes.

“No. Theres not.” You told him.

“Yes there is. We’ve been dating over a year, I think I would know if you are acting strange.” He replied.

You could trust Jughead… Right?

“Am- Am- I… fat?” You whispered just loud enough so he could hear.

Jughead shook his head, “Why would you think that?” 

“Am I?!” You exclaimed.

“Of course not! Your perfect just the way you are.” He took you in his arms and kissed the top of your head.

“Jug…”  You cooed.


“I think I need help.”

Jughead let go of you, looking into your eyes.

“Whats going on?” He asked.

A lump formed in your throat as you said, “I think I might have eating problems… or something. It’s because of my mom.” 

You showed him the dieting pills and the bottle.

“Why would your mom give these to you?” He exclaimed.

you told him about your mother wanting you to be at your ‘full potential’. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. If I would have known…” 

“It’s ok. I just need you to help me keep a healthy mind. And help me eat at the right times… and actually eat.” You told him.

He nodded his head and smiled. 

You then went over to the trashcan and threw the pills in.

“Im really proud of you Y/N.” Juggie said and smiled.

You smiled back.

I hate tumblr mobile because I follow the jimmy jr. tag and it’s always throwing random “jimmy jr.” posts onto my mobile dash, but it doesn’t seem to know what I actually want. If I get a Bob’s Burgers post at all, it will either be a) my own damn post, b) something I already reblogged, or c) someone talking about how much they hate JJ. But most of the time it won’t even be Bob’s Burgers content. It gives me a lot of Jimmy Fallon gifs, also Supergirl fanfiction, political stuff. A few times it was Veggies Tales crossover information. Like thanks, Tumblr, for being completely useless.

A Chance in Hell (Biadore) - Chapter 5 - Heather

The hangover will last a day, but memories (and Snapchat) are forever.

content advice: mention of vomiting and excessive drinking.

A/N: s/o to Splatt for their unexpected source of inspiration!  Also, I’d like to write a sort of ‘.5′ chapter involving Shalaska, but I don’t know how much interest there would be.  If you are interested, please don’t be afraid to reply to this post or send an ask!

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what girls actually look for in guys

tan skin
dark hair
is great at cooking
likes to talk to inanimate objects
has a hella mustache
is Bob Belcher

Christmas markets

Originally posted by hipsta-please-harry


(y/n) and Harry visit the Christmas markets together. This is just disgustingly fluffy.

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i think the worst thing anyones ever said about me is when my bf said “I could say I wanted a hamburger and he would take me to hamburg and get the fanciest burger possible when all I wanted was mcdonalds” because its absolutely fucking true I would

all my love (has always been for you)

title: all my love (has always been for you)

pairing: kagakuro

rating/warnings: general audiences

summary:  Because their story doesn’t end at high school or even at university – if anything, that’s where the story of their lives start. Together.

prompts: NBA and proposal mainly, but a mention of university and coffee.

notes: for @thebasketballidiots for the @kagakuroexchange ! hopefully, i was able to do justice for your prompts ♡

read on AO3 or below!

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