i want all of shinee on rm ;a;

cutiewiththewrongduties  asked:

i've always been worried for jin. and i think i always will. because he's just too precious. even if the others have started doing a lot of their things how they want, musically. jin is yet to do that. the only time he truly released himself was during 'awake'. also happy early birthday!

rm and suga both have a mixtape and hobi is going to have one soon too. jimin, jk and v have all done covers and songs, and so has jin but he has only 2 so he’s clearly not as active.

one thing that jin shines are the variety shows! law of the jungle, hello counselor (with jimin) and that one chef show he was in with hobi. people loved him in these shows and i hope he could participate in many other shows as well… im thinking maybe he could do modeling jobs too? and omg please give him a role in a drama or something.

but being a variety show star is just his “secondary role”, he’s a singer and i hope he can do more covers and write his own songs.

16.09.16 FANCAFE - BTS_Rap Monster

01:13 AM KST
오늘은 밖에 앉아 책을 보는데
온몸이 새까만 고양이가 두 눈만 빛내며 저를 빤하 쳐다보면서 지나겄어요
고양이들은 발소리도 없는데
고양이들도 어쩌면 민폐를 끼칠 생각은 없었을텐데
아마 그 친구들도 낮에 돌아다니고 싶지 않을까요!
인사가 조금 늦었지만 즐거운 추석 되시고
제 생일에 보내주신 선줄들, 편지들, 마음들 너무너무너무 고마워요. 소중히 받았답니다
좋은 밤 되어요

Today I sat outside to read a book
A cat with all jet-black fur and eyes that were shining just stared at me while I was passing
Cats footsteps don’t even make any sound
Maybe they thought they wouldn’t cause trouble for people
Perhaps those friends don’t want to be walking around during the day!
It’s a little late, but have a happy Chuseok
and thank you so so so much for sending me gifts, letters, thoughts on my birthday. I received them safely 
Have a good night

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BTS as Family Pt.3 "Shopping"
  • A/N: Other parts are on my masterlist.
  • Jin: Ok my sad-excuse-for-a-family, we're all going to spend quality time together. So we're going shopping!
  • BTS: *ignoring Jin*
  • Jin: Ahem... I said, we're going shopping!
  • BTS: *still ignoring Jin*
  • BTS: *scramble to car*
  • - @ the store -
  • JungKook: I want to sit in the cart mommy!
  • Jin: Ok baby *lifts up JungKook*
  • Jimin: I want to get in too mommy!
  • Jin: Boy you're 7 stfu.
  • Jimin: *crying, makes RM carry him*
  • Hobi: I'm going to the pharmacy section.
  • Jin: Why?
  • Hobi: So I can cure all the sick people with my godliness *heavenly lights shine on him* I'll also save them money on the medicine. *more heavenly lights*
  • Suga: Uh-huh, sure weido now stop people are staring.
  • Hobi: Let them stare for I am- *gets knocked out my Suga*
  • Suga: I SAID STOP!
  • Jin: *moves kids away* Ok children nothing to see here.
  • RM: Honey can we go down the condiment aisle?
  • Jin: Why we have enough condiments @ home.
  • RM: Yeah but Jimin says he wants to get some jams.
  • Jin: *stares narrow-eyed at Jimin*
  • Jimin: Daddy, mommy's scaring me again. *burries face into RM's shoulder*
  • Jin: Where's Taehyung?
  • JungKook: He said he was going down the ice cream aisle, because that's what his kind eat.
  • Jin: Namjoon go get your child.
  • RM: Don't you mean "our" child?
  • Jin: No I mean YOUR child. This is my baby *points @ JungKook*
  • - 5 mins later -
  • V: I don't understand why I can't just go and live on my home planet.
  • Jin: Because I said so, now JungKook baby get out the cart so I can-
  • JungKook: No.
  • Jin: What did you just say?
  • JungKook: I said no mommy. Are you deaf?
  • Jin: Boy you better-
  • Police: Ma'am is this your child? *holds up V* We found him in the dairy aisle eating ice cream without paying for it.
  • Jimin: Yeah we know him! That's my little bro-
  • Jin: NOPE! I have never seen that kid in my life.
  • V: But mommy I-
  • Jin: Maybe you should find his real parents.
  • Police: *drag V away*
  • RM: Why did you do that?
  • Jin: Because he's technically not my son, only JungKook is.
  • RM: *facepalm*