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Do you know any good librarian jokes? I'm pretty sure my twin doesn't follow you and she wants to be a librarian, so I want to spam her with librarian jokes of varying quality.

I don’t know any good librarian jokes off the top of my head. I’ve got some puns, but that probably won’t help. When I was a kid, my brother Jonathan would tell a “joke” every time we were in the library that went:

Him: Knock, knock!
Me: Who’s there?
Him: Shh!
Me: Shh who?
Him: I said, “Shh!” Be quiet! We’re in a library!

It’s not a very good joke, but I was like ten years old, so it was good enough.

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i know in first when u made goth u were nervous that we don't like the character but we loved!! and always!! you the best!! we always love you.

truth to be told I never really nervious to make any character- like- I just want to make a new child for myself because I have these ideas I want to share for the worlddd X’D

and I was never on the top of the fandom anyway- I’m more of an audience ;w; sure the first time I make an OC, I thought of SO MANY things about them.. backstories, personalities, full name, nickname, their sexuality, height, favourite food/color/candybars/ETC ETC LITERARRY EVERYTHING- but not everyone are that interested- and I’m actually okay with it, cause I still can talk about them with some of my friends, that’s enough for me.. =v=

so my OCs infos are becoming less and less detailed.. until at the point I didnt even bother decided on deep personality or any of their favourites anymore XDD just the basics that from the main ideas that pushed me to make that certain character.. that’s Goth’s case..

so when Goth’s ‘popularity’ was like- EXPLODED- I just SO CONFUSED AND HONORED I HAVE SO MANY FEELIN ;V; I’m not so used to be this noticed- BUT I LOVE IT!


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hey I'm gonna be DMing soon and I'm really nervous about it, but you seem to have a good handle on it. do you have any advice to impart on a less experienced (read: no experience) DM?

Well this is my first time DMing as well so take this with a grain of salt I suppose, especially given that my biggest mindset going into this campaign was that since I and most of the people playing weren’t Experts or anything, so I wanted to do something much more casual and pretty lax in terms of mechanics/rules. 

I can’t offer you much advice but let me try and like, make a list of what I think might help (or what certainly helped me, anyway):

1) Remember you an do ANYTHING YOU WANT. That’s the biggest thing. I went in making a homebrew and though at the beginning there were times I was like ‘aw man this sucks I should’ve at least started on top of a pre-made module’, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m very glad I have total creative power over the story and settings. 

You really gotta remember that you can do. Like. Anything. It doesn’t even have to be what’s in the books or online, like my dude you can make shit up. Reading the material in the players handbooks/online resources definitely helps a lot for giving you context, though. Do what you prefer! If sticking to something pre-made and finding what you like first makes you feel more comfortable, I can definitely recommend that, especially with it being your first time. Doing a homebrew is hard and you have to be ready to invest a pretty decent amount of time to setting things up, and there’s a lot to know, but it can be super rewarding. 

When creating your world and/or story, aim for an aesthetic YOU like, a story YOU’RE excited about, and your enthusiasm for it will be what makes it fun for the players. You gotta be invested in what you’re creating or it’ll fall flat. When I started listening to The Adventure Zone, I started worrying about my own campaign bc I realized I wanted to be able to go way beyond what I’d already set up. I didn’t want to scrap the progress everyone had already made in order to start off fresh in a new setting/story, so I simply had to be creative and think of a way to do what I wanted in a way which still fit within the pre-established ‘canon’. That’s just an example of how it might work out. I’m just saying, even if you start off but you don’t think you’re really feeling it, don’t forget you can do whatever you can think of! Don’t be afraid to take turns and experiment. Do whatever it takes to make it fun to work on, and fun for the players to experience. 

2) At least get a good grasp on the basics. Mainly abilities, what they’re good for, and how combat works. It can get kinda complicated bc there are a LOT of variables but tbh you can learn a lot as you go along, so don’t stress out about knowing exactly what every spell/effect/environmental hazard does. And if you don’t know something, it’s pretty much always a quick google search away! 

Also some things I still have trouble keeping in mind, but which are important: Challenge Ratings (how though enemies are/how many EXP they’re worth), calculating EXP for encounters, figuring out what sort of loot/special objects you want to give the players and when. 

3) Try your best to be prepared, but don’t worry too much if you don’t know everything. You learn a lot on the way, and a fair amount of that learning only happens after you start playing and having to guide your players. They’ll ask questions you don’t know or hadn’t thought about and it’ll be an opportunity for you to learn! 

4) If you’re doing your campaign online, try character voices/verbally playing instead of just RPing in text. All the campaigns I’ve played in have been done online with my friends via discord, and it’s been a lot more fun imo since we stopped typing in character stuff and just talking it out a la The Adventure Zone. This’ll depend on your party though, and general preferences. Some people have audio processing problems, so you may have to work with them so that they can join in more easily, or simply stick to text if that’s what’s easier for everyone! Take others’ perspectives into account. 

I also don’t bother with making complete maps bc it’s a lot of extra work and it can be hard learning how to make them on sites like Roll20. If you REALLY need a ref for something, do it, but don’t be afraid to keep it super simple haha. Sometimes a little square with some circles in it and some shaded areas is really all you need. 

5) And of course, here is the most important piece of advice: remember to have FUN. And remember that this is meant to be fun for your players, not just you. In fact, I’d say it’s the most important thing that they be the ones having a good time - if you’re DMing and your fun doesn’t come from your party doing sick flips and creating clever ways to get around your puzzles n shit, I’d say you’re not doing it right. Don’t hesitate to look over certain rolls or change up what you have planned in order to give the players a fun edge, let them explore, or even let THEM create some aspect of the story/world. 

In the end these games are about having a good time with your friends. Try your best to be a good guide through a cool adventure, but don’t forget that it’s a collaborative effort and your players (friends) will help you along the way. Be understanding of them and hopefully they’ll be the same way towards you.

And if anything isn’t working out, you have the power to change aspects of your game or change the way y’all play so that it can be fun! 

(gosh this is a lot, I hope at least some of it is useful to you!! good luck, you’ll have to tell me how your first session goes~)

((and tbh… if anyone else has more advice that isn’t as straightforward as mine, feel free to add on))

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Y'know how in professional baby photos they usually have some kinda prop. Like newborns'll be sleeping on a little tiny bed or in mine cause i was a little older i was standing up holding onta a little old fashioned pram. Well i like to think that chris kept the helmet from his first space suit from his first trip to the iss and for your daughter's baby photos she's curled up sleeping in it or if she's a lil older she's sitting up in it peeking over the top

i couldnt find the photos i wanted of this but i love everything about this 

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Daddy Wednesday™

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hey, i was wondering how to balance karate w/the rest of life. this past year has been rough for me, and karate keeps me going thru it all. i'm currently training for my black belt, and i love putting in the extra work and time bc it makes me happy...but it's also extremely draining. i'm so tired when i leave practice, i crash instead of doing homework. i can't help my mom around the house as much as i want to, and i feel like my friends have forgotten me. i still have 7 months--any advice?

Well, this is a hard one, but not impossible. It’s difficult to balance this stuff because of how our work system operates, taking so much time out of our lives, put school on top of that and you got yourself pretty stretched out.

The best thing you can do to begin with is prioritize. Put certain days into school, and certain days into training at the dojo. If you have to put one in front of the other sometimes, do so, don’t over stress about it. You can always put 15-30 minutes a day into practicing what you need to on your own. When you feel you need rest, rest. Sounds simple enough, but it can get difficult when we feel responsibilies are creeping up behind us. Haha

You can always adjust your schedule to be up earlier in the morning so you can train or do school stuff. Eat strong and healthy to keep that energy up throughout the day.

I know starting earlier sounds like blasphemy, but it can do wonders to your training time. And to be honest, training in the morning is often better than training at the end of the day when you’re already tired of everything else (but that’s my personal opinion there).

Sensei Funakoshi would be up before dawn, walk to work, work all day, and then later he would walk a couple miles, often at night, to his Sensei’s home to train in secret (because of the ban), after which he’d walk back to his home and repeat. That’s without mentioning his adventures in between and the work he did on his own to promote Karate. I can’t imagine he’d slept as much as we like to sleep now a days. Haha

I say this about him, because I often have to remind myself of it when I myself say things like “oh there’s no time”, “I’m too tired” etc.

But again, when you need rest, take a break, relax, breathe, sleep if you need to, and tackle the rest with a refreshed mind after. Remember, our minds get tired first, so remind yourself to give your mind some breaks. Sometimes we take breaks and sit and try to relax, but keep our minds busy, working, thinking of what’s next, how to approach this, planning on what to do with that, on the phone, TV, stuff like that. Then when we get up from our “break”, we feel equally or worse, because we didn’t actually rest.

So in short, start your days by getting up earlier, tackle a nice workout, eat a good breakfast, take some 10-15 minute breaks every few hours where you just breathe, try to let go of everything during that time, and thus relax your mind, and prioritize your activities. Say, if you have a test coming up, and you know you need to study because you’re lazy like me and put it off until 10 minutes before the test, then take whatever time you feel you need from other things, for studying.

Also, and this one might hurt a little, prioritize training, school and house work, on your free time. I’m referring specifically for whatever time you use for hanging out with friends and stuff like that that we think are relaxing but we always end up just as tired anyway.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own time or time with friends or that they have forgotten you. Most will understand that you’re busy, and those who don’t are just being selfish, but you can make appointments, keep a schedule, make dates with your friends, agree on when to hang out and what to go do that will not get in the way of your training and school.

Sometimes we need to focus on what we love, and what we must do, this is what our lives revolves around. Everything else is optional.

Hit me up if you wanna talk more about it.

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I popped a straight guys cherry once. He was curious about gay sex and asked me to fuck him. Normally I would say no to straight guys but this guy was gorgeous and wanted me to be the top. I was careful with him and it was intense. He was moaning the entire time and he came 3 times before I climax. He has a girlfriend now. I'm curious if she makes him squirm like I did.

strap on gal

I don’t think I posted the finished version of this yet? Geez, Febuary, when I was still somewhat on top of the art improvement plan I set for myself. I’ve failed miserably by now, as expected, haha.

One of my bullet points was one monthly ink drawing to improve at inking, this was Febuary’s. (though the way I inked it is very, very boring, gah. But I liked it so I didn’t want to ruin it with my horrible inking skills and my talent for blotchy lines where it matters the most- the face)

I used the oppurtunity to create a new reference of this OC of mine (Wilhelmina). I downgraded her design a lot, and I’m a little sad about all the many, many details that are now gone, because I love elaborate designs. But at the same time they always seemed a bit off and unfitting on my OCs. And overall I like Wilhelmina better this way. And I can still put her in over the top cheesy dresses whenever I feel like it, not like anything is really ‘lost’ ;>

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Top 5 crazy ex-girlfriend songs or episodes, or just talk about it however you want lol. I started watching bc I saw it on my dash a lot, including from you so thanks for that!

I’ll do songs!! I feel like I’ve been asked about episodes more but I have stronger opinions about favorite songs.

  1. You Stupid Bitch
  2. (Tell Me I’m Okay) Patrick
  3. Settle For Me
  4. JAP Battle Rap
  5. Ping Pong Girl

This was way harder than I expected?? Like shout out to It Was A Shit Show, Friendtopia, Remember That We Suffered, The Villain in My Own Story… damn

I just really love this show because it hits on a lot of things I always envisioned myself wanting to write when I was in college. I always wanted a genuine, honest comedy about a woman dealing with anxiety and depression. And like, CEG is crazy and silly and so much fun, but at it’s core, it’s about this deeply flawed woman who can’t figure herself out. And I’m so happy there’s finally a show with a female anti-hero who constantly fucks up and makes bad decisions and the show’s reaction to her is honest. No sugar coating but no excessive finger pointing. I just admire that so much.

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top 5 quotes

  1. “the cure for anything is salt water; tears, sweat or the sea” — isak dinesen
  2. “courage, dear heart” — c to the s to the lewis
  3. “in his blue gardens girls and men came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars” — effie scottie fitzgeraldie
  4. “sorry about the blood in your mouth / i wish it was mine” — #richie silks
  5. “nina if u dont hit me up with some of that hokey pokey im gonna loose it” — caroline shepherd 2k17

ask me my top five anything

Big Bang reaction - When their child says they like another member more then them

I hope you like it anon! Sorry if these suck. None of these gifs are mine

~ Brooklyn

Ji Yong:

He’d be heartbroken and a little betrayed. His precious daughter had her heart stolen by none other than the heartthrob of Japan, Kang Daesung HAPPY BIRTHDAY SORRY IM LATE. Honestly, it really hurt his ego, but it’s not like his daughter can help it. She’s four and loves to tease him. Plus Daesung was always there whenever she wanted to play. Ji Yong wouldn’t have it though. First, he would sever all connections between him and his daughter:

“Sorry sweetheart, Daesung can’t come over for your tea party.”

“But mommy said that he would play,”

“I guess mommy lied”

Next, he would go after Daesung and make sure he knows who’s the leader and who’s daughter he was messing with. Lastly came you telling him off, saying that he’s attacking the members and that his daughter will love him no matter what and Daesung is just a phase.

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Choi Seunghyun:

He’d take this to heart. Seunghyun won’t return from this without his pride being horribly bruised. How could the maknae take his spot in his daughter’s eyes? Seunghyun would tease his daughter about it nonstop:

“Daddy, can we go to the carnival?”

“Why don’t you take your favorite member?”

Seunghyun would also make sure that Seungri knew to back off of his daughter. Using every tactic he knew how to use. Once he was satisfied and became his daughters’ favorite, he was as happy as can be.

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Young Bae:

He’d be fully hurt, and his savage side would come out. He’d be pouting to you for a good few minutes after his son said that G Dragon was the best musician in the world. He didn’t stop pouting until you said something. Then he would say something along the lines of:

“At least I have a band for him to love.”

“At least he loves me more than my friends,”

And then again comes the pouting, that would only go away if you apologized sweetly and cuddled with him. After the pouting phase came to the phase of ignoring Ji Yong. Which left Ji Yong confused as to why he was ignoring him until he texted you asking to explain why his best friend hasn’t talked to him all day. When he found out he had a laughing fit, which made Young Bae frown again. Ji Yong got off with a warning and he couldn’t hang out with his son unless he was in the room with them.

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When his daughter said that T.O.P was his favorite his heart broke in half. Although Daesung was different from the boys and instead of whining just to you, he would exaggerate his reaction to his daughter. It would make her giggle saying that she loves him:

“I love you too princess! So I’m your favorite Big Bang member?”

“Sorry Daddy”

He would pout again and sit in the corner by himself until his daughter went to him and sat on his lap, wanting his attention. He would pout at her until she started doing little bits and jokes to make him smile.

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Lee Seunghyun:

His pride would be severely damaged and it would take a lot of love from you to make him feel better, sexual or not up to you *winks*. He fake cried to make his son laugh when he said that his favorite is Tae Yang instead of his dad. When his son was gone though he started to he playfully pouty, but you knew that his ego was actually hurt. 

“I’m fine jagiya”

“Mmhmm, like that time we went to the Carribean and a fish bitch slapped you with its tail”

“(Y/N)! We promised to never mention that!”

After a little comforting from you, he felt better. When he saw the members he was upset at Youngbae, saying that he won’t allow his son being swayed by Youngbae hyung’s dancing and odd hairstyles. Which would result in some teasing, but the end of the day, he knew that his son will aways love him.

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If Johnny and Peter could cosplay anyone, who would they cosplay as? (excluding any other Marvel characters)

Oh man, I really want to write like, the New York Comic Con AU, but there’s no way I won’t get Weird and Bitter about Cosplay Stuff so I can’t, but I do have some thoughts on the subject:

  • Johnny’s a popular cosplayer mostly for being a friendly, good-looking guy who stays on top of popular costumes and flashes a lot of skin. He doesn’t make 90% of what he wears, but he’s good at lights, etc. His passion costumes are mostly from obscure cult canons and they don’t get a tenth of the attention his cosplay of the moment stuff does.
  • Peter’s that guy who builds very complicated costumes out of cardboard. They look shockingly good, considering, y’know, cardboard. He also hand sews things he shouldn’t hand sew. This is solely because he does this IN CANON. SERGE YOUR COSTUME, MAN. He’s very judgy for a man who builds costumes from 30 year old canons out of stuff he found in the basement. Despite his preference for cheap materials, with a good budget he’s a pretty proficient prop builder, but he doesn’t have the temperament for commissions. 
  • Nobody knows how he’s friends with popular cosplayers Mary Jane and Felicia.
  • Johnny and Peter have a several years long feud. It’s like cosplay Pride and Prejudice.
  • It’s resolved when they makeout dramatically at NYCC. A very heavily photographed event.
  • “COUPLE COSPLAY,” says Johnny enthusiastically while they’re comparing con schedules.
  • “No,” says Peter. “Nuh-uh. Never gonna happen.”
  • It happens.
  • It’s mirrorverse Kirk (Johnny) and Spock (Peter). There’s a lot of glitter involved. Peter’s fake beard keeps coming off. It’s a very successful set of costumes, but possibly only because they can’t keep their hands off each other.
  • They’re very embarrassing to cosplay with.

galactic-davey  asked:

;v; can i have shance fluff?

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration! These will all be posted on my Ao3 under the series Towards the Sky


(This is my first time writing fluff, I tried my best)

As always, thank you to @melonbugg for putting the stars in the sky.

Shiro used to have trouble sleeping. He would toss and turn through the whole night, unable to stay still as nightmares and memories wracked his never silent mind. When he was all wrapped up by an an octopus, he couldn’t toss and turn, the man on top of him kept him still, quieting his restless mind and body.

Shiro, on the other hand, snored like a beast, and Lance thought it was adorable. Before they had gotten together, Lance had never seen Shiro sleep and he was 100% sure that was intentional. Shiro in sleep was a totally different person. He’d twitch, snore, smile, sometimes even talk, and most of the time it was the cutest thing ever. Sometimes, when the past was hitting him a bit too hard and the nightmares took over Lance would listen to him beg for mercy while petting his hair until the larger man calmed down. Sometimes, when the thoughts that plagued him, telling him he just wasn’t good enough, Shiro’s quiet words and mumblings about Nunvil would calm him enough to forget about all that and just listen to the snoring, sturdy teddy bear beside him.

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I really just want to talk about Louis. Can you please share your top 5 favorite Louis moments?


Wow, top five. Um, okay. These will be in no particular order.

“Liam is strong, noble, perfect, and warm. … Warm.”

Oh my god. just… douse me in flames? it would be preferable? To this stupid boyish jaunt through “taking the piss” land and then stumbling into “accidental sincerity” and then sticking the landing in “intentional, heartfelt sincerity”


the way he says warm and then he fucking SAY S TI AGAIN so that Liam knows he means it like he REALLY MEANS IT HE LICKED HIS LIPS HE’S SERIOUS and then they just nod at each other like “yeah. yeah we’re in love. that was cool.” I’m fine I’m fine. that was fine. I can stop any time i want to.

“Bedtime for me!”


His first performance of Just Hold On

I don’t want to bring the mood down because I see this as a purely uplifting thing even as my heart shatters into a thousand pieces and leaks tears, I swear. I just, um. As someone who didn’t even want to get out of bed for two weeks following the US Election, I look at how Louis got out of bed that day, just days after the worst possible imaginable thing in his life happened, and did something that would have been nerve-racking and terrifying on a GOOD day - debuting his first solo song, on stage and filmed and streamed live, as a single vocalist with no band, no backup, no distractions, in front of his peers and mentors and an arena audience. And he just… rose to the task. He did that. He held it together and he made every one of us proud and his mum most of all, and I …. have water on my face, and everywhere.

“Freddie Tommo”

This one I’ve talked about here, so I won’t belabor it, but I still love this moment so much, and it never fails to warm my heart. He’s so PROUD of that name, and that nickname, that he wasn’t himself born with! Introducing his baby boy, his first born, his little lad, as a Tommo. Don’t look at me, don’t touch me, don’t talk to me.

“I assure you all I’m always true to myself!”

This one is from a tweet that gets me where I live. I was online when he sent this tweet, having watched the twitter storm brew and rage, and it cemented Louis’ position as my fave and someone I want protected at all costs. In the midst of being told repeatedly by pseudo fans how he’s lying about his life and his love and his relationships, this is the piece that Louis takes away from the conspiracy: that his fans somehow think he’s not true to himself, and he tries to reassure everyone that he is. And this is, for better or worse, what I will aways adore about Louis. He’s fucked up before! He’ll likely fuck up at some point in the future! But it’s also true that his heart is in so many good places, and that no matter what, what Louis does is true to who Louis is and what he values. His life is not fake because it’s his LIFE, imperfections and delight and joy and tragedy and all. It’s all a part of him and to be a fan of him is to embrace it for what it is, and acknowledge the parts that make him up instead of determining that which is “real” and that which can be cut away.

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bob made a tweet about how he wanted to top violet and violet tweeted back "drag con 2017"

Thank you darling! Mild slut shaming I guess?

Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

Matt clenched his jaw as he stared at the Twitter interaction on his phone. He wished it didn’t bother him, it shouldn’t bother him it was just flirty banter. And god knows they were all flirty. But it pissed him off. Fucking Violet, why do you always have to make yourself look like such a slut? It wouldn’t be the first time, Matt remembered a being fuming a few months ago when he’d seen Violet tweet, ’I’m so going to fuck @katya_zamo in Mexico City’ and her follow up tweet of, ’bottom for @katya_zamo ***’. And it wasn’t like that was the only time it had ever happened. It drove Matt crazy and Jason knew full well that it did. Matt was sure Jason did it to wind him up. This interaction was between Violet and Bob and although it was more Bob flirting, Violet didn’t have to reply to it. But she had. Matt stared at his phone and it re read it, over and over again.
@thatonequeen: everyone says that for my finale look I can’t top @VioletChachki. Let me just state for the record, I would LOVE to top Violet Chachki
@VioletChachki: dragcon 2017
It shouldn’t bother him, it wasn’t as though Pearl was a saint. When Matt was Pearl he was as big of a whore as the rest of them. He thrived off male attention and there had been the occasion or two when Pearl had made out with her fans. But when Pearl was gone and Matt was left behind, he wasn’t like that. The problem was both Violet and Jason were attention whores. It didn’t matter which one the brunette was, Violet and Jason were both overly flirtatious and it was the one thing Matt hated about the younger boy. He loved Jason to the moon and back, not that he’d ever tell Jason that, but the one thing he didn’t very much like about him was his flirty nature. He and Jason had a very casual relationship. They enjoyed hooking up when they were drunk and when Jason wasn’t getting any attention from elsewhere but that was all. That was as far as it went. Just sex. Always sex. Sometimes a conversation or two but nothing deep and meaningful; just filler between orgasms usually. So Matt knew he had no right to be jealous but he was. He couldn’t help the way he felt. He read the tweets again. You’ll fuck her over my dead body Bob, Matt snarled. Pearl was appearing at Dragcon too and there was no way Bob was getting anywhere near Violet.

Blood was still boiling over the tweet a few days later at a gig. Pearl had been hired to DJ in Brooklyn and for some ungodly reason Jason was there. Pearl hadn’t invited him. Matt hadn’t either. Neither of them had even mentioned it to him. But here he was in the crowd swaying to the music and smiling up at Pearl. Pearl struggled to concentrate on her set with him down there. How dare he show up here like this. Whore, fucking whore. She tried to shake it off because she knew she was acting ridiculous. It was a dumb tweet, Bob and Vi aren’t actually going to fuck, she tried to tell herself. Matt’s jealousy was taking over. Pearl could usually handle it but Matt was coming out. That wasn’t going to end well.

Pearl tried to get out the club at the end of her DJ set without having to see Jason because she was worried about what might happen if she did. She didn’t even get out of drag, that could wait until she was home. She needed to get out of here now. She fled the club and lit a cigarette as soon as she was on the sidewalk. She stuck her arm out to hail a cab but as she did so there was a hand on her shoulder. She knew it who it was before she turned around.
‘Are you seriously leaving without saying goodbye? Or even hi for that matter?’
Not tonight, please god not tonight. She turned to see Jason with his arms folded across his chest and a frustrated look on his face. She sucked the cigarette to buy herself a second to think of an excuse.
‘Jason! I didn’t even realise you were here!’ Her lie wasn’t believable, not even in the slightest.
'Bull.’ Jason scoffed. 'You looked right at me several times during your set.’
'The lights are super bright Jason, I couldn’t see a thing.’
'Why are you lying to me?’ Jason unfolded his arms. 'Have I done something to annoy you?’
'What? Course not.’ Pearl lied again, she dragged on the cigarette wishing she’d left just two minutes earlier and maybe he wouldn’t have seen her.
'Matt what the fuck? You know I know when you’re lying.’ Jason looked exasperated. Pearl pulled a face. She hated being called Matt when she was in drag. And right now especially. If she was to be reminded that she was Matt, Matt’s jealousy would no doubt rear its ugly head.
'I don’t know what you’re talking about. Look it’s been a long night, I just wanna go home.’
'You’re lying to me!’ Jason raised his voice. 'And sneaking out without talking to me, and leaving before you’ve had a few drinks? What the fuck is going on?’
Pearl bit her lip and let the cigarette fall to the floor. She really didn’t want to talk about this, not here; not now.
'I’m just beat. I’ve been super busy recently, this is my first night back in Brooklyn in weeks. I’m just not feeling super sociable.’ Pearl shrugged. Jason narrowed his eyes on her. Maybe he made the jump from the word sociable to social media, because suddenly he realised what this was about.
'Twitter.’ Jason shook his head and rolled his eyes. 'You’ve been on Twitter.’
'What? No, not really. You know I don’t get Twitter.’
'You got it enough last year when you freaked out over my tweet to Katya! This is about Bob’s tweet right?’ Jason folded his arms again and raised an eyebrow at her. Pearl felt the familiar gut wrenching jealousy taking over. Matt was taking over.
'Yeah it is.’ Pearl admitted. 'What the fuck was that about?’
'It’s called a joke Matt. Are you seriously pissed at me for a tweet Bob posted?’
'You encouraged it! You always fucking encourage it! Everyone knows what a fucking whore you are so they play up to it!’ Yes Matt had definitely taken over. He hadn’t meant to say that, at least he didn’t think he had. His words were coming out of Pearl’s mouth and Pearl wished she could stop them. 'I didn’t mean that.’ Pearl reached for Jason but Jason slapped her hand away.
'Jason I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to come out, I-’
'Save it.’ Jason looked hurt. 'It’s nice to know what you really think of me Matt. Next time you want to try and get me into bed don’t bother. Because despite what you think I’m no whore.’ Jason turned on his heels and went to head back in the cub. Pearl felt like the worlds biggest asshole. She grabbed Jason’s wrist and pulled him back.
'I didn’t mean it! I was jealous ok? It was stupid and dumb and I’m a fucking idiot. I just hate seeing you flirt with other people, even if it is online. I know we’re not together, I know what we have is just casual and I’m cool with that, I really am. But I…I don’t know. I’m sorry ok? Please say you forgive me.’ Pearl ranted a little, still holding Jason’s arm because she was convinced he was going to try and walk away again. Jason was silent for what felt like a lifetime. Pearl was convinced she’d blown it, she was convinced Jason would never want to see her again. That’s what happens when she lets Matt take the reigns.
'You’re an asshole.’ Jason finally spoke.
'Agreed.’ Pearl shrugged.
'It was just a dumb tweet.’
'I know and I’m so, so sorry.’ Pearl grabbed Jason’s hands. 'What can I do to make it up to you?’
Jason briefly looked away while he thought about this before looking back at Pearl. He had a slight sparkle in his eyes.
'You can start by buying me pizza, I’m starving.’ 'I can do that.’ Pearl smiled.
'And then…’ Jason trailed off, a smirk on his lips. He came close to Pearl’s ear and whispered something in her ear that made her groin shudder and she almost popped her tuck. When Jason pulled back his eyes were still sparkling.
'Oh, I can do that.’ Pearl smiled. She let go of one of Jason’s hands and hailed a cab. As they got in the back and started towards Matt’s apartment, Jason’s words were swirling around Pearl’s head. She felt a little dizzy from lust. She could hear Jason’s voice in her ears, feel his breath on her face as if he was still whispering to her. ’I want you to fuck me like there’s no tomorrow.’

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sooo this invaded my thoughts today and i wanted to get it out of my head somehow lol. but like, model!jack (or jack in general really) with a belly button piercing. maybe wearing a loose crop top to show it off and it just draws more attention to his slim belly and curvy hips. and it makes fe want to mark up his hipbones even more than usual.

oh god


-i feel like model!jack would be super confident with his looks, especially his hips, and he’d always be wearing short shirts and loose fitting shorts to show his midriff off