i want a top like that


Okay hold the fuck up.

Why does Kolivan look like the perfect mix of Blaytz and the servant he flirted with???

Kolivan has the bumps on top of his head like the servant, he has markings on his chin like Blaytz, and his ears/hair? looks like Blaytz’s fins of the sides of his head. Also Kolivan is a little more blue than purple like other galra.

@ Voltron I want answers.

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Top 10 ziam gifs

You guys actually want to kill me, ay?

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This tiny whiny cutie pie Zaynie looking at Liam like he holds his heart in his hand and he has the power to squish it (he has) (but he didn’t).

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hahaha this gif is so funny. Zayn going all instinctive to Liam’s arms. Harry falling… Everything in it is precious. LMAO

Originally posted by larryloves

lIKE. I know there’s cushioned seats in this room, Liam (Zayn’s sat on one of them). But no no nononon, Liam want’s to seat in Zayn’s bonny legs, cuz the love makes them soft.

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LOOK I WAS LOOKING FOR AN OPPRTUNITY TO TALK ABOUT HIS GIF. LISTEN. When I touch my husband’s face, he always makes it a bit awkward, because he turns his fave towards my hand to kiss it. I’ll stop at that.

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No caption needed.

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Zayn was like “Let me pretend I’m gonna kiss you” and Liam was “Kiss me I dare you”. LOVE IT

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Thirsty Zayn: always a fave.

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THE Ziam hug. <3

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Zayn’s like “omfg those lips” Liam’s like “gotcha!” :) Kill me please.

Ask me my “TOP 5/TOP 10” anything!

jet setting [m]

title: jet setting
member: chanyeol
length: 4k
genre: smut, some fluff

a/n: this…..is a pwp… but really it’s not my fault park chanyeol attacks someone stop this man (no, don’t)
also this does not involve any planes we’re talking a different kind of jet okay

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

You could always tell when your boyfriend wanted something from you.

You weren’t saying Chanyeol didn’t have a subtle bone in his body, it was just that—well, he didn’t have a subtle bone in his body. Nothing about him disappeared; Chanyeol was obvious, present, all the time. And his emotions were as clear to you as everything else about him. When he was nervous, you knew—as did half the others in the room. When he was angry, or upset, or delighted, it permeated the atmosphere, like an infectious disease that touched everyone. And when he had something on his mind, well. The problem was that when it came to it, no one could make Chanyeol talk if he didn’t want to. Not even you.

So right now, as he hesitated on the other side of the bed, pretending to be doing something on his phone but sending you obvious secret glances every few moments, you let him believe you hadn’t noticed anything. You would wait for him to crack.

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boyfriend!peter parker

a/n: this is my first time writing for tumblr so pls bear with me. shout out to @spiderling–parker​, this fluff’s for u froyo bud  💞 💞 it’s short as heck but i hope u enjoy!! xx, sarah

·          peter probably gives the best hugs. he’s stronger than you expected, arms tight around you. he feels like home, and you never want him to let go.

·        you breathe him in – clean skin and faded cologne. it’s heavenly. at the same time, he presses his chin against the top of your head, soaking it all in. he thinks he’s the luckiest guy in the world – and he is.

·        you remember all the times you were his date at school dances, and the posters he made to ask you:

·        “be the a to my t, be the g to my c, and be my date to homecoming?”

·        or the one year he drew a picture of gregor mendel n wrote:

·        “tall or short, round or wrinkled, you’ll always be my sweet pea. prom?”

·        he gives you silly cards (that you secretly adore) on valentine’s day:

·        “you are a perfect little arrangement of atoms. so naturally, i select you”

·        he reads jokes online n memorizes them. he gets upset when you don’t play along.

·        “hey, can you hold this magnet for a second”

·        “petey, what are you doing”

·        “hang on” – he pulls out a bag of magnetic powder – “you’re really attractive, y/n”

·        or how about:

·        he cuts out a bunch of amino acids and holds them up to your face saying, “just like these, you’re an essential part of my life”

·        “peter how long did this take - ” “no shhh, hang on, save your applause for the end, i have way more!”

·        “you give me pre-mature ventricular contractions” “y/n, do you get it do you get it you make my heart skip a beat??”

·        you look at that big smile on his face and you can’t help smiling wide. and god, do you love him.

·        on your 1 year anniversary, he has to leave early in the morning because he’s spidreman, but leaves you a little note:

·        “none of the scientific states of matter apply to love, and yet, nothing matters more to me than you. i love you, y/n, i really do. happy anniversary, darling”

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here anon u get a full david design and a lil bit of jasper bc i realized i’m not nerd enough to know how to draw a mage outfit ahfbka

but also be on the lookout for something a lil different but with all three of my boys later tonight ;)))

i hate how all graphic tees in the womens section are feminism themed now !? id have no issue w a couple tops like that like yeah whatever! i own a ‘girls support girls’ top ok sometimes theyre nice i get it

but no its literally 90% of the tops!!!! i just want some nice tops but NO i get ‘THE WORLD IS OURS, LADIES’ in 56 different fonts!!!! there r now hoardes of straighties wearing 'fries before guys’ 'beach before boys’ and like im not being mean but it doesnt even mean anything ??? and all the tops say that !?!?!?


EXO Reaction to their S/O calling them Daddy.

anon requested:  Hey i’m new on your blog but i already love you guys!! Could i please request how the reaction of exo would be if you called them daddy? Thank you already :D

- admin s.


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He would be so ready to go down on you immediately after everytime you call him Daddy. 

‘‘Come here little kitty. Daddy wants to please you.’‘


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

This Man. I don’t know, he just loves it. End of the story. He’s a born Daddy.

‘‘That’s right Babygirl sit down on Daddy’s lap. Look what I bought just for you.’‘


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A little bit confused at first since he always thought you were actually innocent but starts liking it after a few times of you calling him Daddy.

‘‘Yixing can you please come for a second. I can’t reach the top shelf.’‘

‘‘Jagi, Daddy it is. You started it and I started liking it.’‘


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Little Baekhyun would like it too but wouldn’t show it. Instead he would tease you until you scream for his touch. I mean you made him hard so he must make you wet.

‘‘It’s so warm here. Babe can you please help me take off my shirt?’‘


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I just can’t think of that any of the members wouldn’t like it so Jongdae is of course no exception. Jongdae is in my eyes also the kinkiest among them.

‘‘Baby Kitten where’s the collar I bought you. Daddy really likes it, you know.’‘


Originally posted by dulcetyeoll

Everyone always thinks that Chanyeol is a innocent bean. GUYS HE’S 24! NO GUY IS INNOCENT AT THE AGE OF 24!! Believe me, I must know it. So yea Chanyeol also loves it. He’s someone that also loves hearing that he has a higher Position than others.

‘‘Yes that’s right Kitten. If Daddy wants something, he gets it.’‘


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

He knows that it’s a act of Love from you and because he loves you too he also loves almost everything you do and say.

‘‘Jagi I really like that. Are you going to use this word more often, please?’‘


Originally posted by intokai

Jongin is also not innocent but he’s quieter when it comes to things like that. He wouldn’t mind it but definitley would ask you to stop when you’re together in public.

‘‘Baby I love you too and like it when you call me this but please keep it down when we’re in public.’‘

But when you’re at home shit’s going down


Originally posted by lawlliets

Like Chanyeol, Sehun is someone that also loves hearing he has a higher position than others so he likes you calling him Daddy to no end. 

‘‘Y/N, I love you.’‘

(gitfs not mine, credits to owners)


Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooo mucccchhhhhh for following dokkki dokki >>>>>wwww<<<<<< I don’t really know what to sayyyyy but THANK YOUUUUUUU I love you all followers, and PLS leave messages if you want to ask ANYTHING, like srsly ANYTHING!!! “10,000 followers” is unbelievable for me. I know its not a LOT compared to others, but for me its a BIG DeAL. Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH. So for this time I will agian ADVERTISE MY FAVOURITE ANIME: Kamisama Kiss!!!!! I know it’s not new but I still love it and it is my favourite romance anime/manga!!!! and it is SADLY completed >3<

Top 10 my favourite ANIME GOGO:

10. LOVELY COMPLEX (they are adorable >w<)

9.ITAZURA NA KISS (They’re kid is ADORABLE, hope she is as smart and as beautiful as her parents)









tagged by my crowsome friend-freind @vivikalazu Thank you! A thousand thank you’s said super-fast in Norwegian (takk, takk, takk, takk, takk, takk, takk, takk, takk, takk, takk, takk, takk etc.). It sort of sounds like a boat, haha!

Rules: Tag 20 people Tag however many you want, or don’t tag any at all. Answer whichever questions you want, or make your own. Also, if you don’t care to participate at all, that’s totally fine. Just do whatever you feel like. I don’t mind, and I won’t get upset. I promise.

Nickname A name I liked as a child: Can’t think of any at the top of my head, but my mom wanted to call me either Kim or Nikolas. However, after a visit to my great grandmother, she had been told to call me something a little more common, like Lars.  

Zodiac What I’m wearing now: Black socks with white dots, black harem-style sweatpants, black boxers, black TOPY (thee temple ov psychick youth) t-shirt and a long black cardigan (also, I’m covered in cat hair).  

Height Eye colour: Grey-green-ish.

Last thing I googled Patient or impatient: I’m always too patient.  

Favorite music artist Favorite snack: Is coffee a snack?  

Last movie I saw Last documentary I saw: American Anarchist. About the author of the Anarchist Cookbook. The last scene is profound. Worth the watch just for that. Documentaries are underrated people! Watch more documentaries.

Why did I choose my URL What I often think of when on tumblr: How the hell did I end up in this weird place? Why am I still here? How do I get out of here? Where’s the exit? Are anybody even listening? Who are all these people?

Do I have any other blogs Do I like going to flea markets or second hand stores What’s the last thing you made for someone as a gift: I wrote someone a song that I never got to play to them. 

Religious or spiritual Watercolours or pencil: I like to first do pencil sketches, then trace the lines with a black pen, and then finally, I add watercolour. It’s been a while since I worked in this medium, but I’d like to go back to this style again.

Favorite colour Favorite quote right now: 

“Art can contradict science” 

- Austin Osman Spare

Average hours of sleep Do I feel comfortable dancing: I rarely dance anymore, and my chronic fatigue makes it tough for me to do it for long amounts of time, and I’ve basically quit going out, and although speed helped me dance for hours, I don’t want to do that anymore. But I actually love dancing, and even briefly considered dancing as a career path way back in the day. I was into dancing before I got into music. I can even remember being on a dance floor when it suddenly clicked how you are supposed to move to the rhythm of the music. I was relatively young, and I could see all these other kids just dancing like kids do, all at random, in not at all in time with the music, and it looked ridiculous.

Lucky number Last thing that made me feel lucky: I’m still just feeling lucky I’m alive quite frankly. And not for any self destructive reasons. I mean, I shouldn’t be here. Without modern medicine and practices, I would have been long gone. That’s just fact. I probably wouldn’t have made it past 17. So every single day I’m lucky.

Favorite Character What I’ve enjoyed doing lately: I had a dream about some new tarot spreads, and that sparked even more ideas for alternative tarot spreads, so I’ve been enjoying coming up with lots of weird tarot spreads. I like making things up. Also, I’ve been enjoying watching Twin Peaks: The Return.

How many blankets do I sleep with Something that is making me happy right now: Nothing particular at this specific moment, but I just enrolled in an online I Ching class and I’m looking forward to learning that, and also, the new edition of Necromunda is looking to be very exciting (yes, I’m a geek!). I’m also always waiting on cool books in the mail, and I’m always looking forward for them to arrive.

Dream job Fun fact about me: When I was a baby I used to cry when strangers talked to me. I still get freaked out when strangers talk to me. No joke.

@thecorvidshapshifter @hesitanalien @satanic–nightmare @porcelain-engine@thedevilsconcubineeve @sexwbasilisks @siriuskitty @hapless-hollow @dark-chocolate-world @lilithlovegood @unhearddocument @skogrev @neroromanticidio

I always forget who likes to do these things, so forgive me if I keep tagging you and this isn’t your sort of fun (also, if this is something you want to do and you’re not tagged, then you have my blessings to go ahead and just tag yourself!)

Editing Tutorial

Someone wanted me to show how I edit my photos, so I’ve made a tutorial to hopefully help some of you!! This will be using paint, so sorry to everyone to doesn’t have it :/                                                                                             Tutorial under the cut!

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I felt like trying to do a bunch of chibi re-designs of my favorite shows/characters, and I started with the Scooby Gang! Keep in mind this isn’t exactly the “style” I’d prefer them in (something a little closer to the classic, but with my own spin), this is just a cute and simple style I use when I want to get an idea for basic body-types, hair, and outfits.

I drew Velma first because I’ve always wanted to update her outfit as sort of a sleeveless sweater-dress kind of thing. I gave her red shorts instead of a skirt, and I think it somehow made her look more sporty but still cute. Some orange high-tops sort of bring it together. I wanted her hair to have something like a flapper-girl style, and I kept classic style square glasses because she works them (and still can’t see without them). She’s still the “smart one”, but she doesn’t know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING; history, science and chemistry, literature, and math are what she excels at. She also has a near photographic memory, and although she understands a lot about technology she isn’t too great with machines. Velma is easily the most adorable~  (oh, and head-cannon ethnicity; she’s Jewish/Japanese/Mexican. she celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas, as does Shaggy)

I knew I wanted Daphne to look really fashionable… which was hard, because I know NOTHING of fashion. I gave her sort of a purple halter top that is also like a short dress with a leg-cut on one side. She almost never has pants in her main outfit, but I think it gives her a fun and stylish look. I moved her green scarf up to her hair, and gave her matching green earrings. I like the idea that because she’s a little clumsy (Danger-Prone-Daphne) she’s taken lots of athletic lessons to try and make up for it; she’s done ballet, gymnastics, Karate, boxing, archery, played different sports like soccer/basketball/baseball/tennis, swimming lessons, and equestrian classes. Basically, when she’s in “alert-mode”, she could probably handle just about anything… but when she’s not paying attention she tends to trip. Daphne can speak several languages fluently, she’s got perfect pitch, is super sensitive to textures so she can recognize any material, and has a gift for being very charming and intuitive. Definitely not a damsel in distress~ (head-cannon ethnicity; she’s part Iranian on her dad’s side)

I always wanted to give Fred a blue jacket. I don’t know, I just think it suits him. He’s also got light-blue jeans, and a white long-sleeve shirt (with a red collar to replace the ascot hahaha). He’s kind of the most “formally” dressed, but also sort of a relaxed look. I always figured he was a boot-camp kid, and also a little bit of a farm-boy (hence the belt and work boots). He’s all about cars and other machines, a real  Mr Fix-It, and he loves taking stuff apart to see how it works. As a result he’s pretty good at his other hobby besides mechanics… TRAPS. Fred also practices being an escape artist, so if he ever gets caught he’ll be able to get out of almost anything. Although he’s certainly not “stupid”, he has a tendency to be a bit oblivious and a little too headstrong. He’s got a heart if gold though~ (nothing to do with ethnicity, but a head-cannon for his family life; Fred’s parents went missing around when he was in middle school, and so he’s had a few different foster families. he doesn’t get reunited with his folks until after high school)

Shaggy doesn’t need much changing (if I altered too much, he just wouldn’t look like Shaggy anymore). I have him a white long-sleeved shirt under his classic green one, changed his brown pants into cargos (all loose fitting, Shaggy likes it baggy), and gave him some black sneakers. He’s naturally still got long hair and a scruffy chin (plus some sideburns). Even though he’s a well known scardey-cat, Shaggy has a deep love for horror movies and fictional spooky stuff doesn’t seem to bother him. His various fears and phobias have actually made him a safety expert; not only does he usually carry a back-pack with a fully stocked first aid kit, he knows how rescue somebody who is drowning, all the safety procedures for different vehicles/aircraft, CPR, and survival tactics (he actually knows more medical facts than Velma). Despite being so thin and lanky, he is almost always eating, sometimes thinking with his stomach rather than his head. He’s always happy to share though, and he even cooks great meals for his friends~ (head-cannon ethnicity; Shaggy is Canadian First Nations and Jewish on his mother’s side, and celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas like Velma) 

Scooby was maybe the most difficult to draw… he’s so iconic, and I wasn’t sure how to draw him in this style by still make him look like Scooby. I’m not sure if I succeeded, but I think the result isn’t too bad. Shaggy found Scoob as a pup, and they have been best friends ever since. Like Shaggy, Scooby loves to eat and hates to be afraid, but he’s only a coward when something threatens him; if a monster or villain is going to hurt one of the kids, Scooby always comes to their defense. People forget what he’s actually a very big strong dog because he’s usually so gentle and silly. Scoob knows all sorts of trick from the typical “sit/roll-over/shake” to more impressive stunts. Although he loves attention and praise, the best way to get him to do anything is to bribe him with a Scooby Snack! He’s a very smart animal, even more so than some humans, and the fact that he can communicate when he smells or hears something suspicious that people might miss is a real asset for solving mysteries. Like any good dog, Scoob is loyal and lovable~ (head-cannon; some animals can just talk like people in this world. it is just a thing. Scooby isn’t the only one who can do it, but it is still pretty rare and impressive)

OK, enough from me, enjoy~

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top 5 noel pics :D

Omg that’s hard maaan… How can I choose just 5?? I’ll try but it doesn’t feel right.


There’s something about this pic that makes me emotional every time. I don’t know, he looks so tired and kinda sad and I just want to hug him. He seems immersed in some deep thought and I love that.


Just Noel with his acoustic guitar, best thing ever, simple as that.


Ok, I guess this is a bit nasty but this pic gives me life… it’s like… porn… I die every time I look into his eyes.


This has been my lock-screen for a veeery long time. I love the look on his face. It’s just one of his typical expressions.


Noel in front of the crowd at Maine Road: it gives me the chills. Coming from nothing and wanting it all, and taking it… I’m a dreamer… and a sucker for this stuff.

Thanks for asking xx

I know ARMYs can be annoying, I know there are annoying fans in every fandom. I am multi-fandom so it is so hard when we are being dragged every single day. It is honestly pathetic now, we will always have childish fans but can some people stop saying all of us are like that I mean common have some common sense now! People just want something to hate on, the amount of hypocrisy in unbelievable. It is always a problem when ARMYs  hype us BTS but can we not?? It’s the same in every other fandom, I stan them for a reason and of course I will hype them up it makes no sense for other fandoms to tell us not to. On top of that hating BTS because of problematic fans is just stupid, I know some ARMYs have made rude comments about other groups to but saying stuff back doesn’t make it okay, it just creates more hate. There are always times where I have wanted to reply to some of the hate but I don’t see the point when they just end up making more rude comments, or even trying to apologize for some of the fans rude comments and getting laughed at. I know it’s just social media and this doesn’t have an impact on me but I just don’t understand why people have to generalize stuff and just say stuff which can have an impact on people like telling them to ‘die of cancer’ etc, and believe me I have seen worse. Kpop fans are disgusting and we all know that, although we aren’t all like that but when there are fan wars that shit goes down. The reason I got into Kpop was because of how happy it makes me and I have been into Kpop for 9 years now. But lately seeing the level of hate on social media just annoys me especially when BTS are doing their comeback soon so there are even more fan wars. I just want this whole “Every ARMY is problematic” shit to stop, every Kpop group is talented in my opinion, every group is unique, we all have problematic people in our fandoms stop with the hate, this includes childish ARMYs who think BTS owns Kpop. I just had to let everything out because of something I saw which I thought I would never see :)

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Rules: tag some people to learn this random stuff about their lives (if you want)

Relationship status: Single

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick. My lips and skin have a tendency to dry out here in California

Last song listened to: I think Bad Blood on the radio

Last movie watched: Wind River. Intense, dark film. I liked it.

Top 3 fictional characters: Shadow Moon, Luke Skywalker, Kreia.

Top 3 ships: Bigby/Snow, Daniel/Vala, Korra/Asami.

Tagging: anyone interested.

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35/31/26 :)

(35) Do You Believe In Magic?

yes i do, i think the concept of magic is really cool also i’m a big believer in miracles because i feel like i’ve seen some miracles happen firsthand! 

(31) Dogs Or Cats?

cats! they’re the cutest little things and i want one so bad

(26) Favourite Tumblr Blog?

you want me to name one? i can’t do that so i’ll name some of my fave ones from the top of my head 

@blissfullybane @rayofsunshinemaiaroberts @imnotwittyy @isabelledarkwoods @flawlesslylightwood @just-dolphin-things @alecsmaia @evenforseason5 @para-hell-dise

there’s probably more but i’m blanking right now but most of my favourite blogs know that i love them so if you’re not on here please just know! 

If I ever get married, my wedding would be so nontraditional. Not because “I want to be unique!” blahblah, but just because it’s so boring. For starters, the white dress. I’d want a lovely blue one, or maybe dark purple. Maybe even a short dress because I’m short and wouldn’t have to wear heels with it. 

Plus, it’d be cheaper anyway. If I’m theoretically never going to wear the dress again, why spend so much money on it? Hell, my senior prom dress was $16.

Like I said, that’s an if I get married. But if I do, I hope my future spouse is cool with that kind of stuff. Maybe they will be if I point out that they don’t have to wear the over-the-top tradition outfit either lol 

Nothing against anyone who wants to go all out on that stuff. You do you and you’ll look lovely regardless.

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your kinky ask about Hanzo is... I tried so hard I want you to know I tried so hard but there was nothing, nothing I could think of that sounded outlandish enough for it to come off as a joke he's a furry vorephile in-game I can't top this

hanzos a goddamn sex bomb i mean if he wants to spout a bunch of east asian grandpa morals about filial piety at me while wearing his okami fursuit like..hes got the Funds hes got the Courage, i can live with that, i believe in tolerance and love for my gay brothers and sisters in kinky christ

Get To Know Me Tag & Music Shuffle Tag

Thank you so much @plushxsims senpai has finally noticed XD  @nisuki @zlent24 @kitsunemido @tsutoki @mysims4screenshots for tag me♥ cus I want to know myself better too 

Rules: Tag 9 people you would like to know better.

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs.

- Relationship status: I can’t even lie, I’ve been
Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
- Favorite color: Yellow
- Lipstick or chapstick: Hmm, both.
- Last song I listened to: Jakob Ogawa - You Might Be Sleeping
- Last movie I watched: T2 Trainspotting
- Top 3 fictional characters: Byun (Sadistic Beauty), Sangwoo (Killing Stalking), Seungbae (Killing Stalking) I’m really into manhwa boys help ㅠㅠ!

- Top 3 ships: Hartwin (Kingsman),  HalBarry (Justice League), My crush x his classmate (older than him lollolololo)

- Books I’m currently reading: A Street Cat Named Bob

List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to: (no particular order)

1. 오프온오프(offonoff) - Moon, 12:04AM
2. Nothing But Thieves - Sorry (Acoustic)
3. Wolf Alice - Don’t Delete The Kisses
4. A$AP Ferg - East Coast Remix
5. Tyler, The Creator - Boredom
6. DIE ANTWOORD - STRUNK (Instrumental)
7. Hollywood Undead - Does Everybody In The World Have To Die
8. Blur - Sing
9. BILL STAX (빌스택스) - Sushi (Feat. C Jamm, 천재노창) 
10. Kendrick Lamar - PRIDE.

I tag @riofabulousl @whimsims @vibrantpixels @susuleo @thecactus @gin-silversword @dyoreos @ruby-sims @maimouth ^o^