i want a superman one tho

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Percy falling off a pegasus in the middle of a midnight snack runs... goes to jasons cabin to avoid infirmary lecture. Ends in gay cuddles.

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Summary: Jason is Superman and Percy is Lois.

To be honest with all of you I have never wanted a fic of mine be drawn so badly as I want this one to be.

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lmao knowing hte supergirl writers her new suit will be one to match mon-hell

well, his suit iin the comics is p similar to superman. 
in the show so far all he’s had is whatever the DEO wears, so it wouldn’t be a huge change on her part to match him tbh ? 

hopefully not tho, i really want to see kara make good on that figuring out who she is and how to balance being a superhero and having a life, without it revolving around a love interest

EXO Reaction to being asked to join the Avengers

So who’s your fav super hero? I love Batman even tho he is not from the Avengers. Loki is great :D Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *Excited af* “So this will be a secret between you and me, Black Widow?” 

Kris: “I’ll be Superman”
Nick: “But.. he is not…”
Kris: “Yeah! Superman!”

Sehun: *Starts to train* “One.. two… 70…1000!!”

Tao: *In the mood* “It was about time you asked me! It’s always necessary someone who controls the time and fights like me”

Kai: “Wait wait.. you are who? Black what? You want me to do what?!?!” *Not believing it*

Xiumin: “I could join… but if you go out with me tonight” *Falls in love with Black Widow*

Baekhyun: *Can’t stop babbling about it* “And then I’m going to save the world and rule you all. I’ll make sure we all have fee eyeliners”

Luhan: *Can’t stop looking at Maria Hill* “So Nick? I’m going to work here as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D?”

Chen: “Oh no Baekhyun, if your super hero name is Bacon, then I want to be ChenChen

Kyungsoo: “Ok. Count me in” *Secretly planning to take over the world*

Lay: “Alright, I’ll be your medical ninja!”
BW: “This is not Naruto Lay… But you will be useful”

Suho: “Well I have what it takes to be Iron Man right? I’m rich and famous” *Sassy*

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How BTS be like with their daughters?

The chill, more like a friend dad: Jimin, Taehyung

Naturally I think the 95 line would be super amazing with their daughters. They’d probably be super admired around their daughter’s friends and she probably would show him off a little and brag about her amazing father. 

The overprotective father: Seokjin, Hoseok

They’d also be the most emotional imo, and be the most likely to cry at important events. I think they’d just love their little princess too much and would want to protect her in every aspect of her daily life, even if that led to arguments later on in life. 

The awkward one: Namjoon, Yoongi

I think they’d be closer to a ‘father’ than a ‘friend.’ By that, I mean that they could even be a little intimidating and would probably be the WORST for their girlfriend’s partner later on. However, they’d secretly adore their little girl and would probably take care of her secretly. 

The superman: Jungkook

I think he’d be the model father. He’d make sure she did her homework (lmao he’d let her off on maths tho), he’d read her favourite story books, he’d even go and pick her up from school. He’d literally be there for every important moment and I think he’d really be one of the best fathers out there.