i want a ss5 in chile ;;


Today marks one year since many Chilean fans realized their dream . The day confirmed the SS5 in Chile was the happiest girl in the world ,I could not believe it! Super Junior, the most influential in the world of KPOP group would come to Chile with his long-awaited “ Super Show 5” . It was too good to be true … It took me hours to sink .

I went to the airport but I could not see them , they had gone out elsewhere < | | | 3, but still I was pleased to know that Henry had remembered us and tweeted .

The show was spectacular . More than 11,000 people attended the concert ! The sapphire blue ocean looked beautiful … They were divine with us, played , laughed, danced and sang amazing. They are the true kings of KPOP .

I have many feelings and thoughts at the moment but I do not lengthen much because I do not want to bother , hahaha . Just want to say … Thank you Super Junior. Thank you very much for the wonderful 4-hour long concert .

See you in SS6!