i want a simon lewis in my life

  • raphael: [hand on simon's shoulder] amigo
  • simon: ...
  • raphael leaning in close: pal, chum, friend, light of my life, mi familia, mi amor I didn't bring you blood bc I want you to need me enough to come back home-
  • simon: wait what
  • raphael: i said I ain't no delivery man and i def didn't save your ass again lmao why would I ever
  • shadowhunters: CLIMON! SAIA! NEXT WEEK
Best Thing In My Life

Summary: Reader goes on a demon hunt with Simon who goes with the angels. 51. “I fucking love you” & 71. “I’ve never told anyone”

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago, Simon Lewis, Lightwood Duo, Clary Fairchild

Fandom: Shadowhunters(TV)

Word Count: 516

Requested: @snowflakexss

AN: This is the shortest thing I have written so I’m sorry about that. I know I said I would have it in a day or two but I couldn’t help it. I wrote it and I wanted to post it. I hope this is kinda what you were looking for, if not my apologies. 

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Top 10 times my heart bled for Jace

#1 When the best 17 years old shadowhunter gets hurt that his presence is not wanted

“Aren’t you supposed to be leaving with Magnus?” His mouth twisted and she saw something fracture behind his eyes, a starburst of pain. “Can’t wait to get rid of me?”

#2 “I’ll die a little bit more every day”

I’d rather have you in my life even as a brother than not at all—” “And I’m supposed to sit by while you date boys, fall in love with someone else, get married…?” His voice tightened. “And meanwhile, I’ll die a little bit more every day, watching.”

#3 When he was tossed out by his only family

“Do you have to be so—” she began, but stopped when she saw his face. It looked stripped down, oddly vulnerable. “Unpleasant?” he finished for her. “Only on days when my adoptive mother tosses me out of the house with instructions never to darken her door again. Usually, I’m remarkably good-natured. Try me on any day that doesn’t end in y.”

#4 “They’ll find out whatever it is you want most in the world and give it to you—with a sting in the tail of the gift that will make you regret you ever wanted it in the first place.”

“Why did she make you kiss me? The Queen, I mean. Why force us to do—that? What pleasure could she possibly have gotten out of it?” “You heard what the Queen said. She thought she was doing me a favor.” “That’s not true.” “It is true. How many times do I have to tell you? The Fair Folk don’t lie.” Clary thought of what Jace had said back at Magnus’s. They’ll find out whatever it is you want most in the world and give it to you—with a sting in the tail of the gift that will make you regret you ever wanted it in the first place. “Then she was wrong.” “She wasn’t wrong.” Jace’s tone was bitter. “She saw the way I looked at you, and you at me, and Simon at you, and she played us like the instruments we are to her.”

#5 When the only girl he’s ever loved tells him she is sickened by his feelings for her

This, what we want, it would be sickening to everyone we care about—” “Sickening?” He dropped his hands from her face as if she’d pushed him away. He sounded stunned. “What we feel—what I feel—it’s sickening to you?” She caught her breath at the look on his face. “Maybe,” she said in a whisper. “I don’t know.” “Then you should have said that to begin with.” “Jace—” But he was gone from her, his expression shut and locked like a door.

#6 Because he didn’t think he deserved to be happy

"I don’t even know for what—for thinking that I could actually get to have you, that I would deserve something like that, to be that happy. I couldn’t imagine what it was I’d done that I was being punished for—”

#7 When he went to his evil-overlord-adoptive-father because he thought everybody hated him

“I had to talk to someone.” He wasn’t as good at controlling his voice as his father was; he could hear the pain in it, like a bleeding wound just under the surface. “The Lightwoods—I’m nothing but trouble for them. Luke must hate me by now. The Inquisitor wants me dead. I did something to hurt Alec and I’m not even sure what.” “And your sister?” Valentine said. “What about Clarissa?” Why do you have to ruin everything? “She’s not too pleased with me either.” He hesitated.

#8 When he wanted to die for thinking he was a monster

“You should have told me what I was,” Jace said, all in one breath, as if the words were being punched out of him. “I could have done something about it, then. Killed myself, maybe.”

#9 When he used sarcasm to hide his hurt feelings

“Maybe you should have thought about that before you kissed me,” he said. She looked at him incredulously. “I kissed you?” He looked at her with glittering malice. “Don’t worry,” he said, “it wasn’t that memorable for me, either.”

#10 When he knew he couldn’t ask for more so he settled just for that one time

“I just want to lie down with you and wake up with you, just once, just once ever in my life.”

Quotes from City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass

Clan Leader Simon, Fledgling Raphael

Okay, okay, but LISTEN. Clan Leader Simon and fledgling Raphael, like basically their roles switch but their personalities are mostly the same. Just imagine:

  • Simon trying not to crush on the new fledgling he’s training because god dammit undead libido needs to stop and he’s just barely keeping his fangs in
  • Simon being a goofy ball of sunshine but as soon as shit gets serious he’s Serious Vamp #1™ and handles it like he was born to be a diplomat
  • And he’s friends with everyone so he’s got a shit ton of connections and now that Camille’s locked in the basement, vamps and werewolves are getting along so much better
  • Raphael being Clary’s friend and she can tell he’s got a soft spot for Simon, and he’s basically the really salty best friend and she adores him for it and she cries and tells him he’s still the “same Raphael that shit talks random people on the street and always has a comeback and loves looking at expensive suits you can’t afford and always protecting everyone you care about” when he crawls out of his grave
  • Climon being The BrOTP™ with Clary being all, “you’d better look after my saltmate or I’ll have to stake you” and Simon taking it all in stride and being all cool (until he trips over himself) and reassuring her that Raphael is fine and offers to let her have visiting hours as long as she leaves her weapons at the door
  • Simon going with Raphael to tell his family after the war because he partially blames himself for letting Camille get to him and feels he deserves to get yelled at
  • But instead Raph’s mom, while not happy about it, she can tell Simon cares and asks for Simon to look after her mijo, Simon does not cry, he doesn’t (yeah he does, but not until they’ve left)
  • Simon teaching Raphael to have faith again, teaching him to hold his cross and rosary and to walk on holy ground and say G-d and Jesus Christ and pray (and I’m not crying, you’re crying)
  • And when the malec wedding crash happens, he goes and recounts it to Simon in calm detail and comments, “It was sort of like The Graduate” and Simon flips his shit because he loves The Graduate and he’s happy that his friend Magnus finally got his guy and Simon wonders if he’ll get his
  • Simon insists that Raphael teach him about pop culture and they spend hours watching movies together (and maybe making out during them, which makes Simon insist that they rewatch them because “we didn’t actually watch it, Raph! My eyes were on you!” “As they should be.”)
  • And when the betrayal happens, because Raphael has to choose between the Clan and what’s left of his mundane life, he still chooses Clary and Jocelyn because he loves them and he’s as loyal as they come and he’s only known the clan for a little while, even if they gave him a home and a new family and he’s falling for Simon (he’s swears to himself that he won’t let Camille harm him if it costs Raphael his life, well his unlife)
  • And Raphael just watches as the light dies in Simon’s eyes and it hurts more than the “I’m sorry we weren’t enough for you” and even the “I’m disappointed”
  • “I thought you were my sunshine, and I suppose this is when I turn to dust, because I just wasn’t enough. We’d barely begun before the end, and maybe you were heavensent, but so were fallen angels in descent, and now I just feel cursed and blessed.” Simon writes a bunch of tragic love songs and cries and pretends to be okay when doing business because he’s clan leader and he can’t lose it over an almost love (though he thinks maybe on his end it was all love and that’s what hurts the most, that it must’ve only been on his end).
  • But Raphael is feeling the pain too and distracts himself by hunting down Camille so he can kill her and Clary tries to stop him but realizes she can’t and instead insists on going with him since she couldn’t get any leads on Jace and they take Camille down together, but Raphael gets badly injured and Camille says a lot of emotionally scarring and nasty things, and he needs more blood to recover than the ridiculously small amount that he’s been drinking lately
  • So Clary calls Simon and tells him they’ve killed Camille even though Raphael tells her not to and Simon rushes over with blood bags and even though he hasn’t quite forgiven Raphael, he doesn’t want him to die and just says fondly, “For a such a smart guy, you think you wouldn’t almost die so much. How long am I gonna have to come to your rescue?”
  • And Raph is pretty out of it by now so he’s not even sure if he’s hallucinating Simon or not, so he replies, “For the rest of my life, I hope.”

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I wrote a ‘story’ to go along with them bc i have no life

S: What are you doing here handsome?
J: I’m here for you actually.

What? Really? Why?
I wanted to ask you out on a date.

Are you joking? Is this some kind of prank? You’re not serious are you?
I’m serious Simon, I wanted to ask you out on a date, so…

I just wanted to say a big thank you for, my all time favourite tv show character asexual Raphael Santiago. Even that Raphabelle owns my heart and my soul since they rescued Meliorn and their sex scene would be hot as fuck, I’m happy for his asexuality, but it doesn’t mean that he is aromantic too,because these two thing are different, and who knows maybe there’s a future for Raphabelle (but I know it isn’t *sniff - sniff*). About his asexuality again, I’m really happy that,no offense Malec is my life, but it’s so good that there’s more orientations on this show, not just heteroes and gay (i’m still way too happy about Isabelle’s pansexuality.) I’m asexual (and also aromantic. Only the tv shows gives me love life, and I’m fucking happy with that) too and I’m so proud of my baby boy.

So thank you very much Cassandra Clare, and thank you so much Shadowhunters, and the giant thank you for David Castro who plays my precious son.

So I have this idea for a fanfic - malec high school AU but it would be my first fanfic  and I’m not sure if anybody would even want to read it ;;

Here is the summary: 

Alec lightwood a straight A student who will do anything do get a scholarship,  but what will happen when his last chance to get what he wants is to take to his home for 5 months an exchanged student - a very attractive one, who may change his life from normal to no longer ordinary. 

What do you guys think?  

(The picture is like the poster of it) 

While Reading city of heavenly fire
  • Alec: I don't want the world I want you.
  • Me: I don't know why I should cry
  • Me: because of malec?
  • Me: because of Simon?
  • Me: because it's the last book?
  • Me: I'm a big fat mess
  • Me: my life is over
  • Mom:
holy-mother-rhoma’s top 25 fictional characters

Hey, all! I thought it would be a fun little thing (in honor on National Book Day) to make a list of my top 25 favorite fictional characters, as most of them come from books. If interested, I’ll tag people to do the same and we can make this a Zodai thing (bc of course Hysan and Rho are on here, who do you take me for?). With every character comes a short little explanation for why I love them. This is just way for me to share my love for these characters and let my online friends get to know me a bit better!

WARNING: mild spoilers for Harry Potter, A:TLA, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Twilight, Romina Russell’s Zodiac Series, Shugo Chara, Beautiful Creatures, and Sailor Moon below the cut!

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My whole life, I always wanted to protect the people I loved, to make sure they were safe. I should have been able to do it. But I couldn’t.
—  Alec Lightwood, Born to Endless Night (Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy #9) by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan
New Year’s Kiss (Lewis Redman x Reader)

Request: Could you please write a Lewis imagine where he and the reader like each other and there’s always been tension between them so at the NYE party they finally break the tension and kiss/make-out at midnight? Thanks. x

Warnings: Drinking/alcohol

Originally posted by merchking

It was so loud and hot. Quite honestly there were way too many people in Cal’s flat than to be safe or comfortable. There was music playing loudly as people danced and stood in circles talking with one another. Some girls had abandoned their shoes in the front hall. The boys who wore ties loosened them or gave them to the girls to wear.

Calfreezy, Callux, Simon, Tobi, Lewis and Josh stood in close proximity to each other out on the balcony as fireworks began to go off in the distance. “What’s up, mate?” Simon asked Lewis before taking a drink.

“Nothing.” Lewis said absentmindedly staring at something else in the room. Simon followed Lewis’s gaze to the group of girls next to them. Simon smiled.

“Oi you’ve got something going on!” Simon said.

“No! I mean- What do you think?” Lewis said rubbing the back of his neck. He and (y/n) had known each other for about three years. They’d gotten along very nicely when they first met. After about a year, people started to notice the tension between the two of them…

“About what? What you have going on or what is going on between you and (y/n)?”

“We don’t have anything going on between us. ‘Least not yet. But I meant like what do you think about us together?”

“I think she likes you but who am I to say? You should go over there and talk to her.”

“Talk to who?” Freezy said pushing his way into the conversation, literally and metaphorically.

“(Y/n).” Simon said. Lewis smiled warily. He didn’t know how comfortable he was with this.

“Man you have to kiss her at midnight. Oh my daysss…” Cal’s speech was slurred. “You got like five minutes. Go talk her up.” Cal pushed Lewis in the direction of (y/n) and her friends.


“So what’s it between you and Lewis?” Freya asked sipping her drink through a thin black straw. ‘Yeah’s went around the circle as (y/n)’s face burned pink.

“I don’t know. Not anything I wish was happening if I’m honest.” (Y/n) said shifting her weight and briefly glancing over at Lewis who was having a conversation with Simon. She watched Cal stumble over to them before Freya grabbed her attention back.

“Well why not then?”

“I’m too shy to say something. Like I really like him but I’m scared that if he doesn’t feel the same way and I say something, it’ll ruin our friendship. I want him in my life forever.” (Y/n) said probably saying way too much.

“Well you can say something tonight! Kiss him actually! If he questions it, blame it on the alcohol.” Freya said making a really good point.

“He’s coming over here.” (Y/n) said suddenly. “Don’t be weird.” She said tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Yo, (y/n)!” Lewis said joining the circle.

“Hey Redman. What’s up?” (Y/n) repressed a cringe. She was acting more awkward than usual.

“Cal’s just being an idiot again.” Lewis said pushing his shirt sleeves up to his elbows. (Y/n) watched as he messed with the cuffs. Something about guys in button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up… Especially Lewis. “What are you looking at?” He asked laughing slightly.

“Oh! Uh… You just need to fix the cuff some.” (Y/n) said making an excuse for herself.

“I’m going to go find Josh. You know what they say about midnight kisses!” Freya said nudging (y/n)’s calf with her foot as she fixed Lewis’s shirt cuff.

“How long until midnight?” Lewis asked.

“Less than two minutes.” Freya said walking away.

“You want to get closer to the edge so we can see the fireworks?” Lewis asked running his fingers through his hair.

“Sounds great!” (Y/n) said. Lewis wrapped his arm around (y/n)’s shoulders as they pushed their way to the glass barrier. They stood there, Lewis’s arm around her shoulders, looking out at the skyline. “What are your plans for the new year?” (Y/n) asked, turning to face Lewis.

“Mmm. Hoping to do a lot for the store, make more people smile, maybe start a relationship. But that’s been on the list forever. You?”

“I think you’ll have some more luck. I’m hoping to start exercising more and start a relationship too, as lame as it sounds.” (Y/n) finished right before the countdown started.


Was she really sure about this?


Was Simon right about her liking him back?


What if she chickens out?


What happens if she denies him?


What if this actually goes right?


He can tell she’s not drunk. Is her excuse really going to work?


He really didn’t want for this to go wrong.


He means so much to her.


She means so much to him.


She doesn’t want to embarrass herself.


He wants her in his life forever.

Happy New Year!

Lewis didn’t think twice. He leaned in and kissed (y/n). He was surprised when he felt the girl he had had a crush on since the day they met, kiss back. She pulled his body in closer by wrapping her hands around Lewis. Fireworks went off in the distance as people cheered. A drowned out “get it Lewis” made its way to his ears. Lewis smiled and broke the kiss.

(Y/n) looked up at him, her arms still wrapped around his body. “Lewis, I really love you.” She said, “I promise that was not just the alcohol.”

“I love you too.” Lewis said smiling, leaning in for another kiss, “If I get to spend the rest of the year with you as my girlfriend, it’s going to be the best year yet.”


That “weird rice pudding place” that Simon mentions in Dust and Shadows after they see Magnus and he tells Clary to not try to get her mom back?

Is called Rice to Riches. It’s in SoHo. It’s fucking delicious. It should be everyone’s life goal to go there, I swear to god.

And I really want some. But I no longer live in NYC and I am sad. Someone in NYC go eat some rice pudding in my name.

Things I Learned From Shadowhunters o2.o3:

o1. Everything is better when David Castro’s name shows up in the credits.
o2. I shouldn’t be turned on by Jace getting the shit beaten out of him. I also shouldn’t be shocked every time I get turned on by Jace getting the shit beaten out of him.
o4. baby!Alec in love with Jace is ruining me.
o6. Simon needs a vacation. Jace needs a vacation. Alec needs a vacation. Magnus needs a vacation. I need a fucking vacation.
o7. I come alive when Raphael pops up out of nowhere.
o8. Magnus choking the Shadowhunter out for being a dick!!!!!!
o9. Izzy confronting Aec about him not wanting to be parabatai bc he’s in love with Jace but my God I’m so happy she handled it so well. Thank you for showing that people do react well to someone coming out.
16. The little smile Jace gives Alec when Alec shows up for the ceremony.
18. “Don’t leave me, Alec.”
20. The Clave has the worst fucking timing ever. Could they not have two minutes together?


The Shadowhunters Chronicles Network - Team Carstairs

challenge 3 : Favorite Parabatai - Clary and Simon

“I would never date a girl who insisted that I cut you out of my life. It’s non-negotiable. You want a piece of all this fabulousness?” He gestured at himself. “Well, my best friend comes along with it. I wouldn’t cut you out of my life, Clary, any more than I would cut off my right hand and give it to someone as a Valentine’s Day gift.”
“Gross,” said Clary. “Must you?”
He grinned. “I must.”

Are you kidding? Because you have never done one single thing for me in the entire time since I became a vampire. Instead you have done your level best to make my life miserable and then end it. So—if you want it in vampire language—it affords me great pleasure, my liege, to say to you now: Hell, no.
—  Simon Lewis, City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

Rather than do the homework that is worth 20% of my grade I decided to design the things I am desperate to see in real life now that we’re getting a 20 episode season 2. So here’s some Shadowhunters Pop Vinyl figure designs which were ridiculously fun to do, and designing them only made me want them 10,000 times more.

Please don’t repost these or use them anywhere without checking with me first.

Bonus: Forensic Pathologist Izzy

The Night Alec stayed over at Magnus':

So I haven’t written any sort of fan fiction type writing in like 4 years, but I know everyone has a desire to know what happened that night (or at least a cute take of it). And my wifi is out, so I can’t binge watch tv and I have nothing better to do. Here is my little story of what Malec did the night Alec stayed “for drinks".

As a writer, we all have characters that mean a lot to us, ones we’ve read and ones we’ve written. Alec and Magnus both mean the world to me, and writing them is so exciting. Writing Magnus is hands down so cool, because he has that essence about him that is just so brilliant. Anyways, I’m done getting all nerdy about my Malec, here you guys go!!
* * ** * ** * ** * *

I walk into the institute, the place I call my home, knowing that my sister Isabelle is going to give me shit about not coming home last night. Immediately her eyes lock with mine and she rushes over to me, with a mischievous smile on her face. “Stayed the night at Magnus’ place?” She asks, and I sigh in defeat. “Didn’t do much sleeping,” I tell her, knowing that it’s going to get a rise out of her.

*A few hours before*

“Would you like another drink Alexander?” Magnus asks me, he is standing less than a foot away from me. He is so enticing, everything about him pulls me in. “I, uh, I think I’ve had enough for tonight. Thank you though.” I tell him, hoping that I can stay for a little longer, even though I won’t have anymore drinks. Just being in his presence makes me feel like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Words can’t describe how it feels to be around somebody so wise and strong.

“That’s disappointing, leaving already?” Magnus asks, the smile on his face drops. He doesn’t want me to leave and I don’t want to leave either. “I don’t want to go anywhere,” I tell him, and step a little closer to him. As quickly as it left, Magnus’ enchanting smile returned to his face. “So what do you propose we do?” He asks me. I shift back awkwardly on my feet, because I’m nervous and don’t know what to respond to him. I’ve never had feelings this real for anyone. I mean sure there’s Jace, but he’s unattainable and I know it’s never going to happen. These feelings for Magnus are different from those I have for Jace, they’re raw and they’re powerful. I’m afraid that I’m going to say something wrong and mess it up.

“I’m down for anything, whatever you want to do,” I tell him, because it’s such a fool proof answer and I can’t mess anything up going with that. “Are you hungry, we could always go out on the town?” Magnus asks me, putting his hand to his chin, like he always does when he’s thinking hard about something. I shrug my shoulders, because I’m not that hungry at the moment, but I’m always down to eat. He raises a brow, then suggests, “Well, if that doesn’t appeal to you we could always just stay in and talk?”

“You know Magnus, I would really like that,” I tell him, smiling. A large grin appears on his face, “Perfect! Why don’t we quit standing around and go somewhere more comfortable.” He exclaims, he is clearly enjoying this and that makes me smile. He starts walking out of the living room that we’ve been standing in, and leads him and I into a hallway. Everything about him is intense and extreme, his personality, his powers, even his home decor. He opens a door to his left with a hand movement, and then gestures me to follow.

“This probably seems a bit forward, but I just wanted to let you know beforehand that I have no weird intentions. I figured we could just lay together and talk. I don’t know about you, but I want to get to know you, Alexander.” Magnus says, with a small smile on his face. When he says he wants to get to know me my heart starts to beat faster, and I feel a surge of nervousness come on. I was kind of alarmed when I saw that it was his bedroom behind the door, but his words reassured me. “I want to get to know you too, Magnus,” I tell him, and follow him into his bedroom.

His walls have a flowery, golden wallpaper on them and he has stunning marble floors. His bed is huge, definitely king sized, and it’s covered in fancy looking pillows. I look around and notice that it has his unique charm, but it’s lacking any memorabilia that shows that it’s his. I brush that off, because it really isn’t a big deal in the long run. He sits down on his bed and crosses his legs, so I decide to go join him. I sit across from him, crossing my legs as well.

“You’ve got a nice place,” I tell him, “It fits your personality,” I add. He smiles, “Thank you. Over the years I’ve had many places all over the world, but this one is by far my favorite.“ I smile, “You’re welcome. Where all have you been?” I ask him. I meant it in a serious way, but he starts laughing. “Where haven’t I been is the right question,” he says, still giggling a little. His laugh is melodic and radiates happiness. I smile, “So you’re a big traveler then?”

“Well, not exactly. I’ve lived for a few hundred years, so I’ve been around a lot. I’ve seen pretty much every corner of the world, but I’m very happy where I am right now.” He says, with a smile on his face. “Oh. I should’ve known that, because I know warlocks are immortal.” I say, feeling a little embarrassed. I also feel a little bit flustered about this situation, now that I just thought about Magnus being immortal. If we were to end up together how would that work? Goodness I need to stop overthinking so much, who knows if we will ever become anything more than friends?

“Honest mistake, there’s no need to apologize.” Magnus says, then rubs his hand on my knee. His touch feels electric, and I’m unsure on whether that’s my body reacting to his touch or if he’s doing something with his magic. “So um, I’m really curious now and I don’t want to offend you, but how old are you?” I ask him, his hand is still resting on my knee. He looks amused, his eyebrows drawn back and a smirk on his face. “I’m not a day over a few centuries old,” he says, and smiles his charming smile. 

I laugh at his cute little joke, “There you go being coy again,” I joke back to him. He starts laughing again, “You’re very right,” he says. “I feel so mundane around you, knowing you’ve been everywhere and have experienced so many things. I feel like compared to you I have never lived.” I tell him. He laughs, which was not the reaction I was expecting. “Oh Alexander. You kill demons for a living, are part angel, have badass fighting skills, are extremely good looking, and you claim you have never lived? I may have a few years on you, but don’t give yourself no credit.” He tells me, which makes me feel relieved. 

He moves his hand from my knee to my hand, and places his on top of mine. I move my hand and intertwine my fingers into his, something that I have never done before. I’m feeling so many emotions right now, and I feel like as long as I’m holding Magnus Bane’s hand everything will all be okay. I yawn and Magnus squeezes my hand, “Are you getting tired?” he asks. “I am. I don’t want to leave, but it is getting late,” I tell him. He smiles, “It’s three in the morning Alexander, I am not letting you go out that late. Even though you fight demons as a profession, the city is dangerous this late. You can stay here with me.” Magnus invites me. I smile at him, and then take his hand in mine up to my lips and kiss his hand. “Thank you,” I tell him. “Anytime,” he replies. 

“I’m about to do something impressive, are you ready for this?” he asks me, with a charming look on his face. I nod, and brace myself for whatever’s coming. He takes his hand out from mine, and then with the flick of his wrist and a shine of blue everything changes. I’m now in a pair of pajamas and so is Magnus. I smile at him, “Wow, now that is what I call a good use of magic.” He laughs, and starts to get under the covers of his bed. I look at him in his black t-shirt and smile, not for any reason in particular, but just because I’m happy to be here in this moment. He gestures for me to get in bed next to him, so I climb under the covers too. 

He snaps his fingers and the lights go out, “I will never get over how cool that is,” I tell him. We lie in bed together, facing each other. “Thank you for tonight Magnus,” I tell him, yawning again. I roll over onto my side and Magnus wraps his arms around me. This is the most intimate I have ever been with anyone and I love it. He’s so warm and I have never felt more safe. “Thank you, Alexander. Thank you for giving me something to believe in again.” He says, which makes me feel so happy inside. We lay there in this embrace and I decide to myself that I don’t ever want this feeling to end. Earlier that night, Magnus told me that I unlocked something inside of him that he hadn’t felt in years. What he doesn’t know is that he has unlocked something in me that I haven’t felt in my entire life.


Drawing comics has always been a passion of mine, so I’m constantly struck with ideas. This particular one came to me while I was enjoying breakfast and I couldn’t help but make a mock comic page of it and share.

The EnderGames would start as many popular youtube gamers suddenly wake up in a strange place in their persona bodies. They have been summoned to another dimension by “The Collector,” who gathers living beings he takes interest in. He sets his eyes on youtube gamers, but of course collecting things is never fun without a challenge…

The “Players” then enter this mad game, where they have to climb a tower to the top. Each level is a video game world that the players have to pass. Most these games are those that helped these very users climb popularity. (Amnesia, Minecraft, etc) If they die, they loose. The first person to the top is returned to their original body and can resume their normal life, in turn causing everyone else to loose. The losers… are added to the Collection.

These youtubers now have to race through real life incarnations of these games or never be able to return to their lives again.

The story would revolve around Duncan, Lewis and Simon from the Yogscast in my mind… their character personalities are diverse enough to keep interest. They would meet and compete against other well known users. (Cry, PewdiePie, JohnTron, etc)

THOUGH IDK I doubt this would actually become a comic I would work on. So many copyright hoops and permissions to jump through. I just wanted to share.