i want a sheldon t shirt

“Is this your t-shirt? Not anymore” 🚨

Because I keep hoping to see Amy with the flash t-shirt, and Sheldon without, right Ladies? Something I wanted to write about, but I didn’t have the time.

I did this 2 weeks ago after the live you asked me all the time to draw it. Really, join me on Patreon if you want to see more. I have some I will not publish here. I almost didn’t publish one there because I was too shy. you can ask my patrons lol. true story.


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anonymous asked:

I positively love everything you write! Would you consider writing, 86, 87, 88 and 285... You could write each one individually or mix them into one! Which ever way you want! 💜🤓😍😘

It takes a while to Sheldon to understand he is not in his bedroom. He sleepily blinks, and looks around, still holding the pillow. He is in Amy’s room in her Princeton apartment, he realizes now, and he is not wearing anything under the sheets.

“You are awake!”

Amy’s voice draws his attention. She is standing in the doorway, and she is glowing.

Are you wearing my shirt?”, he notices. In fact, his Green Lantern shirt seems to be the only piece of clothing she has, besides undergarments.

“I wanted to prepare breakfast, but I didn’t want to leave you yet either,” she explains, “so I wore it. It smells like you.”

Amy gets closer, wiggling her hips, and Sheldon thinks she is trying to show off her outfit. He rolls over and enjoys the view.

You are ridiculously comfortable in it,” he observes. Amy sits on the bed, “I am,” she says, and her lips curve in a smirk.

Sheldon moves his free hand on her back, and starts stroking her. Amy lowers and repays the gesture with a kiss.

“Take it off.”

“But I thought you liked it on me…”, she protests.

“I do,” he sits up, and pulls her closer, “You heard me. Take. It. Off,” he spells out between kisses.

She nibbles her bottom lip, and promptly obeys.

Note:  I’m still kind of on hiatus to work on longer stuff or original stuff.  But I made that post yesterday about Amy in Wonder Woman Underoos.  I wanted to write it.

Amy missed her fiancé.  Once he proposed, he stayed with her for about a week, but it turned out their issues with living across the country were still their issues.  Sheldon still had to go home to California, and Amy still had her work in New Jersey.  Though, now Sheldon was more aware of the dangers lingering out there in the world. He planned on running any new acquaintances by Leonard and Penny with a call to Amy if needed.

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Shamy ~

How about one that tells us about Shamy going to see The Force Awakens. We know they went together after ~ after their love making. So how did that come about and what happened while they were there. :)

I got three requests for a Star Wars date…. It took me a week to write… Hope you like it.

Sheldon waits for Amy to arrive for their Sunday outing together. He tries not to be disappointed that it is her turn to pick their activity. Last week he had chosen to go to the model train expo. Now it was Amy’s turn and he was sure she was plotting revenge in the guise of the craft fair or perhaps the farmers market.

What he really wanted to do was finally go see Star Wars. Which he still had not had the opportunity to see. If he had known that he was not going to see Star Wars on Thursday night then he might of let Amy have her pick last week. But he was determined not to make the same mistakes again so he would go along with whatever boring activity she had chosen.

When Amy knocks on the door she has a mischievous look on her face that makes him smile. He knows that look and he wonders what the fair Dr. Fowler has up her sleeve. Whatever she is planning is a doozy.

“Hello Amy.” He tells her letting her inside. “What girly activity do you have planned for us today? Quilting museum? Poetry reading? Dragging me to the farmers market?”

“You love the farmers market.” She tells him.

“I do love getting those little samples.” He tells her.

“None of those things, I thought we could go to the movies.” She tells him smiling. His relief is instant but he is still cautious.

“What movie? Are they playing Pride and Prejudice at the theater down town again?” He asks cautiously. He had already had to hear Amy wax poetic about Mr. Darcy once.

“You tell me what movie I want to see.” She asks as she begins unbuttoning her sweater. Sheldon gulps nervously as he fingers undo the buttons. What is she doing? He has turned her into a sex fiend. Though as he watches her slowly unbutton her sweater he wonders if it is the other way around. Then she pulls the sweater open to reveal a Star Wars t shirt beaming at him.

“Amy what’s this?” He asks her happily he does not think he has ever seen her in a shirt like this. She looks, well sexy. It was not an adjective he had never used before. Yet there was no denying that was she was as she stood before him her face split into a beautiful smile holding her sweater open like a superhero revealing her costume. He wanted to grab her and wrap her up in a kiss. But he restrains himself, they might not leave the house if he did.

“I bought it when I went shopping with the girls. I was thinking that we could go to the movie today? If you would like?”

“You want to use your turn to go see Star Wars?” He asks. “You don’t have to do it. I can see it next week, after everyone has spoiled it for me.” He says already annoyed at tbe few hints of the movie’s plot Leonard let slip.

“No I want too, I mean you gave up your chance to see it on premiere night for my birthday.”

“I suppose that is true. I have not had a chance to even check movie times.” He says worried. It was nearly lunch time if he did not eat before he might not be able to pay proper attention to the movie. But if there was not a theater close to where they wanted to eat then they might have to see the movie late and he did not like to stay out late on Sundays.

“You think I have not thought of that?” She tells him smiling. “First we can go eat at Big Boy because I know that won’t fill you up to much. Then we can go to the theater on Colorado Avenue for the 3:30 showing. I know that theater has both red vines and blue icees.” She says impressively and he is speechless. As usual Amy has thought of everything without him having to ask. This time he can’t help himself, after six months without her he is done holding back. He steps in closer to her grabs her lightly around the waist and kisses her softly.

“You’re wonderful.” He tells her as he breaks away.

“I know.” She tells him laughing. “ Now come on we don’t want to be late.” She says taping her hands against his chest and walking away from him. He follows her out the door still stunned with how perfect she was.

All through lunch Amy talks and Sheldon listens. Before he used to get annoyed sometimes at her insistent chatter. After six months without it he would that was one of the things he missed most. How she could fill a conversational void. Draw him out when he was trying to withdraw into his own world. He found himself fascinated by her face as she talked. How when she laughed her eyes and nose had an adorable way of crinkling up. How wide her eyes got when she was excited.

“We had to go to a store called Hot Topics to buy this shirt. I have never been so out of place in my life! And that is saying something!” She tells him and something about his gaze must look far away because she asks. “Sheldon are you okay?”

“Fine why do you ask?”

“You looked kind of dreamy there for a minute. Thinking about a work problem?” She aaks and a hint of a frown tugs at her features.

“I was just thinking about how much I missed this. Just you and I talking.” He tells her and she ducks her head blushing.

“Aww Sheldon.” She says and checks her watch. “Come on time to head to the theater.” She tells him getting up.


As Sheldon extends his hand to her when they are settled in their seats, Amy can’t help but beam at him. She gladly takes his hand enjoying the solid warmth of it in her own. Amy had been worried about how he would take her wearing the shirt and taking him to the movies. Worried that it might backfire and end up with him accusing her of trying to get into his pants… Again.

So far it had all worked out wonderfully. Sheldon had been very attentive, almost on the verge of doting on her. Which was almost scary. Sheldon did not dote.

Amy was not doing all this to get him to dote on her. She honestly wanted to show him that she appreciated him. That she took interest in the things that he liked. In the past she may of watched the movies with him. But not without an eye roll or a sarcastic comment. Now she wanted to show him that she was all in. That she would seriously try to take part in his interests. Their time apart had taught her that Sheldon was more to her than just her significant other. Sheldon was her best friend, and she needed to work on being a better friend to him.

How could she not when he looked so adorable watching the movie. His eyes alight like a child at christmas as he watched his favorite characters on screen. His hand grips hers tighter during intense scenes. Amy finds that she is enjoying it too.When the final credits roll Sheldon let’s go of her hand.

“What did you think?” He asks anxiously as they make their way out of the theater.

“I loved it.” She tells confirms. “I liked the little rolling ball guy.”

“BB-8, yes he was kind of cute.”

“I also found it quite empowering that Captain Phasma was female.”

“I thought you might like that part.” He says smirking at her as they make their way to tbe car.

“So what did you think about the movie. Did this movie uphold your expectations for your beloved classic.”

“Well the original’s are hard to top. Then anything is better than the Phantom Menace. So all in all I thought it was very good. I think JJ Abrams was a perfect choice to helm it.”

“Well he brought Star Trek back from the dead. Why wouldn’t he be able to do the same with Star Wars?” Sheldon looks at her impressed and she smiles.

“What? Surprised I knew that? I listen to you when you talk.” She tells him as they get in the car. They spend the rest of the car ride happily discussing the movie. When they pull into a parking space near Sheldon’s building Amy turns off the car.

“This was fun, thank you for going to the movie with me.”

“No problem, I wanted to see it. My shirt is proof right?” Amy laughs pulling open her sweater again and laughing. Sheldon chuckles then surprises her by raising his hand and running it across the letters on her chest. The action is intimate and sends her libido from zero to sixty.

“You really do look sexy in this.” He says his voice husky. Amy gasps he has never to her knowledge ever used that word before.

“Thank you.” She tells him nervously licking her lips as she looks into his eyes. His eyes are both soft and intense at the same time as he lowers his face to hers to kiss her again. They kiss for a while lost in each other before Amy breaks away. “I guess I should let you go now. I know how you feel about being out too late on Sunday’s.”

“Do you want to come up?” He asks her.

“Sure I can come up for a little bit.” She tells him unbuckling her seatbelt.

“Or you could stay. You know I found the rest of your preparedness kits.” He tells her as they walk into the building together.

“Oh?” She asks.

“I left them where they were.”

“Are you asking me to stay the night?” She asks stunned.

“Well now that you are a Star Wars superfan you might want to rewatch the movies again.”

“Won’t that take a long time? We have to work tomorrow.”

“We could always take a sick day tomorrow?”

“You are asking me to play hooky with you so I can watch Star Wars with you?” Amy asks confused.

“You’re right, it’s silly.”he tells her ducking his head down.

“Silly? It sounds awesome! You know what we should do?” Amy says excited.


“You up for building another blanket fort?” She asks.

“Race you up the stairs!” Sheldon says.

Note:  I was a little inspired by @rgbcn‘s drawing you can find here.  It’s not directly connected because this is a little more silly.

Amy missed Sheldon. He was out with the guys at his bachelor party.  Amy enjoyed her bachelorette party just fine, but she got home before Sheldon did apparently.  She was a little drunk as she wandered her apartment and tried to wait for her fiance to come home.  She still had no idea where the guys took him, and she suddenly realized that he might not even be back tonight.  At least she didn’t have worry about him with strippers or cheating on her.  He barely had sex with her, and he loved her with all of his heart.

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Anonymous requested: “Sheldon kissing Amy goodbye as he leaves for work…”

Sheldon liked having breakfast with Amy.  She made the best pancakes, and she never ignored oatmeal day.  Sometimes Sheldon wanted to ask Amy to stay the night just so that she would make him breakfast.  Well, for maybe more than that, but the breakfast was definitely a perk.

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Amy was walking to her car when it started raining. She had forgotten her umbrella even though she knew showers were forecasted for the afternoon. Still, she had no idea it was going to get so cold so fast. By the time Amy got to her car she was soaked to the bone. She turned up the heat in her car, but it wasn’t enough. Oh well, she would be home shortly.

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thebiggestfanofmayimbialik requested: Episode 4 of TBBT End with Shamy going to make out! We need to see how it went 😁

Note: I did jump this one ahead because it’s been a while since I wrote a fun make out.

Amy was angry, but she was also turned on in a way that she wasn’t familiar with.  She had seen things like this in movies and books, but she hadn’t expected it when her frustration made her want to climb Sheldon like a tree.  Coitus was off the table for now, but she needed his shirt off and his weight on top of her.  She might also need to punch him in the face.  Though if he was a good boy, maybe she would only spank him instead.  She bit her lip thinking of that rear end of his.  It wasn’t fair.  To be that infuriating and that sexy.

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stardustmelody77  asked:

I think many of us would love to see a scenario where Sheldon, once he got over the shock of seeing Amy in the school girl outfit pulls her into the apartment and then what happens after. If you are willing, we are excited to see what you would do with this. ;)

Thank you for the request.  I kind of wanted to write this one anyway, so here goes.  I can’t say that this is what I actually believe happened, but I think this is what I want to have happened.  Sheldon liked the outfit even if he didn’t understand why.  So much of what Amy does confuses him, but I think he likes it a little.

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(Note: I posted this doodle yesterday.  Now it’s a story.)

Amy stretched and yawned as she woke up.  Sheldon was already awake, and he was sitting up on the other side of his bed.  She wasn’t sure what she should do. Waking up in the bed of the man she loved was new, and she didn’t exactly feel at home.  It was Sunday, so Amy normally would get up and clean her apartment before meeting the girls for brunch.  She thought about going home to clean up, but it was also nice being next to Sheldon.

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Note: Just a little bit about after last night’s episode.

Sheldon was disappointed that his ploys hadn’t worked on his girlfriend.  He was sure that she would be on him like a moth to a flame, but she just waked away.  Now, he was sure that he was going to take a shower to wash off all of this gunk from his hair and this smelly deer musk. Then he was going to get himself some ice cream, and rethink his plan.  Though, he had been rather looking forward to sex with Amy even if no baby came from it.  He realized that it had been almost a year since they had done it last.  Her birthday was about a month away.  At least it wasn’t too much further until he could get her naked again.

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nothing-99  asked:

I have a few ideas for shamy stories but unfortunately I'm a terrible writer so here are my ideas :D( I'm from Germany.) : -shamy together sightseeing -shamy watching the northern lights -Shamy celebrating their child's birthday -Sheldon watching Amy fall asleep -Amy taking care of a sick Sheldon after he comes home from his train journey -Sheldon trying to convince Amy to dress up as (something I don't know) for comic con -Sheldon and Amy dancing at Leonard's and Penny's wedding

*drugged up Sheldon voice*  I’m baaaaccck.  Not that I was really that gone, but I rested my brain a little and here is a new story for you.

Hi.  Thanks for the prompts.  You gave me a lot of options, so I picked Sheldon watching Amy fall asleep.  I hope you enjoy.

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Amy drives to Sheldon’s apartment with a smile plastered on her face. This would be their first christmas without the other’s. Everyone else had other things to do. Howard and Bernadette were going to visit her family. Raj was going to Emily’s parents house.
Even Leonard and Penny were headed to Nebraska to spend it with Penny’s family. Their first trip there as husband and wife. Amy kept hoping that Sheldon would invite her to stay the night at his place while they were gone but so far no such luck.

Last night he had gone with her to her mother’s house and had been a perfect gentleman the entire time. Never once complaining about the mothball sell or her mother’s lack of skill in the kitchen. When she had dropped him back off at his place he had kissed her before exiting the car. A long lingering kiss that left her quivering beneath her seatbelt but he had not invited her upstairs.

Amy was headed over to his place now and she was trying to keep her expectations low. Sheldon did not enjoy celebrating christmas so other than her mother’s house she had not forced him into any of the normal traditions. No christmas tree lot, no mistletoe, no presents. Well except for the box of cookies she had on the seat next to her. Those at least would be a christmas tradition for them.

It had been a week since they had made love and Amy still could not believe it had actually happened.Sheldon could assign all the clinical terms to it that he wanted but what they had done was make love pure and simple.

It was beyond her wildest expectations of what she ever thought it would be like. Amy had spend more time than she cared to admit envisioning what it would be like when they finally did. Her fantasies had ranged from the campy where he showed up on a white steed barebacked and bare chested. Then whisked her off to some far away meadow where he deflowered her in the grass. To her fear of what it actually would be. That Sheldon would read somewhere that some famous scientist for his greatest idea during coitus. So he asks to have coitus with her in her lab while wearing the brainwave cap. Amy had actually had a nightmare about it the night she had kicked him out of her apartment for wearing it. In the dream he keep yelling at her for making his anxiety spike into the danger zone.

It had been nothing like either scenario but perfect on its own. The best birthday gift she had ever received.Sheldon had been giving and tender, he had touched her places she never thought he would. Still she could not look at him without picturing how his mouth had felt on her neck, and on her breasts. How his large hands had felt as they discovered every inch of her body. Everytime she heard his voice she heard him whispering ‘Oh Amy you are a vixen’ and his sharp intake of breath as he moved inside her Amy could not look at him without seeing his bare chest and wanting to rest her head on it again.

It was christmas day a week after they had made love and he had made no move to try again. She thought about what he had said about he couldn’t wait until next year to do it again. Maybe he was being truthful and making love would be an annual tradition. Amy ould wait for him, she would do anything for him. Though she had her doubts that she would not jump him in the meantime. Amy supposed she could ask him,but she did not want to seem like she was pushing. She had been patient for five year she could wait again even if she did feel like she was igniting into flames every time she was around him.

Amy heads up the stairs cradling her box of cookies. She knocks on thee door and Sheldon answers the door smiling at her mischievously.

“Merry Christmas Amy.” he says.

“Merry Christmas Sheldon.” Amy tells him walking through the door surprised to see it decorated. Penny told her she had not bothered decorating the guys apartment since they were going to be gone anyways. It just was not worth hearing Sheldon bitch and moan. “Penny told me she did not decorate.” Amy says curiously looking around at the stockings and tree set up inside.

“Penny didn’t I did.” he tells her proudly as she looks around impressed.

“You did? but you hate christmas.” she says softly putting the box of cookies on the kitchen counter

“And you love christmas.” he tells her looking at her indulgently.

“You did all this just for me.” she asks touched.

“Yes, last night I wanted it to look nice for you.” he says grabbing her hand and leading her to the couch. “I thought we could watch White Christmas or perhaps It’s a Wonderful Life.?” he says switching on the TV.

“What did I do to deserve to be spoiled so much? And what smells so good?”

“I am cooking us lunch should be done in about twenty minutes.” he tells her and she is flabbergasted. Amy thought it would be day of space nonsense and chinese takeout.

“Sounds wonderful.” she says as they settle in to watch the movie. Amy curls up against his side and he wraps his arm around her holding her close. Amy sighs someone he has managed to make this christmas even better than last years. After awhile he nudges her gently to make her sit up.

“I have to go check on lunch.” he tells her and she sits up and he gets up and walks to the kitchen. Amy watches as he ties on a apron and puts on oven mitts. Then turns around and bends down to check on what’s in the oven. Something about the domesticity of the scene does things to her. Amy bites her lip as she imagines him wearing just the apron. Remembers what his cute rear end felt like beneath her hands as she held on for dear life.

“Hoo.” the noise is involuntary and she blushes as he turns around and looks at her curiously.

“You say something?” he asks setting a baking dish on the island.

“Who taught you to cook.” she ask clearing her throat.

“I’ve been helping my mom and Memaw in the kitchen since as Memaw likes to say, I was knee high to a grasshopper. Now don’t go spreading it around that I can cook. Just because I am able to does not mean I want too.” he tells her winking.

“You only cook for me.” Amy asks smiling shyly.

“Just for you.” he confirms winking and smiling at her with a boyish charm. He is so handsome her heart flutters in her chest. Her stomach flips and moisture starts to pull in her core.

“Hoo.” she says as the noise escapes again. It is going to be a long achy night if he keeps laying it on this thick. Why was he doing all this after last week she needed to be doing something for him. It was her who had broken his heart yet here he was still making it up to her. Well it had been her intention to make it up to him by skipping christmas. Until he had hijacked it.

“You ,silly.” he says look at her oddly. “Lunch is served it is something my mother used to make.” he says proudly taking the lid of the dish.

“Lasagne?” Amy asks getting up and looking on the dish. It looks delicious and her mouth starts to water.

“I know you love Garfield I thought maybe you would like his signature dish.”

“Of course it looks wonderful.” she tells him gratefully as he serves them plates and pours her a glass of wine and himself a glass of milk. They sit on the couch and watch the movie as they eat. When they are done Amy makes Sheldon stay put as she clears the dishes and cleans up he had done enough already. When she sits back down next to him she has to ask.

“Sheldon why are you doing all this? Not that I am complaining it is all so wonderful but you really did not have to. I would have been happy with your space movies and some take out.”

“I know, you always were…until you weren’t.” he says solemnly.

“Sheldon is that what this is all about? Believe me when I say I am not going anywhere.” Amy tells him taking his hand.

“I believe you.” he says gripping her hand and looking into her eyes soulfully. Then he looks like he is thinking deeply about something.” I just… I don’t want you to get to that point again. It is not just that there is the matter of my christmas gift I want you to give me.”

“Sheldon I did not get you anything. I know how much you dislike the custom. If I had known you changed your mind then I would have bought you something”

“What I want is not something you can buy.” he says softly. “Amy last week after we made love I told you I could not until your birthday next year to do it again. That was a lie Amy.” he says solemnly

“Oh I see.” Amy says nervously. Here it was he was buttering her up because the ball was about to drop. Here he was going to tell her that it was a one time thing. That her gift to him would be to never ask him to do it again. That he loved her deeply but coitus was still of putting to him. “We don’t have to do it again.”

“ No… you see…umm.” he stammers.” I was was more so suggesting… Let me just get you the present I bought you.” he says getting up and handing go to the tree where he retrieves a box and hands it to her. Amy opens it up and inside is a gray lace negligee Amy holds it up confused.

“I don’t understand?”

“Amy if I have to wait a whole other year to be with you again. Well suffice it to say it will be a very uncomfortable year for me.”

“Are you saying that you want me for christmas?” she asks and he shakes his head yes as she launches herself at him. Knocking him backwards into his spot in the couch kissing him deeply. He wraps his arms around her and pulls her tightly against his body his hands already working under her sweater to feel her flesh. Amy had not worn her normal attire just a festive sweater and an undershirt which he quickly pulls over her head. Eagerly she sits up and pulls his shirts over his head so that they are topless. Sheldon makes quick work of her bra and holds her breasts in his hands. Kissing her neck as he massages them teasing her nipples between his fingers.

“Should we go to the bedroom?” he asks as she undoes his pants and he tugs them off.

“I want you right here, right now.” she murmurs in his ear nibbling on it.

“I can’t argue with that.” he tells her as he pulls up her skirts around her waist and pulls her onto his lap.Amy lifts up to remove her panties and then takes off his underwear beofore lowering herself back on to him. Sheldon groans with pleasure as she rocks herself back and worth on top of him.

”What are you doing to me.” he sighs as he sits up and catches on of her nipples in his mouth as she moves on top of him. His large hands grip her rear end moving her up and down harder and faster. Then he flips her around and pushes her into the couch wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Oh my.” Amy sighs as he pushes into her harder and faster. Making her grip his shoulders and dig her nails in.”Hoo.” she breathes out as he reaches a hand between them to tease her sensitive nub. Clearly Sheldon had done through research into how to please a woman before embarking on the quest and it had paid off. Soon Amy screaming his name as she shatters into a million pieces around him.

Afterwards they spoon on the couch Sheldon leaning against the back of the couch. Amy nestled against his side the afghan from the back of the couch draped over them. Sheldon fingers are tracing lazy circles on her arm and Amy is enjoying the feel of his chest under her head his body against hers.

“So is this how we are going to celebrate every holiday for now on?” she teases him.

“Well certainly new years eve, new year’s day, and Martin Luther King Jr. day.” he says.

“Arbor day, Earth day, and who can forget about flag day?” Amy says.

“Hmm what about those months without a holiday in them?” he asks concerned.

“There is a day for everything, national cat day, national talk like a pirate day, national bacon day, we will find a way.”

“Why would we need to celebrate cats or talking like pirates?” he asks her.

“How about this we just do it whenever we feel like it?” Amy tells him snuggling closer against his body.

“There is one problem with that.” he tells her.

“What is that?” Amy pouts.

“We won’t get much other work done.” he tells her as he leans over and kisses her again and rolls over so she is straddling him again.

“And the problem is?” Amy asks.

Nertflix and Chill Shamy Style

@nerdforestgirl Wanted fluff and when NFG wants fluff she gets fluff!

“Are you sure you are okay with just staying in tonight?” Sheldon asks Amy as he opens the pizza box and pulls out a slice. This is their first date night since getting back together. He would be willing to go anywhere for her do anything she wanted but she wanted to . However she had suggested that they stay in and order pizza and watch Netflix. Which to him was the perfect night. But he worried Amy had just suggested it because she thought that was what he wanted.

“Yes, I just feel like staying in tonight.” she tells him giving him giving him a shy smile and taking a slice of pizza. “Of course you will let me pick the movie.”

“Of course.” he says picking up the remote and turning on the TV.

“Ok what do you feel like watching? Something from the romantic comedy section?” he asks scrolling down the list to the mushy romantic stuff.

“Actually there is a TV series that I thought we could start watching that just debuted on Netflix.” she says taking the remote from him and scrolling to the new releases and selecting The Flash. He cocks his eyebrow at her what in the devil is she playing at.

“Really Amy? Out of all the shows you could’ve selected you pick this one.” he had not watched it yet. He could not think of watching it after all the trouble it had caused him.

“What you don’t like The Flash.” she asks coyly.

“You know why I don’t think this is the best show to watch right now.”

“Sheldon, it’s okay let’s just watch it besides I thought we could watch the whole thing tonight. Have a binge session.”

“It would take us all night to finish the entire series. Maybe even into morning.” then he realizes what Amy is playing at. She is trying to sneak in a sleepover.

“Exactly.” she tells him winking.He gulps if this break has made him realizes anything it is that maybe he should break some of his own rules.

“Alright.” he agrees and she turns it on. They finish dinner and watch the first episode in companionable silence. It is good and they both seem to be enjoying the show. After they finish the first episode and dinner they take a break to clean up before starting the next one. Amy takes off her shoes and curls her feet up on the couch and he sits down beside her. She she snuggles into his side and he wraps his arm around her side and hits play again. They watch two more episodes of the show talking about the plot together. He is delighted that Amy actually likes the show and is getting into it. Before he knows it her phone alarm is ringing signalling the end of date night.

“So should I go now?” she asks taking her phone out. He does not know why she is asking they already settled this when he agreed to watch the entire first season of The Flash with her.

“If you go we won’t be able to finish the show.” he tells her and she smiles.

“I was hoping you would say that but I wanted to give you an out just in case.” she tells him.

“Since you will be spending the night do you need to borrow pajamas or a toothbrush? I think I discovered all your preparedness kits and returned them too you.”

“Actually yes.” she says and he pauses the show and gets up she follows him to his bedroom and he finds her an old t-shirt to wear.

“Do you want some pajama bottoms too?”

“No I think your shirt is long enough.” she says flushing slightly. “I guess I will go to the bathroom and change.” she says feeling awkward not knowing what to do.

“There are spare toothbrushes in the bottom cabinet help yourself.” he calls as she closes the door. Sheldon takes the opportunity to change into his pajamas.

When he gets leaves the room Amy is already done with the bathroom and he takes the chance to brush his teeth. Then he joins her on the couch again. She looks so adorable curled up in just his t-shirt. There is a distracting amount of leg showing he can not promise to be a gentleman.
So when he sits back down he has to grab a couch pillow to cover his growing problem. Amy curls back into his side as he starts the show back up. He feels her shiver and he looks down at her at her.

“Are you cold?” he asks concerned pulling her closer to him.

“A little.” she admits shivering again and cuddling closer into his side. He pulls the blanket off the back of the couch and wraps it around them. “Thank you that is better she says looking up at him and smiling. She looks so beautiful that it makes his heart skip a beat. Just a week ago he thought he had lost her forever. Now here cuddled close to him, wearing just one of his t-shirts. Overcome with affection for her he does some so uncharacteristic it surprises even himself as he smoothes her hair back and gives her a soft kiss on her forehead.

"No problem.” he says. Then he continues to stare at her. Soaking in every detail of her like she might flicker and go away.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asks looking into his eyes. She had missed him so much that it hurt sometimes. Caused an actual physical ache when she recalled his face. Amy thought she had blown it completely. Lost the love her live over her pride and foolishness. Now she had him back and he was trying, really trying to be a better boyfriend and it melted her heart.

“I just missed you. I can’t believe you are actually here.” he says and the blunt honesty of the statement floors her. She reaches up and cradles her face with her hand skimming her fingers over his forehead, down the bridge of his nose and across his soft lips. How she had missed his face. Missed their chaste date night kisses. How just one soft brush from his lips could set her loins on fire. How silly she had been trying to replace him. The one kiss she had received had left her feeling hollow.

“I missed you so much. ” she tells him and he tucks his head into her embrace. Then he mirrors her actions with his hand on her face. Finally pulling her chin up so her lips met his own, The kiss starts out soft and sweet but then grows building until he has pulled her into his lap and they are both breathless, Before they know it the music starts signalling the end of the episode starts.

“We did not watch any of that one.” Amy says pulling away .

“I don’t care.” he tells her pulling her down to kiss her again. She kisses him back but she breaks away quickly again. Kissing the tip of his nose to soften the blow of the separation.

“Come on I want to do this right start the episode over.” she says breaking away from him.

“Oh alright.” he sighs and he restarts the episode and rearranges the pillow on his lap that fell of during their heated make out session. They start watching again and Amy yawns and then unexpectedly lays down on his lap. Even with the pillow as a barrier he worries about Amy discovering how lustful his thoughts had turned while they were kissing.

Amy watches the episode intently. But by the time the nest on starts Sheldon can not focus on what is happening at all. All he can think about is the solid weight of her head pressing against him. How after almost an hour and a half the trouble has not subsided. Partly due to the distracting long pale limb peeking out from under the blanket and loving sensually up and down as she watches the show. His hands ache to rundown the length of her body to feel all of her. His palms itch with longing normally he would sit on them to quell his desire but Amy is weighing down his lap. Finally he can resist no more and his hand runs down her shiny hair, down the long stem of her neck, to the slope of her shoulders.

“Mmm that feels good.” she moans arching her back to his touch like a cat. Spurred on by the positive reaction he continues. Rubbing her shoulder blades and then down her back. Then he finds the hem of her shirts has ridden up under the blanket. He can feels her warm soft skin and it feels amazing. He wants to touch every inch of her exposed skin. His hand runs downward caressing the small of her back, stopping when he can feel the top band of her underwear and he moves his hand away quickly. He did not mean to be so forward.

“I am sorry.” he says and she rolls on to her back on his lap looking up at him.

“Why are you sorry?” she asks rubbing the material of his flannel pajamas between her fingers.

“I did not mean to be so … forward… I lost control.” he says embarrassed

“It did not bother me.” she says shyly. Then she moves the pillow and sits up so that she is sitting in his lap. She wraps her arms around his neck loosely. “ Does not bother me one bit.” she says again kissing him softly on the lips. He kisses her back wrapping his arms around her middle. The sensation of her bottom grinding against him is almost more than he can handle as she wiggles against him as the kiss deepens.

“I can’t promise to keep my composure much longer.” he sighs against her mouth.

“Then don’t.” she says not breaking away from his lips taking the opportunity of his open mouth to sneak her tongue into his mouth. Teasing him with by rubbing her tongue against his. He groans and can feel the purr come deep within his chest and she knows she is in trouble. He responds in kind kissing her deeply and like he never has before. Soon he has flipped her off his lap and his pressing her into his spot his long body covering hers. He wraps her legs around his waist. The only time his mouth leaves hers is to kiss and nip at the sensitive skin of her neck when he runs out of air. They are lost in each other losing track of space and time, Making up for five years of lost kiss kisses and missed opportunities. Amy catches a glance at the Tv and notices the show has stopped and it is back on the main screen. The entire first season had played while they made out like teenagers.

“We forgot to watch The Flash.” she tells him pointing to the screen
breaking away from his mouth and nuzzling his neck.

“I had a bigger commitment to make.” he tells her kissing her again.

(Note:  This is sort of the flip on the story I posted yesterday.  I was thinking about how sometimes guys don’t like their bodies too.  I had written a couple ones about Sheldon reassuring Amy, but I hadn’t done the opposite.)

Sheldon was poking at his belly as he looked in the mirror.  He never used to have to watch his diet or workout to stay skinny, but he guessed he was getting a little older now.  His body couldn’t stay the same way forever.  It wasn’t like he had a beer belly, but it wasn’t as flat as it used to be either.  Maybe he would starting doing a few sit-ups before bed.  This was especially problematic now that he actually wanted to look good naked for another person.  Still, he pulled on his white t-shirt and pulled his pajama top on over it to go to bed.

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dr--einstein-von-brainstorm  asked:

Hey, can you write a fanfic where Sheldon is really torn after his breakup and makes a time machine to go in the future to see if they get back together, and what happens in the future is up to you. Thank you... :)

Hello.  Thank you for the prompt!  I’m popping back in for some happy Sheldon family time.  Yes?  Okay.  I hope you guys are doing well.  

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stephanniesissues  asked:

Hey I saw on tumblr (here LOL) That Steve Molaro said "She said it back after her panic attack subsided. Several times. Made it her Facebook status and then proceeded to tell everyone and anyone who would listen." Could you please make this a fic?

Hi!  Thanks for the prompt.  I don’t think that Amy would have been the only one who ran off and started telling everyone.  If I recall correctly, Sheldon told Leonard about the kiss first thing when he got home.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy.  (I want Sheldon’s last line in this story on a t-shirt.)

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