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- So then you’re over that, right?  - Yup, long over.


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

Ok guys… ENOUGH. One thing is that in your mind Lena Luthor is lesbian, Lena is fictional and you’re fans and if you wanna read her that way that’s ok. But DO NOT MESS WITH KATIE MCGRATH’S PERSONAL LIFE!

Katie is a very private person and so far she has never made any comment that would insinuate that she is lesbian. On the contrary, she has talked about dating men, the fact that she has 2 brothers that are terrible at introducing men to her, that she wanted a very good looking man as a love interest (in Merlin), her big crush on Nathan Fillion, etc.

And I kinda get (no, not really) that you’re mad about the fact that Lena is also into men, but do not @ Rory (her brother) into your rants or speculations!(Especially about Katie’s own sexual preferences) That’s crossing the line and weird af. And also don’t attack poor Rahul Kohli. He’s a nice guy and doesn’t deserve that awful treatment. He’s also suuuper geek so I’m sure they’re having a great time. 

Btw, I am in NO way generalizing, I like to believe that the vast majority of the Supercorp fandom is actually quite lovely and respectful. So… let’s keep it that way.   :)

Sorry for the rant on Tumblr when this is mainly a Twitter problem but I know many of them are also on Tumblr so…


Sophies meme | 5 of 9 scenes
6.20 - Super Cool Party People

I sorta refuse to believe that Rory and Jess hadn’t seen each other in 4 years in the revival. Like Luke and Lorelai have been together all that time, Jess is now friendly with his mom, and he’s close with Luke, so especially with how much Jess has matured I feel like he would make semi regular trips to visit family in Stars Hollow (in just AYITL we see him visiting at least twice) and even if Rory was on the road a lot they had to have seen each other at least once or twice for a holiday or something in the past 4 years