i want a rob

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49 taserhawkshock? Please?

EDIT: This was meant to me a winterhawkshock prompt  ^.^

49.     I want to rob lumber mills and hospitals with you and just bewilder the hell out of people the way love should. (We will make everything wrong in the right way.)


“Darcy, let me in, please!”

She takes a step back from the door, confused. “Buck, did Clint tell you he was coming over?”

“What?” Bucky calls from the kitchen. Darcy huffs.

“Clint’s here! Did you know?”

“No?” Bucky says, sounding as puzzled as Darcy feels. He rounds the corner and Darcy can’t help but smile at the frilled purple apron he’s tied over his clothes. It had been a gag gift from Clint, but like many things, Bucky manages to wear it without a hint of irony. She motions to his cheek.

“You’ve got a bit of flour there.”

Bucky grimaces and wipes at his face with the back of his arm. “Thanks.”

“Darcy? Bucky?” Clint calls out, still locked out of their home. “I know you’re in there! I can hear you talking! Please let me in?”

Darcy shakes her head in exasperation and Bucky disappears back into the kitchen. He rarely likes being interrupted when in the middle of making dinner. She opens the door and Clint all but falls inside. “Hey,” she says as he stumbles through. She locks the door behind him. “Are you drunk?”

“A little. Nat brought out the vodka,” he slurs, and he toes off his shoes and wanders into the living area. Darcy huffs and straightens his shoes with her foot before following him though. “Do I smell baking bread?”

“Biscuits,” Bucky corrects him. He rolls the extra dough between his hands with a practiced motion, and it sticks only a little to the latex glove over his metal hand. Clint makes an obscene sound, and Darcy shares a look with her boyfriend. He smiles.

“We weren’t expecting you over,” he says softly, focus returning to the biscuit. “But you’re welcome to stay for tea.”

“Thanks,” Clint says. Darcy frowns- is it just her or does his voice sound a little strained.

“Are you okay?” she asks in concern. Clint stares at her with wide, uncertain eyes.

“I love you,” he suddenly blurts out.

A spoon clatters onto the counter and Darcy sucks in a sharp breath. “What?”

The uncertainly on his face clears and he swallows audibly, standing up straighter as he glances between Darcy and Bucky. “I love you,” he says again. “Both of you. Nat says I’m being dumb and maybe I am, but I can’t- I can’t do this anymore! I can’t pretend to be friends with you- with either of you- when I just want to kiss you.”

“Clint,” Darcy says softly, but the man just shakes his head.

“No- I need to- need to say this. I want to set the world on fire for you. I want to rob a hospital for you. I don’t know if you understand the lengths I would go to, to keep to both of you safe. I fucking love you, okay? But this is- it’s killing me-”

“Clint!” Bucky growls. He’s stripped off the glove on his metal hand, and Darcy bites back a smile as he strides around the island counter to grab Clint by the fabric of his shirt. “Would you shut up!” he snaps, and then he’s pulling a startled Clint forwards into a bruising kiss. A thrill of arousal shoots through Darcy at the sight and she grins, even as the kiss grows deeper, Clint clutching a Bucky like a lifeline, uncaring that his dough-sticky hand is making a mess of his shirt.

They break apart, and Clint stares up at Bucky like he’s seen the face of God. It’s a feeling Darcy is intimately familiar with.

“We love you too, you daft idiot,” Darcy tells him, and Clint swallows like he’s about to cry. “Now come here so I can kiss you too.”

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i was so hoping for that robert/liv hug we desperately need... such a missed opportunity :(

Hi anon!!!

omg honestly

although I really now kind of don’t want a rob/liv to happen until the wedding??? for the extra emotional punch??????

(if the wedding comes and goes and we still don’t have a hug I will write a strongly worded letter)

just cute bpd things uwuwuwuw

-ur handwriting is never consistant wtf
-im not happy right now so i must have never been happy in my whole life
-all ur marks are either As or Fs
-literally throwing temper tantrums
-i want to go off the wall ballistic and rob a bank and chop my arm off
-i could just run away. i could just disappear. i could do it
-getting inspired to change your whole life at four in the morning
-deleting all traces of yourself off the internet
-knowing youre wrong in an argument and not letting go
-cant stop gossiping. cant stop talkin shit. cant stop being nasty
-apathy. empathy. apathy. empathy. apathy. e
-cant keep friendships for longer than a few months
-depersonalizimg so hard u think someone drugged you

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Your posts give me the feeling that Rob wouldn't mind dragging you to a sleepover to have a pillowfight or something. I just love to read about your conversations. What I wouldn't give to be there to witness one of them. I do wonder what Rich does while Rob is busy fangirling all over you, though.

I FORGOT ABOUT AN EMBARRASSING THING THAT HAPPENED and this reminded me as ridiculous as that is

a friend of mine wanted to know if i wanted to be a part of her r2 op–every time i try to talk to rich, rob doesn’t let it happen

he just doesn’t

so the plan is that she would hug rob, i’d run past, and i’d finally get to thank rich for the kind words he said about god’n’gabe on stage in atlanta. in short, it went like this:

friend: [stands in front of rob as i rush past him to rich]

me: hey! i just wanted to thank you for what you said about god’n’gabe during atl. i’m scout!

rich: oh, you–YOU’RE scout! that’s great! love the work.

[photo op ends, i have accomplish my goal, we are walking awa–]

shrill voice from behind me: SCOUT! hey!!!

me: ?????????? 


so mostly rich just stares into the void of space when i’m around

Anonymous said:

Your interactions with Rob are goals tbh

easy to accomplish! just mutter “please don’t embarrass me in front of my friends, dad” and he’ll be like, “[LOUDLY] WHAT FRIENDS? I WANNA MEET THEM”

We needed to head north. The warlock insisted we had mounts. The warlock is covered in gold due to loot. Currently jinggling as he walks.

Warlock: we need like, horses because I’m not gonna walk all they way there!

Me, a rouge: why need to when we already have our ass here, warlock!

*Team laughs, warlock isn’t pleased*

Warlock: I want to use suggestion to make the rouge kiss an ass’s ass.

*It works, everyone laughs. But I want my revenge*

I secretly hired some fellow rouges to rob him. I give them some of the cut and take the rest.

The warlock at this point is hella pissed. So in grief, his intent was to guard his cash.

Warlock: *out if frustration* I use produce flame on my money!

DM: your money is on fire

Team: *dyes with laughter*

Warlock: *is so confused and just realized what happened*

Me: * tips the thieves because I didn’t expect that to happen*


jensen and friends :)