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Pompeii 40


Sakura stretched across the bed, tackling Ino as she moved to stand. She knew it was a bad idea to tell Ino, but a few daiquiris in and the story tumbled all too quickly from her lips. “Ino, it isn’t that big a deal, it’s fine.”

“Fine? It isn’t fine!” Ino’s voice took on a new cadence, deep and shrieking, overlaid. Sakura felt feathers bunch and shift beneath her grasp as Ino tried to stand from the bed. “Menma goddamn concussed you!” She stopped moving for a moment, looking at Sakura with large, sorrowful eyes. “I was there and I didn’t do anything. I knew you were hurt and I didn’t check in with you. Were you…did anyone help you with the concussion?”

“Sai and Yamato stayed with me,” Sakura reassured her, rubbing down Ino’s arms. Her arms were nearly full wings now, trailing off the bed. Her feathers were a beautiful eggshell white. “Ino, it’s fine. I understand you’ve been…busy. You’ve been out hunting right?”

Ino snorted, shaking out her hair. She was nearly vibrating with tension, but her touch was gentle as she brought her winged arms around Sakura. “If you call cleaning out a few empty cells and hidey-holes hunting. We’re doing what we can, but Orochimaru is a wily bastard who’s been at this for centuries longer than I’ve been alive.” She scowled, drawing fingertips through Sakura’s hair and brushing errant strands behind the shell of her ear. “That isn’t the real reason I’ve been away.”

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What started out as a sketch became a collaborative project between me, the PS Art Room, smogon forums, and the fakemon creators over at /vp/, so the advice has been appreciated. It’s a frilled pinwheel lizard that evolves into a kite dragon. I considered making it dragon/flying in the beginning, but seeing how it could be made into grass with little to no effort, I went with that since that typing is much more rare. And as a small trivia, the swedish language has the same word for dragon and kite (drake), which is part of the reason why I wanted it to gain the dragon typing upon evolving.

Names comes from Pinwheel + Weed, and Reptile + Kite.

Notable moves: Leaf Blade, Power Whip, Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Air Slash, Acrobatics, Tailwind, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Tail, Whirlwind, Defog, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Swords Dance, Roost

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What is one of your favourite moments of parks and rec? (I know there are loads so you can list them all if you want to haha) :)

Well there are MANY but basically here are some. They are not in any particular order. I’m using gifs I made in the past cause I’m that kind of lazy bum. It’s good I tag my posts so much, I can just go find them on my own blog. I usually love well organized lists but hey, this time, it’s a messy one. Sorry, that’s me too!


Ann saying goodbye. Makes me tear up/sob heavily every time.

This whole dialogue. The way Andy says it suggests it’s not the first time he helps April through anxieties, I love it.

This whole conversation, the best scene in the entire show if you ask me. April acknowledging how much she grew as a person, with her mentor/momboss. Love this. 

Haverkins. Nothing to add here.

Leslie and Ron in season 7 is the best thing that happened to this show till April Ludgate. It had me so engaged emotionally, the pay-off was amazing, but this particular scene of them training Jamm to get out of Tammy’s clutches, it was amazing.

Speaking of pay-off:

Ron explaining why Morningstar happened and why he left was one of the deepest, most emotional scenes on the show. Love it.

This assistantdaughter and her momboss.

Andy as everyone’s son. What’s this, daddy? What’s this? What’s this? Can I get something? I want a pinwheel and snacks and can you teach me how to ride a bike?

Out of the way, Ben! I have a beautiful tropical fish to hug!

This heart to heart between April and Tom. April dislikes Ann, is annoyed by Tom in many ways, yet wants to set them up because she thinks it would make them happier. I love April’s friendship with Tom. It’s more superficial than her other friendships but it’s great, and I’m always for more healthy unsexualized/unromanticized m/f friendships.

LOOK HOW HAPPY ANN IS. Love this moment.

I’m an Andy/April shipper at heart but I’ll be damned if I don’t respect the celebration of romantic love.

Same thing here. Seriously, send me Tom/Lucy prompts. I love these two so much.

That’s just a few, but I did get most of the really important scenes to me.