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Have a seat on the story rug, kids, it’s time for one of the oldest classic D&D tales I know! I referenced it a while ago and I occasionally get reblogs asking about it, so, here we are. This isn’t my story, but I wanted to share it with a new generation of players, like it was with me back when I was a baby nerd. This goes back to the long-ago time of the 1970s and a very early edition of D&D.

So a party of adventurers stumbles onto the lands of some lord or other and the DM narrates that they’d run across a gazebo. One of the players, Eric, a methodical sort of guy, playing a paladin, asks, “What color is it?”

“It’s white,” the DM answers.

“How far away?”

“Oh, about 50 yards or so.”

“How big is it?”

“About 30 feet across, 15 feet tall, with a pointed top.”

“I use detect good on it.”

“It’s…not good, Eric, it’s a gazebo.”

“I call out to it. Does it respond?”

“Eric, it’s not going to answer, it’s a gazebo.”

“In that case, I pull out my bow–does it react in any way?”

“Of course not, it’s a gazebo.”

“Then I shoot it with my bow.” Eric, bless his earnest little heart, rolls and hits it. “What happens?”

“You…now have a gazebo with an arrow sticking out of it?”

“What, isn’t it wounded?” Eric is vaguely affronted. “That was a +3 arrow!”

Losing his temper a little, the DM retorts, “It’s a gazebo, Eric! If you really wanted to destroy it, and I don’t know why you would, you could try burning it or chopping it to bits with an axe.”

Not having any fire spells or axes, Eric decides retreat is the best option. However, the very frustrated DM sighs, “It’s too late, Eric. You have awakened the gazebo. It catches you and eats you.”

At this point, the rest of the party takes pity on the poor guy and explains what exactly a gazebo is. But they were too late to stop him from going down in history.

For those curious, what poor hapless Eric thought he was fighting was probably a glabrezu, a far less fearsome foe than the Dread Gazebo.


just felt like drawin some pretty cool clowns ovo// sorry i missed a bunch, they’re all really great

(pm me if you want em separately and in better quality lmao) 

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bonus my boi, excited about all these dang clowns


BTS with there GF in halloween night headcanon or reaction would be so fantastic and kinda scary and lovely,,, don’t overwork urself please u need to relax before the surgery ALL THE SUPPORT FROM DUBAI <3 !


★this is when he goes c r a z y with his recipes  

★he’ll get you out of bed at dawn  

★head down to the shop   

★and get a trolley full of ingredients 

★he’ll have all the things he wants to make printed out 

★it’s mostly things that would be served at a party for kids

★’why do we need thirty spider cupcakes?’

★’because jungkook will like them’

★’you’re given them all to him?’

★’do you want any?’

★’well yeah’

★’you can have two’

★’i’ll take it’

★he’ll spend time icing each pastry 

★when you’re done cooking 

★the kitchen will be a mess

★a complete mess

★’hand me a cloth’ 

★’we’ll clean it later’ 



★so the rest of the day is spent combining sweets with small decorations and putting them into various coloured bags

★he’ll thrive off the joy that are on the kid’s faces when they see the beautiful goodies

★if there are some left after the trick or treaters are done

★he’ll make hot chocoalte

★set the goodies out on the table

★and you’ll feast

★until you fall asleep against eachother  


★netflix n spook in his studio  

★he’ll have made a playlist of stuff that fits the theme 

★he took some blankets and snacks with him when he arrived this morning 

★he’ll text you in the evening to tell you to come in 

★will have actually put some small decorations up 

★a small nest of blankets will have been made on the floor

★when you arrive he’ll pull you down and wrap your arms around him

★before he turned on the film

★you’re probably going to fall asleep there

★and the boys will probably take pictures

★but it’s warm


★and you’re in yoongi’s arms

★so who cares?  


★freaks out over the trick or treaters member 1 

★halloween is all about getting the place decorated 

★and giving out treats to the kids that come 

★the moment you’re both up  

★you eat

★then it’s getting to making the home look spooky

★and preparing treat bags

★he has no scary decorations

★it’s all bright 

★and sparkly 

★cute > spooky

★he’ll put in so much effort

★mickey will also be decorated

★in angel wings

★he’ll have the biggest grin on his face while he hands out sweets

★when the trick or treating is done

★all of his attention is on you

★you’ll get snacks

★put on a film

★and cuddle  


★takes you to a dope party

★has to match with you 

★so people know you’re together 

★or else he’ll sulk  

★’you have to go matching to me… i already bought the costumes’

★’but i already bought mine’

★’save it for next year’

★’but i was excited’

★’match with meeeee’

★you end up having to match

★he’ll watch you in awe while you get ready in awe

★’how can you look so good in this?!’

★’shut up and get dressed’ 

★takes 10 times longer than you to get ready

★takes off all of his make up 

★and does it again 234239 times

★he won’t let your help him

★’i’ve got it!’

★when he’s finally ready 

★he’ll take 32439843290 pictures of the both of you

★’we look good’


★buys sweets for the ids 

★ends up eating most of them while putting the bags together 

★’how many of these do you think i can fit in my mouth?’ 



★’they’re supposed to be for the kids’

★’i bet fifteen’

★so while you finish he’ll be stuffing sweets into his mouth

★after he’s stuffed his mouth 

★he’ll go decorate 

★the rooms will be filled with green, black and orange

★he’ll be v proud of himself

★he’ll dress up as a bee

★he’ll be in awe at the kids that come

★he’s got a reserve of sweets for himself

★which he’ll munch on when he’s chilling with you

★watching what the tv has to offer

★maybe some parody horror films  


★freaks out over the trick or treaters member 2

★he’ll hand out far too many sweets to them  

★you have to go out and get more 


★’you’re insane’

★once the kids have stopped coming

★he’ll rush to change out of his costume

★then it’s snuggling on the couch with you

★and eating the few sweets left

★’what will our child dress as for halloween?’

★’haven’t thought that far ahead’

★’i have’

★’you really think about us having kids?’

★’well, i think about marrying you first’


★all about the spooks 

★so he’ll find the scariest movie he can 

★he’ll assign you to arranging blankets 

★and he’d be in charge of snacks

★bc he’s dope at getting snacks

★the moment everything’s ready 

★the two of you change into something comfy

★and get wrapped up in blankets

★if you get scared he’ll pull you close to him

★and kiss all over your head to calm you

★he giggles at gore

★feeds you snacks

★leans his head on yours


                                            Birthday Behavior🍰💝

         So Saturday was my birthday but I decided to have a late night bbq/rooftop pool party the night before to do like a countdown to midnight type of thing. I had so much fun and want to thank everyone who showed up and/or wished me a happy birthday! You guys are the bawm.com. I got so many gifts I was legit shooketh to the co 😭like yall really went all out on me and all I gotta say is thank you and make sure you one up it next year LMAO💀.

        sn: this post was supposed to be up ages ago buuuut I got so drunk, woke up on my kitchen island and fell off of it onto the hard ass tile floor and onto my wrist fracturing it. Fix it Jesus.

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Hoseok just really wants you to forget about your party

Slightly smutty but not really?? A little bit of dirty talk which is kinda my favourite thing

Word count: 732

“Don’t look at me like that Hoseok.” Your tone held the frustration you were feeling but he merely smirked at you from the bed.  
“Look at you like what?” He feigned innocence, watching you run in and out of the room in your underwear frantically.
“You know what!” The next time you enter the room, he’s stood waiting for you, arms outstretched.  
“Come here, baby,” he said with a chuckle. Pouting, you walked towards him, his chest warm against your cheek and his arms a secure warmth that never failed to make you melt into his embrace.  
“Did you hide it?” You asked. “I won’t be mad, but this party is important to me, so if you hid it, could you just tell me where it is?” He squeezed you a little harder at the question, bending and kissing along your shoulder.  
“I didn’t hide your dress, but I can see that it’s on a clothes hanger on the back of the door.”
With a sigh of relief you moved to leave Wonho’s embrace, only for him to pull your back to his chest. Delicate fingers played with the waistband of your black panties. About to voice your exasperation you were quickly cut short when the electric feeling of his soft lips was felt against your neck.  

“Just stay for a little bit, at least long enough for me to go down on you… Twice.” He tongued at your collarbone, the atmosphere slowly getting a little hotter between you two. For a few seconds you were caught, the way your boyfriend was licking and kissing at your skin clouding your mind in the best way possible, all thought of the business party you had to go to out of the window. Heat shot through your body when his hand slid down the front of your underwear and his index finger brushed your clit. You pulled away with hot cheeks.  

“Not right now, Hoseok.” He pouted behind you, watching your ass shake as you walked to the door and pulled your dress down before stepping into the soft material. Graciously, he zipped the back of your dress up, seductively whispering, “You just look so fuckable right now, like you just want to be bent over and fucked until you see stars.” He was used to getting his own way when he used words like that. He could sense your resolve swaying so he continued. “If i unzip this dress and put my hand down your panties, will you be wet? I think you would be. I could sit you on your dresser and eat you out until you’re shaking and sweating,” his wandering hands ran up your sides, cupping your breasts and squeezing them in his palms as his lips kissed your neck between every few words. His voice was low and seductive and everything that made your head spin. The cheeky little shit wasn’t about to let up either.
“I could help you relax. Maybe even a quick fuck if you’re a good girl and do what I say. You know how much you love it when I’m on my knees in front of you, worshipping your pretty pussy like you know I should.” He decided to push his luck and reinforce his point about just how willing he is, how you would both enjoy it, by grinding against your ass and a small gasp escaped your lips before you could think to stop it. He thought he had you. He really thought he had you.

With an elegance he wasn’t even sure you possessed, you slipped from his loosening hold with a cheeky smirk and and unnecessary sway of your hips. His face was a picture of betrayal and thinly veiled lust, his hands reaching to keep your warmth as close as possible. Nothing was going to get in the way of the plans you already had, despite his protestations.  
“I think it’s time you learnt some patience, baby, you can’t always have it your way you know?” He opened his mouth to protest, to get you to reconsider but you had already grabbed your purse. “No having fun while I’m gone okay, no matter how much you think about my pretty pussy. Bye baby.” You called over your shoulder, leaving a pouty, horny, frustrated Hoseok standing in your room, wishing you were with him. He really thought he had you.

tbh i love rules of engagment but …. even i can see it needs to stop now … 

i mean, the family bonded, mc is married to her true love, big brother is about to propose, study sister found love and the meaning of adventure, party sister found a new meaning to hard work, your cousin has grown as a person and opened up

i love the story but it should end after this book, not continue. there could be a spin off book, like the freshman’s valentine special and whatnot, but not a whole book…

if pb wanted to release a new book, how about most wanted 2

You Are Not Alone

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Loki x Reader

Listen to this 

Request: Can I request something where the reader is an avenger and also a vampire? But she’s very depressed. She loves her job but she’s getting lonely seeing everyone else with their significant others and she wants to feel loved. Later on Thor brings Loki along to a stark party and he’s bored and irritable until he sees the reader out on the balcony. They end up hitting it off right away and he helps pull her out of her depression.


Being around for almost 300 years was cool and all, being able to watch the world change around me. Meeting new people, and new lovers. I was use to change. Everything changed around me for years. But one thing I wasn’t use to, was being with a team of people, like the Avengers. When they learned of my kind actually existing, they wanted to see if they could find us, a vampire.

When they mistakenly found me, in the hospital, stealing blood bags. The person who found me was Bruce Banner. He alerted Tony Stark, and Tony followed me and convinced me to join the team. I only said yes, because I wanted to protect the world I’ve come to love. 

“So you drink human blood?” The newest member Sam Wilson questioned

“Sam” Steve snapped at him

“What I’m just confused as to why she drinks human blood and lives here, not trying to be rude” He then apologized.

“No it’s okay” I smiled “You’re just curious, that’s all. You should learn on how to communicate.” I joked. “But yes I drink human blood, but I don’t drink from the neck. I drink blood bags. That way I’m not hurting anyone, and I’ve been on a diet. I mostly drink Animal blood, and once or twice every few weeks I drink human blood to stay strong.” I explained while pouring a bag of donated blood into my to-go water bottle.

There was an awkward moment of silence. Sam nodded understanding what I was saying. “So can you control yourself around fresh blood?” He asked

“Yes” I took a sip from my bottle. the normal thing for a vampire was there veins popping and eyes getting darker when drinking blood. “I built a tolerance over the years.” I was okay with answering the questions, I liked when people wanted to know more, it’s not often I could talk about myself truly.

I had been with the team for a little over 6 months. everyone trusted me and I trusted them. I would use my abilities for something good. I liked being able to do things and not have to do it in secrete. I was free to be me. But there was still one thing that bothered me. Even though I was on a team of “outcasts”, I stood apart from them. They trust me but everyone is still a bit uncomfortable with a vampire. When I was in the room, they were on high alert. Jarvis always made sure everyone new when I was coming. 

I requested to have my room further away from the rest, which I ended up getting the floor they were working on to make more rooms to myself. I liked it that way, but I was always lonely even in a room full of people I was lonely. I was lonely for a long time.

I watched people fall in love, but I’ve never actually been in love. Human lives didn’t last quite as long as a vampires. So watching the team with their lovers broke my heart. I longed to be loved and in love. Natasha and Bruce, Tony and Pepper, Steve and Sharon, Wanda and Vision, etc. I wished to have what they had. 

Later that same day, Thor showed up. He said that upon his arrival he will have brought someone that we will all “love” to have. He shoved a tall man into the room. He was wearing a leather green and black robe, his hair was long and black, his blue eyes scanned the room.

“This is my brother Loki.” Thor announced to the room. This was the famous brother of Thor who tried to rule Earth. Supposedly he wanted to redeem himself and wanted to prove himself worthy to Thor. But one of the main reasons he was here was so Thor could keep a close watch on him. 

“Just stay out of trouble” Tony snapped at Loki. Thor introduced me and Sam to Loki. I stuck my hand out to shake his.

“I’ve heard so much about you and everyone else.” Loki looked me in the eyes “Lady y/n” He took my hand and kissed it. I was use to this kind of behavior from men, especially in England years ago.  I smiled and bowed my head in respect. Which caught him by surprise, and I earned confused looks from the team. 

“Then you must know of my kind, yes?” I questioned

“Indeed” Was all he said, “Where will I be sleeping?” 

“On the roof” Tony snapped again. 

“The same floor as me” I smiled “I’ll show you” 

I went about my business as usual, making my way around the tower, by myself. I would stop to talk to whoever was in the same room, but the conversation quickly died down since I know that they wouldn’t want to talk to me any longer. 

The only thing I wanted was to hold a conversation with someone, but I know how they feel about me, they trust me but they are always watching my move to make sure I don’t turn on them. 

I made my way to the fridge to grab my animal blood bag, then pouring it into a glass. I felt a pair of eyes on me as I did all of this. 

“Can I help you?” I asked. 

“I was just looking for someone to talk to.” Loki spoke softly.

“Well seeing as no one here seems to trust you, or like you, I guess that leaves me to be the last resort?” I gave a soft smile.

“Well, not actually, I wanted to talk to you. I already know they don’t like me” He chuckled. 

“Oh” Was all I could say. He slowly walked into the kitchen, observing the room. He had a disgusted look as he continued to walk around. 

“So what’s your secrete?” He asked stopping so he was now standing next to me. 

“Excuse me?” I turned to look at him

“How do you do it?” He asked “How do you live under the same roof as them when treated like you’re still a monster?” I was not expecting the question from him

“Well I-” I was cut off by Steve walking into the room

“Hey y/n, the mission you were suppose to go on has been changed. Sam and Bucky will be going. We need you to stay back to show Loki the ropes. He seems to like you.” Steve explained

“Okay” I spoke quietly, giving Steve a small nod before quickly leaving the room.

An hour later I could hear Loki making his way to my door. I opened it right before he could knock.

“Oh, where you expecting me?” He smirked looking down at my small figure. 

“No” I answered “I heard you coming” 

He looked confused

“Perks of being a Vampire, I can hear everything around me” this time I smirked at him, I took a step back allowing him to enter my room. 

“Did I upset you earlier?” He asked concern in his voice

“No” I walked back towards my living room area. “I just didn’t want to talk about that with Steve there.”

“So lady y/n, how old are you really?” Loki asked 

“326″ I smiled, being able to just talk was enough for me. 

“So I guess you could say you are immortal?” Loki continued “You could live forever” 

“I guess you could say that.” I made my way to my book shelf. “Do you like books?” 

“Yes, have anything of interest?” 

“Of course I do” I smiled, grabbing a random book “This is Jane Austen, one of my favorites, this book is called Pride and Prejudice.”

“I think we will get a long just fine” He smiled while taking the book out of my hand to look at it. 

Ever since he came into my room, and stole a few books from me, we spent everyday with each other, either reading or talking about our lives and what it was like 300 years ago. We became pretty close. We spent most days in one of our rooms, away from the team unless it was dinner, a meeting, training, a mission, or game/movie night. 

Tonight was movie night and everyone, except Sam Loki, was in the theater, we decided to watch The Notebook, since most of us haven’t seen it. I sat on a two-seater sofa by myself. Tony was with Pepper, Nat and Bruce, Steve and Sharon, Bucky and his random girlfriend, Thor was next to Clint,and Wanda and Vision. I watched the team as I purposely sat away from them. I knew that I made most uncomfortable, but everyone tried to include me into movie and game night.

I watched the movie, wishing I had someone to love me the way the characters loved each other. I watched as the old man told the old women the love story of the two teens who fell in love. I happened to look away from the TV to see all of the coupled paying attention to each other and not the TV, deciding I had enough of this, I made my way out of the room only to be stopped by Tony announcing that I was leaving.

“Y/N why do you gotta go? We not good enough?” He joked

“Just tiered” I said before I walked off. I heard Tony whisper 

“I thought Vampires don’t sleep?” I rolled my eyes and made my way to my room. We do sleep, I just stay up super late. 

Once I made it to my room, I quietly shut my door not wanting Loki to know I was back in my room. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to cry, I hated not having someone to be with, I wanted to know what it was like to be in love and to be loved. I laid down in my bed as tears began to fall. I curled up into a ball on my bed. 

As I continued to quietly cry, I suddenly felt my blanket go over my shoulders. I stiffened at the touch of a hand rubbing my shoulder. 

“It’s me, relax love” I heard Loki speak calmly. “What’s wrong?” 

I wiped the tears away as I sat up and scooted over allowing him to sit down next to me. I told him everything, how I lived 300 years alone, scared to be in love since human lives don’t last as long and a Vampire who doesn’t age, how I’m tiered of being alone and no one understanding me.

“You are not alone. I know exactly what you are going through, I mean I age, but not like a human, But I’m always lonely.” He wrapped an arm around me.

“I just want to be wanted.” I piratically whispered.

“You are” I squeezed me. “I want you” 

“Really?” I gave him a funny look

“Yes” He nodded “On Asgard everyone avoids me, hates me, no one wants to be with me, same this Midgard, then I met this women who treated me as an equal, she dismissed everything I had done and gave me a chance.”

“Maybe because she knows what it’s like to be the monster.” I looked up into his eyes.  He didn’t say anything else. He just looked at me. His eyes flickered to my lips and then back to my eyes. I took the opportunity to move in for a kiss. At first he didn’t react so I started to move back, but his hands were now on the back of my neck as he pulled me into a kiss. 

“We can be monsters together.” He spoke between kisses. 


I wrote a really long political debate that went on in my world, would any of you be interested in reading it?

It’s boring like…about taxes and stuff…but sort of interesting in some parts. I guess interesting if you want to see different viewpoints clashing & how the parties compromise.

The debate is between the Progressive Party (center left), Independent Party (libertarian leaning), and Socialist Party (socialist, obviously) but the Socialist Party isn’t allowed to say much because they’re a minority party.

Halloween Kisses - Byron Langley

Request: Can you do a byron imagine? Maybe one where they take polaroids and its all cute and fluffy? ❤️

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


“Alright, just stay still.” Joe instructed as he brought the camera to his face. 

Tonight was the annual Gleam Halloween party and of course Joe was all for it. He lived for things like this so it only made sense that he wanted to take a crap ton of photos in order to remember it because with the amount of drinks he had, he would surely forget it all in the morning.

“Come here.” Byron said to you, pulling you towards him. You had Byron have a flirtatious relationship where you’re constantly teasing each other. You’ve never done anything with him but with the way you thought about him, you definitely would. With a beer in one hand and the other around your waist, Byron brought his face closer to yours.

“Smile.” Joe said. With your drink in your hand and the other one resting softly on Byron’s chest, Joe snapped the photo. He handed you the polaroid before moving onto the next group of people.

“It’s cute.” You said, showing Byron the photo once it had appeared. 

“Not as cute as you.” Byron flirted. You pushed him slightly, embarrassed at his remark before bringing your drink to your lips. 

A couple of hours later and the party was still going strong. Joe had definitely had one too many, along with the rest of the guests but you and Byron had never left each other’s side. 

“Let’s take a couple more.” Byron said, picking up the polaroid camera that had been sitting on the table for hours now. He wrapped his arm around you once more and began snapping photos. 

“Oh I have a great idea!” Zoe said, noticing you two. “Follow me.” She grabbed the camera from Byron and led you two to the area of the room that was decorated to the max. The fireplace was lined with fairy lights, with candles and pumpkins placed on top and bats placed against the wall which made you realize it was the best place for photos.

“Get closer.” Zoe said, motioning for you two to move closer to one another. 

Once again, Byron’s hand found your waist and brought you closer to him. For a split second, your eyes locked onto his and you immediately forgot Zoe was there. His blue eyes made you feel so warm inside and the calming effect they gave off made you lose track of where you were. Your eyes flickered from his to his lips and for a moment, the world stood still. The feeling of his lips against yours made you feel as if anything was possible. Sure, you’ve thought about what it would be like but being in the moment…it was totally different.

“I knew this would work.” Zoe whispered to herself but just loud enough for you to hear, causing you to laugh, ending the kiss. “It’s cute, definitely a keeper.” She said, handing you the photo but pointing towards Byron and giving you a quick wink.

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Is Ruth Scurr's book about Robespierre a good book ?

In short, Ruth Scurr spends a great deal of time saying why you wouldn’t want to invite Robespierre to dinner. 

His personality is assaulted and she then uses this as evidence of his evil as a politician. Robespierre’s dreamy, shy, avoids parties (the ‘let’s get drunk!’ kind, I mean, not necessarily political parties, although he said he didn’t like them either).  She then spends very little time analyzing Robespierre’s politics or the circumstances that drove him, leaving her head twirling at his maneuvers, which she inevitably boils down to his personality defects.

But for someone who is so focused on Robespierre’s personality, she actually offers very little insight there, either. So many of her paragraphs she just sums up with “this was irrational, Robespierre was just being nuts.” Okay, fine - but why? If he’s mad, what’s his method?

One thing that particularly bugs me about “Robespierre is just wacky” is Scurr tries to use idealism as an inherent indication of irrationality. It’s not. The fact that Robespierre did not take bribes is actually not that scary. No matter what your politics, I’m sure you’d agree, that trying to improve the living conditions of the poor is not scary. Believing in your cause is not, in and of itself, Bad. It’s what the cause is that can be frightening but Scurr just sort of shrugs and lumbers off when you ask her about it. 

If Robespierre is wrong, why? Even if you dislike Robespierre - and there’s plenty to dislike - you should at least be able to explain to me why Robespierre thought he was right if you’re writing his biography.

But to an extent…she can’t. Because to explain why Robespierre thinks he’s doing makes sense, Scurr would have to place him in the context of his time. There’s a French Revolution going on in the book, in the background, somewhere, but Scurr really doesn’t want to analyze that much. Oh, she’ll judge it - this part was good, this part was bad, but Scurr really does start to muddle around whenever she has to explain the why of anything. 

And context is everything. If I sit down in a chair and start to hallucinate for a few hours, you might think that I’m a little peculiar. If you learn that I’m just sitting in the chair reading a book and just visualizing the scenes, well - well, now it’s a different picture, isn’t it? 

To summarize her book: Robespierre was crazy, the French Revolution happened and it was bad. If you want something a little more in depth, I’d look elsewhere. 

So no, I don’t like it very much. It does have its merits; it was the first biography of Robespierre I ever read, and actually can serve as a good introduction to the period itself in terms of “things happened in A, B, C order.” 

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Why is...Diana...Diana...? What is it with her and the spoilers this season? It's gone beyond hurtful to obnoxious. She wrote the books and gave us Jamie and Claire but it's like now she wants to ruin them for the fans and their excitement. Stop trying to ruin the fun party DG!

I don’t even even know what you are talking about but if you are here to complain about how she always spoils thing by giving away a scene or episode, sets up readers to hate a scene, makes up shit about why they did or didn’t do something, trolls the fandom, is condescending, is a revisionist, tries to control every aspect of your reading or viewing experience, inserts herself into gross flirting, and won’t finish the goddammed book (stop writing an publishing these side stories about people that are maybe c level in reader interest!), then I don’t know. But welcome! Sit by me.

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I have a habit of coming onto this blog just to see how the people sending in kinfessions are. Like if some days there's a lot of sadness, I'll genuinely feel fro them. Or if there's positivity, I'll be happy for them. I'll like posts that I agree with or are from one of my sources, or even just from a source I like; I want people to know that I support them or agree with them. You guys don't know who I am, but I really do with you all the best.

Next Two Months (and possible into the New Year... and the future of the blog)

So, I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, and, if you’ve been reading some Asks I’ve received, than you’ll know how long for…

In short, what this is about, is the distinct lack of fics there is going to be for the rest of the year.

The rest of this month is going to be hectic for me.
I am going away tomorrow to visit @skybinx-blog until the 25th, the 26th October is my birthday, the 27th/28th I’m hosting a Halloween party with my flatmate, so I’ll be prepping for that. That’s all the fun stuff. Beyond that, I have a small assignment due in by the 30th October for my online course, and my Dad wants the work that I’m doing for him finished by the end of the month too. 

So, likely no fics for October. 

Now… November.
NaNoWriMo Month! Yup. I’ve not even applied for a job yet just so I can have the WHOLE month free to make a start on my book. I highly doubt I’ll reach the 50 000 words that is the goal, but I’m going to be using the WriMo time to plan it all too. So, it might not be all spent writing, but I will be working on it.
I’m not saying much on it, only that it’s going to be a fantasy novel.

Going on into December, I’m REALLY going to need a job. Plus, I’ll probably still be working on the novel. 

That being said, should I write, I know what fics I’ll be working on:
- Birthday Fic for @skybinx-blog (SamxReader. Right now I’m planning on fluffy, might throw in a pinch of angst. It’s Thor-related… so yeah.)
- Birthday Fic for @frickfracklesackles (JaredxReader. Angstyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… perhaps a fluffy ending.)
- Echo Part Two, cos it IS part of @poemwriter98‘s birthday present. 

Once these are done, THEN I’ll be turning my attention to part two of Unrequited and the final part of Reluctant Rejection. Plus my other series that have neglected for god knows how long…

From there on, who knows?? I think I will, in general, be posting less. Now that I’m done with education, I need to get my ass in gear. For as long as I can remember, I’ve use education as an excuse not to write… but now I don’t have it. Writing is what I want to do, so writing is what I need to be doing. 

So Writing is what I will do. 

me too

when i was 17 i was dating this guy. he was a year older, and a well-known womanizer. i was warned by many people not to date him but i liked the thrill of it all. to feel like i was going against the norm, or what was expected of me.

i remember always feeling uneasy around him. unsafe. i was a virgin and he was constantly pressuring me and saying inappropriate things to me, but i always laughed them off to try and come off as “the cool girl”.

one night at a party he drank too much and pressured me to go into a bedroom with him. i didn’t want to but wanted him to like me. so i went. when we got there he took off of my clothes and forcefully shoved his fingers inside of me. i remember feeling like my insides were being ripped out. i was in so much pain, but didn’t say no. in fact, i didn’t say anything. in the middle of it he abruptly stopped and left the room with no explanation. he didn’t come back.

he left me there, laying on the bed feeling used and disgusting. i ached with pain. i cried and cried and cried, alone and in this dark room i had never been in. most of all i remember feeling angry with myself for not speaking up, not saying anything. how could he know to stop without the word no?

afterwards i had to gather myself together. i wiped off the makeup on my face and rejoined the party. my friends asked me where i had been and i made up an excuse. i remember thinking this kind of thing was normal. just another teenage experience.

it wasn’t until years later that i fully understood what it was. and it’s not until right now that i have finally said it out loud: i was assaulted.

so, yes. me too.

Hey loves

i just want to make a post about this- not because anything has happened but just cause i want to make sure everyone is comfortable here.

I’m not ~technically~ an adult but i’m 17 and therefore incredibly close. sometimes people who are quite a bit younger than me submit selfies and i’m so happy to see that!! young peeps figuring out who they are earlier because they have access to the information i never did is amazing!! and the whole theory behind selfie parties involves me complimenting people. i am very, very cautious when i talk about younger people’s pictures. i just want all my younger followers to know that if you are ever uncomfortable with the way i’m talking to or about you, let me know immediately. i will never be even remotely upset, your feelings are the most important thing here. also- if you ever feel like the way i’m talking about your selfies is different it’s not because of you, it’s because you’re a child and deserve to be safe. 

Thanks y’all


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Do you think that there could be any chance of a Peraltiago baby soon? Cause like, of course they should pace themselves, and not put all the big relationship steps in one season (despite my impatience), but Dan did mention that there’d be another step in the 99th episode, and it can’t be the wedding, so like,,, what else could it be!!! Ooh, maybe they get a fish? Maybe they take a couples quilting class? Maybe they could,,,, host a dinner party?? Could it be a baby? What can it be, Lauren?!

i don’t think it’s gonna be a baby i really don’t. dan has said in the past he really wants to put off pregnant amy for as long as possible bc then she can’t do any fun police work

hi there, lovelies!

I’ve been wanting to do a “slumber party” with you guys for SUCH a long time; however, idk if that’s something you’re interested in?

basically I want to interact with you guys more! so give me some imput; what would you like to see on this blog? ‪—‬ live streams? slumber parties? more advice? something else entirely?

please please let me know! love you all!! ‪♡‬

Topp Dogg: birthday series!

♥ P-Goon ♥

  • What he’d do: 

He would just do anything that day that he usually wouldn’t do. Whatever you requested, he would do. Wherever you wanted to go, he’d take you there, no matter if he’d like it or not. He would not throw you a surprise party, but if you wanted to have a party with all your friends, he would totally organise it, decorate the place all nicely, and invite all of your friends.

  • What he’d give you:

As for the gifts… He would want to spoil you. At the beginning, he would just try and think about what would be meaningful, and what you would appreciate, but after a while, he’d be so invested in finding the best present for you, that he would just buy and give you anything you mentioned wanting at one point.

  • How he would treat you:

He would treat you special, on that day, but more so about being nice to you, doing nice things for you, maybe giving you a massage or something, but he wouldn’t hype you or randomly burst out in singing “happy birthday to you.”. He would prefer if it were a more chill day, and he could just spoil you and do the things you liked with you. What mattered most to him is that your birthday was spent with him, so he could show you, as the final gift, how much he loved you.

  • Little sneak peak into your day:

With the cotton candy in one hand, you grabbed his free one with yours, and pulled him over to the next roller coaster. Sehyuk sighed. He hated roller coasters, but you just loved and lived for the thrill of them. That wasn’t even the worst part; theme parks not only had roller coasters, but also loud, screaming children, way too many people, and long queues – but still. It was your birthday. You had come here for your birthday, and he would have to endure it.

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