i want a party like that

“For Heloisa, every elderly person feels like a grandparent. And she loves her grandparents. So I asked her if she wanted to have her sixth birthday party at a home for the elderly. She loved the idea. So I contacted a local home and planned everything with the coordinator. We sent invitations to the family members of all the residents. I’m a photographer, so I went a few days early and took nice portraits of all the residents. On the day of the party, I printed out the photographs and brought them as gifts for their family members. We did games and activities. There was so much joy. Everyone had such big smiles. The residents were crying. Their families were crying. I was crying. I think Heloisa will remember the experience forever. Afterward, her school friends came home with us and we had an old-fashioned pajama party.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

jin graduated from konkuk university todau but he couldnt attend his graduation ceremony bc they had to go to gaon music awards and jimin said he knew jin must be sad but isnt showing it so they threw him a lil surprise party to congratulate him + jin looked like he wanted to give a speech when they were accepting their award but they didnt have enough time + remember when jin made bts promise to attend his graduatuon but they couldnt and i am GOING THROUGH IT today

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Which party do you think is the one to least infringe on minority rights? I'd like to vote Green Party but since Trudeau insists on keeping FPTP system, which party do you think has a chance on winning that seems to actually care about the environment and minority rights? I'm so unsure of which party to vote for now. Thanks for the effort you put into this blog, I really appreciate it and trying to become more informed about our politics but I'm never sure which news outlet to follow.

If you want a progressive party that can realistically win, the NDP is your answer.

The Greens don’t actually have as strong a record on social issues as the NDP, and only in very few ridings do the Greens have any chance. If you’re not a fan of the Liberals and want a more progressive party, the NDP is a good one that has a long history of advocating for minority rights and the environment.

The NDP:

-Supports Electoral Reform, and wants Proportional Representation.

-Had the strongest climate change plan in the last federal election (even stronger than the Green Party)

They oppose the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline project (both federally and in BC):

Resounding “no” from B.C. NDP Leader on Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project

Several B.C. NDP members calling for reversal of Kinder Morgan decision

-Has a long history of advocating for LGBTQ rights. Although Justin Trudeau’s government has introduced legislation giving human rights protections to transgender people in Canada, the NDP has been the one fighting for this for most of the past decade.

Other LGBTQ NDP stuff:

-The NDP has been the most active party trying to help refugees fleeing from Trump’s USA:

NDP: Liberals must provide resources needed for asylum-seekers at our border

-The NDP was the major party trying to bring attention to crises involving indigenous people like Attawapiskat. This is back in 2011, when people weren’t even paying attention to the issue:

NDP challenges Harper to visit Attawapiskat himself

And here’s 2016:

World ‘shocked’ by Attawapiskat suicide crisis: NDP MP Charlie Angus

I could go on and on. If you’re tired of the Liberals and want a progressive government, support the NDP. They have enough of a base to win under FPTP (unlike the Greens), and their policies are much more progressive than the Liberals.

The NDP also in many provinces support a $15/hour minimum wage, expansion of our healthcare system & elimination of university tuition.

One time I dreamt I went to a summer camp, but in the winter. There were hot springs and ice climbing walls and cabins and it was actually really cool. There was a dance party and then this one random guy who looked like a mix of my fictional crush and my boyfriend came up and kissed me then evaporated and all my friends wanted to find him to make the ship real. Then I woke up and it was really cold.

Kisses, Ice Cream, and Admissions.

Summary: You and your husband skip out on an Oscars week party to go loiter in a grocery store. At the end of the night, you reveal some news you’ve been keeping for a while. 

Pairing: Lin x Reader 

A/N: I started this like five hours ago and I finished it really quickly. It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time, but I just today thought of tying it into Oscars week festivities. 

ALSO, I did want to post something today because I wanted to tide you guys over. I said previously I was going to take part in the @hamwriters Write-a-thon, but I just found out that the week for the celebration is going to be filled with some exams, prior commitments, and traveling and I will no longer be able to participate. So, for the next two weeks, this will probably be the last fic I post. I thank you all for reading this and reading ANY of my fics - you’re all greatly appreciated. I’m terribly sorry about the write-a-thon. (I would queue up my fics, but they aren’t even written yet (yes, I procrastinate) so I just can’t participate at all.)

Words: 2,954 

Warnings: Mild cursing, mild make-out scene, and general lack of knowledge about Oscars stuff or if there even are Oscars week parties(??)

So, without further ado, enjoy this fic! 

You felt like you were watching your life out of someone’s else eyes. You raised your eyes above the crowd that surrounded you and connected eyes with your husband. He caught your look at the same time and stopped mid-sentence to smile at you. The sight of his grin warmed your body, reminding you of the way you felt as a child in the summertime sun when it touched every inch of your being and made your soul giggle with giddiness. You vacantly returned to the complacent conversation taking place right in front of you, nodding at the right moments and laughing politely at the rest. It was another story in another place, part of your husband’s Oscars week parties. You’d happily agreed to accompany him on all of his trips, as you wanted to show him off just as much as he wanted to show you off.

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In anticipation of SnK Season 2, @ghostmartyr and I would like to host a Season 1 Watch Party. Sound like fun? Great! Want to know more? So do we! Throw us your rabid thoughts, and we shall cater to our adoring public with great aplomb.

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I’m the leader, in my cult we write sins, not tragedies and we listen to mcr and pray to fall out boy, we use pete wentz’s 2007 eyeliner tears as holy water and sprinkle it on our black parade jackets. Like, reblog and follow me if you want to join 😂🙌🏻

Something just feels off about Kaylor since before Thanksgiving. Or maybe we have been reading too much into the few photos we’ve had? Taylor and Karlie haven’t been liking each other’s social media as much as they were for awhile. It’s like everything has gone dark and dead. I hope I’m wrong, but I remembered the video of Toni kissing Karlie on Sep 7, 2016 in the same pose as Taylor kissing Karlie on Oct 23, 2016, with Karlie kissing the air in front of her. I’m not saying Toni and Karlie are together, just wondering if we are making too much of the photos of Taylor & Karlie from before Drake’s party. This is a serious ask, I’m not trying to say Kaylor is over or anything else. Only wanting opinions from the rest of the fandom.


I don’t think they’re broken up or even in danger of it. Quite simply as Kristen has stated multiple times and as history shows, Taylor doesn’t do exes. And we know what a break up looks like on them.

It’s possible they may under some stress, both individually with Taylor presumably working on her next album and Karlie trying to steer her brand with an incompetent team, and together as a couple as they try to decide where this next phase of their lives might take them. Do they come out? Glass closet? Can Karlie have the individual success she wants and be out with Taylor or will she just become Mrs. Swift in the public eye? Does Taylor come out alone and then they announce their relationship later? There are many options and discussions they may have had/might have in the future.

Or it could just be after 3 years they are out of the honeymoon stage. There love has matured enough that though they might still want to be, they don’t feel the need to be as publicly demonstrative as they were in 2014.

i feel like queer politics really began gaining popularity after the US got marriage equality… remember like every “progressive” business changing their icons on social media to be rainbow or even releasing rainbow products and suddenly it was cool to be LGBT!!!! but not everyone fits in that label so we have to make it the queer community instead and come up with 500 new identities so whoever wants to join can. and i also remember there being a time before all this happened where the suicide rates among LGBT people were being discussed in the news and like has that issue gotten that much better since we gained marriage equality or does no one care to shed light on the less fun aspects of being gay or trans these days? would that ruin the illusion that this is just one big party and all of our problems ended with that supreme court decision?

If I could choose a fictional character to be my best friend it would definitely be Magnus Bane. We would travel the world together, go to different restaurants, plan the most fun and extravagant parties, go shopping together and talk about clothes, and be sassy and sarcastic. Plus who wouldn’t want to have a friend like Magnus by their side. You know he’ll always have your back and will go out of his way for the ones he loves. Sorry I can’t help it, I just love Magnus Bane. He’s perfect!

When I turn like 30 or 40, I just want to have a ratchet ass 2000s birthday party and errboddy gotta wear tall white tees, booty shorts with the tie up strings in the middle, or boots with the fur. It will be a strict mandatory requirement god damn.

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To add to the Mom-is-Rittenhouse-and-Noah-could-be-too string: this would explain why the mom was so irate with Lucy when Lucy was asking familial questions, and not wearing the ring and just being "stubborn" during their engagement party. This is a long shot, but heck its a plot-twisty time-traveling show haha


I always thought about how her moms pushy reaction in the first couple of episodes didn’t just feel like a typical concerned and over bearing mom, it felt more like she wanted the engagement more than Lucy did (since at that point she didn’t know anything had changed and that wasn’t the Lucy it had always been).

And then when Noah said in 1x16 that her mom had been calling him non-stop my mind went instantly to how a little over the top that was when she ‘knows’ that Lucy is busy all the time and goes on ‘trips’ for Mason industries. I wondered if she was actually worried because she REALLY knew that her and her treasonous friends had stolen the Lifeboat and had joined Flynn instead .

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I know someone who thinks Stefan and Elena are so perfect like Edward and Bella and that's why they don't ship. They want a "realistic love story" like Delena. Could you say how DE isn't realistic and the difference between Stelena and Bella & Edward?

… Edward and Bella are an abusive relationship! Why don’t people get that? They’re entirely codependent. Bella’s life stops when he leaves, she curls up in a ball in the woods and a search party has to go after her; he thinks about kidnapping her so she won’t spend time with Jacob and I’m pretty sure he sabotages her car so she won’t be able to go; she consistently risks her life so she’ll be able to hear his voice telling her to stop; they are so consumed with one another and with having sex with one another that when they think they’re going to be under attack, Bella leaves her kid in Jacob’s care because all she ever wanted was to be with Edward forever. They are not perfect. They are AWFUL.

so my best friend is divorcing her husband because she says that he doesn’t read the Bible enough with her.

that could make more sense if her religion was a really big deal to her and if she were a religious person.

but shes not.

yes, she got baptized but that was a long time ago and she doesn’t do anything for herself spiritually anymore.

so the fact that they’re getting a divorce for that reason and that reason alone after just a year and a half is really really dumb to me. especially since they were together for like four years before that, with that amount of time under your belt you should know everything about each other.

I think she’s just trying to get out of her marriage because she wants to go out and party and date and everything again because that’s literally all she’s been doing since he moved out. he’s done absolutely nothing for her religion since he left, except leave it.

and you know, I’m trying to be supportive and everything because she’s my friend but I don’t see the reasoning in it and I think it’s really stupid and the only thing that it’s done for her is make her emotions go crazy, caused her to come off of her meds, and put her in situations that have caused her a lot of pain and stress.

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I really do feel like anyone 17+ isn't his democratic anymore, and I don't know how much longer I can still watch, I feel so old in the chat and I used to be one of the youngest, I just feel so pushed away, but I hope that Chris figures himself out and doesn't spiral again. I really do hate seeing his feeling so lost but at the end of the day he's an adult who needs to get his head out of his arse and do what he wants, and if musically is his passion then I can't be involved. (Bonus/3)

I couldn’t agree more. I feel bored, the last video was bad, I’m not even looking forward to the next or his liveshows anymore as it seems to become a huge kindergarten party and just like you I’m feeling too old for this. I’ve been supporting him all along, but I don’t know what I’m here for anymore


Tag game! 
rules: copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you’re done tag 10 people plus the person who tagged you, and most importantly, HAVE FUN

tagged by: @summersdaytae (whAT A CUTIE) also i have so many tagged things to do that ive been neglecting >.> 

A- age: 18 

B- Biggest fear: being kidnapped 

C- Current time: 9:22 am 

D- drink you last had: milk

E- everyday starts with: hearing my alarm and wanting to kill myself 

F- favourite song: dude idk like all of bts’s songs ok

G- ghosts, are they real?: idk???? maybe???? sure??? klgjlgjd

H- hometown: Bel Air 

J- jealous of: people who can have fun at parties and be all social bc lol dats not me 

K- killed someone?: i dont think i did 

L- last time you cried: yesterday (i cry everyday im weak) 

M- middle name: Marie

N- number of siblings: 3

O- one wish: meeting bts kfjdhls <333

P- person you last called/texted: my friend @blondejiminah (shES gONNA WRITE mE A TAERAH FiC im scREAMIN) 

Q- questions you’re always asked: are you okay? (me: well idk ) 

R- reasons to smile: my homies and kpop 

S- song last sang: cypher pt 4 (well i tried to sing it but) 

T- time you woke up: 5:20 am 

U- underwear color: white 

V- vacation destination: I wanna visit either Seoul or Tokyo 

W- worst habit: picking skin from my fingers or lips 

X- X-rays you’ve had: my wrist and my back 

Y- your favourite food: bibimpap (its so good but i don’t have it often rip) 

Z- Zodiac sign: capricorn

SOOO Im tagging: @blamebangtan @boyfriend-sushi @parked-jimins @ssweetshine @lonely-doki @pastelunnie @idontknowibangtagon @fairynams @blondejiminah 

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the shameless vibes coming off of shadowhunters right now are skyrocketing. we even have harry who so obviously loves and genuinely cares for magnus, just like noel with mickey... it makes me so sad to see what they're doing to magnus' character in this season so far :(

oh man i’m getting major shameless vibes from shadowhunters right now they’ve been really good to alec and magnus but recently??? not so much. i hope its gonna turn around i really love this show and want to continue to watch it. i think matt and harry really love their characters and i’m so sad that the show isn’t giving them much to work with. something as simple as casual touches here and there is so important. clary and simon were all over each other last episode and yet magnus and alec looked like two pals hosting a party together. all we got was a little pat on the chest from magnus after something so important to them happened that’s all we got and a little mention here and there that the next step was taken. but sure let izzy and raphael have more intimate moments than an actual real canon couple. that and climon was another slap in the face. sigh. mlm love isn’t dirty and wrong and shouldn’t be always shown off screen. it does not cheapen their relationship to show their love on screen. i just want a show to treat their lgbt couples like they do with straight characters

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I feel like youre the type to want dnd stories so let me tell you smth: My friend and I each dm a dnd campaign back to back (mine on friday, his on saturday) and we both have the leader of the party as our pcs and are very invested in both plots. About half of the conversations we have about dnd are "i know something you dont know"

ahaha that sounds interesting!