i want a new bowl

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Ok but why do dan and phil own those ugly ass dog bowls to eat out of self care is moving house and buying new utensils and using the bowls for the new dog

i just want them to have nice cutlery and plates and bowls is that too much to ask for..

life tip for you kids moving out of parents’ houses or dorms and striking out into your own kitchens: goodwill ALWAYS has a TON of Pyrex cookware/bakeware, for very very cheap. It’s high quality, will last forever, can be put in an oven or a freezer, dishwasher-friendly and easy to clean (gross shit doesn’t stick to glass!) and is VERY hard to break. Don’t spend money on shitty cheap metal bakeware that will be crusty and awful after a few years, or on plastic mixing bowls you’ll put next to the stove and accidentally melt, get durable Pyrex used!

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8..want any tattoos 25. Idea of a perfect date 32. What words upset me the most 36. Where I would like to live 😘😘

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8. Want Any Tattoos

Hmm… I constantly flip back and forth about if I do or not, which leads me to believe I’m not ready for one even if I figured out what I wanted. I’m too ADD to settle for one right now, I think.

25. Idea of a Perfect Date

I used to think the stereotypical ‘dinner and a movie’ thing was the best idea. But now… I don’t know. I want something different. Bowling, going out to a tea shop to try new teas, go to a farmers market together or a flea market. Something fun where we can talk and get to know each other. I think. I don’t know. I’m too awkward to think things through.

32. Words That Upset Me The Most

Any sort of hate speech, which includes someone talking poorly about themselves. Excuse my language, but there’s enough shit going around in this world. People don’t need to bring themselves down on top of it. Anyone who insults someone else, who says they’re stupid or anything like that just gets me going.

36. Where I Would Like to Live

Well I think I’m in it already! I love where I live. There’s places I want to visit, for sure. But where I am right now makes me happy. I’ve got my furry children, I’ve got family not too far, and I’ve got my friends. It’s a good place here.

I’ve always really liked Psylocke’s outback costume.


@dickgraysoff asked recently about what Jason Todd would read. It’s canon that he reads Jane Austin. He also reads business and marketing books, fashion, historical novels, fantasy, Sun Tzu, any and all philosophy, math theory, and so on. In short, Jason Todd reads. He reads everything and anything. He and Alfred had a book club before he died, they probably resumed it after he came back.

I should probably look for more canon Jason and books. Because learning is his one true love.

My Hope for Episode 13

Hae Soo needs to give back that bracelet by the end of tomorrow’s episode. This Wook-Soo storyline needs to end. Now.

I know their relationship was sweet in the beginning (I thought they were cute, even though I am an unabashed SoSoo shipper), but it has gone sour.

This show right now is like when you go downstairs in the morning to make yourself breakfast and you take out your favorite cereal. Happily, you dump more than you’re supposed to in the bowl and then open the fridge to get some milk. But, when you pour out the milk it doesn’t come out silky smooth but comes out in foul smelling chunks. The Wook-Soo relationship is that cereal bowl filled with expired milk. However, instead of buying fresh milk and making a new bowl of cereal your parents force you to eat the thing.

I refuse to eat this cereal anymore, PD-nim. I want fresh milk and a new bowl of cereal, preferably one called Frosted Wang sO’s (excuse the bad cereal name :D)!

Seriously! How is the show going to believably establish how Hae Soo and Wang So are soulmates, if she says she is in love with Wook for half the show and runs away from So? The SoSoo ship is running on small romance scenes that only Wang So appears happy in (bless him!) and meta. This is ridiculous! We deserve more substantial Hae Soo characterization and OTP moments.

Working on Týr’s new cage. It’s not finished yet but I’ve done most of the work now. Not sure if the ramp will be too steep for him, he tried it today when I put him on it so we’ll see if he’s going to use it… if he doesn’t I’ll have to find something else. I’ve seen similar ramps in set ups from others so I hope it’ll work.
I want new bowls too, something more ‘natural’ to go with the rest of the cage (and these are a bit too big anyway, he just sits in them when he eats). And I’m probably going to buy some more fake plants 'cause they look nice, I think.


“I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl” - New Orleans Jazz Fest 2014