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Up until today, while reading a fanfic, I had NO IDEA. What my main reason for shipping Riley and Lucas was! Not one specific moment had stood out to me where I knew it was going to be endgame.. I just knew from the very beginning that they would be! MY REASON WHY: is because they remind me so much of Haley and Nathan on One Tree Hill!! The truest of the true OTP! Haley is quiet and shy, quirk and smart and beautiful in a subtle way. Nathan is the bad boy, the athletic boy who doesn’t answer to no one and could get ANY girl he wants! Riley is beautiful and smart and shy. Lucas is athletic and hotheaded at times but he calms in Riley’s presence.. That is exactly how NATHAN SCOTT IS FOR HALEY! Nathan Scott wanted nothing more than to be the best man, the best father and best friend to Haley that he could be! I think that Lucas wants the same thing.. He doesn’t want to go to that place again and when he’s with Riley, he does but only when need to be (Rileytown)

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Nathan Scott was with all these beautiful girls… Brooke, Peyton,Taylor, etc.. But he found something with Haley that he needed most of all. I think that’s how they are going to play this out between Rucas! Lucas could have any girl he wanted… And I think they are going to do that as the story progresses.. Maya is beautiful, rebellious and wild and finds a talent and love of art…to me she really reminds me of Peyton Sawyer in OTH! Peyton is beautiful, rebellious and wild and she has a talent and a love of music.. Yet when Peyton and Nathan dated.. They didn’t have anything more than sex. Anything more than a fire and a spark. They were two beautiful people who believed they needed to be together because of what people thought.. She was a cheerleader, he a basketball player.. Yet, they DIDNT LOVE EACH OTHER IN THAT WAY!

Ohhhh and must i brink up the whole SUMMER RAIN THING!! i mean come on… HALEY AND NATHAN HAD A THING FOR RAIN!!! they were going to London on their honeymoon just because it rains ALL THE TIME THERE! People might say “Lucas and Riley are just summer rain, how boring” or something along the lines of “Fire! thats what you need!!!” lets just take a look at how awesome rain can be though… thank you Naley!

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The Last Ship -  Season 1 Episode 10  “No Place Like Home”

“Rachel..you did it…lets enjoy the moment” Captain Chandler to Dr. Rachel Scott.  Gawd I love his face!!!! <3

Not sure how I feel about the way they look at each other.  I want to ship Rachel and Tex SO BAD, but damn…these two are just all lovey eyes at each other LOL!!   Great finale tho…such a good friggin show!!! Bring on season 2!!! 

“Last year we stood on a beach and I told you how much I loved you and how I would always, always protect you. And, that day nobody believed that this would work. But, I don’t think anybody understood the love that I had for you; because, if they did they would have never doubted us. So I wanted to marry you all over again in front of most of our world. Because today, when I look into your eyes my love for you only grows. It’s even stronger now and that love will never waver. This I vow to you today and always, forever.”


Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

2x20 Lifetime Piling Up

PEYTON: Get in.
NATHAN: How’d you find me?
PEYTON: You think you’re the first guy he’s done this to?
NATHAN: I can see why you stay with the guy.
PEYTON: Actually, I broke up with him tonight.
NATHAN: So you’re helping me just to piss him off?
PEYTON: That… and you seem like a decent guy. Plus, I think everybody deserves a shot. If you really want something bad enough no one has the right to stand in your way. What?
NATHAN: Nothing, I just… I got that weird déjà vu thing.
PEYTON: I don’t believe in past lives. I think we’ve got one life, one chance and what we do with it is up to us. So get in. I’m your only hope of making it to the stupid game on time.