i want a movie buddy

Skype buddy needed

Likes watching movies together
Will read me stories
Will read things I write and give me opinions
Preferably single (for now c;)
Not an ass
Is okay with my general clingyness
Will tell me when a problem arises so we can taco bout it
Likes dogs

Message me for my skype username if you fit the prereq

Literally how X-Men: Apocalypse ended-

Magneto: Man I killed like millions of people bro. U r always right lol
Prof X: Eyy no worries no worries. So you wanna hang?
Magneto: Nah I need to go kill more people. Gotta keep it real y’know
Prof X: A’ight stay fresh dawg 

All I want is a buddy cop movie with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan where they’re shits to each other.

Leslie Jones could be their Captain, Amy Poehler could be their questionable informant. John Cho as the good guy cop who always gets the glory, The Rock is his partner.

Both sets of partners are competing to catch the bad guy (George Clooney or Mark Hamill) to get a bonus week of vacation.

Soundtrack by Lin-Manuel Miranda

The Brain and The Brawn

I want The Rock and Anna Kendrick to do a buddy cop/FBI movie where they’re always being introduced as The Brain and The Brawn. “The Brain is the most infuriatingly intelligent person alive, they know everything about everything. The Brawn will kill you four times before you realize you’re dead.”

Then they walk into the room and SURPRISE The Rock is The Brain and Anna Kendrick is The Brawn. Like, The Rock got into college on athletic scholarship but fell in love with learning and has a bazillion degrees and doctorates. And Anna started taking self defense because she was such a scrawny kid and discovered an aptitude for hand to hand combat and firearms and is basically a lethal weapon.