i want a moped

I remember I made these posts during the hype of Season 2. I got some comments that weren’t friendly. I guess I’m gonna have to explain myself.

I have a dark sense of humor. I like to joke around about things I’ve experienced. When it comes to racism. I make jokes about it. That’s how I cope. I laugh it off and not mope about it. Again. I’ve experienced racism countless times in my life. More so, to the point I experienced it more than my Mom and she grew up in the 60’s. I was put down for being black, I was called a slave when I wanted to play pretend, I was put in the back of the class. Behind all white students, I was failed because I was the only black kid in the class. You don’t know how much my kid self wanted to be pale. Wanted to fit in with the other girls. It took me years to love myself. It took me years to not yearn for the impossible.

So when I look back on those experiences. I joke about them. Because its better to have a laugh then mope.

But apparently, people take it too seriously.

I fit all my clothes, hair dryer, make up, etc into a duffle bag. Ethel is safely at my parents’ house. I have 3 books, a coloring book, and tons of podcasts for the bus ride. I also have Advil and snacks for everyone. I’m ready for this trip, and I’ve needed a getaway for a while. I hope it will serve as a good distraction from the empty pit in stomach feeling I’ve had since I found out. Dan would want me to have fun on this trip and look good and hit on girls and keep my friends safe. He wouldn’t want me to dwell and mope.

I just wish he could still be here to see it.


“What’s wrong?” Westley breathes as Madeleine suddenly pulls away from his kisses.

With a small smile, Maddie shrugs and shakes her head. “You should go into politics,” she replies after a pause.

“Politics?” he laughs. “What? Where did that come from?”

“It’s just… The way you look at me, like I am the only girl alive… For a second, I almost believed that you care about me.”

“Maddie, I-”

“Hush,” she grins and reaches up to kiss him. “I know better than to delude myself. Still, consider it. You would make a dashing politician.”

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“It’s okay if you don’t smile today. I’ll just try again." 

"Sometimes I feel like I should be spending my day doing better things.”

“I can’t express how proud I am of you, but I hope you understand anyway.”

“Can you explain what went through your mind when you did this?”

“Do you have any regrets?”

“I don’t want to interrupt your daily mope session, but we have things to do.”

▲ Zangelo

Accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came AU

Zoey didn’t expect a lot from anyone, in fact she expected most people to either be indifferent to her plight or actively trying to hurt her so she knew better than to make a call but she was feeling unstable on her feet and remembered just how far of a walk it was to get home. Besides her inhibitions when it came to being personable were much lower when she was drunk, which meant she had her phone out and calling Angelo before she’d even really known what she was doing. “Hey! Are you still up? Not that I want to interrupt you from another very exciting night of moping around but… I think I need a ride. Or another drink. Either way I think you should come down here. Just… call me back or whatever when you get this. If you ever do. I think I’m just going to go… find a place to lie down.” Hanging up, Zoey could barely even remember leaving that voicemail so when she found herself sitting on the curb outside the bar and looking up at him, she gave him a goofy grin. “Fancy meeting you here.”

Let’s make this very clear.

I do not want to find out Jess has been pining for Rory for years.

I want him to have had his own life, his own chance to move on.

If he has moved on, and still finds that there is a light there after all those years.

That’s what I want.

I don’t want him moping around because he lost the girl.

I want him living and having a life, but when he’s reunited with the girl from his past, the one who got away - I want him to remember OH THIS IS WHAT LOVE IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE.

setosorcerer day 2016

so last year i found out that no one knew about it until the day before, so to help prevent that from happening again i’m going to try and make a short post about it every now and then.

June 1st is SetoSorcerer day; a day for the fans to remember that happy times and to reconnect a bit. 

share your seto fan art and fan fictions with #SetoSorcererDay !

remember; its about remember the happy times and all the fun we’ve had as a fandom. i notice that people are often really sad or melancholy when it comes to Seto, and i don’t blame them; i miss him too.

but a part of me doesn’t think that being sad is the way to go. sure hes not doing videos anymore, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a favorite video, or a funny story to share. Seto made us happy even when he didn’t realize it, so i don’t think he would want us sad and moping around.

i feel like a broken record but again, this is to remember the good times and be happy that he did youtube in the first place.

TL;DR #SetoSorcererDay June 1st! share your fan art, fan fics, good times and happy memories with the rest of the fans! 

hope this year will be a blast :)

I don’t actually mind brooding or angsty male characters, the issue I have is them treating their love interest like crap and somehow she finds that attractive.

Honestly you can give me the sulkiest, broodiest angst machine but just have him treat his girl with love and respect. If he says something mean to her he at least apologizes. He’s nice to her. He doesn’t insult her for her personality or interests. He can angst and whine and mope about all he wants for all I care, just stop making him an a-hole because that’s the opposite of romantic it’s just obnoxious!


Some recent sketchbook pages ! (I’m trying out a new smaller sketchbook that I think is a really good and cheaper alternative to moleskine it’s called Fabriano, I really like it !)

The first page spread is practicing foreshortening, used my own reflection in the window for reference. The second page spread is random moped and motorcycle designs, which led into the third page spread where I did quick sketch studies of some motorcycles cause I want to understand them better to make better moped/motorcycle designs in future !

And also there’s some cute biker dragons haha (its a sub species of Geisthirins, it’s one of Jude’s and my personal species that’s part of a world for a comic in the distant future xD)

oh also please consider buying my latest Gumroad sketchbook update!

happy 2 days late birthday miku! i tried out medibang paint pro for illustration fully for the first time today. It’s great for sketching and adding blur filters/text/stamp brushes (since photoshop goes as slow as a snail carrying a sloth, which is going nowhere) but doing full pictures is quite the challenge honestly ;;

It works a lot slower than SAI and it still doesn’t have as many important features (for me) that SAI carries. However it does allow me to do a lot more new things now, not to mention it works across many devices, and I hope to use it more in the future!

less than a week until school starts and i still have so much i want to do!!!!!!!! like sleep!!!! and eat!!!!! and mope around!!!!! how will i get this stuff done in less than a week!!!!

Exo Reactions To Waking Up With A Hangover

Done xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *remembers small details about what happened* “I can’t believe they let me do that. They better not have taken videos. I was naked.” *cringes*

Chanyeol: *looks at the time* “I can’t believe I slept for 15 hours… what happened last night?”

Chen: *pouts to Xiumin to tell him what happened as he tries to will away a headache*

D.O.: *walking death, remembering every little detail as it all comes flowing back to him* “I want to die.”

Kai: *mopes around, trying to remember what happened & trying to forget what he does remember*

Kris: “I took shots off of Xiumin’s abs, didn’t I? …I did.” *disappointed in himself*

Lay: *blinks* “Was there a cactus involved at some point?”

Luhan: “Don’t think about his penis. Don’t think about his penis… fuck.” *traumatized*

Sehun: *literally doesn’t know what to do so he just walks around*

*then stops to think & walks around some more*

Suho: *totally fine because he didn’t drink very much* 

Tao: *remembers making out with Chen* “I want to vomit.”

Xiumin: *just really sleepy, not very hungover, big cuddly squishy baby*


Roosje: I should have visited more! I should have been here more. All mom wanted was to have me around but I was so self absorbed that I didn’t notice. 

Tanner: Your mom did want you around more but you’re feeling guilty for growing up and moving on with your life? 

Roosje: Dad…

Tanner: She was proud of you, granted she wanted to hold on, she was still proud of you and I doubt she would want to see you moping about in your condition. Your mom loved you and she in no way regretted letting you move on to live your own life.