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Remember last summer’s chibis? The first meeting between Chibi Bucky and Big Steve, Bucky in the cardboard-box like an homeless kitty, Steve facing off against Big!Tony, and then Steve and Sam looking everywhere for “Steve’s Bucky”??
Yeah, here’s the ending of THAT journey at last!! ;D

I want a female NPC event.

Oichi and MC ditching the guards, sneaking out of the castle and running off to go visit Ohana.

Kita and MC going on a hot springs trip together for some R&R.

Yuki teaching MC self defense while Saizo glowers from the rooftop.

MC giving Ai some girl tips because she’s been living in a castle full of men for so long.


I Just Want You All To Myself Tate Langdon x Reader

Words: 3,213

Request: @multihxe :Could you do a Tate imagine where he gets jealous because y/n was having a study session with some boy from school and the boy was getting a little too close to her??

Description: You invite a boy over to study and it starts going south, espcially with Tate.

Author’s Note: @multihxe I hope this is what you wanted!! I apologize if it is far from ehat you wanted! Requests are open! Enjoy reading. XOXO


I had just moved to the infamous Murder House in Los Angeles, California, a couple months ago. It wasn’t as bad as I thought moving across the country and starting brand new. The reason why my family and I moved was because my dad had an affair on my mom. My mom isn’t happy. I know that is because anytime my dad tries to hold her hand she takes her hand away from his. Also if he enters the room she has to be at the other side of the room so that there isn’t any arguments. I just don’t get why they don’t just get a divorce. I mean seriously they are both unhappy in their marriage. Even though my mom still says they love each other. I could actually care less. i have someone in my life who loves and cares for me. His name is Tate Langdon. He is one of my dad’s patients. My dad is a psychiatrist. I didn’t really care if he was crazy. At least he is seeking help to get better. It was all really fate how we met. I was just walking downstairs and I bumped into him while going to the kitchen. It was awkward it was just us staring into our eyes. He then broke  the tension by laughing. I muttered a ‘Sorry’ and he said ‘Don’t me.’ I guess what they say is true. Love at first sight is real, well for me and Tate that is. There was something wrong with Tate though. The thing is that he is dead. I don’t care though. He admitted to all the wrong things he has done and I couldn’t be happier.

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Anyways I was at school at Westfield and was getting my books to go to my next class. I closed my locker shut. When I did there was a jock right behind where the locker was.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Jacob said.

“Hi Jacob. Would you mind getting out of the way for me to go to my next class.” I said while rolling my eyes.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be like that (Y/N). I just want to talk!” He said.

“What do you want to talk about? You better talk fast because you have thirty seconds.” I said.

“Okay well you know that big science test we have?” I shook my head yes.”Well I was wondering if maybe I could go to your house and we could have a study session? Maybe you could help me ace it?” He asked.

“Okay. Meet me at my house at four, okay?” I said not really wanting to let him come over.

“Thanks (Y/N)! You’re the best!” Jacob goes to kiss my cheek but I put my hand infront of my face before he could. 

“Sorry but none of that!” I said then he awkwardly left. I went to my last period of the day, Science. Jacob was staring at me the whole time during class. “How am I supposed to help him study if he isn’t paying attention at all?” I mentally groaned. The bell rung and I rushed to get out of the classroom before Jacob could approach me. I arrived at my locker and I grabbed my science textbook and notes to help me study with Jacob. I quickly packed it in my backpack and I ran out the school doors before Jacob could once again approach me. I walk to my car and unlock it. I got in and drove to my house. I quickly got out of my car seeing that both my parents were still out of town for a day trip. I rushed inside to see what time it was and it was three fifteen. I let a sigh out of my mouth as I knew that Jacob wasn’t going to be here soon. 

“Hey babe!” Tate said. His voice startled me and I jumped landing in strong arms knowing that it was Tate. 

“Hey!” I said and turned around in his arms to see his face. He let go of the frip he had on me and put his arms around my waist while I put my hands on both of his cheeks. “I missed you so much today Tate. Why do you have to be isolated here?” I whined.

“I don’t know but it is worth it to see you come home and be able to be with you as soon as possible. I missed you too.” He said then kissed my forehead. He brought his face closer to mine and I stepped on my tippy toes and kissed him. We had a little make out session in the kitchen but I didn’t care. There was no one there to see it.  I broke apart and went to look at the kitchen timer and saw that it was three fifty-eight.

“Oh my gosh! Tate you have got to disappear like now!” I said.

“Why whats going on? Are your parents here?” Tate asked.

“No. I have a friend coming over for a study session.” I said.

“So? I would love to meet them. I think it is about time that you tell your friends that you have a boyfriend.” Tate said.

“Yeah and then whta would happen if they wanted a double date and NOT on Halloween, huh?” I said.

“And that is why you are the smart one in this relationship.” He said.

“Tate, can you PLEASE just disappear?” I begged.

“Okay. I love you” He said.

“I love you too.”I smiled and pecked his lips but then he grabbed my neck and started kissing me more.

“TATE!” I said by being muffled by his lips on mine.

“Okay fine. Bye.” He smiled and said.

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Then I blinked my eyes and he was gone. I heard the doorbell ring and I rushed to answer it.

“Hi Jacob.” I said while letting him in.

“Hi (Y/N)! How are you today?” Jacob said and smiled cheekly.

“Are we ready to study?” I said wanting to get this study session over with. 

“Yep.” Jacob responded.

“Alright. Follow me.” I said. I closed and locked the door and we walked up my staircase to my room. “Here you can set your bookbag next to my desk on the right.” I said.

“Okay!” He said while putting his bookbag down. I pointed to the two chairs at my desk as saying to sit down here. Jacob did but only after he pulled my chair out. 

“Oh, thanks.” I said while sitting down.

“Anything for the lady.” He said. I mentally prayed hoping Tate wasn’t lurking in the corner watching all of what was happening. Little did I know that that was exactly happening. I soon let that thought slip my mind  and that was the worst thing to do. I saw Jacob looking through his bookbag over and over again.

“What is wrong?” I asked.

“I might have accidentally left my science stuff in my locker.” He said looking down embarrased.

“Okay. I guess we will just have to share.” I said 

“Okay. Sorry.” He said.

“It’s fine.” I said. I started to read section by section. When I was done with a paragraph I would ask him if I needed to explain anything to him and he would usually say yes.

“Can I say something before you continue reading?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said not sure of what he was going to say.

“You are really cute when you are explaining this stuff to me.” He said.

“Um, I think you should know that I have a boyfriend.” I said.

“Well he isn’t here so that means I can do this.” He said.

“That means you can do w—” I tried to ask but his lips met mine and struggled to pull him away from me. He put his hand around my neck and pulled me closer. I couldn’t escape. I started to kiss back. We parted and started to kiss again. My thoughts soon interrupted me. ‘(Y/N)! Are you kidding me? YOU HAVE TATE! STOP KISSING JACOB NOW!’

“Stop! I shouldn’t be doing this. I think it is a good thing for you to leave now.” I said standing up and taking charge.

“Why? I thought you liked me.” He said.

“No! I have a boyfriend! That I am happily with!” I said. Jacob stood up and started approaching me.

“Oh come on don’t be like that!” He grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. We were just inches apart when Tate barged in the door.

“HEY! HANDS OFF OF HER!” Tate yelled. Everything happened so fast. The next thing I know is Jacob is on the ground with Tate on top of him, beating Jacob to a pulp.

“TATE! STOP!” I yelled making Tate stop and look at me.”Run Jacob!” JAcob got up and ran for his life and I heard the front door slam shut and let out the breath I was holding.

“Tate! Why did you do that?” I asked yelling.

“He had his hands all over you! I wasn’t going to let him touch you like that!”

“Yes but I had it undercontrol! I was going to stop him until you barged in and trampled him!” I said.



“I AM NOT JEALOUS!” Tate said.

“YOU SO ARE! When my guy friend came over here you lurked in the corner and when he just reached over me you started yelling your head off at him. It’s like if a guy just looked at me then you would kill him!” I said.

“Oh I’m sorry that I can’t be protective of my GIRLFRIEND!” 


“I JUST LOVE YOU! Is that a crime?” He yelled but then started to cry. “I just love you!” Then he started to cry even harder. Then it made me cry.

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“Yes but what you do isn’t what I want. I don’t want to become your…property.” I said with my voice being choked up.

“Then what are you going to do then (Y/N)?” He said.

“I’m going to do something I never dreamed of.” I said while crying and shutting my eyes.

“No please (Y/N). Don’t do what I think you’re going to do.” He pleaded.

“Go away.” I whispered with my eyes shut. When I gained confidence I said it again but louder.”GO AWAY!” I yelled. I opened my eyes adn i didn’t see Tate anymore. I collapsed to the ground and tried to keep my body from shaking.

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“I’m sorry (Y/N). I love you.” Tate said but I couldn’t hear it. 

The next few days were awful. I didn’t have anything to look forward to when I came home. But i still didn’t want to see him. I want to wait for a little bit. I want him to rethink what he is doing that made me do this to him. My parents started to travel more without me. I was just home alone moping wanting to feel him around me but I knew that it was to early. I was doing this to save our relationship and maybe start again or begin where we left off.

October, Four Months After

I think I am going to let Tate back into my life now. I walked around my house on October 7 calling out his name. I went to the basement.

“Tate? I’m ready now. I’m ready to pick up our relationship. I miss you too much.” I said while walking around. I finally saw him come out of the shadows and I started to cry when I saw his tear stained face with a tear trickiling down.

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“(Y/N). Is that you? Really you?” Tate asked.

“Yes baby its really me.” I said. I start running towards him and he picks me up and twirls me around. “I missed you so much. I am sorry for doing that to you but I had to let you know what you were doing and how it bothered me.” I said letting him know the reason.

“I know the time you spent away from me allowed me to think about what was wrong with me. What I was doing wasn’t love it was crazy obsession jealousy. I am so sorry.” He said.

“It’s okay. I forgive. I thank you for protecting me Tate. I love you.” I pulled away from the embrace we found ourselves in.

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“I love you (Y/N). I care about your feelings more than mine and I am thankful that you gave me a wake up call if I continued what I was doing.” Tate said. I pulled his neck down to mine and we kissed. We kissed for a long time and it was full of passion and longing for each other.

After that day everything was back to normal. It was the day before Halloween and Tate had told me to go downstairs to the basement. I did.

“Tate?” I said and then turned to walk facing away from the stairs. I turned around I was met with a man in a black suit. “TATE!” I yelled backing away but the man just started walking towards me. “TATE!” I was pressed against the staircase as the man was infront of me pressed against me. All of a sudden I heard him laughing. He unzipped his cap and it was Tate.

“YOU JERK!” I yelled and pushed him.

“I scared you.” He teased.

“Did not.” He then leaned closer to my head and we kissed. 

“I really didn’t scare you?” he said as we pulled apart.

“I said no. When are we going to go on a real date?” I asked.

“On Halloween. That’s the only day of the year where I am allowed out of this house.”

“Okay!” I said and pecked his cheek. “What did you want me to come down here.” I asked.

“Oh right! I got you this rose.” Tate said as he handed it to me. I gladly took it. “I painted it black, I know how you don’t like normal things.”

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“I think this is the sweetest thing that a boy has ever done for me. Thank you.” I stood on my tippy toes and kissed on the lips. We broke apart. “Is that it? I have to go back to do my homework if thats all.”

“Yes thats it. I love you.” 

“I love you too. See you tomorrow for our date.” I winked and started to walk upstairs to my bedroom. 

Halloween Night

Tonight is when Tate and I were going to go on our date. I got ready for it. I didn’t know where we were going but I knew that anything was going to be perfect with him. A knock came on my door and I opened it to see Tate.

“Are you ready for our date?” He asked.

“Of course I am! Where are we going?” I asked.

“Somewhere that I loved to go when I was in high school, where i could let all the stress free from my head when times got tough.” 

“Okay! Do I need to bring anything extra?”

“Nope. If it gets cold you have me to warm you up.” He warmly smiled. We exited the house and started to walk. It was a good fifteen minute walk and then we reached our destination, the beach. We walked over to the lifeguard booth and I sat down on a concrete wall. When I had just sat down I felt my phone buzzing. I took out my phone and I saw that it was my mom calling. 

“(Y/N) where are you?” my mom said frantically.

“I’m just hanging with friends.” I said and looked where Tate was and he was fooling around on the lifeguard ‘porch’. “I’m sorry i should have called or left a note. Is this the part where you make me come home?” I said praying it wasn’t.

“Are you safe?”

“I swear.” 

“Are you having fun?”


“Was there anything that happened while we were gone?”

“There was some banging but I think it was just some little kids playing a prank.” I felt something on my neck and I realized that it was Tate.

“I want you home in an hour.”

“Okay. All right. Bye.” I tried to hang up quickly so I could spend more time with Tate. I finally hung up.

“Who was that?” Tate asked and stopped kissing my neck.

“My mom.” I smiled.

“Oh.” He said. Then he leaned closer to me and kissed me. We pulled apart and we walked down to the beach. When we reached the sand I layed down and he got on top of me and started kissing me again.

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We eventually stopped not wanting to get any further. He sat up with me and put his arm around me. He got up and light a fire. Then he returned and sat next to me, pulling me close. I rested my head against his.

“I used to come here when the world would close in and got so small I couldn’t breathe. I’d used to look out in the ocean and think, ‘Yo, scum bag, high school counts for jack. Kurt Cobain, Quentin Tarantino, Brando, De Niro, Pacino.” I looked at him as he turned his head to look at me. “All high school dropouts. I hated high school.  So I’d come out here and I’d look at this vast, limitless exspanse. And it’s like, thats your life, man. You can do anything. You can be anything. Screw high school. That’s…that’s just a blip in your timeline. Don’t get stuck there.” He looked at me and I leaned my head on his.

“Very knowledgable Tate. I love you.” I looked at him and kissed him.

“I love you too.” He said when we pulled apart. 

“Tate, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Anything.” Tate responded.

“Why would you get so jealous?” I said with my head leaning in his. He took in a deep breath.

“I would get so jealous because I saw what it did to my parents when my dad didn’t care. When he would just let go. They were so much in love until he stopped caring. I didn’t want that to happen to us. I love you too much but to be completley honest it was because I just want you all to myself. I don’t want to share you. I want you to be with me and only me.” He said and then kissed me deeply.

“I understand Tate. I don’t want that to happen to us either. I will love you forever.”

“I will too.” 

That night was filled with love. I didn’t want whatever happened to Tate’s parents to happen to us.  I wouldn’t allow that but I understand why he reacted that way and I can’t say I blame him. I will spend forever with him. No. Matter. What.

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FP Jones/Andrew’s Family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 11

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AN: We are getting so close to finishing this series which makes me sad but I’m thankful for all of you and I finally hit 4k followers this weekend which incredible!!

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)(Part Five)(Part Six)(Part Seven)(Part Eight)(Part Nine)(Part Ten)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 2,462

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic,

Archie thought it best to miss out the gory details of his and FP’s conversation by telling you that FP didn’t talk at all whilst he was there. 

In the meantime, you had managed to convince Kevin to talk to Joaquin about FP’s one phone call and that was the next piece of the puzzle that you were waiting on. 

Archie had informed you that FP had been working with another Serpent called Mustang but what he didn’t tell you was that he was going with Kevin, Joaquin and Veronica to go interrogate said-Serpent. You didn’t find out until Archie called you to ask for a lift. 

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sunrise over florida

wordcount: 855

genre: fluff // warnings: language

i heard @nihilist-toothpaste wanted ridiculously soppy dan-deciding-to-stay-in-florida. this happened. hi.

Sunrise comes soft and Easter-egg yellow, seeping into the sky like honey, the salty-fresh wind off the waves cutting through the warmer night air. Phil’s hand is cold and comforting in Dan’s – the beach is empty – they’re walking much closer than they usually do and Dan can’t bring himself to care very much.

“I’m going to miss you,” Dan says, quiet. Phil smiles at him sideways, crooked and bittersweet. His sunglasses cover his eyes, but Dan knows the expression in them all the same.

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Just Friends?

Summary: Tom, Harrison and you are a trio, but when you fell for Tom years ago, any future you have with him is jeopardized. 

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,415

A/N: Surprise!!! Wrote this is one go late last night! Thank you to the anon that inspired me by making me emo. I hope you all enjoy!

You were best friends with Tom and Harrison for as long as you can remember. You all didn’t go to the same school, but lived on the same street and you would always play tag and other games with each other growing up, and as you got older, play dates would turn into movie or game nights. Another thing that changed was your feelings for Tom in particular. You didn’t know why you fell for Tom, but you did and it was the worst feeling ever because Tom liked someone else, that wasn’t you.

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Drift Together

Pairing: Reader x Vernon
Genre: angst?, fluff, High School!AU
Request: “ Could you do a Hansol au? The ‘plot’ being: the reader is a very popular highschooler and everyone loves them. One day they find out their s/o has been cheating on them in one of the empty classroom. Later (still) at school, they start crying on the rooftop and Hansol (who’s the residential “bad boy”) finds the reader crying. They become friends and later more! Also, could you make the reader, flirty and charming?”
Word count: 4,159
A/N: Requested by smol anon. Sorry that this took me so so long! I hope you see this! Also I’m so bad at titles please forgive me


Today’s weather seemed set on offending you. The warmth and brightness of the sun seemed to sneer at you, mocking you for your own miserable demeanor. The sun only emphasized the warmth in your cheeks as you stormed outside, doing your best to stop yourself from crying. You couldn’t. Not here, anyway. Not at school. That would be a disaster.

You managed to make your way to the very back of the school, hiding yourself among the dumpsters. You sunk to the floor, resting your back against the hot, black plastic of one of the dumpsters. It smelt terrible, but you didn’t have the energy to care. You’d just caught your partner cheating on you. At school. In an empty classroom, for anyone to discover. They hadn’t even waited to get home. They’d only just sent you a text this morning telling you how much they loved you.

You burst into tears. Hot, unadulterated tears streamed down your face. Bile had risen in your throat. Just the thought of the two of them, shirts unbuttoned, with lips swollen from kissing was enough to make you want to throw up. How could they do this to you? Nine months. It had been nine months. Maybe that wasn’t very long in the grand scheme of life, but it had felt like something important to you. You’d thought that the two of you had been in love; and you had been, for all you’d known. What were people going to think?

The two of you had maintained a relatively high level relationship, after all. How were you going to confront people, if this got out?

It didn’t matter if everyone loved you. You were alone.

“Oh.” A voice broke your train of thought. “Hello.”

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   But only motorcyclist. Not mopets. Mopets get ignored. Sometimes a motorcyclist waves at me. I’m only riding a mopet. This confuses me. And makes me feel but strong. But the motorcyclist must have confused me for something bigger.    

Ive read this three times and it gives me a really uncanny and yet completely understandable feeling that I cannot express in words, thank you for the poetry Jack <3

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136 and 48 for Yondu please :)

Characters: Reader x Yondu Udonta

Warnings: mentions of nightmares

Prompts: 48: “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.” 136: “You had a nightmare, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

Word Count: 300

A/N: first Yondu request !!

Want to request a drabble? Read this post [x]

You stared blankly out the window as the crew rushed around the ship. You were so spaced out you hadn’t heard Yondu call your name for the third time.

“y/n.” he grabbed your shoulder, and you jolted. You looked up at him and tried to plaster on a smile, but you didn’t fool him. He sat down besides you and you leaned on his shoulder, and he put an arm around you. “What’s wrong, honey?” 

“Nothing.” you muttered, and Yondu scoffed.

“You had a nightmare, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.” he said, and you looked up at him. He shrugged nonchalantly. “You kept tossing and turning in your sleep.”

“It’s okay, Yondu.” you leaned back into his chest. “I’ll get over it.” 

“Nah, I don’t want you to mope around like this.” he took your chin in his hand and lifted it up. “I wanna see you smile again.” 

You giggled a bit, and Yondu grinned triumphantly. One of the crew members called his name and Yondu turned around and waved him away.

“I don’t want to distract you from your work.” you said a little guiltily, and Yondu shrugged.

“You distract me everyday with you’re beauty.” he gave you a wide grin, and you gave him a shove but blushed. “I wanna spend time with you.” 

“Oh, Yondu,” you laughed. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

“Well I don’t mind being clingy if it means I get to be with you.” he shrugged, getting to his feet. He offered you his hand and pulled you up, and took your face in his hands. “Feelin’ better?” 

“Much better.” you reassured him, and he took your hand as the two of you walked towards the cockpit of the ship.

The Stories We Tell

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2176

Summary:  The reader tries to move on after but there are obstacles.

Warnings:  Some fluff, some angst, some humor, lots of swearing

Not all love stories have a happy ending.  

And there’s nothing wrong with that.  

Sometimes two people can love each other completely, and still break up.  It’s not that it ended, it’s that it ran its course.  

You loved him completely, and always would.  But the story of you two together, sweaty and tangled in bed sheets, desperately reaching for each other after a hunt, curled up in front of the TV, that story was over.

Now there was only friendship.  And it was okay, you promised yourself.  

It was okay.  

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I don’t want Oswald moping and crying over Edward.

He’s done enough of that.

I’m here for Triumphant!Oswald.

I want Oswald enjoying his new club.

I want Oswald keeping his new ice sculpture temperature controlled.

I want Oswald flipping him off every now and then even though he can’t see it.

I want drunk Oswald dancing with one of his attractive waiters, flirting with them openly.

Give me happy Oswald loving living in his aesthetic rather than being locked away in depression and anger.

Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

Chapter 11. Simon.

This is the worst fight Basilton and I have ever had.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time. Baz didn’t come back to the room last night and I haven’t seen him all day. I’m worried that something’s happened to him. Either that, or he’s seriously mad at me, and I don’t know what I did.

I think my wing might be broken. It hurts when I move it. On top of that, I can feel a black eye forming, my head is pounding like hell, and my entire body feels sore. I’m bleeding in at least three places.

I can’t fly home, and the wing hurts too much, so I transform back into my normal form and catch a taxi back to Watford. The driver looks concerned and suggests that we detour by the hospital, but I insist on going straight home.

I’ll be fine. I heal quickly. It’ll just hurt for a day or two. I haven’t been this badly hurt before, but Baz always helps me. I’ll have to come up with some explanation. (I don’t want to lie to him. Not again.)

I trudge up the stairs to our room, wincing in pain with every step. When I open the door, I find Baz sitting at his desk and breathe a sigh of relief. The door swings shut behind me with a thud that reverberates loudly through my head.

I groan, taking two steps into the room and collapsing on my bed. The impact sends fresh pain through my body.

‘Fuck, everything hurts,’ I whimper into my pillow. I’m met with silence, and after I wait for half a minute and nothing happens, I turn my head to look at Baz. He’s still at his desk, and he looks like he’s reading his textbook.


He ignores me completely.

‘Baz, please,’ I say. ‘Talk to me.’

There’s no response. My headache is getting worse, and I start seeing spots.

‘What did I do…’ I whisper, seconds before I pass out.

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without you, there is no more sun. there is no more light. there are no more stars. the moon doesnt come out anymore. without you, i am lost. i am broken, i am in pain, struggling to continue. without you, my whole world feels like its slowly starting to crumble all around me as im standing there watching everything fall in front of me. without you, my heart feels weak. its empty.. craving your love. without you, i feel like i dont even know my name.. dont know right from wrong, dont know up from down, dont know wrong from right. without you, i dont want to live. i dont want to continue. i dont want to wake up. i dont want to wake up everyday knowing youre not here. moping around feeling sorry for myself, waiting for you to come back, show up, something. i dont want to be here without you. without you,my life doesnt have purpose. my life doesnt have meaning. my life is dull. full of grey clouds and rainy days. without you, my life isnt my life anymore. im not living anymore, im only existing. you were my life. you are my life. without you, i am not me. i will never be me again. i will never know who i am ever again. and thats whats scary.. without you, i am nothing. i am worthless. i am lifeless. walking around like a dead corpse. i am just another ant on the ground, existing. not being noticed.. too small for anyone to look or care about. without you, life sucks. and i dont want my life to suck anymore.


“Good Morning America!” Darcy said enthusiastically.  “How’s the view from your part of the world?”

“It would be much better if you were here, Darce.”  He replied honestly. “And, I just got up.”

“You’re slacking off, Handsome.”  Darcy teased him.  “It’s 8a.m. in New York. What happened to your ‘ass crack of dawn’ morning run?”

“Can’t sleep good without you, Sweetheart.”  A hint of loneliness in his voice. “Been far away for far too long.” Darcy frowned.  She knew that Steve hated losing time with people he loved.  One of the side effects of his seventy years ice nap.

“I love it when you use song lyrics, to show how much you care about me”  Darcy said, trying to make him smile. “Much better than any mixed tape.”  

“That wasn’t intentional, it’s how I feel.  But, I’m surviving without you.” Taking a bite of his corn flakes before continuing.  “Not that I want to. Natasha kicks my ass when I start to mope.  I guess I have you to thank for that.”

“Yes, you do.”  Darcy explained.  “No one likes seeing a sad Steve Rogers.   It’s the equivalent of someone taking all cat videos off the Internet.  It’s something that you don’t want to happen.”

“I must sound lonely, needy and desperate for you.” Steve replied.  “It’s official, I’m in love.  I’m blaming you.”

“Damn straight you’re mine.”  Smiling and sounding very proud of herself.  “And, you’re not needy or desperate.”  You just miss your girl, and it’s nice to be loved and missed.”

“I’ve been away for a month, and the separation has been hard on me too.  But, it proves we’re not clingy or joined at the hip.”

“At least the time difference isn’t that huge.  London is four hours ahead of New York City.  You could alway steal the Quinjet, and come visit me.”

“Always an option.”  Steve said regretfully. “Unfortunately,  I have to be a responsible leader.  Putting my wants and needs aside, no matter how much I don’t like or want to.“

“Let’s blame Jane for our misery.”  She continued.  “How dare she be the world’s only expert on the Convergence. She’s finally getting the scientific acknowledgement she deserves, and a Nobel Peace Prize.“ 

“All the fame is keeping me away from my cuddly human space heater. At least, we both have our comfort foods.” Purposely slurping her coffee to prove her point.

“How’s your corn flakes, and what you call ‘real’ milk in the glass bottle?” She asked, and Steve knew what she was going to say next.  “Do you know the real reason corn flakes were invented?”

“Some crazy doctor thought it was a way to stop people from masturbating. An anti-sex food.”   It really was one of the most ridiculous, but true things that he had read about. “Internet so helpful.”

“And, how’s that working for you?”  Darcy laughed.  “You eat that cereal like it’s religion.  Is it curing that craving?”

“Not even close.”  He replied, his voice a little rougher. “You’re the only taste I crave.”

“Damn it, Steve!  Now I need to have room service bring me a few boxes of corn flakes…you know for Science.”

“Save the science experiment for when you come home.”  He laughed. “I’ll demand our money back if it doesn’t work.”

“Very funny.”  Darcy said.  “I already told Jane that when we get back,  I’m taking a few days off to work on my science experiment.”  

“Like Jane would have any say in the matter.”  He replied. “I’ll probably go all caveman on you.  Throw you over my shoulder, and carry you back to our apartment.”

“As long as it doesn’t end there.”  She demanded. “I expect a lot of sex and cuddling when I come home.  Phone sex, sexting you while you’re in a meeting and video chats don’t compare to the real thing.”

“I don’t sleep well without you either.  She finished, stifling a yawn.  “I need to feel you wrapped around me.  Guess that means I’m in love.  It’s all your fault.”

“Damn right it is.”  He replied, and Darcy could picture the smile on his face.  “I love you, now get some sleep.”

“Love you too, Steve.” She replied.  “I’ll hang up, and let you have some quality time with your anti-sex food.”

Steve hung up the phone, and ate another spoonful. Whoever believed that cereal was a cure for masturbation, obviously didn’t have someone like Darcy Lewis in their lives.

(Yes, it’s crazy but true. In 1894, two brothers, Dr John Harvey Kellogg and Will Keith “WK” Kellogg, were running a sanitarium and health spa in the town of Battle Creek, Michigan. Corn flakes were originally invented as a way to stop people from masturbating. )

It was March 1, 1960, the night before Elvis was to leave Germany to return to the States. We were lying on his bed, our arms around each other. I was in a state of complete despair. “Oh, Elvis,” I said, “I just wish there were some way you could take me with you. I can’t stand the thought of life without you. I love you so much.” I began sobbing, my anguish overcoming my control, “Shhh, Baby,” Elvis whispered. “Try to calm down. There’s nothing we can do.” “I’m just afraid you’ll forget me the moment you land,” I cried. He smiled and kissed me gently. “I’m not going to forget you, Cilla. I’ve never felt this way about another girl. I love you.” “You do?” I was stunned. Elvis had said that I was special before, but he’d never said that he loved me. I wanted so badly to believe him, but I was frightened of getting hurt. I’d read some of Anita’s letters, and I was sure Elvis was on his way back to her open arms. Holding me close, he said, “I’m torn with the feelings I have for you. I don’t know what to do. Maybe being away will help me understand what I really feel.” That night our lovemaking took on a new urgency. Would I ever see him again, be in his arms the way I had been nearly every night for the past six months? I missed him already. I could not bear the thought of the night ending and our saying goodbye for what I thought would be the last time. I wept and wept until my body ached with pain. For the last time I begged him to consummate our love. It would have been so easy for him. I was young, vulnerable, desperately in love, and he could have taken complete advantage of me. But he quietly said, “No. Someday we well, Priscilla, but not now. You’re just too young.” I lay awake all that night and early the next morning I was back at 14 Goethestrasse, lost in the midst of a large group of people milling about the living room. They were waiting to say goodbye to Elvis, who was upstairs finishing his last-minute packing. Knowing that I alone would be accompanying him to the airport gave me a little comfort. When Elvis came downstairs, he laughed and joked with everyone there. Finally, after saying his last good-bye, Elvis turned to me. “Okay, Little One, it’s time to go.” I nodded glumly and followed him out the door. Oblivious to the drizzling rain, hundreds of fans were waiting outside. When they saw Elvis they went crazy, begging him to sign autographs. When he finished he jumped into the waiting car and pulled me in behind him. As the door slammed, the driver accelerated and we sped toward the airport. We rode for a long while in silence, both of us lost in thought. Elvis was gazing out the window, frowning over the falling rain. “I know it’s not going to be easy for you to go back to being a schoolgirl again after being with me, Cilla, but you’ve got to. I don’t want you to be sitting around moping after I leave, Little One.” I started to protest, but he silenced me. “Try to have a good time, write to me every chance you get. I’ll look forward to your letters. Get pink stationery. Address them to Joe. That way I’ll know they’re from you. I want you to promise me you’ll stay the way you are. Untouched, as I left you. “I will,” I promised “I’ll look for you from the top of the ramp. I don’t want to see a sad face. Give me a little smile. I’ll take that with me.” Then, handing me his combat jacket and the sergeant’s stripes he’d recently been awarded, he said, “I want you to have these. It shows you belong to me."After that, he held me tight. As we approached the airport, the cheers of the waiting crowds grew louder. We drove as close to the runway as possible, then Elvis turned to me and said, "This is it, Baby.” We got out as cameras flashed, reporters shouted, and screaming fans pressed toward us. Elvis held my hand and walked across the runway apron until the guard, who was there to escort Elvis to the plane, stopped me from going further. Elvis gave me a brief hug and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ll call you when I get home, Baby, promise.” I nodded, but before I could answer, we were pulled apart as the crowds rushed in. I was swept away by hundreds of fans, pushing and pulling, trying to get to him. I cried, “Elvis!” but he never heard me. He ran up the boarding steps. Then he turned and waved to the crowd, his eyes searching for me. I waved frantically, as did hundreds of other fans, yet he found me, and for one more brief moment, our eyes locked. Then he disappeared. Just like that. My parents came to the airport to drive me back to Wiesbaden. During the long ride I was silent.
For the next two days I locked myself in my room, unable to eat, unable to sleep.
Finally my mother said "This isn’t going to help. Moping around here isn’t going to bring him back. He’s gone. He’ll be getting into his new life, and so should you.
I forced myself to go to school and found myself swamped with photographers and reporters who were calling me ” the girl he left behind" and barraging me with questions
How old are you, Miss Beaulieu?
I’m uh-—"
“Your records show you’re only in the ninth grade”
“Well, ah yes, that—”
“How long have you known Mr Presley?”
“About….. Just a few months”
“What is your relationship with him?”
“We’re….. Just friends.”
“Has he called you since he returned.”
“No, but—”
“Did you know he’s seeing Nancy Sinatra?”
Suddenly feeling sick, I excused myself and left.

From “Elvis and Me”


Hope y'all are having a great morning!

I have actually had a pretty awful day so far, got chewed out this morning by my boss. Had to go in to fix a problem brought on by family members, gotta love family businesses! 😨

On a positive note I turned that frustration into one of the best runs I have had in 2 years! I want to continue this kind of perseverance instead of just moping around!

Hope you guys have an awesome day!

Push and Pull| Five

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|Chapter One| |Chapter Two| |Chapter Three| |Chapter Four| |Chapter Five| |Chapter Six|

pairing: Jimin x oc x Jaebum
genre: humor, angst, itty bitty fluff
word count: 2.8k
a/n: Isolde spent three years with Jimin after meeting him by chance in a dance studio. He was perfect and he loved her, she thought he was the one she’d spend the rest of her life with. That all crumbles when he decides he wants to please his parents and leave her so he can be with someone like him. Isolde is plummeted into turmoil and leaves her job as a choreographer to move back home to the states. A mutual friend named Im Jaebum reaches out to console her, lift her back up from her fragile state. It’s a push and pull tug between what she thought she had and what she could have.

Three and a half months had passed since I came back home to California to live with my mom and two younger sisters. The first two weeks, I spent most of that in my childhood bed crying, ignoring Jimin’s text and calls. After I avoided all of his attempts to contact me, he eventually gave up and I quit getting them. I didn’t get out of my bed for anything but showers and water in those two weeks. Mom supported me for as long as she could, but eventually made me get out of my cocoon, telling me life wouldn’t stop for me. She was right, I couldn’t be in bed and mope around forever, though that’s all I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

The first thing I did was go to the place my love for dance started and got my job back. My old boss, Reese, hired me back on the spot with no questions asked. She had taught me from the time I was five up until I was eighteen, when she made me a teacher at her academy. To be honest, she was probably my favorite person in the world, besides my own mother. She had told me once that dancing came from the heart, not from the head. It didn’t matter how good you were, if you didn’t let your heart lead you, there was no point in doing it. She was amazing, all around and I found myself feeling happy to be back somewhere so familiar to me. 

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idk if i'm like too late,cos you posted the prompt thing ages ago but if i'm not could you write 17 and 28 for michael, please xo

17. “Bite me.”
28. “Make me.”

“What’s got you so wound up today?” your boyfriend asked as he picked up the last box from the equipment trailer that he’d been helping out the crew with carrying into the venue. He looked up at you when you didn’t say anything, finding you with the same annoyed look on your face that had been there since the moment you woke up that morning. “Still giving me the silent treatment then?” he cocked an eyebrow, “Can I at least have a hint as to what I did to deserve it?”

“Oh, bite me, Clifford,” you rolled your eyes.

“As much as I would love to do that, kitten, we’re in public right now,” he said without even needed to think about it, “Can you at least just help me with the door?”

Make me,” you mumbled, crossing your arms over your stomach.

“Fine – don’t help,” Michael sighed softly, shrugging his shoulders, “But good luck convincing the guy at the front door you’re actually with me and not just another fan trying to get backstage.” You sat there for a moment – watching him as he approached the venue for the last time that afternoon – before hopping up and hurrying up behind him, spinning around to face him just before he reached the door.

“You wouldn’t,” you challenged.

“If you want to mope around, that’s fine by me, but I have work to do and I’m not your babysitter,” he reminded you. You huffed lightly as he went on, “So when you decide you wanna tell me why you’re so upset today, I’ll take a break – but until then, other people need me.”

You narrowed your eyes at him before spinning around, pulling the door open and walking into the venue, making a b-line for the band’s dressing room. Michael just sighed again, sticking his foot out to keep the door from closing on him and continuing about his work.


An hour later, Michael finally made his way back to the dressing room, finding you still there, but Ashton was now with you. Your head was on his lap and he could hear you snoring softly while the drummer was playing with your hair.

“Is everything okay between you two?” Ashton asked before Michael could say anything, “I came in here when I was done helping the crew and she was curled up on the couch, trying not to cry.”

“She’s been like that all morning,” Michael murmured, “But she’s giving me the silent treatment and I can’t figure out why.”

“Well, it must be pretty important then,” he shook his head, “Maybe you forgot something?”

“Like what? Her birthday isn’t for another three months and it’s not our anniversary either for another four. I have no idea what I did and she won’t tell me.”

“Maybe you should take a break and find out,” Ashton suggested. He then carefully got up, making sure not to wake you, and made his way to the door. “Good luck,” he said, patting Michael’s shoulders before closing the door behind him.

Michael sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, going to the couch and kneeling down beside where your head was. He pressed a kiss to your forehead, surprised to hear you start stirring, so he just continued to kiss your head until woke up.

After rubbing your eyes and getting them used to the bright lights in the room, you opened them. The first thing you saw was someone out of the corner of your eye, so you turned your head and found Michael watching you curiously. You grumbled under your breath, turning so your back was facing him.

Y/N,” he sighed again, “Can you just break the silent treatment for two seconds and tell me what I did? I can’t apologize for upsetting you unless I know why you’re so annoyed with me.” You were quiet for a moment, but you eventually gave in, swallowing thickly.

“You were supposed to be done with tour last week,” you mumbled.

That’s why you’re mad at me?” he asked in surprise, “Because we’re making up the shows we had to reschedule when Luke lost his voice?”

“You were supposed to be done,” your voice broke and you mentally cursed yourself for your eyes getting watery, “You were supposed to come home and stay home and not do shows and be with me and you’re not and it’s not fair.” When Michael finally realized why you’d been so upset with him – that you were only jealous something else was taking up all his time – he sighed again, this time in relief.

“Kitten,” he said gently, putting his hand on your shoulder and tugging on you so you would lie on your back. When you did, he smiled sadly at the tears in your eyes, wiping the ones that had already fallen with his thumb. “You had me to yourself that whole week Luke was sick,” he told you, “You knew we had to reschedule these shows.”

“But it just made it worse!” you exclaimed, the tears starting to flow again, “You came back and then you had to leave again!”

“Tonight’s the last make-up show, kitten,” he reminded you, wiping your face for a second time. He then decided to climb onto the couch and lay on top of you, propping himself up on his forearms and beginning to pepper it with kisses, “And then we get to go home and do nothing with each other for the next however long until we tour again.”

You wiggled your arms out from under Michael and wrapped them around his neck, pulling him all the way down on top of you. He didn’t bother trying to hold his weight off of you that time – he knew that when you hugged him like this, it was because you needed to know he was there – so he just allowed it to happen, simply continuing to press kisses to your ear and whispered reminders that he loved you.