i want a lip tattoo :(


I think of the things I’d like to say to you when you’re standing in front of me, mere feet away.

In all honesty, I’d probably be too shy or chagrined at myself or overwhelmingly smitten by your presence to say anything at all.

But I still think up of all the craziest poetic statements I’d want to say to your face just to watch your expression change from that solemn one to that amused one to that wild one. All that change, all that dynamic combustion of emotions you feel and that I, in my own way, compelled.

I’d tell you, I want your lips tattooed to the side on my neck – here, just where the curtain of my hair courts the crook where my shoulder ends at my irresistibility begins.

I’d tell you, I want those sinewy hands on my hips, those pianist fingers digging into my flesh, that fanned stance you’d assume as if in the middle of a dance where you dip me and I cling to your deceptively muscular form. And you smile, a smooth deceptively calculating spread of victory when the surface of the table miraculously lends credence to the arch of my back.

You brought me here. You do me here. I’m at your bidding and you know it. So release that Irish wilderness all over me. Whip up a ginger storm and ravage my clover field. Unchain that ancient beast to claim my bare territory. Do unto me as the Celtic melodies do at the very depths of the crashing sea and consume me, Bill.

“I’m ready. Take me.”

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My fiancé got my lips tattooed on his hip, like by his v lines and I'm dead. I think it is so hot. I'm on fire.

I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN SO FUCKING INTO THAT like I really want my future husband to get my lip print tattooed on his body somewhere. I love it 😍

Bones, blood & teeth erode. (a H.S one shot)

A/N: So, there’s a storm today in my country and there’s nothing else to do here but sleep, so my mind started wandering through all these ideas for a one shot and so I decided to write it down. :D If you want, listen to this song which was the one who inspired me to write it even though the lyrics has nothing to do with it but…it’s the feel of it. hehe. 

Hope you guys like it!

Warning: Sexual content. Read at your own risk.

We lay in silence. The soft rain against the glass window and our heart beats the only sound. Our bare bodies wrapped around each other, a blanket on top to keep us warm. As I run my index finger softly against his chest, last night’s memories come to my mind…

Harry taking me to a small house in the middle of a forest. Eating dinner then playing some music on the piano in the corner of the narrow room. Making love for the first time… He treated me so gently, like a precious treassure. I felt so loved, so beautiful.

“What are you smiling about?” his husky voice startles me from my thoughts.

I didn’t noticed he was awake. My lips press against his birthmark below his nipple.

“Mm? What’s in your head, love?” he smiles, running a finger down my cheek.

“Last night…” I whisper, resting my chin on his chest. My hair falls in waves around me.

“What about last night?”

“You treated me so lovely. Last night was magical. This place is magical. Thank you.” I shyly smile.

“Thank you, for trusting in me.” He runs the pad of his thumb against my botton lip. I slightly open my mouth and take his thumb between my lips, playfully biting it.

We’ve been dating for a year now. Being in a relashionship is so new to me, that the things Harry made me feel were so foreign to me. When things got heated up one night, I stopped him from going further. I didn’t spoke to him for two days, thinking he thought I was a stupid, silly girl. But I was just afraid. Afraid of my feelings for this man. This man laying beneathe me stole my virginity last night. He was patient, and I’m thankful for it. When I spoke to him after the heated night, I told him of my fears, and he understood.

“No, baby…you’re not stupid. I’m the stupid one. I got carried away that night. I’m sorry for scaring you. Those aren’t my intentions with you, love. Just…don’t be afraid to tell me how you’re feeling. If you ask me to stop, I’ll stop. If you want me to wait, I’ll wait. I want you to be comfortable around me. I want your trust.”

That day I told him I loved him for the first time, never taking my eyes off his.

“I love you too.”

After a few seconds of silence, I sit up. The white blanket falls from my upper half, exposing my chest to those deep green eyes, who are now very awake.

I chew on my bottom lip. My eyes travel down his chest, admiring his tattoos. He has so many. I want to count them all…with my lips. My fingers trace his butterfly tattoo. This glorious man is mine. Laying naked below me. I feel my cheeks turn pink.

“What are you doing, love?” his knuckles softly brush up and down my bare thigh.

“I want to kiss your body.” I’m sure he can hear my heart beating loudly on my chest. After last night I feel confident, but I’m still a little nervous.

“Kiss away, beautiful…” a dimple appears on his left cheek. He wraps his arms behind his head to have a better view of me.

And I start kissing him.

First his plump lips. Then each cheek, each eyebrow. When his eyelids close, I softly kiss them.

My curious lips travel down his chin to his neck, staying a few seconds longer against his pulse, feeling it quicken. I smile. I’m the one making his heart race.

I kiss the crook of his neck. His barely-there adam’s apple. Then I got up and kiss each of his ears, making sure I softly bite his earlobes knowing how much he loves when I bite them. He softly moans. My inner naughty self feels proud.

I kiss his collarbones. Both of his bird tattoos. When my lips touch his nipples, I stuck the tip of my tongue out and lick them twice, making them hard…

My lips pay more attention to his butterfly tattoo. I kiss every inch of it.

Then my tongue meets his precious belly buttom and happy trail. Harry hums from pleasure. My too eager hands massage his hip bones and V line. “I like these.” I slightly lean back to admire his leaf tattoos above his V line and then kiss them.

I take my time kissing his lower half. Once I’m finished I go back up and kiss his biceps and the inside of his arms, purposely forgetting his very eager and desperate friend. My right leg is between him and I can feel him begin to harden.

Harry desperately groans and I try to swallow the chuckle in my throat.

I run my hands from his biceps to his armpits to his rib cage. Resting my forehead against his chest, I glance down at his member. Happily up, the tip of him slightly red.

I’ve never touched him that intimately before. Suddenly, I’m reluctant to move.

“Can I touch you?” I whisper, glancing from his beautiful and already aroused thick shaft to his blazing green eyes.

“You can do anything you want with my body, baby. Yes, you can touch me, Y/N.”

He’s telling me I’m in charge today. Tears build on the corner of my eyes. I trusted in him last night that he would take care of my body, and today he’s trusting in me to take care of his body. I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with this man a lot more.

My fingers gently curl around his member. Another soft moan leaves his plump lips. Gently trailing my fingers up and down him, my other hand reaches down his balls, and begin a soft motion of circles with the pad of my thumb around them. He’s so…soft, yet hard. And big. He was inside me last night? I blush at the thought of him stretching me oh so good.

After what feels like minutes of me curiously touching him and looking at him, Harry takes a deep happy breath and whispers, “You’ve never seen a penis before?”

My head snaps up to meet his eyes. He’s looking down at me with so much beauty and wonder and true love, a smirk on his face…but that doesn’t stop me from blushing deep pink. “Harry..” I say, my hands leaving his member and touching my forehead against his thigh, hiding from his amused stare.

He chuckles, the movement making the small bed shake.

“I’m sorry,” he smiles, “Don’t stop what you were doing.. it, um,” he coughs, “It feels good.”

Recollecting myself, I go back to my little exploration.

I look back up at him and his eyes are closed. His face looks so relaxed.
After a minute, without stopping my curious fingers, I mumble, “I have seen a penis before.”

Startled, he opens his eyes and looks down at me.

“Just not up close, you know.” I add.

He smiles.

“What are you thinking?” I ask.

“I’m thinking…that I’m glad it’s me and only me your hands are touching for the first time. Glad it’s me your eyes are looking at with so much wonder.”

I hum in agreement.

My thumb gently touches his pink tip. He shifts uncomfortably.

“You’re driving me crazy, love.”

It wasn’t until now that I notice his rapid breathing.

“What do you want me to do?”

“You know, baby, that’s the only place from my body you haven’t kissed.” He smiles, looking surprisingly shy.

“You noticed.” I smile.

“Oh I noticed alright.” he smirks.

My inner naughty self comes out from her shelf, doing a cheer dancewith pom poms. 

I bring my lips down and press them against the tip and begin a line of kisses down his member.

I kiss my way back up and softly lick his tip like a kitten. He moans, bringing his bottom lips between his teeth.

Thinking his balls are lonely, I lower my mouth and softly press my lips to each of them. Then I run my tongue from the middle of his balls and back up to his tip.

“Fuck…” he hisses and moans. This time his eyebrows are furrowed, eyes tightly shut.

That must have been a toe curling sensation. Hmm.
I repeat the pattern and he grips the bed sheets. This time I circle my tongue around one of his balls and he rolls his head back. I must make a mental note: Licking his balls drives him crazy.

Feeling some kind of courage, I take his member in my mouth, wrapping my hand at the bottom. I bop my head up and down. I’m so new to this…it feels odd. But seeing his face in pure ectasy and pleasure makes my body tingle.

I drop him from my mouth making a pop sound and then I roll my tongue around his tip.

Tiny drops of sweat appeared on his chest and forehead. Suddenly he makes the most erotic sound I’ve ever heard. I had the pleasure to hear it last night and I wondered if I would hear it again. His body has gone mental. Hips softly moving up to meet my mouth. He moans my name.

“Baby…stop…” he tries to push my shoulders back.

No way. I want him to finish. I want to see his face come loose in pure ecstasy.

I take him in both of my hands and begin pumping up and down.

“I want to see you, Harry. Let go for me…” I whisper, biting his V line.

And that’s what it takes for him to reach his climax.

I watch in awe as his mouth forms a beautiful “o” and his eyes shut tightly and eyebrows furrow. His hand gently grips my hair.
A few juices run down my knuckles and a few fall to his stomach.

My fingers continue gently moving up and down, making sure he releases completely. When I feel him soften against my hands, I kiss his tip one last time.

I lick my knuckles clean from his juices then I lean down and lick the juices on his stomach.

He’s still breathing hard.

I lay beside him and run my fingers through his now slightly damp hair.

Once he’s calmed down, I ask, “Was that alright?”

He exhales a happy breath and nods. “I’m…afraid I can’t form a coherent sentence…”

I chuckle. His eyes begin to close.

“Sleepy?” I ask.

“Mhm…and hungry. But sleep first.” he whispers, and rests his forehead on the crook of my neck.

I wrap my arms around his waist.

“I love you.” I sigh.

He hums again and the next thing I hear are his soft snores.


End note: I enjoyed writing this. I hope you guys like it! message me if you liked it! :D I’ll be on my phone so idk if my tumblr app will let me see the messages but! send me ideas for more one shots, if you want :) thanks! 

Aly xx

So @glitter-nut tagged me to do this, I’m sorry it took me so long I suck. 

ANYWAY here goes:

1. which 1d song has the highest play count on your itunes?

Fireproof, but Just Hold On has more. I literally listened to that sh*t on repeat for weeks.

2. which 1d member would you tattoo and What would you tattoo on em? (can be a cover up lmao..)

HMMMM I want Louis to tattoo something stupid on his lower lip like “FUCK” I also loved Harry’s “might as well…” it was hot as heck and I miss that and want it back (although the laurels are damn fine as well)

3. who would you like to see duet with harry? (or any of the boys) and an original song or already existing? which song, if the latter? doesn’t have to be the artists own

I desperately want to hear him sing Gaga’s Million Reasons. It would suit his voice SO WELL and the lyrics uggghhhhh it would absolutely kill us all, and them preforming together would be so amazing! ANY of her songs ALL of her songs really.

4. what is your favourite item of clothing or accessory that you own? and why if you like

I have a grey wrappy headband that saves my life daily because I’m too lazy to do my hair.

5. what’s your fav 1d tweet?

There are soooo many golden ones though don’t make me choose. Off the top of my head I love the exchange about HL sitting down to pee. Harry’s lube tweet. All of Harry’s tbh. And Niall’s classic “Don’t wana see a single person today , thanks ! really really fun night with everyone but today , don’t talk to me” @NiallOffical is my spirit animal.

6. What was the first cd you owned? (gifted and/or bought yourself)

s-club 7 I think goddamnnnnn

7. what’s your favourite horror movie?

none…….? I don’t really watch horror.

8. do you have a 1d inspired tattoo? if not what 1d memorabilia do you own/have you owned?

Jesus no. (Except in the way that I always saw people with tattoos and it made me want mine so I guess in that sense?) I have a concert tshirt.

9. what’s the funniest childhood memory you have?

umumum funniest? Something involving my grandpa probably he was a riot. We got kicked out of many restaurants because he was hollering nonsense in public and teaching up how to armpit fart and hang cutlery off our bodies.

10. what is your favourite fic trope and pairing?

…..HL for all of eternity apparently. Also stucky when I’m feeling it. And for trope maybe good old friends to lovers? I’m also a sucker for angst of the hurt/comfort variety. And almost any and all aus.

11. What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

Going to visit my east-coast family next month and then jumping to Europe with my BFF. I’m vvvvvvv excited.

COOL! Now I’ll throw it to a few of the mutuals… but also anyone who wants it!

@lipssogoodlarry @spring1924 @pass-the-pencil @freestylebacon @ylshoe and @glitter-nut if you want to do the questions I didn’t steal from you. 

1. which song has the highest play count on your itunes? 1D and none 1D.

2. Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? What would it be?

3. who would you like to see duet with harry? (or any of the boys) and an original song or already existing? which song, if the latter? doesn’t have to be the artists own

4. what’s your go-to outfit right now?

5. What are your top 5 most used emojis?

6. What are your top 5 fandoms? (can be past or present)

7. what’s the movie that you’ll rematch again and again?

8. What pictures would you show Harry if you had him hooked up to the heart monitor?

9. What’s the favourite place you’ve been? City and a specific spot?

10. what is your favourite fic trope and pairing?

11. What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

THE RULES 1. Post the rules 2. Answer the q’s given by the person who tagged you 3. Write 11 q’s of your own 4. Tag 11 ppl (or however many you want) so.. however many you want :)


// Justin’s tattoos //


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It was one of those days. My favorite kind of day. Where Justin and I were in our own little bubble, enjoying each other’s company.

“I wanna explore.” I say, straddling Justin’s legs as he laid beneath me.

“Yeah? Where do you wanna explore?” He asks, a soft smile on his face as his hands find my waist, gently lifting up his shirt I was wearing to knead into my skin.

I bite my lip as I run my hands down his bare, sculpted chest. “You” I say, before leaning down and pressing a kiss to his lips.

“Mm. Explore away then.” He grins, and my fingers creep towards the tiny bird on his hip, making him shudder. As many times as I’d seen his body, I’d never get used to its beauty. His white skin colored with beautiful art. I let my fingers run across his forgive and purpose tattoo, then the cross on his chest.

Biting my lip, I leaned down and pressed kisses to his chest, kissing the crown on his right collarbone, and each Roman numeral on the left.

Justin was quiet while I admired his body, but his breath was picking up slightly and I knew I was turning him on. Smiling down at him, I lifted his hand and interlaced our fingers, admiring each and every tattoo that covered his entire arm.

“I want a tAttoo.“I say honestly, bringing his fingers to my lips and pressing a kiss to each and every knuckle. Justin raises an eyebrow at my words, before moving his hands from my waist to around my back, pushing me against him.

"What do you want a tattoo of?” He murmurs, his lips brushing against mine, and I was already losing my train of thought.

“I don’t know.” I say, wanting to end the conversation so I could touch his lips with mine.

Sealed with a Kiss

Warnings: None

A/N: Surprise @the-girl-who-loves-glitter! I knew I said I wouldn’t write anything but I couldn’t resist writing this one. I hope you like it and thanks for keeping my sanity in check all week!

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Your fiancé was always discovering new ways to surprise you, whether it was spontaneous trips or late night dates George knew how to keep you on your toes. However, nothing could prepare you for this idea.

“Wait, you want to do what now?” you stammered in confusion. George’s smile didn’t waver in the midst of your bewilderment, in fact it seemed to double in size.

“I want to another tattoo one to remind me of you Angel,” George grinned. George already had more than his fair share of tattoos distributed along his arms and chest. Your personal favorite was the set of sparrows on his inner arm as it was the tattoo that caught your eye when you first met him at a pub all those years ago.

You always loved hearing the stories behind the ink even when there was no story to tell. However, you weren’t crazy about the one he was proposing. There were too many ways this tattoo could go wrong; what if he grew sick of it in a few years. It would be hard to see him come back with the reminder of you gone.

“I’ve had this idea ever since we first said I love you. I thought it would be a bit reckless to get a tattoo then but now that we’re getting married it seems like the perfect time,” George insisted. When you looked up into his autumn eyes for any signs of a joke there were none. George was set on getting a tattoo, and he wasn’t going to drop this issue any time soon.  

“George you know I’m pretty much open to anything, but for the love of Merlin don’t get my whole face tattooed,” you groaned putting your face in your hands. “I couldn’t handle it.”  

George burst into a fit of laughter when you mentioned your caveat before gently removing your hands from your face.

“No, I’m thinking of something much subtler,” George hummed as he revealed a tube of your favorite red lipstick. You weren’t sure how he managed to find the tube in your mess of makeup, but his mischievous grin suggested he was up to no good. “I want to tattoo of an impression of your lips on me so we’re never far apart. I’ll never grow tired of seeing your lips and we’ll seal our relationship with one simple kiss.”

Your heart fluttered with anticipation of your kiss permanently etched into his skin. You didn’t have time to let the image sink in when George pulled you close and leaned in to whisper,

“So Love, where do you want your lips to be?”  

You felt a cool shiver run down your spin as his words echoed in your ears. Where did you want your lips to be? You certainly didn’t want them in a place everyone could see them, but you didn’t want them completely hidden from view. Your fingers toyed with the hem of his shirt before discarding it to the ground. As your fingers danced along his chest in deliberation, you felt his breath hitch. Wherever your hand was, that was where your lips needed to be.  Once your lips were masked in red, you leaned in and placed a kiss on his chest and resisted the urge to smile when you felt his body tense. Reluctantly, you pulled back and admired the stain on his chest. You desperately wanted leave more red marks along his torso but you needed to remember which kiss made him want to get lost in you.

“So, shall we get going before we accidentally smear it?” you winked, acting innocent.

“Y-yes we should,” George breathed as he grabbed your hand and the two of you apparated out of the room.

The tattoo wasn’t a reality to you until you saw George seated in the chair, instructing the tattoo artist what he wanted to get done. When the ink was selected and the pattern was made, George squeezed your hand tightly.

“You ready for this?” George asked.

“Why on earth are you asking me? You’re the one getting the tattoo,” you laughed.

“I know but it always makes this process easier if I pretend its happening to someone else,” George confessed. “Promise me you won’t let go of my hand until this is all over?”

“Promise,” you echoed and George gave the go ahead for the tattoo process to begin.

Several minutes in you noticed George’s excited tone turn to one of worry.

“George, are you feeling ok?” you inquired.

“I’m just a bit woozy is all. The pain is bearable but thinking about it is just a bit much,” George grimaced. “I’m glad you’re here with me Love. I wished you were there when I got the other ones.”

“I’ll come with you for the other ones ok,” you answered placing a quick kiss on his cheek. “Hey George I think he’s done. Did you want to see how it looks?”   When George nodded, you offered him the mirror to inspect his new ink.

“It’s amazing Love. It’s my new favorite tattoo,” George enthused. “However, I’ll always love the original more.”

“I’d hope so,” you giggled. He was always going to have a piece of you wherever he went.  

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🎤, ✏, 🐶 :D

Top 5 favorite bands: probably Mother Mother, Vampire Weekend, Panic! At the Disco, OK GO, the Flaming Lips
Want any tattoos? Yes, I want one big sigil across my chest (after top surgery), a Decepticon badge on one shoulder, and maybe a Re-Animator tattoo but I’d need to come up with a design
Do you own a pet? No, I used to have 2 dogs but they passed last year. I volunteer at a cat shelter sometimes though!

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Peach, Strawberry, Cranberry, Papaya! (im asking four)

Yeah well I’m answering four so I guess that works out huh
Peach - piercings or tattoos? - 1 labret piercing under my bottom lip. A stud. I really want a tattoo but I can’t afford it right now
Strawberry - favorite dessert? - umm? Does boba count? I don’t really like sweet foods I prefer to get my sugar in liquid form
Cranberry - favorite time of day? - they’re all good!
Papaya - what song describes your aesthetic? - this is such a hard question. I could give some really drastically different answers depending on my mood. Like REALLY different.

Come cuddle babe (Jelena one shot)

(Justin’s POV)
“You’re making me dizzy”- I’ve been walking up and down in the room for 10 minutes now,so I expected Fredo to interrupt me
“Wait if something happened to her ?”-I asked looking at him,he was laying on the bed.
“Justin you sent 3 bodyguards everything will be okay she will be here soon”-I opened the door to check if she arrived but she wasn’t here
“Oh God I just wish I could pick her up myself”
“Sure if you want everybody to know you are back together”-I was about to answer but there was a knock on the door so I quickly ran to open it
“Jay”-She squealed and in the nest moment I felt her arms around my neck
“I guess it’s time for me to go”-I heard Fredo so I lifted Selena up and took a few steps backwards letting him leave,I spun her around until I felt dizzy
“Put me down Justin”-She laughed,and that’s what I did only because I’ve realized I didn’t see her properly yet,she kept her arms around my neck as I lept mine on her waist,I looked into her eyes,she was so perfect to me,I leaned in to kiss her lips
“I’ve missed you”-I mumbled against them
“I missed you too”-She smiled once we pulled away,we just looked at each other,I could never get enough
“But now I’m here”-She started running her hands through my hair something she liked to do every now an then
“Sorry I couldn’t come to pick you up”-I frowned tightening my grip on her waist
“You don’t have to be sorry,we’ve talked about this”-She stopped her hands for a second before moving them again through my messy hair,which is even messier now but who gave a fuck
“Yeah but that’s not normal,I should be allowed to pick my girlfriend up whenever I want”-I sighed as I let her go and sat down on the bed,she soon followed and sat down next to me taking my hand in hers
“Do you want to make this work ?”-She asked,I immediately looked at her and nodded
“Then please hold on,just a little longer”-She leaned forward so our noses touched “-I promise”-She whispered before giving me a quick peck on the lips
“Okay”-I mumbled
“Now come on,I didn’t even said hi to Fredo”-She stood up holding her hand out for me,I took it and we walked to the other hotel room.

(Selena’s POV)
After exploring Norway a little bit,we came back to the hotel and I was beyond exhausted so I threw myself on the bed to my surprise Justin sat down in front of his laptop in his own little studio,I guess Fredo was exhausted too because he sat down on the chair next to the bed,hours have past just us doing our own things,I checked twiiter and I saw that tons of people noticed that I was here,this will make headlines tomorrow,I’ve become frustrated so I put my phone
“Jay come cuddle”-I pouted
“I think I’m gonna throw up”-Fredo siad,I shot him a glare and he just shook his shoulders
“I have to finish this babe”-Justin answered but never took his eyes off of that screen
“But I’m bored”
“Just talk with Fredo”-so that’s what I did and another hour has passed
“Babe”-I called again
“One second Sel”-He replied but never looked at me,Now I was annoyed so I got out of the bed and walked up to him sitting on behind him and wrapping my arms around his waist
“You’ve been makin music for too long”-I whispered in his ear as I moved my hand lower and lower I could feel him tense up but I remember Fredo being in the room so I had to stop myself
“I need to take a picture”-His voice caused me to look at him,he had Justin’s phone in his hand and before I knew it he took a picture
“Goodnight Fredo”-Justin suddenly said,it took Fredo a nice 5 minutes to realize what he meant before he walked out of the room,the second he closed the door Justin turned around causing me to let out a squeal thinking I will fall off the chair but he put my legs around his waist and stood up with me before I could,he kissed me as I wrapped my legs around her waist more tightly,he grabbed my ass and pushed me higher making sure I won’t fall,after a heated make out session he finally threw me on the bed
(I wasn’t in the mood to write anything racy so I’ll let your imagination fly)
We were cuddled up in the bed,Justin was on his phone and I was running my finger through his tattoos
“I love you”-I suddenly broke the silence,I could feel him looking down at me so I looked up at him,he was probably shocked because that’s the first time I’ve told him this since we got back together 
“You’ll never know how much I love you”-His answer  made my heart melt so I leaned in and kissed his lips softly silence fell upon us again.
“I want to tattoo you on my arm”-This time he broke the silence but this sentence was more shocking than mine,I Sat up and looked at him properly
“Are you crazy ?”-when he saw that I was serious he sat up too
“Why ?”
“Maybe because a tattoo is there for a life time,what if we won’t last,what will you tell to your future wife ? Oh this ? This is just my ex girlfriend I was stupid enough to tattoo her on me “-I was desperately trying to knock some sense in him
“No,because that will be you”-He looked directly in my eyes
“Justin…maybe that’s how you feel right now,but you’re 19 you can’t know this…a lot of things can change”
“But my love for you never will”
“I don’t know”-I sighed
“Please I want you there with me forever”-He said taking my hands in his
“Okay…but not my name.Deal ?”
“Deal”-He smiled.we both laid back,on the bed.I continued drawing things on his chest with my finger as he took his phone  in his hands again.I eventually got bored so I sat up looking at his phone,he was starring at the photo of us taken by Fredo a few hours ago
“Post it”-I said after a couple of minutes
“What ?”-He looked at me in shock
“Post it”-I repeated
“But Sel,the media,the fans”
“It’s cute and I think I can handle some drama”
“Are you sure ?”
I nodded,he smiled and kissed my lips
“You’ve been makin music for too long babe come cuddle”-Her.I watched him captioning it,he looked at me to see if I was okay with it,when I nodded he pressed upload.After that he put his phone away and kissed me
“Us against the world”-He mumbled against my lips
“Us against the world”-I mumbled back,I couldn’t help but smile against his lips,wrapping my arms around his neck I pulled him closer depending the kiss

This was requested by an anon,a One shot about their reunion in Norway back in 2013

“Fuck off.” (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: “can u do a imagine where you go to visit nate on tour and you went a little party crazy while he was gone and you got a tattoo (i really want a inner lip tattoo that says fuck off) so you tell the omaha boys and you can make them react how ever”


“Babe, I miss you so much, I can’t wait for you to be here tomorrow.” Nate said to you. It was your nightly phone call to Nate while he was on tour.

“I know, I can’t wait to spend the next five days in Florida. I haven’t been in so long.” You said. He had been on tour with the Jacks, Sammy, and Swazz. Nate sent you plane tickets and backstage passes to the show so you could come spend time with him after he had been on tour for the past few months. 

“The show is tomorrow night, then we have the next week to just do whatever before you have to get back and we have to get to the next stop.” He said.

“I just wanna see you already. I miss you like crazy.” You said.

“I know. It’s only been a few months, but I feel like it’s been forever.” He said. 

“Yes.” You agreed. You talked with him for a while longer until you both started falling asleep.

“I’ll see you tomorrow babe. I love you. Have a good night.” He said.

“I love you too. Good night baby.” You said and then hung up. You got ready for bed, ready to catch your flight in the morning.

* * *

“I’m on my way to the airport now, I will see you in about three hours.” You text Nate.

“Okay, We’ll be there to pick you up then. :)” He replied.

“See you soon babe.” You replied. When you boarded the plane, you immediately fell asleep. When you landed, you grabbed your bags and went outside to the passenger pick up. When you stepped outside into the warm Florida air, you spotted a tall blonde and noticed it to be Sammy. He pointed and waved, and you waved back. You saw a dark haired figure, which you assumed was Nate, turn to the direction Sammy pointed and as they got closer, you realized that it was Nate. He started to pick up his pace and was almost at a full speed run by the time he got to you.

“I’m so happy to finally see you!” He said when he got to you. He wrapped his arms around you waist and spun you around. He set you back down and gave you a sloppy kiss. “I missed you so much.” He said.

“I missed you to baby.” You said, kissing him again.

“Okay, you two love birds. Let’s get out of here.” Sammy said as he lead you back to the car. Nate made reservations for you at the hotel that everyone was staying at so you didn’t have to worry about finding a hotel. When you got back to the hotel, you checked in and Nate helped you take your things to your room.

“What time is the concert?” You asked Nate.

“7:30.” He said.

“What are we gonna do all day? It’s barely 11.” You said.

“Let’s go see what we can get ourselves into.” He said.

“Sounds good.” You said smiling. You freshened up a bit and then you and Nate headed out. You drove around Orlando for a while, not really knowing where you were going, but you enjoyed finally being back with Nate. You stopped at a few stores and bought some clothes and spent the rest of the time you had before the show back in your hotel room. At around 5:30, you returned to the hotel so you could get ready for the show. 

“Okay, we gotta head to the venue. Doors open at 6:30. The guards know you’re coming, so they’ll let you cut in front and get in first, since you’re a VIP.” He said smiling.

“Okay, cool. Well I’ll see you later then.” You said kissing him. You finished getting ready and left. Nate let you borrow his rental car so you drove to the venue, jamming to Maloski on your way. When you got there, the security immediately recognized you and allowed you to go in. You found the guys backstage and hung out with them until the show was getting ready to start. Throughout the show, Nate’s fans had recognized you and asked to take pictures with you, which of course you did. You met some cool people while you were there, so you hung out with them during the show. After the show, one of the guards let you to where you could meet up with the boys and then you all headed out. You went to Denny’s and ate, since it was late and it was the only thing open.

“I’m actually glad we’re all here together. I have something I wanna show y'all.” You said.

“What is it?” Johnson asked.

“I got a tattoo.” You said hesitant.

“You got a tattoo? Why didn’t you tell me?” Nate asked.

“I wanted it to be a surprise.” You said.

“Well, let’s see it then.” Gilinsky said. You sigh heavily and pulled down your bottom lip, revealing your lip tattoo that read “fuck off.”

“Damn, (Y/N), that’s badass.” Sammy said.

“It looks good.” Swazz added.

“Babe, that is the hottest thing ever.” Nate said.

“I’m glad you all like it.” You said. Over your food, you all spent the time catching up and enjoyed being all back together. After you ate, you made your way back to the hotel and Nate made his way up to your room.

“Baaabe. I can’t believe you got a tattoo.” He said as he plopped down on the bed. You sat next to him and rubbed his back.

“Yeah, after you left, I went a little party crazy. I went out one night, and it was in the heat of the moment. I was with a group of friends and they talked me into it.” You explained.

“Did it hurt?” He asked.

“I don’t remember, I was pretty drunk.” You said.

“Either way, it’s hot.” He said as he kissed you. You cuddled in bed for a while, just enjoying your time together, until you both fell asleep.

I Could Never Stoop To That Level - Austin Carlile

Could you do an austin imagine where you have a little sister and she’s coming to visit and she doesn’t like austin because you used to be in an abusive relationship and she’s afraid he’s gonna hurt you but then she sees him being super sweet towards you and she realizes that he won’t hurt you and she warms up to him. Fluff please, I think I’ve seen this story before but your a really good writer and you could make it even better.

Awe thank you you’ve made me smile^-^ Here you go, I liked this one c: small trigger warning, I guess. Written by Emma.

“She’s gonna hate me, she’s so gonna hate me.” Austin is pacing back and fourth in our kitchen. “Austin, she won’t hate you.” I say for the hundredth time to him today. “How do you know?” He asks, looking panicked. “Because you’re amazing.” I cup his face and smile, but he pulls away. “She will, I know she will. You know what she thinks of me, she thinks I’m some cocky asshole who doesn’t give a shit about anyone apart from himself. I know it, you know it.” He mutters. “Then prove to her you aren’t.” I shake my head at him, he’s acting ridiculous.

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CONVERGENT - Chapter 7 (MagCon/Divergent Cross Over)

(previous chapters)

You sighed in content as you walked in to your dormitory. It was nice to get everything off of your chest to a bunch of girls. They just got you the way boys couldn’t, you know? 

Of course, whatever serene thought you had earlier completely vanished once you walked into a havoc of a room. Nothing good happens when a bunch of boys are in one room without a girl to keep them in check. 

Things were scattered around the room; pillows, clothes, towels, shoes, Dauntless clothes. Thankfully your bed remained untouched. You breathed in relief as you dodged Carter and Al-who were having a pillow fight-to get to your bed. 

“Oh, you’re back.” Matt acknowledged your presence as a greeting as he looked up from his book momentarily. 

“For a second there I thought you’d all ruin my bed.” you smiled but it didn’t reach your eyes. They were too busy staring down the two articles of clothing strewn carelessly across your bed. You were going to return it to Shawn during training but you forgot and now it was kind of impossible to even be in the same room with him. 

“We knew better than to disrupt the beast’s cave.” Matt mused, not even glancing up at you this time, his nose buried in the book. You rolled your eyes, a smirk on your face. 

You jumped on whatever space was left on his small bed and quickly snatched the book out of his hand. “What’s this?” 

Matt let out whine of protest but your eyes quickly scanned the book. 

“Where’d you get a book in Dauntless?” 

“Will snuck it into headquarters during Choosing Day.” Matt sighed as he laid his head on your shoulder so he could continue to read, defeated. You noticed that your legs felt oddly cold as they laid beside Matt’s. Tingly and freezing, uncomfortably wonderful. 

“Came prepared,” you chuckled, trying not to think of the nonexistent distance between your legs and his. “Such an Erudite.”

“Old habits die hard, Amity.” Matt looked up at you from your shoulder. You gave him a small smile as you continued to read the section on “How To Defend Against An Armed Attacker” together. How romantic. 

The awfully detailed graphics that were drawn by technology made you want to laugh a little. You would have never seen such an intricate book like this in Amity. All Amity books were old and dusty and even smelt organic. 

“Turn the page, sweets.” Matt was like this; random bursts of romanticism, always supportive, always kind. Well, except for yesterday when he snapped at Shawn and beat up Cameron. But still.

You’ve grown to like Matt. It just felt right with him, you know? 

It felt easy, your friendship was like a never ending supply of water that flowed by itself. Okay, maybe that was a horrible metaphor but the point is, it didn’t feel forced, didn’t feel like you have to work hard for it to flow. It felt nice to be with Matt, comfortable. 

The topic of boys yanked your thoughts back to Shawn and you couldn’t focus on the book anymore. You knew Matt wasn’t paying attention to you cause he would occasionally flutter his eyelashes against your black covered skin indicating that he was still reading the book.  

You sneaked a few glances at Shawn’s gigantic clothes on your bed. Should you just keep it? Should you return it? You were sure he’d probably make some snarky remark and you’d just end up getting even more pissed off. You tried thinking of your new friends. What would Tris and Christina do?

“You’re thinking of him, aren’t you?” Matt asked without looking up at you, his thin fingers curling around the edge of the page so he could turn it. 

“N-no.” you were caught-off guard. “Just thinking of the girls, ‘is all.” 

“Right,” Matt hummed, unfazed by your obvious lie. “How did that go?” 

“They truly believe that the answer to war and danger is retail therapy and excessive amounts of make up.” you mused. Okay, so you were over exaggerating but they were very typical-teenage-girl-like.

“So do you, though.” Matt teased. You rolled your eyes.

You could see yourself doing this for a long time; lying down amidst the Dauntless loud ruckus as you read about how to kick ass and teasing each other like an old married couple because you’re both being too much of your gender. “Oh! By the way,” Matt snapped you out of your thoughts. “Aaron and Johnson wanted to go and get tattoos before dinner, you coming?” 

“Yeah, why not.” you shrugged, making Matt’s head bounce softly. 


“I’m. So. Freaking. Full.” Carter patted his belly uncomfortably. 

“I feel you, bro.” Matt grunted as he shuffled on his foot. “How come you didn’t eat that much, (y/n)? You didn’t even have any chocolate cake.” 

You shrugged. “I had my share during lunch.”

“(y/n)’s on a diet, guys.” Johnson teased, slinging a casual arm around your shoulder. You laughed as you nudged Johnson’s hips with yours, making him grunt as your hip bones protruded more than his. 

“So, what are you guys going to get?” your small group walked to the familiar bridge that took you to the tattoo parlor. 

“I’m getting a DNA ladder.” Johnson announced.

“Weren’t you an Abnegation?”

“Exactly.” Johnson grinned. “The D stands for Dauntless and A stands for Abnegation. D ‘n’ A.” he explained.

You let out a snort. “Are you seriously tattooing a pun onto yourself?” 

“Made ya laugh, didn’t it?” he retorted.

“Well, yeah…but I mean, don’t you wanna get something a bit more meaningful to you?”

“Dauntless and Abnegation are who I am. I will never be completely Dauntless, nor Abnegation. What’s more meaningful than a representation of who I am?” Johnson shrugged as if it was common sense. At least it was witty. Who knew what other Dauntless’s would tattoo on themselves. From what you could see, there was an endless amount of meaningless ink on these people. 

“Sounds more like suicide.” Carter mused, rolling his eyes. You raised a questioning eyebrow at him. “Well, by saying that he’s not just one faction, he is confirming that he’s Divergent.” 

“Divergent people aren’t real, Carter. It’s just a myth.” you rolled your eyes.

“No, they’re not! The number of Divergents are actually growing. Will and I were discussing this last night during dinner.” Aaron persisted. 

“Well then where are they now, huh?” you retorted.

“Whad’ya think?” Matt gave you a sarcastic look. “They’re dead. Duh.” 

“Dead?” you gulped.

“Well they obviously wouldn’t want people who have the power to destruct everything they’ve worked for roaming around their streets.” Carter shrugged.

“In fact, I heard there’s a new kind.” Aaron raised his eyebrows excitedly. 

“New kind? New kind of what?” Matt raised an eyebrow.

“New kind of people.” Aaron rolled his eyes. “They’re called the Convergents.” 

You gulped again, the unsettling feeling your stomach growing bigger and bigger by the second. You were scared. What could these ‘Convergents’ do? If they’re on the hunt for them, that means Convergent people are out there. Were they capable of murder? 

You’ve never exactly met a Divergent person either but you’ve heard enough rumors and scary stories. All factions were capable of countless things: from growing their own food to basically resurrecting people with salves. They had the ability to kill and save lives. Obviously, these Convergent and Divergent people must be capable of even more if they feared them.

“Hey,” Matt cooed, his hand slipping around your waist. “It’s okay, it’s just a ghost story.”

You turned to him, getting momentarily distracted by his almond shaped eyes. Had they always been that brown?

“Yeah, I know.” you breathed, smiling a little to show that you were fine. “I’m just a little terrified of ghosts.”


“(y/n)! You’re back.” Tori smiled politely at you. You waved a little. “What can I do for you guys?”

“I want a tattoo.” Johnson grinned.

“It’s about time.” Tori pursed her lips in amusement. The boys grinned as they crowded around Tori, showing her the design Johnson and Aaron had hand drawn. You chuckled, wandering off as you looked at the different assortments of ear rings, face rings, body rings, tattoo designs, and tattoo colors. True Dauntless life.

“See anything you like?” Tori’s voice made you turn around.

“Weren’t you giving Johnson a tattoo?”

“Nah, Inferno there at the back is helping him out.” she gestured to the pretty blonde girl who was laughing at something Johnson had said. She was small and petite like Johnson but she had multiple colors in her hair and from what you could see, she had a few face piercings and more tattoo than skin. “Anyways, did you want anything?”

“That nose ring looks pretty neat.” you hummed, pointing at the black metal ring.

“Yeah, that one’s pretty.” Tori agreed. “Do you want to get it?” she tapped the corner of her nose.

You turned to your left and right, as if checking to see anyone was watching you. “Hell yeah, I want to get it.” you smirked. 


“Thanks, Tori.” you whispered as you slipped out of the tattoo parlor, sprinting back to your dorm before your friends could notice that you were gone. You sighed as you scooped the large articles of clothing into your arms. 

You hastily sped walk to the Dauntless born’s dormitory down the hall, looking left and right to make sure you wouldn’t get caught. Not that this was a crime, it’s just that no one ever really discussed what would happen if Dauntless borns fraternized with the transfers since it has never actually happened before. 

It was still dinner time, which meant that everyone should still be at the dining hall and the dorms should be empty. Perfect. 

You sucked in a breath, not knowing what would come as you opened the door to the dorm softly. As you peeped your head inside, you saw that the lights were off and everything looked uniformly similar to the transfer dorms. You breathed a sigh of relief as you tip toed down the aisle of beds, looking for something that might belong to Shawn. 

You saw that each bed had a bedside table and there were a bunch of stuff on them. You bit your lip as you softly tip toed to each bedside table, scanning to see any contents that could belong to Shawn. 

“Are you trying to steal, transfer?” a voice startled you, making you shriek as you dropped all of Shawn’s clothes that were in your arms. 

You whirled around to see that there were two girls and a guy, deep smirks on their lips. 

“N-no.” you breathed heavily, holding a hand to your heart to try and steady it’s rapid beating. 

“You okay?” the handsome boy with a tan complexion and dark eyes gave you an easy smile as he walked over to you, bending down to gather the clothes you had dropped. “Hey, isn’t this Mendes’s?”

“Yeah.” you bit your lip. “I was going to return them.” 

“Well, you almost got the right bed.” the boy hummed, walking over to the bed next to the one you were standing by, plopping the creased clothing on the neatly made bed. “It’s this one.” he gave you a grin, his straight white teeth almost sparkling.

“Who are you and why do you have Shawn’s clothes?” one of the girls fired, trying to be intimidating but her pretty doe eyes and soft child-like features made it incredibly hard to fear her.

“Umm, I’m (y/n).” you waved awkwardly. “and I borrowed his clothes after training yesterday.”

“You’re the girl Shawn beat up yesterday, right?” the other girl, who was strikingly naturally pretty despite her shaved head, asked you, her golden brown eyes sparkling with mischievous joy. 

“Yeah.” your lips were still in between your teeth from the awkwardness.

“Well I’m Lynn.” she took a few steps forward, giving you her hand to shake, which you took. “And I like your nose piercing. New?”

You nodded.

“I’m Marlene.” the pretty girl grinned at you, walking up to you to shake your hand as well.

“And I, the dazzling young man, am Uriah.” he winked at you, his grin ever so present.

“So, be honest,” Marlene took your hand in hers, pulling you to a bed that was decorated by black and red floral sheets. You raised your eyebrow at Uriah and he just shrugged, nodding along. 

“Yeah…?” you asked quietly.

“Was Shawn good?” her already doe eyes were wide with interest. Lynn and Uriah burst out laughing at the question. 

“Good?” your eyes widened. “Good at what?” 

“Oh, honey.” Uriah shook his head, patting your head jokingly. 

“Was Shawn good at, yano….it.” she raised her eyebrows suggestively. Your eyes widened once you realized what she was talking about. Your cheeks turned red as you squeezed your eyes shut, trying not to laugh.

“Oh my god!” you wailed, burying your face in your hands. The laughter only got worse. “We didn’t-I didn’t-no.” you tried forming words in between laughs. “I didn’t sleep with Shawn.” 

“Sure you didn’t.” Uriah smirked at you, sitting across from you, next to Marlene. 

“Ugh, you guys are disgusting.” Lynn groaned. “We went to school with the guy.” she made a disgusted face. 

“Yeah but he’s come along way since his scrawny days.” Marlene dragged. “I mean look at him. He’s all huge now…who knows what else is huge,” she raised her eyebrows before bursting out in laughter again, this time Lynn joined in. 

“Oh my god.” now it was Uriah’s turn to shake his head in disgust. “We are not discussing Shawn Mendes’s penis.” 

“So you’ve never…?” Marlene trailed off.

“No.” you stated seriously. 

“So he’s available then?” Marlene smirked flirtatiously. Suddenly, you didn’t want Marlene to be so innocently pretty. You began to pick apart your flaws, comparing your appearance to hers. Was she more delicate looking than you? Did she look nicer, sweeter, more lovable?

You shook your head a little to stop your thoughts of jealousy from going too far. You looked up to see that Uriah didn’t seem to approve of Marlene’s thoughts either. Was there something there between the two Dauntless borns?

“Uh, I guess.” you gave her a small unrealistic smile, giving Uriah a sympathetic one once Marlene looked away.

“Great.” Marlene grinned. 

“Well,” you started, jumping off of the girl’s bed. “I should get going.” you gestured to the door at the end of the room.

“Right. I’ll walk you.” Uriah got up too, putting his hand on the small of your back to guide you just like Shawn had. Maybe Dauntless education included chivalry?

You saw that a look of jealousy flared in Marlene’s eyes for a second so you sped walked to the door, leaving Uriah’s hand hanging. 

“Slow down, Amity.” Uriah chuckled, quickening his pace to catch up to you. 

“You know what faction I was from?” you stopped in your tracks, right in front of the door. 

“Well, yeah,” Uriah let out a smooth chuckle. “I mean, Shawn’s talked about you and I was there during Choosing Day too, yano. Your beauty was too striking to be unnoticed.” he was smooth. 


“Was, is, all of the above.” Uriah put a hand over his heart jokingly. 

“Want my advice?” 

“On what?” 


“What about Marlene?” his eyebrows creased.

“Go shower her in these compliments, she’ll love it.” you gave him a small smile, patting his shoulder before you slipped out of the Dauntless born’s dormitory. 

A/N: Yay!! i added my favorites from the book ^^ tell me what you guys think about the Matt/(y/n) action. 

Who’s team are you on? Team Matt, Team Shawn, or Team Uriah, maybe??