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This crazy thing called love.

Authors Note: Hey!! So, I was watching a romantic movie and it kinda gave me an idea. I kinda got excited and decided to break it into a few parts because I really want to post this right now, but I need sleep so I can’t make it longer/more interesting. Anyway… I hope you guys enjoy this! Xx

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The air swirls past me as the autumn leaves dance along the damp pavement, eventually stumbling off of the curb and continuing their journey across the road. I draw my coat tighter around me as I hurry along the sidewalk, attempting to keep up with the busy rush of everyone else around me.

My heels come to a silence when I stop in front of the coffee shop, The London Gring, Harry standing outside already, two coffees in his hand.

“You’re late,” he embraces me with his typical, somewhat cocky smile, his warm hands handing me my coffee.

I take the coffee, my free hand clasping the napkin under the cup, “Mhm, as always,” I wink, taking a sip of the coffee, just the way I like it. Goodness, how I have needed the sweet taste of coffee on the edge of my lips. I look down at the napkin in my hand and see a number written on it. 

Harry nods his head and hums, “The day you’re not late, will be the day hell freezes over.” 

I roll my eyes at his comment, my eyes focusing on the napkin as I open it.

Grace~ 0209-1212.

I give him a shrug before holding up the napkin, “The day you settle down with one girl will be the day hell freezes over,” my hand waving the napkin teasingly in his face.

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who-is-page  asked:

Could I have some recipe suggestions as the local dhole therian? *winks and finger guns* I can't eat stuff with tomatoes, though.

Totally had to look what that was haha. Sorry! Wild doggos however, are wild doggos anywhere. Right? I hope 8′D I gave you a full course meal. And by that I mean 12 courses… Why? I don’t know, I felt like it? xD Don’t kill me!

Personally I want to know who ate a 12 course meal in their life and how they were able to stomach it all. xD Anyway! I hope you enjoy and hopefully it’s yummy? :3 You don’t have to have a full 12 course, just pick and choose if you want!