i want a kit kat bar

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Tomorrow, on Valentine's Day, I will be secretly giving the boy I like an XL kit kat bar (we shared one in class before) with a note that says that he's a really great person and asking why he doesn't have a girlfriend yet! In order to keep it super anonymous, I had to put it in my teacher's box asking him to give it to my crush. I was so close to chickening out, that I had my cousin do it for me! I don't know whether or not I want the boy I like to find out it's me or never know at all! 😭😳

THIS IS SO CUTE! I’m sorry I got to this late but happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope the cutie liked his gift 😌 How brave of you to do this, I absolutely love when people leave surprise lil gifts. This is too too cute!!

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Do you have any advice for someone newly broken up in getting over it? What did you do to get past it because right now I still want to die all the time

i’m not very good at this kind of advice. my approach is committing yourself to misery so fervently that it eventually exhausts you and resigns into a dull pain from a phantom limb. just wait it out a few months till you get to the place where seeing a kit kat bar doesn’t make you cry cause those were their favorite. there’s no real answer other than 2 experience it full blast for awhile, i don’t trust people who think you can skip that part because when u try to skate forward you end up holding onto the tendrils of “what could have been” and “why” instead of letting it rest. i think as long as you’re not harming yourself or being emotionally manipulative to anyone, weepy lamenting is the healthiest way to go about things- let the plant bloom then die inside till you have new seeds instead of neglecting tending to it at all and hoping not watering is enough- if that makes any sense. ahaha. you’ll see them at a party someday in an ugly sweater and wonder why you ever thought they were worth your tears.

For Halloween, I’ve decided to be Princess Aurora who turned into a Jedi Warrior because she was over that princess life. I really loved the costume I was able to have made of it and I can’t wait to wear it. Obviously my inspiration came from art I found and wanting to bring it to life.

In other news, someone tried to slap me for eating both sides of a Kit Kat bar just like in the commercial. I said, “Excuse me, bitch. I can eat it how I want. Keep your hands off my chocolate and my face. Acting like a heathen.”

Those of you who have difficulty grasping metaphysical concepts may want to look away as I slide the dashboard to the side a bit~

I’ll have you know I can break all kinds of things: the rules, wind, bread with strangers, the bank, the laws of physics, off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar…