i want a gf

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My girlfriend and I were part of our school's GSA but we don't go to the meetings very much anymore (either busy or too lazy, oops) but we're the living gay moms for a lot of the younger GSA members and it is great. My girlfriend and I try to be as openly gay as possible so that the other LGBT students feel better (plus there was a lesbian couple my freshman year that helped me accept myself and I want to help others like that. Also being gay with my gf is great)

This is so pure :,) thank you so much momma gay,, this seriously helps people so keep doing it!! ♥♥♥♥ -Wisty

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Ughhh, there's this kid who quite obviously likes me and his so called friends keep teasing him about it, asking him is I'm his gf. Honestly, i want them all to fuck off. 1) just because we're talking doesn't mean we're together, like would you do that if i was talking to a girl cause i am queer af you know 2) I'm not his girlfriend and i can't  be BECAUSE I'M NOT FUCKING BINARY YOU ASSHOLES

there’s only one solution for this…


Support the idea of a Gravity Falls Art Book!

See Alex Hirsch’s tweet above!  Link here:


If you have a twitter, go retweet @DisneyHyperion and let ‘em know!

This is a complete no-brainer.  I am SUPER EXCITED for the OTGW book.  And really, all of these are shows that are deserving of art books.  But so is Gravity Falls, which like OTGW, is one of the most gorgeous animated shows I’ve ever seen, period.

me: tries to express my wants to my s/o

plan “intimidate everyone in the prison with our combined heights” is a go

One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.

I’m working on a series of animated Illustrations for my favorite Gravity Falls endcard cryptograms. First up, my favorite episode “ A Tale of Two Stans”