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I hope you like your breakfast sunny-side up, because at 6'1" you are the EXACT same height as Dr. Ivo Robotnik himself! Maybe consider a career in Badnik Manufacturing?

So abysmally tired, not sure why. Work is work, going well by all accounts. Lost interest in ME, which depresses me, though I’m sure I’ll pick it back up again at some point. Maybe when the rest of my head clicks back online? I just don’t have the patience for the seemingly endless pointless slog parts. Then again I haven’t gone back to Robot Dinosaurs either, so maybe it’s more than that. I need to finish the laser build, but to do that I think I need to spend a concerted amount of time on it for a few days, make more encouraging progress. Managed to get some decent exercise in the last few days, but it’s like the will to do that (and work) ate up every iota I had. Which makes no sense. Things are good. Somethings just… *sound of air slowly escaping a balloon*


Happy birthday @tinyienzo!!


if you live near me… maybe stay off the roads for a couple years 🚗🚙

“Look, don’t mope just because we got put on booze run. The fate of our great nation rests on our shoulders,” Lana practically hummed, tawny cream of her faux fur coat dangling around her elbow after she hadn’t bothered to tug it onto her shoulder again, paving way for the dim amber of the streetlamp above them to dance affectionately over her warm complexion. “Want to play a game to pass the time? Promise I’ll make it fun with a capital F.”


Battle Action or Pokemon Hero Greninja by Tomy Takara. This figure I was waiting and hoping to be awesome, size is good, sculpt is alright, paint is generic and articulations are ok. I would have chosen a different design approach but…anyways. Head is on a ball joint which is render obsolete by the scarf which by the way is a fixed piece so the tongue is stuck on that pose, head will only go 360 around,  arms are hinge on swivels, somewhat confusing but they work and can get you a decent range of motion. the hands just have a swivel that I wish it was a ball but I want to warn you is kinda thin and fragile so dont try to bend it. Torso is a ball joint I believe…it goes side to side front and back however, it only goes very little. Legs are on a ball joint have decent range and knee on a hinge swivel, cant go very far.

the figure can be pose in lots of ways however, the character is a ninja and there is no a lot of ninja poses you will wish to do but you can not do, thats my main disappointment. those are the best poses I could come up with and some of them are cheated with the head remove and sticky tag because your greninja will most likely be looking to the ground if you try to go fancy, a lot of his signature poses can’t be done without cheating the figure and other poses only work on specific angles. his torso goes to the back almost nothing… but goes to the front ok which just helps him look to the floor even more so no help there.

he is not terrible but it isnt awesome either.  definitely a good size and great inclusion to the smash collection, I say get it if you are collecting Smash or Pokemon. I say pass it if you want a fun figure to pose. I might try to get anotherone and change all the articulations.


I told you already … no vegetables on the ferry! One cabbage slug could destroy the entire ecosystem of Ba Sing Se! Security! 

If you slow this segment down, you can actually see the cabbage slug getting destroyed along with the cabbages. Slowed it down and showed the projected motion to make it easier to spot!

Midnight Break

My second full on poster, and probably took WAY less time than others (complete and non) since I’m really getting this posing thing down. Lighting and camera angles, not so much :/ Dark maps suck. First time using a particle effect too, super easy~


Hiya, studyblrs! So, I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely loved the college search process. (I loved it so much I did it twice) I know that sounds nuts, because it was stressful and oftentimes really frustrating, but I loved thinking about the future, and I still do. So to make it easier on myself, I created excel spreadsheets because I’m a big nerd who loved doing that for fun.

Anyway, I wanted to pass along my templates to the studyblr community to make their impending journeys a bit easier. I used the categories of location/distance from home, tuition, what programs I might want to look into, and if I’d applied yet. I left some spots blank for you all because your criteria may be different than mine, and I made a few different colored versions too!

I hope you guys enjoy them and that they’re useful!

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Strip Tease Study

Math was literally your worst subject. You had tried seemingly everything, the internet was no help nor were tutors.

Niall on the other hand was majoring in accounting and minoring in theory of mathematics. Because he was a bloody genius.

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Does my art style fit me? I’m not sure XD I look way too tired to be so gosh darn diddly sparkly! But at least my style is consistent and full of dazzling eyes :3c

This is however how I feel all the time on the inside, mainly the second one:

- A Creative Product of Mind

Paige scowled, eyebrows drawing together as she jabbed a pencil in his direction. “Creativity is mandatory. Without it, the world as it is today would cease to exist. Humans thrive on imagination and the ideas invented through creative means. To suggest that your aspect is more valued than mine is such idiocy, it’s blasphemous.”

She snorted through her nostrils at the end of her speech, snapping her head back around to return attention towards the easel in front of her. Depicted on the white paper was a painting of a human with their front torn into, laying their organs on display and vulnerable to the dark manifestations she was in the midst of adding behind the figure.

The young woman was quite proud of her piece so far, if she did say so herself. And she was much more interested in finishing this off than wasting time prattling on to the idiot stood a few feet behind her. As shown by the way she turned her back on him and flicked pastel coloured locks behind her shoulder.

Tony’s right eye twitched at her comments, this argument had been going on all morning so far. Neither was really quite sure who had started it, but what was certain was that both were intent on being the one to finish it.

“Creativity can bring to fruit an idea, I give you that. A joke, a musical composition, an artistic piece of work, a literary novel…” As he listed off the items, Tony paced across the wooden planks of the flooring, coming to a stop behind her easel. “However, all inventions will eventually fade away. It is an inevitably. Nothing is immune to the effects of time, not even you and I in the end. All these…” He quirked a lip in mild disgust. “Creative ideas… are destined to crumble to nothingness.”

Resting a hand on the top of her art piece, fingers brushed against the paper. Almost immediately, the paint began to dry, looking for but a moment perfect before the ages of time made it crack and flake. The colours darkened, grime and wear causing the lines to blur together until the original image was barely recognisable.

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