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So if u’ve been aware for the past two weeks,i kinda spammed ur dash with ‘climb to the moon” (accept all mah apologizes) It was a mobile ragdoll game i made with a team for a school project. ⊂((・▽・))⊃

Yesterday was the oral presentation and basically…we just get the best grades. Our project, YOUR support, the fan arts,reviews and questions we received, everyone was so amazed! 

That was a big boost for the production of the game as well, we felt very supported from the beginning to the end and sincerely ,we owe u this one. All the team hope u’ll have fun with this game (and if u’ve finished the game. Hope u found the ester egg in the last picture !//wink wonk// (*≧▽≦) )

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Mabey you could wright a Dusttale sans and genocide sans fight? I feel Like it's be interesting to see how sans feels about himself being the one who went genocide.

(*Did you guys know that I reallyreallyreally love Dusttale? )

“It’s a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing…
Flowers are blooming.

…but you already knew that.”

Sans opens his eyesockets, staring at the hooded figure before him.  His opponent has a creepy grin permanently plastered on his face, despite the fact that he had just left a trail of dust and despair in his wake.  

Of everyone he’s judged, of all the various outcomes he’s experienced, he never in a million timelines saw this coming.

It’s unsettling seeing his own expression mirrored back to him.  The only difference is the red eyelights and thick layer of dust clinging to the other’s clothes.  

“you know what i’m about to say, dont'cha buddy?  you’ve been here before, standing on this side of the judgement hall.”

His Dust Mirror shrugs, seeming so nonplussed by the confrontation. He finally spoke up, “yeah, yeah, burning in hell, broken promises, blah blah.  i know the spiel.”

Sans’s fingers clench in his pockets, but he tries to maintain his composure.  There’s no mistaking who this skeleton is, and it’s left him rattled.

“ok, so how about something off-script?  why did you do it?”

Dust cocks his head slightly to the side, a bony brow quirking.  "why’d i go genocide?“  Sans nods, confirming the query.  "heh. you already know the answer to that, pal.  i got stuck in the loop, same as you… only eventually, my attacks stopped working.  i couldn’t kill the kid anymore.”  He pauses, his grin widening.  "so i knew i just needed some LOVE in my heart to win.“

Sans furrows his brow a little.  "what are you talking about?  you started killing to beat frisk?”

Dust twitches a little at the name.  "no–chara.  to beat chara… to save frisk.  are you telling me you don’t know?“  He chuckles, shaking his head.  Before he continues, however, he looks off to the side, his attention drawn elsewhere.  Sans doesn’t see anyone else in the Hall, yet with the way Dust’s head is tilted, it seems as if he’s… listening to someone.

“ok, but even if you beat them, don’t they just RESET?”

Dust nods slightly, but Sans doesn’t think it’s directed at him.  "you’re right.  he’s so dense.  it’s hard to believe i was ever like this.“

Dread began to pit in Sans’s gut.  ”…who are you talking to?“

Dust scoffs.  "who else?  paps.”

Sans’s gaze hardens, the recent loss of his brother biting into his SOUL.  "enough talking.  you’re nuts, so let’s just get straight to the point.“

With that, Sans opens with a quick attack.  A row of bones jutted toward his mirror, followed by several Gaster Blasters, each larger than the last. There was a whirl of magic, building into a whine, before each of their maws opened up to unleash raw energy toward Dust.  

Each bone sent Dust’s way was countered with a purple-tinted bone, and when the Gaster Blasters fired, he narrowly teleported directly behind Sans.  Anticipating this, Sans teleported to the other side, reversing their positions.  

Dust chuckles. "not bad.  i mean, you are me, but… heh, i’m stronger than you.”

Sans narrows his gaze, focusing on the other.  Instantly, the Check is performed.

* sans  250 ATK  1 DEF
* wanna have a mad time?
* LV 37

Sans is so stunned by the other monster’s LOVE that he barely dodges the purple-tinged bone that abruptly juts from the ground.

Dust’s grin widens as Sans barely dodges being skewered.  He had felt the Check, and he knew what the other would see, knew how it would quite literally rattle his bones.  


Dust glances toward the floating form of Papyrus, his bust slightly opaque, but highlighted by the bright, wafting scarf cinched around his neck.  

“you’re right, paps.  he’s only got 1 hp still… and we all know he can’t dodge forever.”

Sans shudders, his smile tighter than it’s ever been.  “yeah?  and you have more than 1 hp?”

Dust’s left eyesocket wisps purple, and he raises his hand.  “yep.  ya’see, i used to feel like you… so hopeless.  but then, i realized what i had to do.”

Sans stares, shaking his skull.  Dust unleashes another barrage of bones, and Sans nimbly dodges each with flare, sometimes leaning back, sometimes ducking, sometimes hopping up and doing the splits.  




“you had to kill everyone, huh?  kill papyrus, too?”

Dust shrugs.  “better me killing him than the human.  besides… paps is still here.”  He tilts his skull toward the side, and while Sans doesn’t see anything there, Dust sees his brother’s phantom bust floating around him, coming over to speak close to the side of his face. 


“paps is happier this way.  paps understands that i did what’s right.”

Sans rolls his shoulders, chuckling humorlessly.  “you’ve become everything you wanted to stop, and you don’t even see it.  buddy, i know you’re not that blind.  or maybe you really can’t see with your freaky eyes.”

Dust grinned wider.  Integrity…. Justice…. who needed those traits when he had Determination?  That red tinge to his gaze was just that, shining through.  “i can see clearer than i have in hundreds of timelines, pal.  besides… don’t act like you’re LOVEless.  i’m you, remember?”

Sans gritted his teeth together and snapped his fingers.  In an instant, Dust’s SOUL turned blue.  “ y o u ‘ r e  w r o n g .“  And with hollow, empty sockets, Sans sent Dust flying across the Judgement Hall, into a nearby pillar.  Dust chuckled, shaking his head.  The attack would have been easy enough to counter, but he wasn’t worried.  He hadn’t been lying when he told Sans that he had more than 1 HP, so why not prove it?  Why not let him see how much HoPe there was to be gained from his way of handling their mutual problem?  

A bone jutted from Dust’s shoulder, jagged and broken.  He crushed it in his palm.  “still only 1 ATK.  you’re pitiful.”


“heh, hurts a lot, coming from you.”  Sans shrugs, his hands still casually in his pockets.  “i would never kill paps.  i don’t care how many times all of us die.  i’ll never stop trying to get through to frisk, and i would never hurt my brother.”

His gaze is hard; his sockets dark.  Dust’s shoulders shake briefly, before he starts all-out laughing, holding his sides as he loses his composure.  “ah ha… haha… AHAHAHAHAHA!  that’s hilarious!”  Dust wipes a purple-tinged tear from the rim of an orbit.  “never?  never ever?  sans, buddy, pal–look at me.”  He stops laughing to lock gazes with Sans directly.  

“y o u   a l r e a d y  h a v e . ”

Another bone goes through Dust.  And then another.  And another.  Sans rapidly fires them through the other skeleton, while Dust starts cackling again.  

“you must really hate yourself, huh?  too bad it’ll take you hundreds of…. of….”

Dust trails off, suddenly wobbling.  He tries to catch himself on a bone, but ends up landing on his knees on the Judgement Hall.  


Dust’s vision starts to blur as Sans steps forward, his slippers slapping against the polished floor.  

“welp, you know what they say…”  He stops right in front of Dust, his grin wide and humorless.  “karma’s a bitch.”

Karmic Retribution.  Of course.  He should have realized what was going on.  After all, the the purple tint to his eye was born from that brand of magic.
But he was used to using it against Chara, against their LOVE.  

He forgot entirely that his special attack as Judge could be used against him as well.  

Dust drops his skull, his reflection staring back at him in the shiny, golden tile.  He can see Papyrus, floating beside him with worry weighing heavily on his features.  “heh, don’t worry, paps.  i’ll see you again soon.”

Dust raises his gaze to Sans, listening to the sound of a Gaster Blaster whirling to life from somewhere off to his right.  

“get the hell out of my timeline, and don’t come back.”

A smirk crosses Dust’s face.  “don’t worry.  we’ll meet again soon.”

He chuckles.

“only next time, it’ll be when you’re looking in a mirror.”

And then the Gaster Blaster turns him into nothing but dust, while Sans grimly watches.

(* Mobile Imagine Masterlist
I’m going to start including that at the bottom of all my imagines, if I can.  )


Cha cha cha!
I hope you like your breakfast sunny-side up, because at 6'1" you are the EXACT same height as Dr. Ivo Robotnik himself! Maybe consider a career in Badnik Manufacturing?

when queen tells u to keep quiet about being a phantom thief and ur really really trying


Happy birthday @tinyienzo!!


I told you already … no vegetables on the ferry! One cabbage slug could destroy the entire ecosystem of Ba Sing Se! Security! 

If you slow this segment down, you can actually see the cabbage slug getting destroyed along with the cabbages. Slowed it down and showed the projected motion to make it easier to spot!


Battle Action or Pokemon Hero Greninja by Tomy Takara. This figure I was waiting and hoping to be awesome, size is good, sculpt is alright, paint is generic and articulations are ok. I would have chosen a different design approach but…anyways. Head is on a ball joint which is render obsolete by the scarf which by the way is a fixed piece so the tongue is stuck on that pose, head will only go 360 around,  arms are hinge on swivels, somewhat confusing but they work and can get you a decent range of motion. the hands just have a swivel that I wish it was a ball but I want to warn you is kinda thin and fragile so dont try to bend it. Torso is a ball joint I believe…it goes side to side front and back however, it only goes very little. Legs are on a ball joint have decent range and knee on a hinge swivel, cant go very far.

the figure can be pose in lots of ways however, the character is a ninja and there is no a lot of ninja poses you will wish to do but you can not do, thats my main disappointment. those are the best poses I could come up with and some of them are cheated with the head remove and sticky tag because your greninja will most likely be looking to the ground if you try to go fancy, a lot of his signature poses can’t be done without cheating the figure and other poses only work on specific angles. his torso goes to the back almost nothing… but goes to the front ok which just helps him look to the floor even more so no help there.

he is not terrible but it isnt awesome either.  definitely a good size and great inclusion to the smash collection, I say get it if you are collecting Smash or Pokemon. I say pass it if you want a fun figure to pose. I might try to get anotherone and change all the articulations.

“Look, don’t mope just because we got put on booze run. The fate of our great nation rests on our shoulders,” Lana practically hummed, tawny cream of her faux fur coat dangling around her elbow after she hadn’t bothered to tug it onto her shoulder again, paving way for the dim amber of the streetlamp above them to dance affectionately over her warm complexion. “Want to play a game to pass the time? Promise I’ll make it fun with a capital F.”

i cant believe my life is this colorful, and i look forward to each day with excitement and hope that i can be the best person for myself and the ones i love around me. yes, there are times of darkness, but there are still sources of light to keep you pushing, and never forget what has gotten you to this point. to those of you who are experiencing your darkest days, i hope you keep going, and i promise you, things will change ❤️

Midnight Break

My second full on poster, and probably took WAY less time than others (complete and non) since I’m really getting this posing thing down. Lighting and camera angles, not so much :/ Dark maps suck. First time using a particle effect too, super easy~

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hello, i love your writing but i was wondering how you came up with idolsclub? i'm stuck on a new username and i know i don't want something with any of these words: kpop, writing, imagines, drabbles etc bc thats pretty obvious. i have one idea and thats readerxidol or idolxreader but its too similar to youxidol's url, i'd love to see if you had any suggestions? thank u! i do like idolfantasies but its unused :c

Hello, Dearest!

 I am Mama Lim and I came up with Idols Club.

 So! I was at a bar one night, looking over all of the nice boys who were enjoining their time and thinking about what one I wanted in my bed. They were all just having fun or passing time while I was narrowing down my options. I thought about what I wanted, how I wanted it. I saw a young man who reminded me of Simon Dominic. He got me thinking. 

What if, there was a place where you could go, pick up your bias and enjoy them. A place where you could have your fill and leave, knowing that your fantasy was still there. Should you ever want to return.

Eh- Voilà! Idols Club was born! 👏🏼👏🏼

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Strip Tease Study

Math was literally your worst subject. You had tried seemingly everything, the internet was no help nor were tutors.

Niall on the other hand was majoring in accounting and minoring in theory of mathematics. Because he was a bloody genius.

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Revenge Will Be Sweet

Fandom: Gotham

Character: Jerome Valeska

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: You knew that you shouldn’t be seen in public with him, but after being asked to the gala, you accepted, not knowing he’d be there. You didn’t expect the night to end as badly as it did. 

Warnings: Mild swearing, blood, violence 

Word Count: 2569

Author’s Note: Sorry for the adlibbing, inaccuracies, and lazy summarizing, I haven’t seen The Last Laugh in such a long time that I don’t remember everything that happened. Also, I apologize for how cliche it is, but come on, it’s Jerome, who doesn’t want to be cliche with Jerome? 

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