i want a french bulldog


“I don’t need to jump off a building to feel I’m alive. I can get that playing with a puppy. ”                                                                                                                                                            - Norman Reedus


Jazlyn, 17, single, hmu :)
I’m on Robotics Team, in Marching Band, Computer Science Lover, Engineering fanatic. I have a thing for STEM and Girls. My weaknesses are Girls in STEM and eating food. Talk nerdy to me. Sing me the Science Love Song and propose with a ring pop and i’ll marry you immediately. Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs are the cutest and i want one so i can name it Nemo. I swear to god i’m interesting if you get to know me. I’m from Arkansas (basically the middle of nowhere) but i can do distance. Slytherin, INTP, Nikola Tesla is my dad and no one can tell me otherwise, I might be Navy Bound but we’ll have to see how that goes.

Snapchat: JazlynAllred
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I wanted to draw tikki as a french bulldog <3 who would often chill around the salon. She just usually hangs out at the reception area. but there are times when nervous a really nervous customer would asked marinette if they could hold tikki during the process.

(i am pretty sure you’re not really allowed to do this but shhhhhh let me have this.)

its national puppy day and i just want to let u guys know that my puppy is a french bulldog and he literally sounds like a pig he snorts so much also i love him