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you probably don't want another hc at this point but i'm going to give mine to you anyways so in the early stages of Yuuri moving to Russia he gets really shy and avoids the fam as much as he can but later they "suggest" Yuuri cook a meal for all of them because Viktor. So they're all in Yakov's home and Yuuri comes out with all this food and they're like wtf Yuuri you hid all this from us and he turns into a stuttering mess and it's adorable

everyone falls in love with yuuri’s katsudon and they all want lessons from him it’s the cutest thing omg 

Week 3 of Stanuary - Memories

“I don’t care if I don’t get all of my old memories back.  I’ll just make sure to hold on to the new ones.”

I really hate the whole “but I need a gun to protect myself!” excuse that people use to be against gun control because it’s like. Protect yourself from what? This isn’t a zombie apocalypse??? The hypothetical threats you wanna protect yourself from are literally just other assholes with guns who have no business having guns??? So really all of those threats you’re so scared of could be curbed or even outright neutralized in some cases if we had–you guessed it!!–gun control???????

but that’s too simple isn’t it

EDIT: any reblog to this post that seems to be operating under the assumption that “gun control” is synonymous with “get rid of all guns” will be ignored and the user will be blocked. Don’t even waste your time arguing with me about it if this is your view of gun control. I stand by my words.

Kicking off Clara and Stellan’s round by moving them into this cute house next door to Xavier and Keffria. :) They’re so adorable but so boring so I’m hoping a change of scenery will make them more interesting to play.

How I want the meeting between Sabine's two families to go
  • Sabine introducing her Family to the Ghost Crew
  • Sabine: Mum, this is Hera, Dad this is Kanan, Bro this is Zeb, *shudders* Fluffy this is Chopper.
  • Sabine's Brother: Okay, so the blind Jedi is another Dad, the Twi'lek is another Mum, the droid is another pet and the Lasat is another brother.
  • Sabine: That's right.
  • Sabine's Brother: Then what's he? *Points at Ezra*
  • Ezra: I'm the random Homeless guy who they picked up off the streets.

People joke about depression being like playing life in hard mode, but today I literally cashed up while crying. Couldn’t see shit, but was the till spot on? You’re damn right it was!

I know the answer is ‘because they love them’, but I truly don’t understand anyone who is actually eager to introduce their SO to their family

I don’t even want my friends to meet my family, my family aren’t good enough for them lmao


AU where the only nightmares Anakin has are about sand ;)

(also, when you totally do not realize your little ones sneaked in your bed and you get smacked, I know the feeling :D)

The Signs and What They Want Most From Life

Check sun and rising

Aries - I want to live a life full of adventure and freedom. I want to prove people wrong and fight for what is right. I want to meet all kinds of people and travel the world.

Taurus - I want to live in peace and I want to prosper. I want to raise successful and moral children, and I want to understand people.

Gemini - I want to live as happily as possible and experience the unimaginable. I want to create and give.

Cancer - I want to live safely and feel all kinds of emotions. I want to help others find their way in life and be the best person I possibly can.

Leo - I want to live successfully and I want to be remembered. I want my children and my children’s children to tell stories about me. I want to be a legend.

Virgo - I want to live with love and compassion and feel warmth from another person. I want to experience all kinds of adoration.

Libra - I want to live without worries and give back to others who have treated me with kindness. I want to see my children evolve into compassionate and lovely people.

Scorpio - I want to evolve and live with pride in myself. I want to change and correct myself and become a wonderful person.

Sagittarius - I want to live without fear and I want to make a difference. I want to see the world grow into a beautiful place once again.

Capricorn - I want to become a person that is loved by all and I want to be a role model. I want to be a good parent to my children and teach them the values of life.

Aquarius - I want to be unique and I want to be different from everyone else. I want to live happily and I want to live with confidence in myself. I want to teach others the importance of individuality.

Pisces - I want to make my dreams come true. I want to be happy with everything I do and live life to the fullest.


“Also, I’m not eating dinner unless it’s artisan.”

“…He is our Yurio, right???”

“Maybe he’s going through a phase?”

this was funnier in my head


high school !!!!!

can you believe in the middle of all of this louis had the wherewithal to ask steve to record a song with him and he managed to write something uplifting and heartwarming in dedication of his mother? that he was able to pour his love into a song that he gets to sing, and that steve is right there for him even though as far as we know they only met this year. that they managed to keep this private and process in peace. that this is how he chose to honor her and that he’s allowing us to be part of it; that he’s gotten to choose what he’s sharing, and that this is what he’s sharing with us.