i want a fairy wedding

an-all-consuming-love  asked:

I would have liked to have seen her in something more modern/vintage and not full on grace kelly but I get that they wanted to capture the fairy tale wedding aspect. a dress like kate middletons would have been better though and from this decade

Princess Kate’s actually took some elements from Princess Grace;s though….it’s why they went with that look, TBH

anonymous asked:

What sort of wedding do you want captain swan to have?

I go back and forth on this so much, you have no idea.

Sometimes I want them to have a proper fairy-tale wedding where Emma wears a gorgeous white dress and David walks her down the aisle (and Killian watches and wonders how he got so bloody lucky) and they make half of Storybrooke cry with their vows and when they have their first dance everyone watches and silently agrees that the sheriff and resident pirate couldn’t be more perfect for each other.

And sometimes I want them to have a small wedding - where it’s done outside and the sun is setting and it’s just their close family and friends (and let me believe the frozen lot portal-ed over from Arendelle for it) and Emma’s dress is simple but beautiful and there are flowers everywhere and David totally does not cry (except that he totally does). 

But then sometimes I want them to have a wedding where it’s just the two of them - where Killian proposes halfway through a kiss (because he’s so overwhelmed with love for her he murmurs marry me onto her lips) - and then they go to the docks and laugh the whole time and their vows are murmured with foreheads touching, and Killian argues that he can marry them (I’m a captain, Swan) but they get a wedding certificate just in case, and their first dance is done by the light of the refrigerator - Killian twirling her around to some tune he hums. 

I want all the captain swan weddings, basically.