i want a dragon too


McHanzo Week Day 6: Mangetsu and Coyote Sangriento

I got carried away drawing this. I had SO much fun swapping ults/clothes and also redesigning them! I hope you like it! :D


  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Natsu: I'm... grounded?
  • Gajeel: (folds arms) Yes, you're grounded!
  • Rogue: You disobeyed an order.
  • Sting: (holds up a shovel) and now we're gonna bury you 'til you've learned your lesson!
  • Wendy: Sting... that's not how grounding works

Critical role has really taught me how to be a better dm, basically make up the rules as you go, make maps for literally everything, and lead with half truths, even if the player roles a 20 never give them 100% of what they want, make them want to look throughout the map you created for them, give out minor hints, and details about what they see, make then afraid to explore, but also curious, and frustrated about what they want to do, and finally reward teamwork. Especially if you really see the player trying their hardest to succeed


I got sucked in the dress-up frenzy of the last days
Have two dudes in suits ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


Anders + Looking at Hawke


Based on this text post:

Fighting Dragons

  • The Elder Scrolls: Swinging wildly while chugging potions
  • Dark Souls: Dodgerolling around the arena to stab it in the ass
  • Dragon’s Dogma: Having your strider attack him with arrows while your fighter boosts you to climb onto the dragon and stab his heart while the mage keeps you all alive
  • DnD: “You’ve accidentally pulled out a ring instead of your sword. The dragon thinks you are proposing. Roll Charisma.”
  • 20
  • “The Dragon accepts. You are now engaged.”

“The Inquisitor, she’s… She’s got one troubled soul.”

Sometimes I forget there is actually a canon version of Ela too, but look, there she is! :D

ALSo I spent like six hours on painting and rendering this one, for the purpose of comparing it to my absolute first painting of Ela I ever did, which was in January this year

That feels like a really long time but it isn’t really that long, but I can confidently say I’ve improved loads (I almost didn’t want to link it because I cringe when i look at it. It was a painful journey to go back and get it. Like even the caption I cringe at help me)

Completely random thought that just occurred to me. Haven’t given it much time to simmer in my mind or to look up possible contradictions in lore, but it seems to make sense on the surface of things. 

I’ve been wondering when, precisely, Solas would have gained the moniker Fen’Harel. He says it was an insult that he claimed for his own purposes. I had kind of assumed that one or more of the Evanuris had given it to him in response to his rebellion against them. We know that they use it in their own propaganda. Yet Solas is recorded in legend as being one of the Creators and a god in his own right… Did his rebellion last long enough to be the source of these myths or did he have the name before that?

Solas said that their rise to godhood was a gradual process sparked by war. Legends say that the Creators and the Forgotten Ones were sworn enemies who regularly fought one another. The Dread Wolf is associated with both camps.

Was the war that started it all between the Evanuris and the Forgotten Ones? And if so… was Solas originally on the “wrong” side of that fight? If he’d been allied with the Forgotten Ones and switched sides partway through the conflict… wouldn’t it make sense that the Forgotten Ones would give him a villainous and untrustworthy moniker? And that legends would declare he was both a Creator and a Forgotten One?

It would make sense in some ways. In this scenario, he would have adopted the imagery of the Dread Wolf long before there were temples built for the various Creators. It would explain why his statues appear in temples dedicated to the Evanuris… which is harder to explain if you assume they were the first ones to declare him a rebel and a traitor. 

Just some thoughts. Right now it’s kind of lingering somewhere between lore theory and headcanon for me. But I find the idea intriguing. 

the signs as dragon age origins quotes

aries:  “congratulations. you found a waste bin.”

taurus: “ASSCHABS

gemini: “can i get you a ladder so you can get off my back?”

cancer: "now, let us crush something soft and watch it fountain blood. that is a girlish thing to want to do, yes?“

leo: “whoo eees thees man, teeGAN??!?”

virgo: “does the story have griffons in it?”

libra: (happy bark!)

scorpio:  "where can I get some sauce for that rump roast?” “right here, you mad dwarven stallion”

sagittarius:  “arr! pirate zevran reporting for duty, prepare to be boarded!“

capricorn:  "you know, one good thing about the blight is how it brings people together”

aquarius: “swooping is bad

pisces: *cailan voice* “GLORIOUS